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  1. My return is near. - Goldrush

  2. I have returned. Sidenote: Wth is the server address now?

    1. DecoLamb


      mc.lotc.co Use Direct connect

  3. awakens from him eternal sleep

  4. Who am I really? WHO AM I?

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    2. TheWhiteWolf


      ^ This. Lol i just started watching Battlestar Galactica :D

    3. Old-Rattlesnake


      You are Commander Shepard, and this is your favorite forum on the Citadel.

    4. Excluded


      You're Jean Valjean.

  5. Went back on the forums to find out its like FaceBook now! :L

  6. We need to contact once again! SKYPE ME BROTHA!

  7. oh crap, i thought you were enyahs....

  8. ((*Jed Goldrush found a piece of paper in-front a small house in Holm. Labelled "Holm Engineers Application. It only has questions to fill in.)) ___________________________________________ *Paper is sealed for the guildmaster to open
  9. ((uhh... This is not my account! and I'm not part of it! :L, I just solely watch it from afar))
  10. Getting back to RPing Creating Military Seige Weapons... :S

  11. I don't know why I has a -1 Reputation... (sadface)

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    2. Aislin


      How? Haha.

    3. Aislin


      I have 100+ for some reason.

    4. JoakimVonAnka


      I just got over 20. Excellent...

  12. Don't you love it when your computer gets trojan'd and you can't get on minecraft for 2 weeks? -.-

    1. Shuness


      Know whatcha mean.

  13. Back after a gruesome week in school! Now, to find an explanation why my character was gone for a year in character...

  14. taking a break from LoTC due to school! damn ye knowledge filled tomes! -.-

  15. decided to do Rp diary in a blog to show rp reasons for my char to get into the world of magic

  16. feels sad that my l ivestock were all gone... sigh, 3 hours worth of finding and breeding animals gon e... Vaq please do mind t hat the butcher kills all animals...

    1. MuffineyGoodness


      Thats griefing and

      is bannable, if you

      see it be sure to warn

      him about it or

      ban report.

    2. Jed Goldrush

      Jed Goldrush

      He does it every laggy restart! -.-

  17. the world is soo disorganised right now! + when you die, you have to walk 20 mins at least to get to a city!! qhil

    1. Jed Goldrush

      Jed Goldrush

      Whilst battling lag..

    2. Dash_Rogers


      why would you ever die then?

    3. Volutional


      Don't die then.

  18. Lololol! Yes I iz asain! xD

  19. *rides on the boat of Alras, polishing his precious golden helmet on the deck...

    1. Cosmik


      *pukes off the side of the elf boat

  20. Top 1 in the money rank! xD

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    2. domainoft


      Just curious, what does it take to be #1 in money rank?

    3. Jed Goldrush

      Jed Goldrush

      erm... mining for 4 months! xD

    4. Jed Goldrush

      Jed Goldrush

      lol, only got top 1 because MediocreGamer's money was spread out into other accounts! xD

  21. found out I was top 2 on richest person list... how the f'k did that happen?

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    2. Esterlen


      Your name -is- Jed 'Goldrush'.


    3. Wretched


      If its that much of a problem you could always give it to me :D

    4. Jed Goldrush

      Jed Goldrush

      @Gewinnen - Yes. and it hurts. emotionally.

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