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  1. Great guy. Easy to cooperate with. Very fun. +1
  2. From son to father

    Beorik Frostbeard pats his brother on the back "Aye Hamnil. Ye were a great clan fatheh. With more toime te be tae King's Hand, ye will be able te do great things."
  3. The Drinking Dwarves of Kaz'Ulrah

    Beorik Frostbeard nods his head "Foines' drinks in all o' t'e land."
  4. Beorik shrugs his shoulders deciding not to contemplate human affairs.
  5. Beorik would be stating in general. He doesn't know who did it but political unrest within the walls of Norland would make it fairly obvious that it would be a Red Faith follower. Norland would have been guarded and it would be more fitting for a Red Faith follower to burn it down.
  6. Beorik Frostbeard would tug at his beard in confusion as he heard the news "So ye are tryin' te get revenge fer yer religion by destroyin' one o' t'e onleh places tha' allow us te practice et? Tha' soun's kind o' counterproductive."
  7. The Silver Ball

    Beorik Frostbeard sighs with relief knowing that he is now allowed. "Ah need te find someun te brin' me now."

    Beorik Frostbeard would make sure to keep an eye out for Ajax's squire.
  9. Life is meaningless....what have i done....

    Beorik Frostbeard sadly remembers his quest to find the beard growth cream upon hearing the news. "Aye there goes a grea' lad."
  10. where should i go

    If you want active roleplay, join the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. Not a day goes by with at least 5-10 people to roleplay with in the afternoons and evenings.
  11. Military Updates

    Beorik Frostbeard would somewhat wonder this as well.
  12. Dungrimm's Champion

    Beorik "Stonefoot" Frostbeard shouts breaking glass everywhere near him "Narvak oz Sergei oz Dungrimm!" He shouts with passion for he saw this young lad take down a full grown man.
  13. The Potion Index

    Beard Growth Cream The Beard Growth Cream simply grows your a person's beard quickly and to a good length. The Cream can be applied to a users face and rubbed into the person's skin in order to prompt the growth of a smooth and non-scraggly beard. The length of the beard varies between people from 1 inch to 14 inches of hair. The cream has the color of milk and feels smooth to touch. The smell of the Beard Growth Cream can be aromatically pleasing, smelling like flowers. The cream does have a low chance of leading the user to insanity, though the chances are incredibly unlikely. Ingredients - 1 Vat of Sheep Fat - 1 Vial of Honey - Diced Carrots - 2 Egg Yolks - 2 Cups of Juice Extract From Dates - 1 Cup Of Fresh Mountain Water - 1 Tablespoon of Cracked Seeds Author BigMacMoMo LM Approval No
  14. Disgrace to Kaz'Ulrah

    Beorik Frostbeard the Warden of Kaz'Ulrah mutters to himself "Ye know nothin' about wot we do 'ere. Ye claim tha' t'e dwed o' Kaz'Ulrah 'ave nay chance o' livin' te there full potential yet in Urguan ah did nay see tha' happenin' either. T'e idea o' t'e wot ye call a council o' Urguan exemplifies tha' ye 'ave been misguided. T'e council picked their friends all o' t'e toime te be 'ave 'igh positions an' be king." He walks off shaking his head knowing that Charles the Bald probably won't show his face in Kaz'Ulrah for a long time after doing this.
  15. The End of Lethargy

    Beorik Frostbeard lifts his mug in the air while lounging in the tavern. "Narvak oz Verthaik!" He downs the entire mug with a grin on his face.