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  1. I felt like I thought of this myself yesterday or perhaps I saw a glimmer of your post. I just wanted to make the joke that you listen to this. Hope you liked my terrible joke.
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  6. IGN: Bawggie Name: John Pruvia-Provins ISA Rank: Lieutenant Event(s): All
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  8. Title Invention Lore - Adhesive Pads Description An adhesive pad is a thick piece of cotton gauze that is rectangular in shape with a small flap on one of the shorter ends. It is no bigger than an adult man’s palm. This piece of gauze has jailor’s moss applied to one side so that it would stick to the skin of the injured. The container is a metal tin that is just big enough to contain a single adhesive pad that would be placed face down as it doesn’t cling to metal surfaces. When withdrawing the adhesive pad from the metal tin, the user will need to pinch the protruding flap and carefully place it over the flesh wound, pressing it firmly onto the skin. If an artery was severed, tippen’s root should be applied before placing the adhesive pad atop of the wound. Ideally, once the patient is transported to safety, the user will pinch the flap and remove the adhesive pad without having to roll 15+. After the pad is removed, the medical professionals may continue to clean, suture, and bandage the flesh wounds. Capabilities The invention is used as an extra hand when attempting to clot an actively bleeding wound on an unconscious person or lack of assistance nearby. Great to use on an active battlefield, triage, and an extra hand when treating a patient with multiple injuries. Useful when one does not have immediate assistance from others or no medical knowledge for flesh wounds. Red Lines/Restrictions - Effective when applied to small to medium sized flesh wounds. Large lacerations would require multiple adhesive pads and are less effective. -Adhesive pads can slow blood flow from an artery, but cannot adequately clot it without an application of tippen’s root. -The faux stickiness of Jailer’s Moss persists long after the plant dies though not enough to completely immobilise a full-sized descendant, each measure only capable of securely holding 4kg like Velcro before the leaves break. Double the force necessary to lift a ‘stuck’ object is required to remove it from a measure of Jailer’s Moss’ hold or to pluck Jailer’s Moss from it. -Jailer’s Moss will cling to any solid surface besides metal or glass, meaning pulling it off of one surface with one’s hand will likely render it stuck to a non-metallic or glass glove or the skin of one’s fingers unless a roll of 15+ is achieved. -The hooks on Jailer’s Moss are too thin to cause any real damage beyond mild irritation when embedded into the skin and will break long before skin can be broken when it is stretched by pulling the moss off. Purpose (OOC) The main purpose of this invention is to help clot the blood of minor flesh wounds and buy more time for the medical professional if the blood loss is severe. This will be beneficial to medical professionals who are undermanned in triage, emergencies in an unstable environment, and for those who lack medical knowledge for flesh wounds. It fits well with LoTC’s canon, because it builds further on the lore that was approved. There are not any intricacies or complications in its design. The invention is quite simple by just applying something sticking to a surface and applying it to a wound. Citation Spoiler
  9. The Elder Rhenyari of Pruvia-Provins succumbs to the comfort of a chair outside in the breezy autumn winds looking to the gray blanket of clouds concealing the sky. A sigh of relief escapes him as he wraps himself in a wool quilt and rocks in the wooden chair as he glances down from the sky to the workers setting up the tents and activities for the upcoming party.
  10. A lone Rhenyari remembers fondly the 3rd Brigade Captain accepting him into the fold with an oath and his pledge to the Empire. “So help me GOD!” rings loud in his thoughts as he was inducted and given his reds. John Pruvia-Provins was just a boy who that wished to prove to his family and his country of his potential. From a young age, he dabbled in medicine and began to go on various combat missions that meant the difference between life and death for some. He too cemented friendships with many of his comrades, such as, Felix Haff’es, Alistair Brashton, and Azariah O’Rourke. His character was shaped by nobility he thought were above him, but John Charles and Elizabeth Anne had welcomed him and joined him in arms. The Viscount met the love of his life, Casimira de Sarkozy, in the ranks of the military and created a loving family with her. The ISA had provided for him, so it is his sworn duty to provide for the Empire he has sworn to protect. The young boy with barely a whisker on his chin had grown into a man, battling scyfling, villains, and Inferi alike. A sword in one hand and likely a Tippen’s Root salve in the other. He remembers the moment John d’Arkent asked about his son, Peter Baldwin, and his thoughts on his captain. His reply, “I would travel with him to hell and back a thousand times over.”
