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  1. just wanna say I love the titles of ur skin heads could u potentially work ur hair magic on ms. styrne her hamburgermeat face is fine (don't need wrinkles when ur whole face is a wrinkle) but I think her hair could use some more elegant greying and I thought anne's hair was gawjuss https://namemc.com/profile/Uraraaa.1 whatcha say, homes
  2. Regarding the accusations that I've metagamed -


    here's a screenshot of me receiving the contents of my post over discord from someone named FairIsle, who says they played Padraig's daughter.






    I believed FairIsle to be acting in good faith and giving me information that was not metagamed. I don't think FairIsle metagamed either since I do not believe she wrote the letter I was given. Regardless, the letter's contents did not originate with me and I doubt it originated with FairIsle.


    the worst thing I did was accept a letter over discord, which I have been informed is a kind of metagaming and I have been subsequently warned for it. (I was not aware that accepting letters over discord was meta because several people I've interacted with have done it, including nation leaders. Not naming names because I'm not a ******* narc.)


    but anyway. just putting this out here to clear my name since some people are insisting I metagamed. If the information was meta, it didn't originate with me. and I doubt it originated with FairIsle either. 


    that's my piece, thanks for reading.

  3. "Truth will out," Tanith says quietly from her home in Haense, having heard once again of the Ministry's attempts to suppress her. "Suppress it as much as you like, but truth will always come out. I hope you are all ready to stand at the throne of GOD and account for your lies to the Almighty."
  4. FOREWORD To the people of Oren -- You all have heard of me before, so I'm not sure it's even necessary for me to state my name again. Yet I'll do so anyway. I am Tanith Vursur. In the year 1789, I published a letter exposing the twisted criminal underbelly of the Orenian government. In that letter, I discussed how I was kidnapped by Padraig O'Rourke - then the Minister of the Interior - and beaten senseless by Ostromir Carrion. More than that, he violated the inner sanctity of my mind and erased all my memories of the event. The Solicitor-General investigat
  5. SEEKING ACTORS to fill roles in the classic La Fleur play Birth of a Nun Prospective actors must be willing to commit to rehearsal at least once per Saint's Week for a period of one Saint's Month. 80 minas will be paid per role. Actors will receive payment after their opening night performance. Auditions are open to people of any race and any nationality, so long as they are legally allowed to travel in Haense. Specifically, we are interested in the following -- Actress (Female) between the ages of 20 and 45. Green eyes
  6. entry 130 and final entry of volume 4  - tanith decides on a christmas gift for her son.




    volume 5 will be hosted off-site so let me know if you'd like the link to keep following tanith's diary.


    I'll be taking a short hiatus from writing so I can get the site set up with all past entries.

  7. Entry 130 Characters Mentioned: @AndrewTech @Demented_Delila @Wholesome_Thomas And that's the end of Volume 4! Volume 5 is going to be hosted off-site, so let me know if you want the link.
  8. henlo friends 


    if you liked to follow my IC diary I am here to inform u that it’s being moved off-site. ppl have been complaining it loads too slow due to too many images so I’m trying to find a solution and I thought a blogging site might work better for ease of reading. 

    pls dm me if you’d like to keep following her diary and I will send you the link. 💕

  9. ACCURSED A Tragedy in Three Acts Published 1802 IST. SA Year 7. Penned by Bianca La Fleur Play III of III in the Rosebud Trilogy Inspired by the Life and Works of St. Tobias. This play is a work of fiction meant for entertainment only. Changes have been made to the history in order to simplify the story for the stage. It is not to be treated as a historically accurate text for purposes of education. CAST Emperor Tobias “Tuvya” Carrion - The illegitimate son of Exalted Sigismund and his lover, Lorin Chivay. R
  10. Yuliya Styrne lofts a brow as she finds the gossip column on her desk at the Imperial Unviersity. "James, I'm hurt," she complains, showing the paper to her elven companion. ( @Wholesome_Thomas) "They didn't once mention the charming costumes we wore at the debutante, nor the fact that we put lilypads on everyone's heads. Who's the editor of this rag? I'm lodging a complaint."
  11. wassup theater faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanssssssssszzzzzzz...


    show's been moved to a new time. update ur calendars.



  12. [!] A NOTICE has been appended to the poster. MOVED TO A NEW TIME -- ((7:30 PM EST, Jan 16th))
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