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  1. FULL NAME: Ren Yu AGE: -- RACE: Houzi RELIGION: -- ((MC name)): Da_Baba ((Time Zone)): Mountain
  2. After several days, the Doctor emerges from the DeNurem Manor with red stained clothes, an unbearable stench, and a ivory cloth that is drenched with crimson. He sat at the top of the steps and hung his head to gather a few moments of solitude and order. The old man closes his eyes as he begins to slowly fade into a slumber. He feels at peace that his work was finished, but the images of his colleague will forever be branded in his memory. "Charred to a crisp. Head to toe. Forever transformed by the fire of invention." "Apply a concoction of frostvine and serpent's stalk to soothe the burns. Pack tippen's root wherever he bleeds. Carefully wrap him in bandages drenched in the blood of the white lotus. Change bandages over... And over... And over again. Monitor his breathing. Mitigate the damage." The elder Rhenyari widens his eyes as he returns to consciousness, he reaches into his pocket to examine his pocket clock. "DeNurems are damn near indestructible, I'll tell you. An average man would have been killed. Like poor Dimitri." He smiles before stuffing his watch into his coat and stands from the top step. "Time to change his bandages. He should be able to speak soon."
  3. A Combat Medic’s Guide to Field Medicine [OOC: This guide is published and available to the public who happens upon it.] ~ Table of Contents ~ 1. Disclaimer 2. Safety Procedures 3. Lacerations 4. Arrow Wounds 5. Burns 6. Broken Bones 7. Amputations 8. Common Medicinal Herbs 9. Disinfectants 10. Tools Disclaimer The objective of this document is to guide medics, adventurers, and survivalists alike in the basics of medicine and safe practices in the field. This guide will also teach students how to appropriately use medical instruments and when to apply medicinal salves. The Combat Medic’s Guide does NOT accurately represent every scenario, but generally covers enough to equip the reading medic with the resources to provide a higher quality of life to their patients. It is expected within a decade or two that this document will become obsolete with more advanced medical practices and some things in this guide are subject to adapt to more efficient procedures. Safety Procedures Many soldiers hear the phrase there are no heroes. One of the most important things to remember as a medic is that it is your duty to treat the injured and cure the sick, but that could quickly become impossible if you yourself are injured or killed. It would be crucial for you, the combat medic, to assess the situation before putting yourself in danger. You may begin by analyzing the situation around you, the number of enemies, hazards, and allies nearby. Each one of these variables should indicate the situation and how you shall proceed. Failure to follow this procedure could lead to further injuries or even death to you and the injured you sought to treat. 1. Look around your surroundings and assess if the area is safe enough to perform medical assistance. 2. If the area is dangerous, ask yourself if you can move the injured or can you clear the area of danger. 3. If you cannot move the injured or clear the area, it would be wisest to wait until the situation dies down. 4. Once the situation has settled, repeat steps 1-2 until the area is safe enough to perform medical assistance. Once you are able to begin medical treatment for your patient, it would be wise to examine their injuries or see if they are conscious. Upon examining the injured, if a medic were to find their patient to be actively bleeding, they should make this their priority before treating other injuries. On the battlefield, it is important to treat the minorly injured first before treating the heavily injured while in a triage camp it is the polar opposite. [OOC: You should ask the player all visible injuries so that you may use your proper judgement on what or who to treat first.] Lacerations & Blood Loss In the event that a combat medic cannot use a blood stopper or tippen’s root, they have less ideal options to use to prevent their patients from dying of blood loss. 1. Without any tools, a soldier can apply their hands to act as a physical barrier to allow the blood to clot. Depending on the severity of the wound, it could take many minutes or until advanced medical assistance arrives. 2. A similar way to prevent blood loss is applying gauze and wrapping bandages over, under, and above the wound. Some things to keep in mind when wrapping bandages is to take two fingers and ensure that it fits them underneath to make sure that the wrappings are not too tight. 