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  1. Posters are plastered next to all of these posters in a hastily scrawled and angry script. ”I’m offering a 1,000 minas bounty on the severed heads of the Huck couple for such a DISGUSTING and ABHORRENT crime against these beautiful, handsome creatures effective IMMEDIATELY unless this bounty is withdrawn IMMEDIATELY .” - Conservation Director
  2. Just kick all the lazy staff that’ll make plenty of room
  3. What happened to the snake facts man..

  4. “And I thought I was a big snake. Got a whole nation of them out here.” Says an eight foot long Diamondback rattlesnake, to himself.
  5. What’s the capital of Albania?

    Snakes can be born with a mutation that leaves them without scales. Surprisingly it isn’t hugely detrimental, and scaleless snakes have been found in the wild at various ages.

  7. “Oh boy I hope they have egg salad.” Comments the Conservation Director.
  8. “Francois you murdering ****.” Exclaims the serpent. Everybody walking by just sees a big snake angrily hissing and sputtering at a piece of paper.
  9. The Conservation Director promptly adds them to the library and mails back a package of fine cheeses along with a letter of thanks.
  10. MC Username: Jallentime Character name: Old Rattlesnake Discord name: JallenDivine#2639 ----------- Mina or USD: USD Accessories: (Extra accessories will cost an extra 1-5 USD depending on complexity, or 500-1000 mina) (Price will be paid before file is given) None ---------- Skin – Frontal view and side views (DO NOT send the skin file) References of hair – am bald Any preferred pose – (Please remember this is a chibi, short arms, and will not show anything above the chest.) Coiled up inside the cup with the chin resting on the edge of the glass Any Details I need to know? – Don’t think so Expression – (Please note I do not draw eyes, they are cute little beans or other styles, this is mainly for the mouth) angery Cup Type: Shot Glass Liquid: Either or, whatever you think would look better. Do you want anything on the mug: Nope ------- Do you understand that I do this as a hobby and will do yours in order, by saying yes you agree to not rush me. When I get to it, I get to it, okay? : I GUESS
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