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  1. Bucky_24

    [Denied] FlugalMC's Event Team Actor application

    -2. You seem to just be grabbing for power with your multiple staff applications and not applying out of a geniune desire. You have an inflated ego, and are over playing your history. Not only did all the servers you listed as owning never take off, most averaging a grand total of 0 players, but you downplay that you were only banned once for a beastiality comment, while since coming back you've told an individual to hang themself. That level of immaturity cannot be rewarded with a staff position. Write a book, don't use your 'extremely unique ability' to create half-baked events on the spot to make less-than-acceptable events. That's just a terribad idea. The best event you can come up with, the one you used for your full on application, has two scenes that boil down to 'Here's a thing, kill it.' it's not creative, you get more depth rolling on the random encounters list for DnD.
  2. Bucky_24

    [Denied] FlugalMC's Application Team Application

    He seems nice when he's having a good day... Which is rare. Please for the love of Yemaker, no. We cannot have new players being guided by those who have yet to grasp the server. A simple stroll through the official discord chat will show just how bad things can get. Not dissing Flugal, I don't know you outside of the stream of OOC and Discord bants, but if we are going off first impressions... Which is all a new player would have to go off of... then it's a solid -1. Get in a good place, then try to join a staff team. You can't use mental illness as an excuse for rampant toxicity, then days later with no positive change to behaviour, ask to join one of the most critical staff roles.
  3. Bucky_24

    log in problems

    Hello Juliet, Are you still experiencing difficulties logging in? I have a feeling it is either a problem with your internet connection. If you are on a wireless connection, double check that you aren't having troubles connecting to your own router. If you have a wired connection, be sure the blue cable is plugged into the back of your PC or side of your laptop and this cable is also plugged into your router. If you are still having trouble, you should try launching in Administrator mode. It is likely that the Firewall is your problem. If this still does not work, you can PM me with your operating system and I would be happy to walk you through the steps of allowing Minecraft through your PC's firewall.
  4. Bucky_24

    [Entry Level Coder] Bucky

    #Minecraft Name: Bucky_24 #Skype (Can be PM'd or saved until the application is reviewed, where I will ask you): Withheld Until Required #Previous History in Object Oriented Languages(C++, C#, Java, etc.): I have two years of high-school level C++ Programming experience and some competition experience, more info available upon request. #Previous History in Java?: Sadly, I have very little experience in Java. But as it is Object Oriented, I believe I can quickly learn the basic and benefit the team. #Any prior experience with Bukkit/Spigot/Another Minecraft server API?: I have no experience in programming with Bukkit or Spigot, I have only hosted minecraft servers. But that was more Bash programming than anything else. #If you have any public, open source works or even works you wish to share you can link them here be it repositories/screenshots/etc; N/A #Do you acknowledge that you understand you will still be required to complete a small Spigot Plugin to showcase your ability and/or learn Spigot?: Yes, I acknowledge this.
  5. Bucky_24

    The Kingdom Of Dread (Dread Knights)

    MC name: Bucky_24 Char name: Vuln'Igne Lanncaster, goes purely by Vuln since his transformation. Time zone: EST Skype (You can PM me it): You have it Sidenote: If you go by a hard limit for DK's don't count my character towards it. I'm very inactive and only registering in-case I need to do something in-game. I plan on keeping my character that I spent over a year on. Even if I rarely play.
  6. MC Name: Bucky_24 Character Name: Vuln'Igne / The Crimson Knight When did you last play the character?: Last week for a few hours. I admit I'm rather inactive due to work. Skype Name (You can PM it to me privately): I'm in the chat.
  7. IC Backstory: Deep within the unholy bowels that is the Land of Dread, the Crimson Knight finally stirs. After years of stoic silence, Vuln, a Dread Knight created just shortly after Verin by their old dark master. Second of the fourth born, the once Dark Elf pledged himself willingly into the Dread Lord's service. Believing himself a priest, the Dread Knight began his dark crusade on the mortals who forsake him. Many tried to duel the hulking suit of meteor-steel. His body forged by his once more agile self. But none could halt the red tide that the being left behind. His loyalty took him to many places and fought many battles, even losing some. His body was punctured, torn apart, and smashed beyond recognition, and yet... he fought on. As if an army of smiths were behind him, the being kept coming back for more. Returning from impossible damage. Yet he found his match in a foe he could not fight with might. In the forested lands of Malinor, the giant was tricked. His beloved brother, Verin, was consumed by the power of the blood crystals and must be cleansed. The Dread Lord lead Vuln to the gates of Malinor where Verin stood, among the corrupted. A vicious battle was fought, one which lead to death and destruction of many. Yet the two dread knights managed to complete their goal and disassembled Verin. The Dread Lord left Verin's mangled parts with Vuln, and instructed the knight to deliver him to the stronghold. As Vuln turned his back to leave, a blood crystal was stabbed deep into his back. He was corrupted. Many years went by, Vuln wandered the lands confused and in pain. His insanity reached a new level, as the crystal feed on him. Finally, after the Scourged was defeated the pain left. He pried the crystal from his chest and held it tight in his fist. Memories of his time under it's spell flooded his mind and whispered to those nearby. The most dominate voice, a young farm boy's, pleaded, "No, please no." followed by a loud scream. This voice played over and over as Vuln focused on it. The crystal continues to loop it's morbid phrase. A never ending cry. The crystal seemed to... please the knight and he had a large axe forged with the crystal embedded in the head of the black iron head, Gorechild. He wields this axe with him to this day, and the cries of the young boy still echo out of the crystal. OOC: Name- Gorechild Type- Bastard Bearded Axe Material- Black Iron base, leather wrapped handle, single blood crystal Role-play Effects- The gem whispers "No, please no." followed by a scream of pain. This loops every few seconds. Mechanical Effects- None Extra Info- I have role-played with this axe for a while now without ever making lore for it. In truth, I started using it before the fringe but never went into detail about its story. I created the part about the crystal, an event that actually happened in RP, being the source of the voice. It used to be RP'd as the ghost of the young boy being bound to the axe. I'm unsure what officially happened to all the blood crystals/shards (Whichever was the tiny one. I forget as this happened months ago) and whether or not this is lore-friendly. That is the real reason I am posting this... Final Disclaimer- THIS DOES NOT AFFECT MY CHARACTER'S ABILITY IN A PVP OR RP FIGHT. THIS IS JUST AN AXE WITH A MAGIC GEM THAT SAYS OOKY SPOOKY THINGS TO THOSE IN /WHISPER RANGE.
  8. Bucky_24

