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  1. After hearing of the news, John Pruvia begins writing orders to his medical corps to provide mass amounts of salves for the common soldier to keep upon his person. “We must outfit every soldier with alchemist’s shears, and continue to provide every serviceman with the knowledge and the capability to perform first responder treatment.” He paces back and forth within the Bastille as he ponders more thoughts. “Let us smite these unholy creatures and send them back to dark reaches from whence they came from. We have served through many hardships in the past and have grown from our past mistakes. The Empire is stronger than ever and the threat of the undead were no match to extinguish our everburning holy light in the darkness of the hidden lands our people have traveled to. What do these demons think they could accomplish after we have battled similar foes before?” The Pruvian continues to pace back and forth. “The might of the Empire is unmatched by these pathetic foes. They will meet the same fate like all the rest and we will stand tall. The Empire will bring order to this chaos.”
  2. Aminé – Compensating
  3. John Pruvia-Provins smiles as took the invitation from Basil. “I am so excited!” He exclaims as he tightly hugged his nephew and soon-to-be-niece.
  4. Bawg

    The Cowardly Rex Hides

    Bawg groans loudly as he places his head into worn and callused hands, “I had foretold this would happen nearly forty years ago. My brothers and I spoke of great change within the uruks, but we were rejected.” He picks up his poorly rolled cactus green taking a long drag. “Perhaps he will see clearly now that this isn’t what he wanted in the first place, but found reliable allies in this fruitless journey to become Rex.” He sighs once as he takes a seat at a nearby stool on the sandy beaches of Sutica. “I certainly hope power didn’t corrupt his thoughts and make his heart bitter, but now he knows that those he fought for would turn on him with the flicker of a candle light.”
  5. Can’t wait to roll a 1/20 on a cannon and blow the crew to pieces. +1
  6. The Rhenyari was mapping out his floor plan for his new medical bay in the Eye of Man before a comrade hurries him to the cold courtyard within the mountainous fortifications. After General Alren DeNurem’s statement, a sigh of relief escapes from his hot breath in the bitter winds of the North. “Finally, I get to be someplace warm. The dreaded snow and ice make me shiver to my core.” He packs his Serpent’s Stalk salves and ISA standard-issue swim trunks. “I don’t want to catch a sunburn laying upon those sandy shores.”
  7. John Michael hadn’t heard of the news as he was on a patrol around the Crownlands. He was stopped by grieving relatives in Helena Square with the news of his mother’s death. Captain d’Arkent quickly collected him and took him to the Bastille to give the horrid news of his mother’s passing in her sleep. Many emotions swell in the young boy’s thoughts as he struggles to keep strong for his siblings. He is thankful that he always told his mother how much she meant to him and that when she passed that she knew in confidence.
  8. Azogs, some bound by blood. Others by honor and humility.
  9. My Opinion: I believe extending the techlock to include cannons, flintlocks, steam engines, and possibly grenades would definitely be beneficial to the server and add roleplay to the server. A solution to stop technology from getting out of hand is to just stick the techlock a little bit further out. In other words, “you can now move 5 feet forward, but we are stopping it there”. If you can techlock once, you could always do it again and stop us from getting high tech vehicles or nuclear bombs. More roleplay options for growth on LoTC: Imagine the roleplay opportunities that people could have where they have to study this strange new material, roll for chances to experiment and see what makes it tick, the weapons start out crude and backfire often, then they start getting more sophisticated as we play with the idea more. We could techlock before we get them sophisticated until we figure out how much further we would like to go. Event team members could have more options to create events without having to solely rely on magic or bandit encounters Make Guns CRP and Not a Mechanic: A big argument I have heard is people getting this mechanically implemented in the server which in my opinion would be too time costly and take efforts away from more important things needed on the server. The best option would be to be able to use it in CRP and have a specified group or person that would produce these items that have been approved . Another option would be to have only Event Team Members cautiously distribute small rewards like a bag of 5 musketballs, so the player would have only 5 opportunities to use the 5 musketballs and on top of that have to roll for it to not backfire on you. TL;DR Lets move the techlock a bit further then put it down again for a few new technologies. If you are able to place the techlock once, you can do it again and wait another 5 years before moving it again. It would create roleplay for people, create more freedom for the event team members, and could be a new fresh experience for the server. It should not be implemented as a mechanic, but it should be a heavily monitored CRP item. Items should be difficult and require a high roll to achieve the expected outcome.
  10. Dax Illiquin can finally be at peace. The war made him a conscript to the Imperial State Army. He was given a sword and shield to protect himself and to charge the enemy line when commanded. He never thought he would make it and that the war would eventually consume him. Looking back at those previous memories, they are nothing, but ancient worries now. He became Captain of the 1st Brigade, served as the first mali’ker senator, and was the tavernkeep that breathed life into Helena. The precursor that made Helena poppin’.
  11. A smile slowly creeps across Dax Illiquin’s face as he receives news that Lorena was to be wed. Knowing her as a child and watching her life flourish as the years went on, a cord was struck in his heart. He was truly happy for little Lorena. He glances at the names invited to the ceremony and notices his own. His warm smile turns into a cheerful grin and he leaps to his feet in excitement, deeply honored and grateful to see His Imperial Highness on her big day.
  12. Dax Illiquin signs the petition. “Find a place for these animals so they too can live a bountiful life before their inevitable slaughter.”
  13. A unexpected fire turned a prospering district of newcomers and businessmen to ash and charred frames in a matter of days. No one knows what caused the fire, whether it be an uprising, the damnation between interracial love, or a misplaced match. The damage is clear to anyone that nothing survived the raging flames, but it is unknown to everyone the amount of lives that may have been lost. Some victims will never be like who they were before the great blaze had robbed them of their homes and many citizens look to the Lord Mayor to find a solution to their homelessness. But... Thanks to the brave citizens, the ISA, and the Church of the Canon to come together and save who those trapped by the enveloping flames. When asked the Lord Mayor said, “We did all that we could today... Tomorrow will be the true test of what we can do.”
  14. The Junior Senator of Helena walks to the dias. I vote in favor of the Kaedreni Senator Callahan. The Departments should have full transparency with the Senate to know where we are putting our resources and to prevent misuse of funds. Thank you for your time.
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