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  1. BigMacMoMo

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Student application IGN: BigMacMoMo RP Name: Kenway Ragnarson Discord: BigMac#2990 First Option: Governing Second Option: Linguistics Third Option: Realm History  Fourth Option: Literature (Sorry for dark font. Typing on phone)
  2. BigMacMoMo

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    A young child by the name of Kenway excitedly reads the document, hoping that he may, one day, learn from the best.
  3. BigMacMoMo

    Ducal Writ of Abdication

    A burly knight gives his friend’s son a thumbs up from the seven skies.
  4. BigMacMoMo

    Curon Freedom Festival

    A man would smoke a bit of cactus green as he rolls more grapefruits out of town.
  5. BigMacMoMo

    The Contraband Control Act, 9th of the Amber Cold, 1697

    A Curonian man with a strange accent scratches his head. “Whatever the duke says, I guess.” He tosses his grapefruits onto the ground, letting them roll away.
  6. BigMacMoMo

    Trial Summons for Edel Silvervein

    A dead dwarf would nod his head at the summons with a smile.
  7. Whenever I have interacted with a member of the Caliphate, the rp was always great and interesting. The Caliphate losing their tile would mean that LOTC loses an important asset to human and worldwide rp. Give these guys a tile!
  8. BigMacMoMo

    give orcs and halflings land next map

    Just let the halflings and orcs have a piece of land. It’s undeniably dumb to deny two important races land. Both races have the potential to lead some impressive roleplay, and, I feel, that if the staff denies these two player bases land, not only will the two races continue to die out, but they will also no longer be able to influence the community with roleplay. From my view, it seems that in all scenarios, denying these two races land would only be detrimental rather than beneficial. From what I’ve seen of the map, it seems that there is still a large amount of land that is yet to be allotted to a group, and I’m sure that the orcs and halflings could find a space there.
  9. BigMacMoMo

    gamingfishtv's Application Team Application (Again!)

    This guy would be perfect for the Application Team. He is welcome and friendly, providing all players with patience and kindness. +1
  10. BigMacMoMo

    [PK] Death of a Dad

    Amadeo Kalatyre smiles a toothy grin as he greets Antanios in the Seven Skies.
  11. BigMacMoMo

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    I cried tears of joy after reading this. That given, I was in front of my entire family when doing so. I am conflicted. Merry Krugsmas; nevertheless
  12. BigMacMoMo

    A Dragon’s Journey

    Ser Philip de Honneur, a knight who admired the Emperor’s leadership skills from afar, salutes from the Seven Skies.
  13. BigMacMoMo

    Codex: Regulations of Alchemy and the Arcane

    Aldrick du Moreau smiles while reading the regulations. “Zis will be most magnifique for Rosenyr!”
  14. BigMacMoMo

    gamingfishtv's Application Team Application

    This man is a very welcome and friendly guy to be around. He is definitely someone that I would like to see on the application team. +1