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  1. BigMacMoMo

    ~~--+ Carolustadt Masquerade Ball +--~~

    Ser Philip de Honneur smiles broadly upon hearing the news. “Seems that time has certainly flown by. I will try my best to make it.”
  2. BigMacMoMo

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    Upon a scouting mission to the north, Philip de Honneur would receive news of the battle and the plea from a small bird. Quickly reading the message, Philip would sigh. “And thus ends my cousin’s Riviän dynasty. Perhaps the House of Honneur may fare well.” Thinking for a minute, Philip would state to himself, “Cousin, you must flee if you wish to live.”
  3. BigMacMoMo

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    Philip de Honneur sighs after hearing about the debate that has unfolded.
  4. BigMacMoMo


    Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Philip de Honneur Age: 44 Knighted By: Duke Aragon Silversteed Moniker: The Valiant Liege Lord: Arthos Silversteed Lands: N/A Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Of course Coat of Arms: N/A
  5. BigMacMoMo

    Declaration of Holy War - 1677

    Philip de Honneur begins to prepare his armor and weaponry.
  6. BigMacMoMo

    Arbor's housing papers

    MC NAME: BigMacMoMo RP NAME: Philip de Honneur Number of adults (including yourself) who live in your home: One Number of children who live in your home: One Are you planning to have more people living in your home in the near future (state how many adults and children if so): One more child.
  7. BigMacMoMo

    Looking to Play Someone's Kid

    I am looking for someone to play my child, Charles de Honneur. If interested, please PM me on forums, so that we can discuss information about Charles.
  8. BigMacMoMo

    Malevolence: Prelude

    Ser Philip de Honneur wipes sweat from his brow as his sheathes his sword, his Arborian companions beside him. He turns to his comrades with a smile on his face. His bright green eyes glowing with pride as he stated, “A disorganized battle, I must say, but even without organization, we were able to defend Atlas, temporarily, from a dark demise.” He signs the cross of Lorraine before placing his fist over his heart in an Arborian salute. “May all Descendants know that, on this day, the end of Atlas was halted. Perhaps, with more organization, we will be able to push the forces of evil completely away from our lands.” He shakes hands with several survivors before leaving upon horseback, headed for Arbor, and his child, Juliet.
  9. BigMacMoMo

    [Denied] Captain_J_Ultra's Event Team Actor application

    Would make a good addition. +1
  10. BigMacMoMo

    [Character] Bom Tombadil

    Looking forward to meeting Bom while traversing Atlas.
  11. BigMacMoMo

    Ye_Haw's Lore Moderator Application

    This guy would make a great addition to the team. +1
  12. BigMacMoMo

    [Denied][I] R3D7uP's Game Moderator Application

    Perfect man for the job. +1
  13. BigMacMoMo

    Snow Dwarves Lore

    There are exactly 0 Snow Elves associated with any current nations other than Fenn, with the exception of a couple of randos hanging with a freebuild or two. The gates are always shut because 90% of our rp is among ourselves and the culture isn't particularly hospitable to outsiders. If you wanna continue talking about our activity with me that's cool but you should probably do it over pm's, as we're now just derailing this thread Just what I was going to say when I saw that you responded. Good chat, mein fruende.
  14. BigMacMoMo

    Snow Dwarves Lore

    From what I’ve seen, a lot of snelfs are associated with nations such as the Dominion or smaller rp hubs. Also, whenever I try to enter the city, I find the gates closed, so there’s no real way to check how active Fenn is, from my perspective.