3. For severe bleeding, a tourniquet should be used to cinch down onto a limb to slow blood flow. It should not be applied for longer than a minute if the objective is to preserve the limb. [OOC: You should examine the player and ask them to describe where they are bleeding from and the amount of blood is being lost.] Arrow Wounds When it comes to arrow injuries, one must identify the type of arrow that has penetrated their patient. To identify the arrow, one should grip the arrow shaft firmly and gently tug. Bodkin If the arrow barely resists, it is a bodkin arrow and may be prepared for immediate removal. 1. Clean the area around the arrow with a clean cloth and a disinfectant to prevent infection. 2. Apply frostvine around the arrow wound to numb the area. 3. Use a pair of surgical scissors or a combat knife to cut the arrow shaft in half. 4. Grip the arrow shaft and carefully pull it from your patient. 5. Apply tippen’s root over the wound to clot the blood then begin cleaning the area of debris and blood once the bleeding has halted. 6. Depending on the severity of the wound, it may need to be sutured in a web-like pattern to close the wound. 7. Place gauze against the recently treated wound and begin to wrap the injury from bottom to top. Barbed If the arrow resists greatly, it is a barbed arrow and will need to undergo surgery to remove it. 1. Clean the area around the arrow with a clean cloth and a disinfectant to prevent infection. 2. Apply frostvine around the arrow wound to numb the area. 3. Use a pair of surgical scissors or a combat knife to cut the arrow shaft in half. 4. Take your scalpel and make an incision, so the barbed arrow can be removed without causing more damage to your patient. 5. Grip the arrow shaft and carefully pull it from your patient. 6. Apply tippen’s root over the wound and incision to clot the blood then begin cleaning the area of debris and blood once the bleeding has halted. 7. Suture the arrow wound in a web-like pattern and neatly suture the incisions with a boot lace pattern. 8. Place gauze against the recently treated wound and begin to wrap the injury from bottom to top. Arrow wounds to the abdomen are typically fatal, but this should NOT deter a medic from attempting to save the life of their patient. [OOC: In most incidents the arrow will be a bodkin arrow, but it never hurts to ask the player or person leading the event what type of arrow was used.] Burns Burns are a treacherous injury to experience and to treat as they require much care to remedy. The daunting thing about burn injuries is how medicine becomes less effective as the injury is more severe and demanding the medic to treat it with care for an extended amount of time. The sooner you treat a burn, the more likely you would preserve the quality of life for your patient. 1. Take your salve of Serpent’s Stalk/Burn Soothe and generously apply it over the burned area to soothe the burn. 2. Apply a thin layer of frostvine over the burned area to assist the soothing agent and to also numb the burns. 3. Use a disinfectant to prevent infection from the burns. Your choice in disinfectant would depend on the size of the burn. 4. Wrap the area with a bundle of bandages and carefully transport the patient to safety. [OOC: Be sure to ask the player to describe the degree of their injury, if they cannot specify the degree of damage assume the injury is not severe unless told otherwise.] Bone Injuries & Dislocations It isn’t uncommon for people to break their limbs from a blunt object or an unexpected fall. A nearby medical professional can improve the quality of life for the patient by resetting their bones or popping an arm back into a socket. Follow the steps below to keep your patient from having a preventable deformity! Broken Limbs 1. Inspect where the bone is broken and realign it to its natural position. 2. Take your splint kit and apply two rods against the sides of the broken bone then take a large cloth and begin wrapping the rods around the limb firmly. 3. Escort your patient to safety so that their bones can receive more specialized help. Broken Ribs 1. Inspect the broken ribs and move the injured onto their back to prevent puncturing any organs. 2. Apply a light coat of frostvine and wrap their upper torso firmly with bandages to prevent the broken bones from shifting. 3. Transport the injured patient off the field to get more specialized help. Dislocations 1. Identify the dislocated joint. 2. Grip the end of the limb firmly before pushing it up and back into its socket. 3. Your patient can continue to travel, but should seek medical treatment to ensure everything is in order. Amputations There will be many occasions where the best option to save the life of your patient is to remove their limb to preserve their life or if the limb is determined to be beyond repair. Below you may follow the optimal procedure to prevent any pain to your patient. 1. If you have determined that a limb must be amputated to preserve the quality of life of your patient, if available a strong liquor for the patient will make the process easier. 