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  1. The cardinal Erasmus von Gertreide would lay the thesis upon his desk after reading it with a hint of a smile on his face. “A well written thesis statement!” the cardinal would remark to a nearby monk. “I look forward to seeing what else this acolyte will do.”
  2. The birthday celebration of Hildegarde Amalia Pruvia-Albarosa, 1763. THE SPROUTING OF AN ALBAROSE [!] A slightly pinkish envelope is delivered to you by courier, a young employee from O’Rourke Printing waves you goodbye after handing it over. You look at the back of the envelope: the coat of arms of Pruvia-Albarosa neatly in the center. If you open it, you find this: Dearly beloved, It is with great pride and prejudice that the Viscount of Albarosa, Frederick Leopold Pruvia, officially announces his return from his education abroad. Due to these exciting circumstances, the viscount has seen it fit to throw a celebration. All who are available and of good intent are hereby invited to a party in the Pruvia residence. The activities during the celebration shall include: I). A feast II). Wine tasting III). A hunt The attire for the party is formal, but the House of Pruvia-Albarosa encourages those who attend to be creative with their outfits, for a group of guests at a party without creativity make the party quite drab. The celebration shall be held in Kaedrin in the estate of the Prince-Archbishop, where the House of Pruvia-Albarosa shall make their first public appearance together as one family. The household will include the Rose of Kaedrin, Hildegarde Amalia, the Prince-Archbishop, Laurence August, and, of course, the viscount himself, Frederick Leopold. We hope to be blessed by your presence on {{Saturday 30th, 4PM EST}} in the Commonwealth of Kaedrin. With The Utmost Respect, Frederick Leopold Pruvia Viscount of Pruvia-Albarosa
  3. Frederick Leopold Pruvia would read his copy of the tome in his carriage as he leaves from boarding school to return home. He would smile for this book was truly accurate.
  4. Erasmus looks forward to the upcoming election.
  5. “GOD save the king!” The Cardinal Erasmus would shout as the crown had finally been placed upon the emperor’s head. Truly this would be a day to remember.
  6. Erasmus scrambles around the Monastery of St Thomas, looking for his best outfit to wear for the dinner.
  7. Bishop Erasmus chuckles, reading the announcement. “I’ll be sure to be there to enjoy the festivities!”
  8. Erasmus leans back in a chair after a long day of work, champagne glass in hand. “Truly the Rhoswenii dream is possible for all.”
  9. Bishop Erasmus von Gertreide signs the Kaedreni Cross as he reads the final writings before they are sent out into the public. He gazes around his humble room within the Monastery of St. Thomas before beginning to send the responses. Truly this was an honest and true writing.
  10. Erasmus gives a beautiful flourish, signing the document.
  11. Erasmus would nod with a smile on his face, feeling a sense of patriotism overwhelming him
  12. The Second Homily of Ves Regarding A New Era In the Bishopric of Ves 6th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1765 Published & Held By His Grace the Bishop of Ves: Alderman of Finance Erasmus von Getreide HELVETS HOUSE OF LITERATURE A Rhoswen-Pruvia Ltd. Enterprise Pruvia District no. 7, Owynsburg Commonwealth of Kaedrin Dearly Beloved, To begin this most sacred homily, I must begin by thanking my brilliant predecessor and mentor, the Archbishop Laurence Pruvia, for providing me with the tools and opportunities to further protect and guide my flock throughout this world in which we live. I would also like to thank the High Pontiff, James II, for bestowing upon me this position of utmost importance, The trust in which you have placed in me shall not go in vain. As some of you may have noticed, the coat of arms has a sense of familiarity about it. This is because the coat of arms is that of the predecessor of my predecessor, Kriztian Karoly. In the past few years within my tenureship as the Prelate of Ves, I have taken the time to read and hear about the deeds of the former Bishop of Ves. The man has showcased his stalwarts faith in GOD throughout his lifetime, writing many essays which I still, to this day, look upon for inspiration. For that reason, I proudly state that I shall bear the coat of arms of this man. In order to further honor the man, when we rename Karoly Tower to, we shall christen a new street within the town of St Ownysburg, Karoly Lane. The most honorable and the most pious of the Commonwealth should not be forgotten. As many of you may know the bishop was slain in the city of New Reza by Haensetian assassins who wish for nothing but the heretical ideals of their Lendian faith to fester and spread throughout the Empire. I pray that these men are caught and are brought to bear witness for the crimes against both the Empire and GOD that they committed. May the wrath of GOD be brought down on the Haensetians who supported the evil doings of the murderers, and may GOD have mercy on the souls of those who repent. Continuing from the untimely demise of our beloved bishop, I am happy to address that many projects have been completed during my short reign in the diocese. The Monastery of St Thomas has been completed, serving as a bastion for all of those who follow the Canonist faith. Soon, the buildings will soon be filled with diligent followers of GOD, working to create and preserve works of both theirs and others testaments of faith. Itaque in hoc situ, sit a Domino per illa omnia sint fides, devota. Sit tibi semper quidem sunt vires et in sapientia Dei. As I have risen to the position of Bishop within the Diocese of Ves, I wish to point out some values that I shall wish to emphasize while holding this office. Within the diocese, I hold that the ability to be able to learn more about GOD and his work shall not be denied to anyone, whether a Helvets in the highest tower of Varoche Palace or a servant in the kitchens. The more that all citizens of this diocese know of the Lord, the more they can properly worship GOD. Worshiping GOD shall be emphasized, and we shall all join together as brothers and sisters in faith to worship. On a final note, I would like to congratulate the pious Everardine party for their achievement of seven seats within the Parliament. During these trying times when individuals within our very own Empire spout heretical ideas, it is these men who will fight to protect the Church and all the values that it and the Empire holds dear. Though a strong opposition looks to oppose values that we stand for, I am confident that the Everardine party will continue to fight until the last breath to preserve a true Canonist lifestyle within the Empire. Finishing this statement, I would like to preface that this is not the Church’s stance, but merely my own. In conclusion, I look forward to a long and prosperous era while I maintain this office, and I am excited to share with many men, women, and children the power and wisdom of GOD. Et nomen Dei Oro Erasmus von Getreide Bishop Ves
  13. Erasmus mumbles something about democracy being stupid because the House voted against protecting the interests of Rochefort cigarettes.
  14. Bishop Erasmus contemplates wearing a wig. All the fancy government folk where a wig, so why shouldn’t he?
  15. A man smokes his RochefortTM cigarettes with pride
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