  11. Bawg

    A Sticky Situation

    The view from the lakefront of the Marble Palace ~ 1789 It was a silent late night in the Marble Palace, there were no crickets chirping, no footsteps stepping, not even a whisper could be heard. A dim light could be seen from the library of the snow white chateau. That is where a lone John Pruvia-Provins diligently wrote the results of his experiments and the theories that he was able to catch before they fluttered away from existence. At the foot of his desk lay countless sheets of paper with different designs of his invention and how they could be best utilized when on the battlefield. There were some designs that could cover a large lacerations, but such designs were quickly scrapped due the limited carrying capacity, the size of the adhesives were too large to be part of the kit soldier’s were already equipped with, and the jailor’s moss sticky properties would cause more frustration as it would connect to other parts of the gauze which would delay someone from quickly responding to their injured comrade. Ostro-Clot would be the best solution to a large laceration that needed to be treated immediately he thought, at least for now. Other drafts were more compatible with the current kit of supplies that a soldier carries onto the field. Smaller sketches were useful, but highly ineffective since the military did not have many halflings, dwarves, or small children among their ranks. Pruvia-Provins would tuck this sketch away and look back at it another time as it did not gauge his current objective. John would gaze at his notes for a moment as he believes he found the most suitable draft that could easily be applied to a soldier’s kit and be quickly applied without delay. It was a mid-size piece of adhesive gauze, one that could fit in a man’s palm. This design could cover most stab, pierce, and slash wounds that would be anticipated to come from war. The only concern was if the adhesive would further damage if it was applied over the wound. John Pruvia-Provins stood up from his desk and began to walk down the silent halls of The Marble Palace to the foyer where Bullfog would have prepared his medical kit, readied his coat, and lit a small lantern. The wonk dips his head to the Rhenyari, “Master John. I have prepared all the necessities. Are you ready to visit the farmer?” John glances to his truehearted butler and nods singularly to him, closing his tired eyes as he shuffles towards the door. “Yes, let us go before we wake anyone.” They travel to the city farms in the southwest of Helena where they would meet with a sun-beaten farmer with an emptied crossbow in hand. Bullfog would slip a coin purse of marks into his faded overalls as they entered the barnhouse where the hogs snorted and squealed. One swine had laid upon the mud-caked floor with a bolt between its eyes. John had placed his kit on the ground beside the corpse before withdrawing a scalpel and making an incision the size of a stab wound along the rib cage. The blood was still hot to the touch as it dribbled from the pig’s body. Bullfog kneels down beside John with three tobacco tins, carefully opening them. Encased inside were the prototypes of the Rhenyar’s invention and withdraws an adhesive before pressing it to the freshly made incision. They had waited a few moments staring at the pad to discover that the blood would not bleed through easily. John pinched the small flap and peeled the adhesive free to discover the adhesive did not bring further harm to the wound. Pruvia-Provins would shift over towards the head of the swine and lift its snout with a scalpel in hand before slitting its throat. He moves an open hand to the faithful amphibian. “A couple more tests and we will be done here.” John cups his hand as the wonk hastily produces another adhesive placing it into his hand. He swiftly placed it over the laceration that is gurgling copious amounts of blood. The gauze had slowly begun to wet with a bright crimson color, but it held the blood back for roughly fifteen minutes before it had bled through. John leans in to pinch the adhesive and pull it free from the experimental laceration. “Bullfog!” He would call out as his wonk butler hurriedly would hand him another adhesive bandage, this time the Rhenyari would apply pressure to witness if the results would vary. After holding down the bandage for what seemed like hours, he would pull back and see that the results were similar. The Rhenyari furrowed his brow before as he looked briefly to the wonk who had a silver watch in his hand. “Only seventeen minutes, Master John.” He nodded once before moving to his feet and reaching for a handkerchief from his coat pocket and began to wash his hands of the pig’s blood. Pruvia-Provins mentally notes that if an artery were to be cut it would not be the most efficient way to stop the profuse bleeding without applying tippen’s root beforehand. The trip back to the estate was brief and the Rhenyar and the Wonk wished each other good night before they would separate at the stairwell. John dragged his feet as he shuffled down the hall to his medicine room and began to pen his findings of the night. After reviewing the results of the bandages, he settles for the original design that would save time and be produced easily. He analyzes his work and mumbles to himself as he scans it. For what it is, the blueprint is simple where one would spread the jailor’s moss on one side of the gauze pad. Any other application should be added before placing the adhesive over it. Pruvia-Provins’ eyes began to feel heavy as he peered out the window to view in the dawn of a new day. The overcast kept the sun's bright rays from shining through, but illuminated the clouds with an indigo blue. The lamp posts remained vigilant and unmoving in the bitter cold of autumn. He slowly placed his arms in front of him where his head could lay while he rested his weary eyes.
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