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  1. AGiantPie

    Looking for RP partner/wife

    Unfortunately, I cannot accept gender benders, as it violates my religious doctrine. Unfortunately, I cannot accept a polygamous marriage, as it violates my religious doctrine. Hey, thanks for applying! I really like the skin, and while I’m sorry to say that I’m not choosing you (I can only have one wife), this application was very high quality. Best of luck in your future RP endeavors! Hey, thanks for applying! Your application was very very good, but unfortunately there was one application better. I enjoyed reading your application and wish you nothing but luck in the future! Hello Treshure. As much as I love sharing a bed with your wife, as she is a lovely women, I cannot in good conscious accept her as my roleplay wife. After all, she is your wife, and I don’t support polygamy. Besides, I will be loaning my RP wife out myself. Wow! There were several other good applications, but this one really goes above and beyond! (I especially like the fact that she is trans). A+. I am happy to choose Maria “the Thicc” as my character’s roleplay wife. Cheers, P.
  2. AGiantPie

    Looking for RP partner/wife

    The greatest timezone on GOD’S GREEN EARTH... Eastern Standard Time.
  3. AGiantPie

    Looking for RP partner/wife

    denied, sorry.
  4. AGiantPie

    Looking for RP partner/wife

    Hello fellow ‘Crafters! My character’s RP story arc has reached a point where I think it would be very beneficial and bring good roleplay for him to find a partner or wife or girlfriend and settle down. Therefore, I am now accepting applications to play my character’s wife. If you’re interested in playing my character’s wife, please post your response below. Thanks!
  5. AGiantPie

    RP Inspiration Music Thread

  6. AGiantPie


    whats your irl info
  7. AGiantPie

    The Struggles of Moderation

    @Lark you laugh now but when I show up at your house and silence you with my fists of fury you won’t be
  8. AGiantPie

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    tofuus is a great guy and a hard worker stop being a jerk
  9. Treshure (and his wife) are lovely people. +1
  10. AGiantPie

    [Community Review] Raids

    In truth, I personally would prefer if none of my stuff could ever be forcibly damaged by outsiders and given that I have no interest in participating in raids (offensive or defensive) any ground given to raiders is something that gives me no benefit but could potentially give me grief. Given that reality, I would not be 'fine' with it. In the interest of creating a set of rules that work for the entire server however... I'm not sure. I'd have to know what other people want and what the actual raiding experience is like for the majority. From where I'm sitting (and where I've been sitting for many years) raids are almost NEVER rply motivated... beyond the basic "Grr I don't like the Dominion - they executed one of my characters once. I'm going to raid them every time they're off cooldown for as long as I'm active on the server." Or even worse, people who just raid b/c they want to PVP and don't really care who they're PVPing. You could argue that people who are just there to PVP won't bother doing rp damage afterwards, and you'd probably be right, but I still have so little faith in the RP that raids provide that I'm currently of the position of preventing raids as much as possible and in particular preventing people who don't want to have to fight raids from suffering unavoidable consequences. This is a good point - a big problem with RPly causing damage to places is that you can't RPly repair stuff. Instead, some poor sod has to go gather resources oocly at the resource island then oocly fix the building with schematica.
  11. AGiantPie

    [Community Review] Raids

    In truth the scale is just kind of broken. Why do Kingdoms only have 1 city in the entire Kingdom? Etc. Should just ignore what happened IRL since there's no resolving the huge scale disparity.
  12. AGiantPie

    [Community Review] Raids

    You do realize that viking raids IRL were a rare event and were a 'big deal' crisis for people, right? Vikings weren't visiting a town every 48 hours and most towns would go lifetimes without ever getting pillaged. Here on LotC the entire continent is smaller than the city of London - everyone gets raided all the damn time because the world is fundamentally not at all similar demographically or geographically to the real one. If we want to pretend that our empires are empires and our kingdoms are kingdoms then we have to institute rules that prevent a random bandit and his three buddies from pillaging the wealthiest city on the planet every couple of days. In truth: any chest-looting system you implement can be foiled by bullshit freebuild safety-vaults. I think chest pillaging should just be disallowed since it will heavily incentivize dumb stupid OOC crap to protect items. Leave chest-pillaging to warclaims. Maybe allow raiders to do damage to the actual settlement instead of stealing items so its not so oppressive. Might even cause some repairwork RP.
  13. AGiantPie

    [Community Review] Raids

    I find this sentence insulting. I'll use myself as an example - currently, the only form of RP I care about participating in (and the only reason I logged onto the server after several months off it) is operating my meadery. With the exception of OOCly gathering materials to construct the build, (which is its own separate reason why getting my items stolen sucks major ass but I digress), all of my RP is centered around being a beekeeper and running my meadery. It takes a not insubstantial amount of time and effort (including but not limited to waiting around for a long time for modreqs for custom bottles, coming up with ideas for products to craft, actually rply crafting and selling my mead, spending my 2-a-week renames on custom items and descriptions for them, and spending time gathering materials) to make the mead. Given that reality, the fact that someone can just take my roleplay items when I'm offline and couldn't do anything about it sucks major ass. If all my mead just gets stolen while I'm offline, there's no roleplay I can glean from that. At most I can roleplay "oh **** I'm poor and have to re-do everything I did" only for it to get stolen ~48 hours later when the victory cooldown wears off. You fundamentally DO NOT understand roleplayers like myself if you can't understand why losing all my RP items that I spent time and creative energy creating sucks, especially if I was offline and not even given the opportunity to defend them. If you can't understand (and aren't even willing to try, apparently) people like me then, frankly, you shouldn't be writing raid rules that affect people like me. I can think of several ways to abuse the rules to avoid getting my **** stolen - easiest way is to just have a mudhut somewhere that I keep all my items stored in. Never will there be enough people in this random mudhut to be raided so the items are safe there. That doesn't mean that these ways of keeping my items safe are fun or RPly justified. "Vassalize under someone for protection" is a really odd thing to say given the fact that I'm already an individual business owner living under a nation. What am I supposed to do if my nation fails to protect the city I live in from raiders? You can say "find another nation" but if I know that weeks worth of my work can be undone due to no fault of my own I'm not going to bother putting in weeks worth of work somewhere else and will instead just quit LotC and play other games. All it takes is ONE failed defense of a raid and all my items can be stolen. That's not reasonable.
  14. AGiantPie

    [Community Review] Raids

    So? 3-4 people in the defending city when the attackers can rally ∞ isn't exactly reasonable. To be a proper scaling system, raiders should only be allowed to raid proportional to the defending party - else the rule becomes moot unless there's LITERALLY NO ONE online to defend. Losing my items when I wasn't even online feels terrible no matter how many of my fellow citizens were there to defend them. Your system actively incentivizes people to have personal hiding holes in some random freebuild shithole buried 50 blocks underground with no entrance except for a soulstone pillar to keep their items safe rather than have them in the actual place they RP.
  15. AGiantPie

    [Community Review] Raids

    Can't wait for my mead that I spend days RPly making to get stolen by raiders while I'm asleep. Guess I'm leaving LotC till the next map, see ya.