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  1. #FREEJOKERLOW - Banning someone for bad villainy isn't a valid reason. Bring back VAs if you gonna be that salty.



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    2. Raomir


      Jokerlow is a player from Romania, his english is good enough for RP, but he still needs a little help. Hitting the dude with a two weeker is not fair and downright lazy as Bucky said. @Pond I support PvP default and supported Bernie. Idiot

    3. Thornz


      Blacklist him not ban him????

    4. Pond


      lol liberal ******* bernie supporter @Raomir

  2. PM me your orc grievances. Any and all complaints. Fill my inbox please. I want to know what others think. 

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    2. Bucky_24


      Keep em coming!

    3. Pinochet


      lal reverse genderbender 

    4. Bucky_24


      Reverse genderbender... So if someones a gender bender, they are playing the opposite gender... but then reverse that... you play your gender?

  3. Bucky_24

    Does Blah put you off?

    I'm bias, I'll put this right here at the top for all to see. I love Orcs and have loved them since Aegis. I love blah, slavery, raiding, spirit worship, hunts, and tavern brawls. That might just be me, but this is why I'm putting a massive disclaimer before getting into the meat and potatoes. Blah is imho, the most simple language we have on LotC outside of common, which is just English. There are only a handful of direct words to use, and it's a simple matter, again in my opinion, to replace letters with the phonetic transcription of what you're trying to say. I'm getting to the point where my own thoughts, the little voice in my head, is replacing words with their blah counterparts. That being said, I highly, highly encourage all new orcs to play Goblins. Goblins have considerably less restrictions on Blah, as they have the smaller tusks. It's an easier transition for new players to get into the spirit of the Orcish RP and provides an avenue to learn about the culture. I get that most people don't like Orc RP, but what I don't understand is that everyone calls it 'memey'. Can someone PM me, or post examples of what they consider meme rp? Because that just seems to be a catch all with little actual substance. I get no one wants to be the victim, everyone has a need for their character to be the hero, but I don't really see how Snaga (Slave) raids or sacrificial RP is memey, while The Church runs around and just kills anyone who doesn't worship their god. What makes Orc RP a memefest, but not human Cannonist RP? I'm trying to understand, not attack anyone here. We need examples if we are to change. What we don't need is OOC drama everytime we interact because other players don't understand how the race is designed to function. It's not memey for an Olog to speak like an idiot, they /are/ idiots. It's not memey for us to gather a sacrifice, we need them for our RP and try to make it enjoyable for whomever is being sacrificed. I will leave one last complaint geared towards the rest of the playerbase, which I just find ironic. We hangout in our city, yet no one every visits. So we are left to our own devices and only go into other lands when there is something to acquire. We are the literal embodiment of our lore in the sense of dealing with harrassment by other races, we face so much out of character harrassment that most of the Orcs I've spoken with don't even like to leave Orc lands, just like how the race is written in lore. People hate orcs, so when we lash out at the hate IRP, we are still the bad guys. We are pushed into isolation because other players do not want to be around us, then harrassed that we only leave the city to do villain RP. Imagine IC or OOC that everytime you leave your lands, you are harrassed, why would you welcome those same people with open arms either IC or OOC? I refer back to Sutica just days ago where a band of Orcs were running about, and we found a Gypsy player claiming that something was trying to kill her. We then took her to the safety of a city, in case there was a monster outside, and were harrassed OOCly for villain RP. We saved a human, and still received harrassment. How exactly are we supposed to take this punishment everytime we play? Help us improve, don't harrass us. Don't act like we are all bad because you heard that the RP was bad. Tell us how you think it would be better, and then we can make progress. PM me everything. Every grievance, every complaint, and every suggestion. I'm dying to hear it all. I'm serious.
  4. Bucky_24

    Defender Default Proposition

    I'm like a solid 52% sure this should be in suggestions, not RP, but I wanna contribute to the point made by Humanistic regarding tavern brawls. How is 2-3 people mucking about in a city of 10-20 a raid? I'm curious how any form of organized crime can work if you are unable to do any actually organized crime... My character, a young, filthy Gobbo scum, was taken to a tavern to be shown about klomps, and we brought along another to watch as well, and that was considered a raid bait. But when we got jumped by 10 people on the way back to the city, that was chill because we were in their territory? Just makes no sense in RP, or in OOC SkyGod Rules... My dude is weak, a 4'6" little guy who has a fascination with riding Ologs. But I cannot ride an Olog into a town with a Shaman and do villain RP, such as capturing for sacrifices, because that's a raid, even if we are there to provide high quality RP?
  5. This is why we don't use Raspberry Pi's as servers.

