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  1. AGiantPie

    Enough is Enough.

    It's not just misleading, it's a flat out lie. There is no ambiguity in the way the word is written, the GM team just decided that the rule they want is different from the rule as written (aka, they want nations to be allowed to build in freebuild without restriction), and have come up with this braindead false explanation to try and cover their tracks.
  2. AGiantPie

    Enough is Enough.

    The rule's wording is plain as day on the rules page. I know you're relatively young and naive (no offense........) Jake but trust me, whoever gave you that explanation (whether it was a GM or Admin or otherwise) is telling you straight up feces from a bull on a skewer.
  3. AGiantPie

    Enough is Enough.

    If this is true, that makes the rule really freaking stupid. Nations aren't allowed to own land if it's in freebuild and it's RIGHT NEXT to their capital, BUUUUUT they CAN own land if it's on literally the other side of the map...???
  4. AGiantPie

    Enough is Enough.

    I'd like to chime in and mention that, while I was still actively playing, I reported several (something like 4-6) different forts that were illegally owned by nations in freebuild due to this rule. I didn't bother to follow up on the outcome for most of them, but for the most part what I saw was apathy and inactivity by the GM team in response to my reports. I was usually told that they would "discuss this issue with the team," which was probably a lie if the GMs are claiming they didn't know this rule existed. Either way, the LotC administration and moderation teams do a pathetically bad job of enforcing the rules that they create. Frankly, if you're still playing on LotC in 2018, you shouldn't be expecting anything different. It's been this way for several years straight.
  5. When you also watch Alpha Investments 😛

  6. AGiantPie

    [Amendment] Major Healing

    I'd rather just have monk insta-heal as a fallback option for whoever wants it.
  7. ANY system that requires a single individual to function is asking for serious problems. No banning system should require everyone to wait for Telanir. If the other administrators can't handle it, then the system is not ready to be implemented and should be removed until all administrators understand and are capable of acting on community guidelines violations.
  8. AGiantPie

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    Daily reminder that alchemical healing isn't mundane either.
  9. AGiantPie

    Linettes Lament

    "Distasteful. The rhyme scheme is terrible," says Constantine.
  10. As much as I sympathize with your plight, the simple fact that you worked on something can't alone be enough to make it valid or to halt the enemy indefinitely. Renatus definitely had to work hard to win this war, and that took months of nation-building to get to the point where they're able to win. Should they just be stopped because you threw up some forts super fast? I do remember warning you that your efforts were almost certainly going to be futile a few weeks ago. Shame to see it turned out the way it did.
  11. Taking an extended leave. See you guys later.

    1. ThatGuy_777


      You shall be missed friend of Malinor.

    2. Lark


      so long pie guy

  12. AGiantPie

    Travel Distance Feedback

    hilariously though it was controlled by people who mismanaged it and it went inactive ruining the only good location on the map. sigh
  13. AGiantPie

    Travel Distance Feedback

    swear to god the lack of common sense drives me nuts
  14. AGiantPie

    [Denied]mzd116's Game Moderator Application

    makes a good point - given your age, it is probably wise to start with a less important staff position to prove you can handle the responsibility
  15. AGiantPie

    The Expedition

    Constantine supports his friend Ruaraidh's candidacy.