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  1. MYSTERIES of YONG PING A Brand-New Exhibit At the Northern Geographical Society Flagship Museum In Karosgrad! The NGS is proud to announce the opening of our newest exhibit, entitled 'The Mysteries of Yong Ping!' Our researchers have spent weeks compiling information about this beautiful and unique culture, which we are eager to present to our friends and patrons! The exhibit is open to the public, free of charge! Come and educate yourself about the Li-Ren, the Oyashiman, and all the amazing peopl
  2. Name: Anthony Bentarus Gender: Male Race: Human (Farfolk) Nationality: Orenian Profession: N/A Height: 5'2" Weight: 95 lbs Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Bentarus Blue Skintone: Brown Clothing: Anthony's small stature means he's often forced to roll up his sleeves and his pants in order to wear things comfortably. Standard sized items of clothing do not tend to fit him properly. Identifying Features: Anthony has the famous 'Bentarus Blue' eyes which many might find striking, especially in contrast with his Farfolk features. He is also, as noted, quite petite.
  3. hot take: don't hate on slice-of-life roleplayers who just like to chill, chat in the tavern, make art, and have relaxing roleplay.


    slice-of-life roleplayers are the lifeblood of every nation on this server. without them, military roleplayers would have no civilians to protect. nation leaders and bureaucrat roleplayers would have no one to make new laws for. hell, even villain roleplayers would have no victims. there would be zero reason to fight wars because nations would be nothing but empty husks


    we slice-of-life roleplayers serve an important purpose and you're very short-sighted if you don't realize why we are necessary for the server's survival.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Tiresiam


      I'm fine with SoL, half orcs confuse me though

    3. Lᵤᵥ


      I just don’t appreciate people who play Frost Witches, for example, and just sit around watering their plants and baking cookies for the neighbors.

    4. Slorbin


      @LᵤᵥHalfling frost witch? Yooooo???

  4. A certain pink-haired dark elf suddenly wakes up in a cold sweat. Her chest heaves violently as she stares around the darkened room. She turns and shakes her husband awake. "The White Rose hasn't returned, has it?" she asks him breathlessly. "No, dear," her husband grumbles before rolling back over. "You just had a nightmare. Go back to bed." The pink-haired dark elf lies down on her pillow uneasily, unable to shake the frightening feeling that the sins of the her past would never stop coming back to haunt her.
  5. Art by @shay SARAH STYRNE-NAPIER 1784 - 1815 Sarah Styrne-Napier didn't have a lot of people she considered true friends. People often judged her green skin and her tusks before they judged the mind and heart within her. Only a rare few people actually managed to see past her outward appearance and truly befriend Sarah. One of those people was Joanne-Lorraine Martins. Sarah and Joanne met by chance on the streets of Providence. Joanne had recently moved south from her homeland in Haense, following the traumatic death of her father. Sarah al
  6. @DelaneyG The package would arrive at Geoff Turgon's house in terrible shape. Bizarrely, the brown paper is soaked with what smells like blood. It's torn in a few places. The garment inside appears to be unharmed. There's a letter inside, signed by Sarah, but it's been rendered illegible by bloodstains. What happened to Sarah Napier? It's impossible to say, but... at least she got her orders in the mail.
  7. @greygre Dilvyn would receive a splendid coat in a dusky purple color, brightened by gold accents around the cuffs and the collar. Included is a ruffled off-white tie, a brown vest, and dark slacks. This letter is included with the outfit: Dear Mr. Deveral, I hope this letter finds you well! Please enjoy your new suit and let me know if it fits your tastes. The color palette is a little bit more daring than I usually do. Who knew that olive-tinted gold would pair so well with purple? It looks pretty regal if you ask me. Anyway, send
  8. ❂ SUN KISSED ❂ A Weekly Serialized Romance Novel by Sarah Styrne-Napier Can love blossom even in the desert heat? Troels Andreyev, a retired HRA soldier, moves abroad to the city of Al Faiz following his untimely retirement. There, he finds Yasmin... a mysterious Qalasheen beauty. Homeless and pregnant by a man who abandoned her, Yasmin pleads with Troels to allow her to stay in his house. What will come of this couple? Find out in the new chapter... Read Chapter 1. ❂ Chapter 2 ❂ Troels awoke to the feeling of s
  9. @salamanderfantasy Hawthorn Goodbarrel would meet a courier outside Bramblebury, who delivers unto him a package! It contains the clothing he ordered from Miss Napier's shoppe. Dear Mr. Goodbarrel - This presented me with a little bit of a challenge, since I didn't have any halfling-sized clothing models. I did my utmost, however, and I hope it suits you. If there's anything amiss, let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix it right away. Please enjoy the clothes! I never knew halflings were this... uh... risque? Sig
  10. @AdmiralLB Zodd would receive a package in the mail. When he opens it, he finds a red silk haori in exactly the hue he described. Along with the garment, he would find a note in Sarah's handwriting. Dear Zodd - Long time, no see. How've you been? I talked with Chirr the other day and she said you two got married. I hope you bought her a matching kimono so you two can vacation in Yong Ping together. Um, I'm not really familiar with Oyashiman style clothes, but I did my best. It's a bit strange I've been asked twice to make kimonos. D
  11. Sarah reads the letter penned by the sensible and intelligent Mr. Penton. "If we don't watch ourselves, we could slide right back into the evils of the Pertinaxi," she murmurs, feeling a thrill of fear at the idea.
  12. Somewhere in the Seven Skies... Yuliya Styrne walks into the office of her far-distant ancestor Lorin Blackmont - the wife of the man featured in the ballad. She slaps the sheet music down on her ancestor's desk with enough force to send Lorin's other papers flying. "We have to make him sing it," Yuliya says, planting her hands on the desk and leaning forward with a radiating intensity. Lorin picks up the sheet music and shuffles through it with a furrowed brow. Her cobalt eyes widen with mischief as an enormous grin overtakes her face. "Good God. I think he
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