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  1. me playing as my orc: *rolls up to the war uzg*


    goblin: hey, your tusks are small.


    me: what the SKAH you say to me, you skah’n shrimp? I’m gonna kick your face in.


    goblin: ma’am, you are being very hostile right now for no reason. Assault is against the Krugmar code.


    me: wat.


    ...dang, orc RP has changed a lot.

    1. Boomzerang


      oh dear. I don’t remember that one

  2. in entry 29, things get spicy in the firelands.



  3. OOC: entry 29 is up! today’s meme @emperormineman – please add me to the oren tourism board Ive attached examples of my work as you can see
  4. This kind of behavior is exactly why I’ve put myself on an extreme low-OOC diet. I talk to maybe... five people OOC on discord. I’m not a part of any discord servers. I do most of my OOC communication here on the forums. I think forums are perhaps a bit better because people can slow down and maybe think a bit before they fire off that mean comment. Plus, they’re a little more permanent than Discord. I can still see mean things people said to me back in 2012. 😕 But yeah, there’s always been a problem with OOC on this server. I tend to think there’s a problem with OOC on every server. I’d recommend a low-OOC diet to anyone, honestly. I’ve hardly talked with anyone OOC and I’m honestly having a great time on the server. A lot of fun! If people wanna trash-talk, fine by me. I can’t hear or see it lol. It doesn’t solve the wider problem of toxicity in the community, but it’s important to protect yourself first and foremost.
  5. now taking suggestions for what to do on tanith’s 500th birthday 

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    2. Imperial_Office_of_Civil_Affairs


      get crunked – sincerely the government

    3. King of Cartography
    4. Rayna Star

      Rayna Star

      Either a massive international pub crawl or telling scary stories around a campfire. Or both!

  6. Art by Altagrin (Temp art until I commission something more accurate lol) Nicknames / Aliases: None. Gender: Female Age: 19 Birthday: Orcs don't care about that skah! (It’s 1752) Race: Orc Nationality: Still figuring that one out. Profession: Klompin'. Height: 6'10" Weight: 267 lbs of solid Orcish beef. Build: Extremely tall, extremely ripped. Would you expect anything less from an orc? Hair: Orange-Red Style: Gragmar wears her long, coarse hair in a ponytail down the length of her back. It's decorated with small braids and polished wooden rings. The sides of her head are shaved short. Eyes: Orange-Red Skintone: Pale lime. Clothing: Not much of it. She's an orc, after all. She dislikes anything that's going to get in the way of her movement. Gragmar does have a fondness for jewelry, though. She wears a necklace made with teeth taken from a former pet after it died. She also likes beads, wearing an elaborately beaded cuff around her right wrist. Identifying Features: Her enormous height, musculature, and distinctive hairstyle make Gragmar stand apart from the crowd. Gragmar also has an orcish tribal tattoo around her left bicep. Overall Demeanor Gragmar tends to be overtly hostile at first. She's prone to yelling and stomping when she's trying to get her way - and she's very quick to throw a punch. However, if you can get her to settle down and stop throwing her weight around, you'll find she's actually rather cheerful and curious about her surroundings. She's got a crude sense of humor and loves nothing more than a good fight, but she's decently intelligent and will ask a lot of questions if properly prompted. She tends to be a bit emotional, sensitive, and cries / angers easily. But she's also easy to please and gets excited over simple joys - such as good food, good drink, toys, games, and a good fight. Strengths Physically Large / Strong Gragmar is an orc, so great physical strength and athletic prowess come naturally to her. Her great height and weight give her an advantage in combat against the smaller, weaker races. It's hard to intimidate Gragmar or push her around. Mostly, any threats made against her will just make her laugh. Curious Gragmar may come across as unintelligent at first, but her lack of knowledge springs from a place of ignorance rather than stupidity. She's unfamiliar with a great deal of things outside her tribe and other races' customs are confusing to her. While she might be dismissive toward anything that's not sufficiently "orc-y", she's also curious and interested in learning. Weaknesses Too Strong Gragmar doesn't know her own strength and can often end up hurting others without meaning to. What counts as 'gentle' for an orc isn't necessarily gentle to the other races. Aggressive Gragmar is prideful, sensitive, and easily embarrassed. She often acts very aggressive to compensate for her insecurities. As such, she has no problems turning immediately to violence if something upsets her. No Boundaries Gragmar doesn't really understand the concept of 'boundaries' or 'laws.' In her former tribe, if two orcs had a problem with each other, they fought it out until Krug decided that someone was the winner. That was that, problem solved. So the more nuanced laws, social mores, and intricacies of other cultures (including other orcs) seem overly complex and unnecessary to her. If you have a problem with what she's doing, just punch her in the face and be done with it! Skin Made by yours truly.
  7. Hell yeah dude, no problem at all You can pay through my ko-fi here – https://ko-fi.com/urara
  8. in entry 28, tanith gets F-F-F-F-FRIENDZONED



  9. OOC: today, we say a final farewell to the good ship s.s. tanjuan, which has crashed and sunk off the coast of the firelands. entry 28 is up!
  10. orc orc orc orc orc orc orc orc



  11. on my list, fam 🙂 honored to make a skin for you! really been enjoying your char’s diary.
  12. @cruzazul How we liking this, champ? aged the char with a moustache, stubble, and a touch of grey at the temples
  14. in entry 27, tanith and juan do some sloppy makeouts



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    2. Stalistena


      I want my boi Juan to be happy 😞

    3. King of Cartography

      King of Cartography

      Juan is very happy simping for Tanith!

    4. Urara


      Dude I can name like three of Juan’s gfs like right off the top of my head 


      he’s doing juuuuuuust fine 

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