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  1. Filming / Watching this Also, the ongoing meme that was, in the Mori'Quessir, posting huge paragraph replies in the drow language. Which made the person have to write out everything you just type into the translator to understand what the hell you just said. That was *LOTS* of fun.
  2. The ability to walk away and come back at any time without the server dying.
  3. Well he's not dead, and still exists on my "main" account. But the last time I logged on my "main" account has been about a month or so, which is why "main" has quotations.
  4. I'm bored and sick. Just ask me stuff, I'll start. Will the forums ever look different?: No, they're perfect. Next person who touches them gets stabbed with a spoon. How come I've never heard of you?: You don't care to? I dunnae. I used to play an elf a lot. But they kind of got shelved... Still around. Mostly playing humans. Just kinda blend in, I guess. Come on ask me stuff damn it! I will literally just keep talking to myself if you don't.
  5. The letter is sent, sealed with a with a blue wax of the Amador seal. Along with the letter some a small box, holding both the ring and wax used to do so. Both would be delivered to where ever House Amador resides. The hand writing is shaky, but legible. "Dear Matriarch/Patriarch, or Regent of House Amador. I have tried my best to do what I can for this family. But, I feel that is not enough. I am not a good salesmen, I am terrible with money, and I hate talking to people. I tried to join the army, and it only made me feel more separated from my family. Infact, the only
  6. Abrielle, being the over bearing mother that she is, catches the one to her daughter. Looking it over she proceeds to rip it up with a grumble "****in' elves think they can sneak into mine 'ouse, und lay wiz mine daughtear."
  7. I see you all the time on the forums. But are you even RPing in your barony anymore?

    1. ski_king3


      Nah I've left for the most part, I just like to hop on the forums and **** around when I've got little better to do.

  8. If you have the money to pay, The Amador Family of, Haenseti-Ruska, Mondstat, has one that could be sold. What is your offer?
  9. Time it takes to walk your dog? 10 minutes.

    Time it takes to stretch? 2 minutes

    Time it takes to change your skin? 1 minute

    Time it take to annoy me with "[Wrong Skin]"? 1 second

  10. Dear people with Auvergnian accents. Replacing W sounds with V sounds, is a german thing, not french. Th sounds to S or Z sounds, however, are completely correct.
  11. wEnQ7Sx.png

    This is going to be a fun weekend.

  12. MC Name: melodichand Character Name: Renard Raux Race: Human Age: 32 Profession (if applicable): Veteran Leather worker Timezone: EST Skype (PM if you’d like): melodichand Do you have Teamspeak? Yes
  13. Hey guys! Here is President Barack Hussein Obama's adress: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue #Dox

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