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  1. Thanks! I would really appreciate that and the discord link!
  2. I would be more than happy to join the County of Leuven! I’ve always been interested in rural rp. How do I get started?
  3. Hello, there! As the title above explains, I am looking for a friendly and interesting roleplay community that I can join! I played on Axios, Atlas, and for a small portion of Arcas, so I have a bit of rp experience under my belt. I am not too particular on what race the group is. As long as I can have a good time and can contribute to the community, I will be perfectly content.
  4. Aldrick du Moreau smiles while reading the regulations. “Zis will be most magnifique for Rosenyr!”
  5. OOC Username: BigMacMoMo Discord: BigMac#2990 RP Name: Amadeo Kalatyre Age: 29 Race: Human Place of Residence: Belvitz Department: Keepers of Scientia Other Guilds: None
  6. Looking forward to meeting Bom while traversing Atlas.
  7. There are exactly 0 Snow Elves associated with any current nations other than Fenn, with the exception of a couple of randos hanging with a freebuild or two. The gates are always shut because 90% of our rp is among ourselves and the culture isn't particularly hospitable to outsiders. If you wanna continue talking about our activity with me that's cool but you should probably do it over pm's, as we're now just derailing this thread Just what I was going to say when I saw that you responded. Good chat, mein fruende.
  8. From what I’ve seen, a lot of snelfs are associated with nations such as the Dominion or smaller rp hubs. Also, whenever I try to enter the city, I find the gates closed, so there’s no real way to check how active Fenn is, from my perspective.
  9. Dwarven clans such as the Frostbeard clan are already fairly oriented with snow. There’s also the fact that snow elves exist, and they are incredibly inactive, so I don’t think it would be a great idea to introduce a Dwarven version of a snelf. Countless other Dwarven cities are placed in the snow as well. Jornheim, back in Axios, was well known for being snowy.
  10. RP Name: Philip de Honneur MC Name: BigMacMoMo Combat Experience (none is fine): Trained in the Renatian Legion  If you wish to become a Knight, are you ready to take the oath and attempt the trials? (Do not respond if you wish to join the Black Guard): I am ready to take the oath and attempt the trials
  11. Beard Growth Cream The Beard Growth Cream simply grows your a person's beard quickly and to a good length. The Cream can be applied to a users face and rubbed into the person's skin in order to prompt the growth of a smooth and non-scraggly beard. The length of the beard varies between people from 1 inch to 14 inches of hair. The cream has the color of milk and feels smooth to touch. The smell of the Beard Growth Cream can be aromatically pleasing, smelling like flowers. The cream does have a low chance of leading the user to insanity, though the chances are incredibly unlikely. Ingredients - 1 Vat of Sheep Fat - 1 Vial of Honey - Diced Carrots - 2 Egg Yolks - 2 Cups of Juice Extract From Dates - 1 Cup Of Fresh Mountain Water - 1 Tablespoon of Cracked Seeds Author BigMacMoMo LM Approval No
  12. Desmir signs the paper with a great eagerness.
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