2. Begin to apply blissfoil liberally to the area where you will cut with a bonesaw and wait for about two minutes. 3. While you wait, you may prepare a tourniquet and wrap it above the area of where you will cut to slow blood flow. Begin to also have the tippen's root prepared to clot the blood of the limb when you sever it. 4. Take your bonesaw and place it over the area where the blissfoil was applied and give forceful tugs back and forth until the limb is fully removed. 5. Apply tippen’s root to the stump to clot the bleeding and begin to firmly wrap the stump with gauze and bandages. 6. Escort your patient to safety to prevent any additional harm to them. [OOC: After you have determined that a limb must be removed due to the severity of a player’s emote, send them a message and ask them if they would like to go through with the procedure before removing body parts from them.] Common Medicinal Herbs Herbs are a crucial tool to have when travelling in the wilderness or preparing for war. A good medic is always known to come prepared with a number of salves no matter what situation their group may find themselves in. Most medical rucksacks have a large number of slots and pouches available for containers and jars to store the herbs and prevent any damage to the objects inside. Serpent’s Stalk This herb is primarily used for burns in field medicine, but can also be consumed to lower one’s fever. This herb cannot heal one from their burns, but it can lessen their suffering and prevent blisters. Apply this clear substance to the burned area of the injured to soothe the burns. A medic may use this as generously as they please to cover the burn wounds, although the more severe the burn the more ineffective the Serpent’s Stalk becomes and may require additional medical attention. Blissfoil Blissfoil is a powerful numbing agent that is constantly reacting at all times and if recklessly used could cause permanent damage. This numbing agent is mainly used in emergencies on the battlefield or amputations. It is adamant that the medical professional is wearing gloves when handling blissfoil. Apply only a conservative amount to the area around the wound and do not apply to an open wound. Remove the application from the wound before a minute pasts or risk permanent numbing. Frostvine Another numbing agent that will be frequently used in the medical field would be frostvine. It is not as potent as blissfoil, but carelessly handling it without gloves or using an excessive amount could cause frostbite. Frostvine can be applied to the face and neck to help soothe a fever, but its primary use is for delicate procedures that involve a conscious patient or to help assist in cooling the burns of a scorched patient. Tippen’s Root The most commonly used herb in a medic’s kit would be Tippen’s Root. This repulsive herb is best used for clotting an actively bleeding wound to prevent further blood loss. Packing the rancid paste into a wound and applying pressure until the bleeding halts is very effective, but becomes slightly more difficult if an artery is severed. Mandragora Once the area has settled and the immediate area is safe from danger will it be important for Combat Medics to brew up Mandragora tea for the injured. The tea will double the healing rate of flesh wounds. Cutting the turnip into chunks and boiling in water would be very useful for an army that wishes to keep their soldiers healthy. Disinfectants A good medic may be able to patch up his patients and appropriately diagnose them, but if he does not wash his tools or clean their injuries they might suffer from preventable ailments down the line. Gisclonovi This herb is one of the best natural disinfectants as it is similar to alcohol without the sting. It would be wise for medics to boil this herb long before an injury and extract its juices from the softened plant for later use. A vial of gisclonovi would be helpful to keep ready with a clean cloth as it would be expected that you are ready to disinfect an injury. Thyme Oil A golden liquid from freshly pressed thyme. Naturally it has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti inflammatory properties. This disinfectant isone of the most optimal for large cuts and burns. Prepare disinfectant bandages by soaking them in thyme oil before departing for an adventure. Alcohol Most medics are equipped with bottles of rubbing alcohol to prevent further infection. Vodka, gin, and whiskey are some good alternatives if alcohol has run dry and you need another way to disinfect your patients. Your patients may not appreciate the sting. Dampen a clean cloth with alcohol and use it to wipe away debris and blood to effectively sanitize your patient. Tools There are a number of different types of equipment that a medic is equipped with to assist them with the delicate touches of various injuries. The gear that they use may be holding everything together by a single piece of thread or be