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  1. Entry 109 - Characters mentioned: @King of Cartography @AndrewTech @Etow @Wholesome_Thomas
  2. Entry 108 aaaa I’m really behind on my entries aaaaa Characters mentioned: @Thorten @AndrewTech @Rayna Star @Wholesome_Thomas @Hanrahan @LatteSupremacy
  3. Broke: IC isn’t OOC!!


    Woke: While it would be ridiculous to suggest that in-character actions are always a manifestation of out-of-character desires, one must remember that a character is still inextricably linked to the person who plays them. All art is the product of an artist. For example, my character is a writer because I, the player, enjoy writing. My character is an orc because I, the player, like orcs. My character is a historian because I, the player, have a fairly intimate knowledge of Oren history due to having been present on the server at the time when much of that history was made. It’s not unreasonable to say that if a person plays a chef, it’s because he or she enjoys cooking RP. If he or she plays a soldier, it’s because he or she enjoys the atmosphere of military roleplay. Character decisions are not made independently in a vacuum but rather every trait a character has is an active choice made by a real person behind the screen. Therefore, it’s worth questioning why someone makes a choice to bring IRL racism, sexism, and bigotry into Roleplay. If someone enjoys playing a mean, villainous character, there are literally thousands of options for villainy and character flaws that don’t involve being racist, sexist, homophobic, or bigoted. I myself have played many villains, none of whom had IRL bigotry as their flaw. We, the players, have complete control over the environment in which we play. LOTC is a fantasy setting not beholden to anyone’s ideas of historical realism. Meaning, if we wanted, we could get rid of sexism, racism, and homophobia instantly. There are thousands of other character flaws that generate interpersonal conflict without introducing IRL bigotry into the server. Why is it then necessary for characters to be homophobic or sexist? And why are we not allowed to question the motives of the people who insist on introducing IRL bigotry into a fantasy world where such is not necessary? And anyone who makes the argument “hurr hurr I play a bandit so I must steal things in real life” is being willfully obtuse and refusing to see the nuance of the situation.

    1. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      i play a homophobic racist sexist one-armed librarian and i’m a gay two-armed illiterate irl so

    2. Unwillingly
    3. ScreamingDingo


      t. one of the worst offenders of dragging ooc into rp on lotcs history 

  4. a hideous half-orc half-adunian abomination against GOD coming soon to a minecraft fantasy roleplaying server near you!


