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  1. Russian General SIR! $5 Brown Winterfell $10
  2. The elder Pruvian groans as he sits up from his bedside and looks to the hospital bed next to him empty. The same bed the General Peter d'Arkent had slept in. He inhales sharply as he lays his head back against his pillow. Artificial eyes gaze at the end of the bed, stained bandages cover a ribcage, a scorched arm that itches feverishly under its wraps; only muscle, bone, and sinew remain. A memory is recalled, tears begin to flood before the dam inevitably breaks and a faint smirk comes across an withering man's features. "I said I would follow you to hell and back a thousand times ov
  3. John Pruvia would let a brief chuckle escape him. "Sedanites can start a fight, but you can for sure count on the Empire to end it. God bless the Empire!"
  4. The elder Pruvian reads it the pamphlet over and gazes at the number of events. "I am sure the grandkids would love to attend this event!" He would say with a smile.
  5. The Marble Chapter 1752 - Present The House of Pruvia is a cadet branch of the House of Horen, and the former ruling house of both the Kingdom of Vandoria and the Kingdom of Lotharingia. Their sigil is a single ivory dragon holding a red peony displaying many similarities from the House they descend from. A historic line that has stood the test of time through numerous empires; whom’s culture has become a blend of Johannian and Rhenyari traditions and customs in honor of their ancestors. This famed House has been known for creative thinkers, martial leaders, excep
  6. RP Name: John Michael Pruvia MC Name: Bawggie Voted: Yes
  7. Skin: MALE SKIN Bid: 70 Discord: Bawg#4579
  8. The Pruvian winds up his wine press to crush another fine harvest into a barrel. "Another great opportunity to sell my wines and whiskey. I certainly cannot wait for the festivities to begin!"
  9. ~ An exaggerated depiction of the first wonk being knighted ~ The sky is still and mournful with a blanket of grey clouds concealing the sun’s rays and the vibrant blue skies. The hillsides blanketed with a layer of snow while the dry air whistled between the trees. Many sorrowful faces are gathered together on this cold, winter day to honor the life of a knight and a loyal friend to many. Bullfog Phrogerous was an immigrant that sought refuge with his people in the Empire. Many had resisted the inclusion of wonks which later caused violent crime to rise
  10. Bawg

    SkiN Auction

    Discord: Bawg#4579 Skin: Blue Orange Robes Bid: 50 Minas
  11. IRP NAME: John Pruvia-Provins DISCORD: Bawg#4579 IRP AGE: 45 LIST OF THREE GIFT IDEAS: Wine, My Presence, Simon Casimir
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