removing an entire hand to preserve the lives of your patients. Suture Kit A small container that contains all the tools needed for stitching up your patients. It neatly fits a needle, spool of thread, and surgical scissors. Splint Two metal rods and a long piece of cloth used to keep a broken or fractured bone still to prevent further injury. A makeshift splint can be made with two sticks and a bundle of bandages. One should place both rods on either side of the injured limb, then begin to firmly wrap the cloth over the rods; tying it off to keep them in place. Combat with a splint is not advisable as it could cause further damage. Tourniquet A strap with a metal rod that could cinch down on a limb to slow the blood flow to prevent heavy blood loss. A makeshift tourniquet can be as common as a belt; anything that can be tightened and removed within seconds. A medic should place the tourniquet above the wound and should NOT leave it on for more than a minute if the goal is to preserve the limb. Scalpel A scalpel is generally used for surgical purposes, but may not be limited to be used to make a larger incision to remove barbed arrows without causing further damage. Bonesaw Generally a small and lightweight saw that could sheathed on the back of a medical kit in the unfortunate event that a medic will have to remove something very dear to their patient. Credits to the Medical Professionals that made this guide possible: Desmond Morgyrn Doctor Avern Nyree Avila Tatyana vas Ruthern Elizabeth Anne Sources & Helpful Pieces: Herbs - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190293-%E2%9C%93-world-lore-general-botany/ Herbs II - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192581-%E2%9C%93-world-lore-plant-hedgewitchs-healkit/ Medical Guide - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/194124-comprehensive-guide-to-field-medicine/ How to level up as a medical professional - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190537-isa-medical-corps/ Techlock - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192599-the-techlock-medical/
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  7. The elder Pruvian groans as he sits up from his bedside and looks to the hospital bed next to him empty. The same bed the General Peter d'Arkent had slept in. He inhales sharply as he lays his head back against his pillow. Artificial eyes gaze at the end of the bed, stained bandages cover a ribcage, a scorched arm that itches feverishly under its wraps; only muscle, bone, and sinew remain. A memory is recalled, tears begin to flood before the dam inevitably breaks and a faint smirk comes across an withering man's features. "I said I would follow you to hell and back a thousand times over. This isn't the same, but it was close enough. . . Didn't expect this to hurt as much." The old man sniffles quietly as he gently shuts his eyes to continue to rest. "Until next time, old friend."
  8. John Pruvia would let a brief chuckle escape him. "Sedanites can start a fight, but you can for sure count on the Empire to end it. God bless the Empire!"
  9. The elder Pruvian reads it the pamphlet over and gazes at the number of events. "I am sure the grandkids would love to attend this event!" He would say with a smile.
  10. The Marble Chapter 1752 - Present The House of Pruvia is a cadet branch of the House of Horen, and the former ruling house of both the Kingdom of Vandoria and the Kingdom of Lotharingia. Their sigil is a single ivory dragon holding a red peony displaying many similarities from the House they descend from. A historic line that has stood the test of time through numerous empires; whom’s culture has become a blend of Johannian and Rhenyari traditions and customs in honor of their ancestors. This famed House has been known for creative thinkers, martial leaders, exceptional mediators, and renowned architects that carved their names in history. ~ The Marble Hall before it was remodeled ~ This chapter of Pruvia began with the union of Anna Maria of Pruvia and Cyrus Basrid. Together, they had four young children together, but Cyrus’ duties in the military and politics kept him away from Kaedrin. Anna Maria stayed in the Varoche Palace where she cared for her offspring, most notably the heir apparent of Pruvia, John Michael. From a young age, John Michael was a scholarly child, interested in the world around him and the wide selection of books at his disposal. At the age of thirteen, the young Pruvian boy had travelled to Helena to reside there with his father until he was old enough to be commissioned into the Imperial State Army in admiration of both of his parents who served. Some after, Anna Maria would develop a rare lung disease which bound her to a bed in the Novellen Palace where she would eventually succumb to her illness. During this time, Pruvia had experienced friction within itself, disputes about unmerited titles and