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  1. Bucky_24

    Glitched Tridents

    Did this fix the off-hand trident/sword combo? It's what 3 hearts for an iron sword vs Iron Armor, but if you have a trident in the off-hand, it's up to 5 hearts.
  2. Most fun warclaim I’ve ever participated in, that's for sure. Drowned while standing in a tree o7. Maybe we should make it a new rule not to have half the map covered in water? Or idk.. start peeps a little further away would be nice too. We ran out and didn’t even make it to the water before y’all were on us. If they were gonna spawn us that close, why not just cut half the map down and make it a straight shot? We were excited to do some boat flanks, some water fights, and make it all splishy splashy. Add in the 15m of frozen server and the great joy of the server getting the most kills via dudes falling from the map... best 25m I’ve ever played 🙂
  3. Lucion ponders aloud, “It says here, ‘Should a man partake in this action, her body shall be cleansed by fire’. So if a man marries, say an elf, the elf gets cleansed? What if a man marries a male elf? Do both men just partake in public humiliation or is the male elf also cleansed by fire?”
  4. Lucion listens to a retelling of the battle with a puzzled look on his face, “That’s not how it happened... Haenseni MEN had prepared to take to the lake. But on that day, the lake thought itself a sea and bashed boats with skygod-level tides. The battle was so chaotic, time itself seemed to freeze for what felt like a day. As if Iblees himself was at the forefront of Renantian ‘soldiers’, time snapped back into place with dead Haenseni men floating about in the sea. Truly, it was a day where evil worked its magic. For no man would dare call it a fight. It was an unholy reckoning. Thus, seeing the proud, brave, yet somehow dead, soldiers of Haense floating in the tides of chaos, the men and women of the land rose up and tried to force Renantian devils from their lands. But even the sheer valor of the great Haenseni people was nothing to the barbarism of the Renantians. They cut down unarmed men, women, and children as if they were not sons and daughters of Horen. Truly, the day will be remembered as one where Renatus showed their true colors. That of bloodthirsty pillagers who cut down free people for daring to seek their own liberties.”
  5. If anyone else wants to cry about the loss of Clicks. I will be here with you. We can have pillow fights and talk about boys.

  6. Where the Skah is everyone? Can’t find the RP Hubs.

    1. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      - Llyria is ok if you like magic folk and closely-knit communities
      - Adria regularly has big city activity
      - Sutica is probably the lead RP hub right now

      - Haense, Renatus, and Curon all have moderately equal activity, sometimes active, sometimes dead.

  7. #FREEJOKERLOW - Banning someone for bad villainy isn't a valid reason. Bring back VAs if you gonna be that salty.



    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Raomir


      Jokerlow is a player from Romania, his english is good enough for RP, but he still needs a little help. Hitting the dude with a two weeker is not fair and downright lazy as Bucky said. @Pond I support PvP default and supported Bernie. Idiot

    3. Thornz


      Blacklist him not ban him????

    4. Pond


      lol liberal ******* bernie supporter @Raomir

  8. PM me your orc grievances. Any and all complaints. Fill my inbox please. I want to know what others think. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bucky_24


      Keep em coming!

    3. Pinochet


      lal reverse genderbender 

    4. Bucky_24


      Reverse genderbender... So if someones a gender bender, they are playing the opposite gender... but then reverse that... you play your gender?

  9. This is why we don't use Raspberry Pi's as servers.

  10. Does LoTC have a Patreon?

    1. Chryasor


      i dont think so but its a decent idea




    Don't make me get Vuln out. I'll do it! I just want to be a filthy cultie 😢


  12. Where's all my Dread Knights at? Daddy needs to get his puny cultist on. 

  13. Jesus. You players need to calm downnnnn. Focus on the RP and let the staff worry about the moderating for a change? One would think after 7 years, you guys woulda grown up and learned to respect how difficult it is to moderate a server with hundreds of concurrent players, ALL of which are playing characters whom they obvi are not in real life. If you think you can do better, apply for a staff position, if you're too lazy, then just shut up. This is coming from a guy who used to be of the exact same mentality as you all. I held my pitchfork for many years, but now it's time to just chill and RP. FFS.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. _Hexe_


      no one would be complaining if they were

    3. UnusualBrit


      Applying for gm is exactly what players have done, being refused because of their ability to think for themselves and not stick to status quo mindlessly following rules. RP has been incredibly hindered with the amount of bans that have greatly affected nations. We need this fixed and just asking nicely won’t work. There have been civil feedback posts in the past that staff have just ignored, but after shouting enough we’ve managed to get them to sit down and start making changes. It’s not the best method but it’s the one that works.

    4. Bucky_24


      I highly, highly doubt that people would be denied for simply being able to think for themselves. Shouting, moaning, and groaning will do nothing but turn away potential players. It's the shouting that has me still sitting at the login screen 3 hours after launching the game, because honestly, I don't want to RP with any of you that thinks shouting is winning an argument. This is not how you get **** down, it's how you create a mob. Trust me, I know. I've been there. I've been the angry kid behind a keyboard thinking that the 78th post today will be the one to bring about change, but it simply isn't true. You don't know whats going on behind closed doors, so don't pretend to.

      Gather your evidence, fill out your reports, then submit it down the correct avenues. Don't troll the forums for the next opportunity to whine at the staff for not instantly banning people based on rumors or sketchy evidence. Hell, when you murder someone IRL, it takes months to actually convict, so why do you expect someone to take accusations at face value? It takes time. Again, trust me, I've been there.

  14. How many IG years has it been since Anthos?

    1. Knox213
    2. Bucky_24


      I wanna try to come back again... Eighth time is the charm :( But it's gonna be my old dude's bastard kid. Gotta figure out his age lol

    3. Knox213


      about 180 years i think

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