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  1. Old-Rattlesnake

    To Recognise Those Who Go Above And Beyond

    Flicks tongue patriotically
  2. Old-Rattlesnake

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    flicks tongue
  3. Old-Rattlesnake

    Sutican Watch Recruitment

    Full Name: Flicks Tongue Age: Flicks tongue Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Flicks tongue Residence: Flicks tongue ((OOC)) MCName: Jallentime Discord: You have it Timezone: EST
  4. Old-Rattlesnake

    Sutican Occupancy Guide

    Old Rattlesnake flicks tongue.
  5. Old-Rattlesnake

    [Bounty] Tainted Spriggan | Difficult

    “Yew make of propose of counter offer. Will make give of life savings and a weapon hewn from Yew’s own bark and branch for make of save this sick Spriggan. Not of many left. All are precious to Yew.”
  6. Old-Rattlesnake

    [✓] The Ascended - The Tears of Aeriel [Rewrite]

    The only thing I’ll bring up is how wordy and bureaucratic the tenets have become, but that’s not explicitly the fault of you guys. Remember I spent months trying to come up with a solution that was self-moderating and unbiased and I’ve recently come to the conclusion it’s simply not possible. Any magic inherently tied to a group and regulated by that group is going to see some degree of OOC corruption and holy magic has been and continues to be one of the worst offenders. That’s all I have to say on the matter, it’s not my beast to tame anymore and I’m not going to show up like a ghost from the past and tell you how to run your show. (Lowkey tho holy **** the amount of angry toddler screeching in this thread)
  7. Old-Rattlesnake

    [✗] [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    There's some overlap here with the Tears of Aeriel lore. My 2 cents are: > Tears of Aeriel is more focused as a water theme in general. Blessed Waters is a bit out of left field in comparison to the rest of the rewrite. > Astral pools give a constant, passive effect which is more manageable and simple than the healing effect of Blessed Waters. Who is going to track whether a pool has actually been used 7 times a day? What if someone doesn't document their use? Someone would need to look at the lore to determine a difference between a T2 healing spell vs a T3 healing spell.
  8. Old-Rattlesnake

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Asended cannot regenerate limbs or organs. If it’s badly mangled but still effectively there, it’ll regenerate. IE someone scrambled your eye. If someone cuts off a finger and throws it in a lake it’s gone forever.
  9. Old-Rattlesnake

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Ascended holy healing is just fine and perfectly balanced. We have never had a complaint against it. Very recently my character encountered a horribly injured high elf and absorbed the wounds unto himself, then spent three IRL days laid up in their clinic regenerating from the injuries. The consequence of injury still very much exists it’s just transferred from one person to another.
  10. Old-Rattlesnake

    Farryn's Art Stall {Closed}

    MC Name: Jallentime Discord: You have it Number of characters: 3 Drawing Type: Half-Body family portrait Character(s) name: Heial Vientos, Victoria Vientos, and Elvira Naromis Character(s) race: 2 elves 1 human Character(s) age: N/A Hair and eye appearances: You know already Accessories: You know already References: You have the references Background: Haelun'or-esque cityscape You agree to pay within 24 hours of finishing the product: Yes Posted on Deviantart after being made: Sure Final price: 18$ (I believe)
  11. Old-Rattlesnake

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Sexual/Romantic relations between an Ascended and a spook gets shut down these days as often as possible. In the past the ideal of 'redemption' has often resulted in newer or more emotional members falling in love with the spook they're trying to cure and vice versa. Which is, you know, roleplay but it's hella complicated to try and moderate. When is it too much? Are they in a romantic relationship secretly? How spooky is too spooky? The Ascended who became a living meme for being in a sexual relationship with a frost witch was removed many months ago.
  12. Old-Rattlesnake

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    I cant speak for why the Ascended returned at that time. The players responsible, that being 501warhead, Blundermore, Saira, LadyKakyuu, and JCQuiinn will have to speak for themselves. I joined afterward and had no part in that. But I will say I’m proud of our playerbase regardless of what name they go under.
  13. Old-Rattlesnake

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    We actually did lose all our powers until a rewrite happened in late Anthos, several years later. The Ascended who were mods at that time all left in the Haven event to my knowledge thought I might be wrong. Even if all of this is true, is it worth punishing the playerbase that exists now because of the actions of a few 7 years ago? The sins of the father are not the sins of the son.
  14. Old-Rattlesnake

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    As it stands the tenets of Ascended clearly state that political positions need to be abandoned and not sought after. The line was toed for a very long time, but we were assured the currently held position as a lesser Prince was elected and I, personally, fought on that side of the argument and defended his acquisition of the position. When new Ascended were being also recruited into the guard force, we knew a line was being crossed and dispatched an Ascended to inform them that this was going too far. The messenger was met with intimidation and nearly assault. At that point it was established that things had gone too far. In Ascended culture a cycle of what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ natural known as the Soul Cycle exists, and it’s a bit excessive but the general idea is that Mortals are born, their soul matures, they die and go to the Soulstream. Dark magic perverts the soul and disrupts this cycle by condemning them to Abrietas. The Ascended are enlisted to exist outside of this cycle, in a manner much similar to dark creatures, to prevent this perversion. In this, the mortal progression of the soul remains unblemished. An Ascended going rogue, by that logic, is therefore comparable to a dark creature; as their purpose has now been violated. What happened was not spur of the moment. I defended the opposing sect for a very long time despite others telling me I should not. Chances were given. This was not, in any way, an OOC slight made against the opposition.
  15. Old-Rattlesnake

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    The reasoning used in character these days is not that the Ascended fight Iblees, they fight what is called the ‘Legacy of Iblees’ which may be shorterned to just ‘The Legacy’. The idea being that the actions of the traitorous Daemon inspired copycat actions by other sources, I.E. the Daemon Asura who is prevalent in Paladin lore, or the surge in dark magic research by purely mortal means, like Necromancy.