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  1. I’ve found that you have to use their ENTIRE ign now. So for me you’d have to do /msg AGiantPie not /msg AGiant
  2. Alberic sighs with relief upon hearing of the schism’s mending.
  3. You mean the server that had a beta release a year ago and has seen no updates since then? The server where no one has posted on their website for 6 months? Gonna have to disagree with you here, chief.
  4. Anyone who Rped in Adria last map knows how entertaining the Duma is. Legislative bodies and communal assemblies provide good event RP that tends to help with communal bonding. The IRL medieval world was filled with local level councils and it’s a shame that these sorts of municipal institutions are rarely seen on LotC. A national parliament is a different matter, but in general I like new ideas that can generate RP and the parliament last map seemed to generate a lot of RP.
  5. Hmm..... halfling activity shoots up when they live with another group instead of stuck in a Cloud Temple enclave. I wonder what’s up with that.
  6. I don’t think a comparison to Cold War era fortifications deserves a response. The types of warfare and the construction materials available are totally different.
  7. Ok, sent you the invite link in Pms. My IGN is AGiantPie so PM me when you’re online and I’ll show you where to go to find Leuven.
  8. I can log on in just a few minutes (gotta load the dishwasher first) and show you where Leuven is if you’d like to come find the place in RP. I can also send you the discord link if you’d prefer to join that first. I’m just a serf myself, so to actually join officially you’ll have to speak to Count Conrad (cruzazul), but I’m sure my liege lord would be happy to have another honest laborer.
  9. What sort of community/rp are you looking to get into? A lot easier to give recommendations if we know you’re looking for something specific. In any case I’d invite you to join the County of Leuven if you’re interested in a rural farm town lifestyle.
  10. Alberic smiles at the poem.
  11. Captain Constantine of the Adrian Guard declares a state of emergency.
  12. “Nice deals!” says Prince-Prior Alderman Captain Constantine, making a mental note to visit this new shop the next time he’s in the capital.
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