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  1. [Posters have been placed throughout Sutica, and they’re covered in ladybugs]
  2. I’m asking this more out of personal curiosity than anything but how possible would it be to have a deity that is of neither Aengulic nor Daemonic origin? Specifically what I had in mind was a deity with voidal origin, if not the void itself. We’ve seen so far that it’s certainly capable of producing exceptionally powerful beings worthy of worship.
  3. Inb4 half the ST make their characters gods
  4. Not sure if you guys are aware of this but years of the Staff not giving a **** about fostering a healthy relationship between players (or themselves and the players) has resulted in a pissing contest of how shitty people can be to each other without getting reprimanded for it. This post changes absolutely nothing and, as can be seen from nearly all of these posts, is being taken as a complete joke. Because it is.
  5. Players are incapable of any hostility RP without escalating it to extend to the people behind the screen. This is true of every combating faction on the server. The trouble with Holy and Dark is that we then get lore arms races where everyone keeps trying to one-up each other. Also members of the opposing group infiltrating an enemy on an alt or new character then doing stupid **** with the magic to cause chaos from within.
  6. “Man if there’s one thing I hate more than paladins it’s bureaucrats. I hope they kill a lot of each other.” Says a man and definitely not a snake. Snakes can’t talk.
  7. “If only we had some goddamn spriggans.”
  8. Old Rattlesnake would heed this call to arms, but sadly he has none.
  9. Old Rattlesnake flicks his tongue because he can’t read.
  10. In before half-hearted mandatory damage control staff post that doesn’t change anything
  11. Old Rattlesnake flicks tongue because he can’t read.
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