    Bucky's Fm Application

    Real Name Nicholas Ingame Name Bucky_24 RP Name Dread Knight Vuln/The Crimson Knight Time Zone Eastern Standard Time How Long will you be online per week. Ever since I built my new PC, I'm on it rather frequently. Usually 4 hours a day at a minimum... so 28 hours? Experience Question is confusing. I've been on this server since October of whatever year the server launched... I have never been a Forum Moderator before because this is the first forum where I wasn't too self concious to actually participate in. Though I was an admin on a small 20 person server for a few years. Previous Forums This is my first active forum. On a server that I've been involved with for sometime now. Why I should be a FM I should be a Forum Moderator because I want to be able to give back, even if just slightly, to a community that has introduced me into Role-Playing and made me more social online. This server has given me friends that, even though they have long since left the server, I still talk to on a semi-regular basis. To have a true friendship with a person who you'd never have encountered in the real world if it wasn't for some game... is quite a gift. Other Info Out of the server, I am enrolled in a post secondary Computer Information Systems course where I've been learning C++, Cisco Networking, and A+ Computer Hardware repair and support. The reason I added this in, is to show that this isn't my first time using a computer... I also have a part-time job that currently occupies my time from 5 est to 9 est roughly 3 times a week. But this is a set schedule that rarely varies, so I can plan my Forum Moderating around this with ease.
  9. Bucky_24

    Casus Belli System

    Just put a GM team leader, put Gaius? as the Head of Council. Then add all the Nation leaders (Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Kha, Halflings, and CT monks.) When a Warclaim is posted, have all the NLs and Council Head vote. Make a post in the Warclaim (Make a seperate account for the Team so people don't OOCly hate anyone. Keeps it anonymous. Have the War Council vote on new War rules (These work great, tbh +1, much like.) Then boom. War problem is solved.
  10. Bucky_24

    [Idea] Leave Snow Elves In Thales

    Such a shame... I'm working on developing a Highlander culture that would have clashed with Snow Elves (Since both would be low in number). I was thinking of doing events and stuff. But it's your choice to stay behind. I never really encountered the Snow Elves, but I hope you're not dying off because of OOC hate.
  11. Bucky_24

    Dissenters Of Blood (Dread Knights)

    The main problem is you're looking for benefits for yourself. Dread Knights usually focus on providing RP for others, not making ourselves 'super strung'. This group isn't for people who are looking for the quickest way to power. It's for those who have an RP reason to turn their lives over to become servants to the Dread Lord and his Dread Knight. You have no respect as a cultist, but if you prove yourself worthy as one... you MIGHT be turned into a Dread Knight. It's the Journey. Not the destination.
  12. Bucky_24

    Dissenters Of Blood (Dread Knights)

    MC Name: Bucky_24 Character Name: The Crimson Knight (Vuln) I want my character to be turned into a Dread Knight (Y/N): No I want to become apart of your group because: I rather enjoy the conglomerate. The RP provide by the majority of Dread Knights (Not that dumba** crimson one) is usually amazing. I would greatly enjoy it if my character would be allowed to trail behind the group and otherwise interact with Dread Knights in someway. What can I bring to this group? A very active member with a deep love for Borg. I can also bring cookies, a personal minion, and a good time. Can you play nice, and be willing to sit down with someone and explain something politely and cooperatively if something goes wrong, or someone is confused? Having played a creature largely considered 'evil' and 'vile', I have had to battle many-a-player. Some of these battles have lead to debates which were quickly settled. I have been playing this character for probably close to.... 5-6 months? Not a single BR or Strike was given for my roleplay. Time zone: EST
  13. Bucky_24

    [Lore] Official Creator Cleric

    To be blunt, this seems like a thread saying, "We are special clerics, so we deserve OOC distinction." Even though... it changes absolutely nothing from the original priest healing for non-Clerics and could easily just be RPed without needing any lore changes/additions as NOTHING is changed.
  14. Bucky_24

    The Ranger Corps

    Just saying, you can't automatically make yourself 'experts' in stealth by joining this group. That's like me becoming a T5 Mage because i just joined the mages guild. You have to practice and train. Also as a tip, just because you make a guild post doesn't mean everything in it is canon. Or even realistic.
  15. Bucky_24


    Please, I spent hours this weekend hunting for Graveyards in semi-populated areas to do a little grave robbing. The only graveside I found was for a Dread Knight. Ain't no bones to steal there.