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  1. AGiantPie

    [BOUNTY] 2,500 for the Belvitz Blood Mage

    Captain Constantine of the Adrian Guard declares a state of emergency.
  2. AGiantPie

    [Shop] The Klargus Company (Carolustadt)

    “Nice deals!” says Prince-Prior Alderman Captain Constantine, making a mental note to visit this new shop the next time he’s in the capital.
  3. AGiantPie

    [Plugin Suggestion] Display chest/shelves.

    Yeah since we can’t (safely) display items in an item frame it’d be nice to have the ability to display items without losing shop slots.
  4. AGiantPie

    January Community Newsletter

    I’m glad to see the administration working to improve communication and transparency, in particular by informing the community about their decisions/reasoning behind their decisions and the internal processes and estimates by which the team operate. Highlighting important feedback threads from the past month and the official responses is also very nice to see. Good post.
  5. AGiantPie

    Ducal Writ of Abdication

    Constantine rubs his head in confusion.
  6. AGiantPie

    People's Magazine: no.1 vol 1.

    Prince-Prior Alderman Captain Constantine smiles as he reads the first issue of People’s Magazine.
  7. AGiantPie

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

  8. AGiantPie

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

  9. AGiantPie

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

  10. AGiantPie

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

  11. AGiantPie

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

  12. AGiantPie

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    “1060 mina”
  13. AGiantPie

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    Prince-Prior Alderman Serjeant Constantine says, “1010 mina!”
  14. AGiantPie

    The Adrian Guard

    Minecraft Name: AGiantPie Roleplaying Name: Constantine Discord: AGiantPie#8258 Character Age: ??? Character Race: Human IRP/PVP Combat Experience: Served in ADR
  15. AGiantPie

    Charter System [Your View]

    I would propose that, if a region fails its 2 month probation check, it should be put up for ‘land auction’ or something similar instead of being instantly deleted. Reusing and recycling land/builds is a good way to cut down on the freebuild-esque town spam. The region and builds should only be deleted if no one wants to use/pay for the land.