  5. damn can we just let people be gay in peace if it bothers you, don’t engage in RP with gay chars if you’re going out of your way to harass gay characters, then... idk man. i think that’s weird.
  6. ARABELLA! I remember you! Hey there and welcome back, old friend! Hope to see you around on the server!
  7. Hi, new friend! You unfortunately can’t play a kitsune, although it would be very cool if you could! The nice thing about LOTC, though, is that players can write and submit lore for approval by the staff team. If you really, really want to play a kitsune, why not try to create some lore? If it’s good quality and the staff approves, you might get to play the kitsune character of your dreams! There is a Japanese-inspired culture that you could also be a part of – called Oyashima! You can read the culture lore here. Good luck and I hope you have fun on LOTC!
  8. “I love you.” The words were too hasty by far. Panic widened in James’s eyes. His posture went rigid as a board and, all too quickly, he scrambled to escape. Yuliya recalled the fateful moments with a mixture of regret and heartbreak. She knew James would never respond to her feelings. He acted exactly as she had predicted, so why was she so hurt by it? A small, naïve, childish part of her had hoped – against impossible odds – that he just might love her in return. But he didn’t. And that was that. They remained friends, although Yuliya’s confession had driven an uncomfortable wedge between them. They didn’t speak about what happened. Tacitly, they’d agreed that silence was best in this situation. No one needed to go through the painful, awkward process of relationship autopsy – figuring out who misunderstood what and why. Better, simply, to just get on with life. Bury it. Pretend as though it never happened. James left behind a void, though. For years, he’d served as her bosom companion and friend. Now Yuliya suddenly found herself alone. That was when Lauritz Christansen appeared. She first laid eye (singular) on him during a production of The Mouse Prince in New Reza, where he’d acted the part of the narrator. Lauritz strolled casually on stage in his red ascot and purple suit – and strolled off with her heart in his back pocket. Yuliya tentatively drafted him a letter expressing her interest and admiration, expecting once again to be rejected out of hand. But Christiansen responded. And responded. And kept responding. Before Yuliya knew it, they’d become regular pen pals. Ten, twenty, thirty letters exchanged back and forth over the span of two short years. The missives, written in Lauritz’s handsome, swooping penmanship, sat in a pile on her writing desk. Despite her best efforts not to obsess, Yuliya found herself reading them over and over ad nauseam – dissecting each word and turn of phrase to divine Christiansen’s true intentions. Was it possible? Did he really... like her? As Yuliya put the final touches on her latest play and prepared to send it off to the publisher, she lingered over the title page. Would it be too much, she wondered? To give her new friend a nod on the cover sheet? The new drama centered around fatherhood – a virtue which Lauritz himself exhibited as a single parent of six children. Somehow, it seemed appropriate. She signed off on the dedication the same way she signed off on their letters. “Yours.” Dedicated to my dear friend Lauritz, Who raised six children by himself – all of whom became upstanding men and women of character. You’ve been a darling companion and may our friendship last for many years more. Yours, B. La Fleur Added GOLDEN SON.
  9. GOLDEN SON A Thesis on Fatherhood in Five Acts Published 1791 Penned by Bianca La Fleur Inspired by the life and works of St. Tobias.* Dedicated to my dear friend Lauritz, Who raised six children by himself – all of whom became upstanding men and women of character. You’ve been a darling companion and may our friendship last for many years more. Yours, B. La Fleur *This play is a work of fiction and makes no grandiose assertions to historical accuracy. Keep it mind it was written by a degenerate spinster obsessed with death. My job is to make entertaining stories, not to tell the unvarnished truth. So read a history text if you want something completely true to life and fact. CAST (In Order of Appearance) Tuvya Rosebud - A bastard produced by the illicit relationship between Siegmund Carrion and Lorin Chivay. Black hair, blue eyes, stout and hardy. Tuvya’s Chivay blood makes him jovial and merry, but his Carrion heritage lends him a shrewd wit and keen perception. Siegmund Carrion - The Exalted Prophet. Black hair, green eyes. A melancholy warlord forever haunted by what he cannot have, yet spurred ever onward by his holy destiny. Cold and reserved, too focused on achieving his goals to express love for his family. Ostromir “Otto” Carrion - Tuvya’s younger half-brother. The legitimate offspring of Siegmund and his wife Helaine. Black hair, green eyes. Quite like his father, Otto is grumpy and slow to warm. His temper is fierce and his pride strong. Silus Horen - The cousin of William I. Brown hair, blue eyes. A saboteur in William I’s court. A mild tempered man who seeks not power for himself, but rather for the good of Oren. William Horen - The King of Renatus. Brown hair, blue eyes. Called ‘the Weak’, William is pallid and sickly, often confined to his bed. William is all too aware of his fractured empire and ineffectual leadership, just as he’s aware that he was his father’s least loved and least wanted son. Guard(s) - King William’s defenders. ACT ONE ACT TWO SCENE ONE SCENE TWO ACT THREE SCENE ONE SCENE TWO ACT FOUR SCENE ONE SCENE TWO ACT FIVE
  10. sorry guys I had a bad day 


    I burnt my hand making dinner and I dropped two of my favorite plates


    can I get an F in the chat for Urara’s favorite plates

  11. Entry 107! WHAT! That’s right! It’s a double-entry day! Characters mentioned: @Thorten @AndrewTech @Hanrahan @Rayna Star @Wholesome_Thomas
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