renown. The death of Anna Maria was the boiling point where the opportunists and thieves within Pruvia came out of the woodwork and showed their true intentions. John Michael’s legitimacy as heir of House Pruvia was challenged by his own family, which ultimately rescinded the principality title from the family and made them into two separate viscounties, Pruvia-Provins and Pruvia-Albarosa. ~ Casimira de Sarkozy, John Michael, and Bullfrog relaxing after a long day ~ After Anna Maria’s funeral, her body was burned and the ashes drifted up into the seven skies, John Michael became Viscount of Pruvia-Provins and continued to study as a medic for many years, eventually reforming the medical corps and becoming a lieutenant in the ISA. During this time, he found the love of his life in the military, Casimira de Sarkozy, the daughter of George Casimir. After many years of courting one another, the viscount had proposed to her atop Mont St.Catherine. Together, they had created a loving family at their estate and currently reside in the Northern Province enjoying their retirement. ~ Simon Casimir holding hands with Anne Caroline in the Imperial Gardens ~ Their son, Simon Casimir, had married Her Imperial Highness Anne Caroline and is currently celebrating the start of his own family. He found a talent in swordsmanship and gained inspiration to follow in his parent’s footsteps by joining the ISA with an aspiration to lead his own brigade as captain. Simon is the youngest to have ever be inducted into the 4th Brigade, the ISA’s most trustworthy soldiers. ~ Anna Henrietta and her children, Mary Casimira, Wilhelm Lucius, Coraline Irena, and Rhea Alexandria ~ Anna Henrietta, the charming young woman from Provins became the first female governess of the Palace to run the Imperial Court and Household in Orenian history where she manages the numerous duties to care for the Imperial family and other nobility. She is the acting regent of Carrington due to the sudden disappearance of her husband and the loving mother of seven small children. ~ John Michael and Casimira with their two children, Anna Henrietta and Simon Casimir ~ The children have left the nest to pursue their own dreams and ambitions. Create their own loving families. Anna Maria looks below from the Seven Skies and beams brightly as she watches what her son had done and more for their family. Pruvia has prevailed through many downfalls, hardships, and shortcomings, but the love of one another and strong family bonds have made them stronger than ever. And so the Marble Chapter continues...
  11. RP Name: John Michael Pruvia MC Name: Bawggie Voted: Yes
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  13. The Pruvian winds up his wine press to crush another fine harvest into a barrel. "Another great opportunity to sell my wines and whiskey. I certainly cannot wait for the festivities to begin!"
  14. ~ An exaggerated depiction of the first wonk being knighted ~ The sky is still and mournful with a blanket of grey clouds concealing the sun’s rays and the vibrant blue skies. The hillsides blanketed with a layer of snow while the dry air whistled between the trees. Many sorrowful faces are gathered together on this cold, winter day to honor the life of a knight and a loyal friend to many. Bullfog Phrogerous was an immigrant that sought refuge with his people in the Empire. Many had resisted the inclusion of wonks which later caused violent crime to rise exponentially. Bullfog and the amphibian folk were persecuted by a measurable amount of the populace, but he was often outspoken about his people and their place among the descendants of Arcas. Because of Bullfog and his colleagues, Princess Imperial Lorena Antonia pronounced wonks a protected people under Imperial Law and outlawed any unprovoked harm to them. Bullfog had resided in Helena for some time until being hired by the family of Provins to assist them with the education of their children and maintenance of the estate. After many years of service to the family, he was welcomed as one of their own and creating many long-lasting memories. Although, many Orenians know him for other paths he pursuited. He served as Deputy Secretary of Archives for two decades, Major-Cadette of Safiye Basrid’s Scouts, and an actor for Dame Yuliya Styrn. His most grand achievement was being the first wonk in the Holy Oreninan Empire to be knighted and welcomed into the Order of Merit. In short, the Empire’s beloved knight had fallen into an eternal slumber. Tears flowed like rivers with the news of his passing, hearts had churned in the chests of many, and some celebrated the life of Bullfog Phrogerous by pouring him a drink so that he may enjoy it in the afterlife. We will look back at all these good times together when your presence brought joy to us and you will be dearly missed. Until next time, old friend...
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