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  1. An Olive Branch, 1655

    "Ok," says Constantine.
  2. remove staff from being involved in roleplay alliances

    secret alliances like secret attacks aren't worth the trouble to allow
  3. An Open Response to the Pontifical Writ of 1655

    "Maybe if you didn't send a replicant things would make more sense," says Constantine.
  4. Pontifical Writ of 1655

    Constantine gets ready to slay.
  5. The loss of rescue raids

    This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Most people who actually like to get involved in raids think the rescue raid system is good. It would be a lot smarter, in my opinion, to keep the current system in place UNTIL a better system exists to replace it. Removing stuff and forcing people to sit around waiting for a replacement is not a good way to do things. As we've seen several times now over the course of 6.0, writing rules can take a lot longer than expected, and forcing playerbases to sit on their hands for months without the opportunity for dynamic raid rp is worse than any damage rescue raiding could do.
  6. [Denied]Hey I heard you need new GMs, right ha ha

    pvp is like... not the coolest -1
  7. oh I want you so bad. And yes (before any schmuck says it) I'm "thirsty". Thirsty for your cuteness, brattiness, gorgeousness, adorable words, and lovely face. Thirst.......slurppppp............. Seriosuly, Britt, you're adorable. Let's go out on dates. I'd love to meet you and kiss that nose of yours. muahhzzzz

  8. Paragons of Purity

    Disgusting. -1
  9. "The Adylith Solution" [Human Summit]

    "Defend yourself... at trial, mister," says Constantine.
  10. Emergency notice

    "What's a photo?" asks Constantine.
  11. The sword becomes heavy

    Constantine opens his eyes, "Actual feces?"
  12. Assassination of the Skion

    "Wow everyone's getting assassinated these days I guess that's what happens when you do weird political nonsense instead of practicing a wholesome rural trade," says Constantine.
  13. Magic charging emote counts

    With the way we do magic at the moment there is no resolving the problem. Maybe if we had codified spell-based magic instead of avatar-bending type magic it could be fixed, but so long as people have near-total flexibility over what they can cast with the only restriction being 'number of emotes' we're going to have a problem with that 'number of emotes' thing being arbitrary and ineffective.
  14. [Trial]Knox213 gm app

    Knox recently attained enlightenment in Nepal and now he's back to share his ascetic knowledge with the rest of us.
  15. The Capture of an Assassin

    "By the light what is this tripes?" asks Constantine.