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  1. After reading the missive, the Archbishop of Albarosa would sign the Lorraine. “May GOD guide the Empire’s warriors into battle and lead them to free the poor Sutican flock.”
  2. The Bishop of Ves votes in favor of the Protecting our Veterans and in opposition to the Imperial Parks Act.
  3. Frederick Leopold smiles upon reading of his sister-in-law’s new store. He will be sure to visit in the future.
  4. Erasmus agrees wholeheartedly with Boniface. He would be frowning at the document.
  5. The cardinal Erasmus would nod as he read the document. “A declaration that is fitting of the woman,” he would comment to one of his monks at the monastery of St. Thomas. “She made vicious remarks upon the Church. She claimed that she was acting for the betterment for her people, yet the actions in which she will be performing will lead her people astray.” He sighs as he places the statement down. He would then sign the cross. “May GOD lead her down the right path once more, and if not, I hope her people will find their way on their own.”
  6. “The Church and State are like two pillars, both supporting each other.” the viscount would comment to his brother who posed a similar statement. “Never would I put one in front of the other.”
  7. Our Golden Age and the Duty to Manifest An Essay By An Imperial Patriot, Frederick Leopold Pruvia-Albarosa Penned in the City of St Owynsburg, 1774 An Orenian woman with her family on the outskirts of the Empire Since its creation, the Holy Orenian Empire has been a bastion for mankind with its walls defending the descendants of Horen tirelessly. From the humble beginnings under the Exalted Godfrey to the powerful state that we reside in now, our nation has toiled hard to achieve what we have today. Because of this new pinnacle that we find ourselves at, we come to a crossroads. The Empire finds itself at a height not seen before. One would be able to consider this era that we have found ourselves in as a golden age. Employment is up, the government is stable, and the meritocratic system of our current government allows for those who are hardworking and able to rise through the ranks. It is also to be mentioned that the Empire has ensured that its people are able to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Theatre, sports, and the sciences are prominent practices within our very own society. For example, I just recently read a wonderful publication by the most esteemed Edward Napier on the classification of organisms: something that has long needed documentation. While with these new advances within our beloved nation we find tranquility, on the outside, our brothers and sisters in mankind are embroiled in chaos. Greedy men and women vie for power over lands that should be united under one nation, bestowing upon themselves titles not befitting their vile and untrustworthy stature. As the bastion of Man, it is the nation’s duty, and our duty as citizens of the Empire, to protect the men, women, and children who seek to live lives of good individuals: who rise early to make an honest wage, to attend church, and to fight for their families and neighbors if need be. That is why it should be of the interest of all citizens of our empire to ensure the expansion of our way of life so that all of mankind may find itself prospering under enlightened rulers as opposed to tyrannical despots who so horrendously revoke the rights to democracy and freedom that the citizens of the Empire so greatly enjoy. “Why must we do this?” you may ask. “Why should we leave the comforts of the Empire to face the hardships of the unknown?” To that, I must argue that within our short yet impactful lives, it is our duty as patriots and GOD fearing Canonists to spread civility and faith throughout the world, ensuring a brighter future for mankind. Let us not forget the men who sacrificed their lives over the years in order to ensure that the Orenian dream may survive for their posterity to thrive off of. Let us not forget the War of the Two Emperors that our predecessors fought to ensure our very wellbeing. Do not let your ancestors’ sacrifices in vain, for the watch now from the Seven Skies in anticipation for the skies that the Empire may rise to! To go about this, I implore that the government must strive to acquire territories of those aforementioned oppressive and intolerable overlords who seek to keep Oren from achieving the unity of all mankind., through diplomacy or other means. Let this not be considered simply the act of the government, though. To the citizenry of the Empire, please speak with your local representatives and elect those you trust who will pass legislation to ensure that our government continues to prosper and expand our way of life to the furthest reaches of humanity. There is no time better than now to bring mankind to its new height. The nation that we wish to thrive further waits patiently in the form of Oren: a roaring lion of a nation that must reunite the pride of lions that is humanity through manifestation. The time to act is now, and we must act for it is of the utmost importance to see the Empire manifest across all mankind, providing peace, prosperity, equality, and democracy amongst all of its citizens – old and new. It is our destiny. Signed, Frederick Leopold Pruvia-Albarosa Patriot of the Empire
  8. The Cardinal Erasmus smiles as he reads the missive. “I look forward to see what will come of this upcoming election,” he would comment to a nearby monk.
  9. The cardinal Erasmus von Gertreide would lay the thesis upon his desk after reading it with a hint of a smile on his face. “A well written thesis statement!” the cardinal would remark to a nearby monk. “I look forward to seeing what else this acolyte will do.”
  10. The birthday celebration of Hildegarde Amalia Pruvia-Albarosa, 1763. THE SPROUTING OF AN ALBAROSE [!] A slightly pinkish envelope is delivered to you by courier, a young employee from O’Rourke Printing waves you goodbye after handing it over. You look at the back of the envelope: the coat of arms of Pruvia-Albarosa neatly in the center. If you open it, you find this: Dearly beloved, It is with great pride and prejudice that the Viscount of Albarosa, Frederick Leopold Pruvia, officially announces his return from his education abroad. Due to these exciting circumstances, the viscount has seen it fit to throw a celebration. All who are available and of good intent are hereby invited to a party in the Pruvia residence. The activities during the celebration shall include: I). A feast II). Wine tasting III). A hunt The attire for the party is formal, but the House of Pruvia-Albarosa encourages those who attend to be creative with their outfits, for a group of guests at a party without creativity make the party quite drab. The celebration shall be held in Kaedrin in the estate of the Prince-Archbishop, where the House of Pruvia-Albarosa shall make their first public appearance together as one family. The household will include the Rose of Kaedrin, Hildegarde Amalia, the Prince-Archbishop, Laurence August, and, of course, the viscount himself, Frederick Leopold. We hope to be blessed by your presence on {{Saturday 30th, 4PM EST}} in the Commonwealth of Kaedrin. With The Utmost Respect, Frederick Leopold Pruvia Viscount of Pruvia-Albarosa
  11. Frederick Leopold Pruvia would read his copy of the tome in his carriage as he leaves from boarding school to return home. He would smile for this book was truly accurate.
  12. Erasmus looks forward to the upcoming election.
  13. “GOD save the king!” The Cardinal Erasmus would shout as the crown had finally been placed upon the emperor’s head. Truly this would be a day to remember.
  14. Erasmus scrambles around the Monastery of St Thomas, looking for his best outfit to wear for the dinner.
  15. Bishop Erasmus chuckles, reading the announcement. “I’ll be sure to be there to enjoy the festivities!”
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