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  1. Old Rattlesnake would heed this call to arms, but sadly he has none.
  2. Old Rattlesnake flicks his tongue because he can’t read.
  3. In before half-hearted mandatory damage control staff post that doesn’t change anything
  4. Old Rattlesnake flicks tongue because he can’t read.
  5. Doesn’t matter. If we jack up the cost of raids the only thing that changes is the amount of idiots spamming in their respective discords to vote so they can fund raids with the minas payout.
  6. To be a thing so small, frail and fleeting as a man is to know the creeping dark beyond the mortal eye. Where this life ends, and another begins. The question of what the end entails is not something many get to choose, and so they fill the blanks in-between. Success. Glory. Grandeur. Prosperity. A particular Mali’aheral, much like any other, craved a legacy to call his own. He built grand libraries, ruled a nation, fought against corrupted monstrosities that threatened the land, and rebuilt an ancient order. His life was dedicated to these great deeds, and yet, his heart was not satisfied. He wished for something else. Something greater. And he found it, standing in the snow outside his lecture hall, on a cold winter night. Everything he had done, everything he wished to do, everything he hoped and prayed for, in that moment, was forced into the background. And that was why as Sokar took Victoria’s hand into hers, a familiar palm, as pale as snow, took the other. From a Mali’aheral, who had been waiting for quite a while. This was all that mattered. And for the first time in a thousand years, he smiled a genuine smile. He had found his happy ending.
  7. Been checking every day since the CT chests went up. Still nothing. Made a modreq asking for more information, and it was closed without a response. I’ve been given no information, and my attempts to get information are falling on deaf ears.
  8. There are people who still don’t have all their vault items back. Can that be prioritized before moving forward? We’ve been waiting months for our stuff. I’ve been waiting on my staff to be converted and turned over since before the map change.
  9. Full Name: Flicks Tongue Age: Flicks tongue Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Flicks tongue Residence: Flicks tongue ((OOC)) MCName: Jallentime Discord: You have it Timezone: EST
  10. “Yew make of propose of counter offer. Will make give of life savings and a weapon hewn from Yew’s own bark and branch for make of save this sick Spriggan. Not of many left. All are precious to Yew.”
  11. The only thing I’ll bring up is how wordy and bureaucratic the tenets have become, but that’s not explicitly the fault of you guys. Remember I spent months trying to come up with a solution that was self-moderating and unbiased and I’ve recently come to the conclusion it’s simply not possible. Any magic inherently tied to a group and regulated by that group is going to see some degree of OOC corruption and holy magic has been and continues to be one of the worst offenders. That’s all I have to say on the matter, it’s not my beast to tame anymore and I’m not going to show up like a ghost from the past and tell you how to run your show. (Lowkey tho holy **** the amount of angry toddler screeching in this thread)
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