  6. Does LoTC have a Patreon?

    1. Chryosaurus Rex

      Chryosaurus Rex

      i dont think so but its a decent idea




    Don't make me get Vuln out. I'll do it! I just want to be a filthy cultie 😢


  8. Where's all my Dread Knights at? Daddy needs to get his puny cultist on. 

  9. Bucky_24

    We MUST Be Better Than This

    It breaks down pretty simply for me, let the mods worry about moderating, and if you're a player just play. It's pretty sad that it's hard to find good RP, but you can find DOZENS of multi-paragraph posts where players have their pitchforks and want to do some ole fashion rioting. If y'all spent half as much effort working on your RP skills as you do crafting that 'expert opinion' dis on the staff, we'd have one hell of a server.
  10. Jesus. You players need to calm downnnnn. Focus on the RP and let the staff worry about the moderating for a change? One would think after 7 years, you guys woulda grown up and learned to respect how difficult it is to moderate a server with hundreds of concurrent players, ALL of which are playing characters whom they obvi are not in real life. If you think you can do better, apply for a staff position, if you're too lazy, then just shut up. This is coming from a guy who used to be of the exact same mentality as you all. I held my pitchfork for many years, but now it's time to just chill and RP. FFS.

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    2. tenredux


      no one would be complaining if they were

    3. UnusualBrit


      Applying for gm is exactly what players have done, being refused because of their ability to think for themselves and not stick to status quo mindlessly following rules. RP has been incredibly hindered with the amount of bans that have greatly affected nations. We need this fixed and just asking nicely won’t work. There have been civil feedback posts in the past that staff have just ignored, but after shouting enough we’ve managed to get them to sit down and start making changes. It’s not the best method but it’s the one that works.

    4. Bucky_24


      I highly, highly doubt that people would be denied for simply being able to think for themselves. Shouting, moaning, and groaning will do nothing but turn away potential players. It's the shouting that has me still sitting at the login screen 3 hours after launching the game, because honestly, I don't want to RP with any of you that thinks shouting is winning an argument. This is not how you get **** down, it's how you create a mob. Trust me, I know. I've been there. I've been the angry kid behind a keyboard thinking that the 78th post today will be the one to bring about change, but it simply isn't true. You don't know whats going on behind closed doors, so don't pretend to.

      Gather your evidence, fill out your reports, then submit it down the correct avenues. Don't troll the forums for the next opportunity to whine at the staff for not instantly banning people based on rumors or sketchy evidence. Hell, when you murder someone IRL, it takes months to actually convict, so why do you expect someone to take accusations at face value? It takes time. Again, trust me, I've been there.

  11. How many IG years has it been since Anthos?

    1. Knox
    2. Bucky_24


      I wanna try to come back again... Eighth time is the charm :( But it's gonna be my old dude's bastard kid. Gotta figure out his age lol

    3. Knox


      about 180 years i think

  12. How do I remove strikes? I've had five for like a year now. I don't even remember what I got them for.

    1. Space


      Message the FM lead. That's @Dohvi

    2. Josh3738


      You may appeal to the FM that gave them to you or to Dohvi should that person no longer be an FM.

    3. Lego XBOX

      Lego XBOX

      You can also find out what you got the warns for by checking your warning points (click on them).

  13. Bucky_24

    log in problems

    Hello Juliet, Are you still experiencing difficulties logging in? I have a feeling it is either a problem with your internet connection. If you are on a wireless connection, double check that you aren't having troubles connecting to your own router. If you have a wired connection, be sure the blue cable is plugged into the back of your PC or side of your laptop and this cable is also plugged into your router. If you are still having trouble, you should try launching in Administrator mode. It is likely that the Firewall is your problem. If this still does not work, you can PM me with your operating system and I would be happy to walk you through the steps of allowing Minecraft through your PC's firewall.
  14. idk if I should be insulted that I'm still considered a new member having been on the forums since 2014.

  15. still lov u bb