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  1. BigMacMoMo

    Why I might leave LoTC

    This is the most united that I’ve ever seen the LOTC community.
  2. BigMacMoMo

    Looking to Play Someone's Kid

    I am looking for someone to play my child, Charles de Honneur. If interested, please PM me on forums, so that we can discuss information about Charles.
  3. BigMacMoMo

    Malevolence: Prelude

    Ser Philip de Honneur wipes sweat from his brow as his sheathes his sword, his Arborian companions beside him. He turns to his comrades with a smile on his face. His bright green eyes glowing with pride as he stated, “A disorganized battle, I must say, but even without organization, we were able to defend Atlas, temporarily, from a dark demise.” He signs the cross of Lorraine before placing his fist over his heart in an Arborian salute. “May all Descendants know that, on this day, the end of Atlas was halted. Perhaps, with more organization, we will be able to push the forces of evil completely away from our lands.” He shakes hands with several survivors before leaving upon horseback, headed for Arbor, and his child, Juliet.
  4. BigMacMoMo

    Just some Feedback

    While that may be true, PvP is, quite frankly, a tool that can be used to gain power over others quickly on the server. This is an RP server, remember, so while RP fights take much longer, it is part of the reason that many people actually go onto the server. Barely anyone joins to have a clickfest.
  5. BigMacMoMo

    Just some Feedback

    If it devolves into the same toxicity as PvP, then why would RP combat be worse? While PvP default supports those who are superior at clicking, RP default helps support players who have put time and effort into their character.
  6. BigMacMoMo

    Woman Looking For Work

    Ser Philip de Honneur would send a bird as well to Anwen Thayer “The city of Arbor is always looking for people like you to help keep our city clean and alive. Write back to me for more information on job opportunities.”
  7. BigMacMoMo

    Captain_J_Ultra's Event Team Actor application

    Would make a good addition. +1
  8. BigMacMoMo

    [Character] Bom Tombadil

    Looking forward to meeting Bom while traversing Atlas.
  9. BigMacMoMo

    Death and Damnation: The Story of Richard's Wrath

    (Amazing read)
  10. BigMacMoMo

    Ye_Haw's Lore Moderator Application

    This guy would make a great addition to the team. +1
  11. BigMacMoMo

    [I] R3D7uP's Game Moderator Application

    Perfect man for the job. +1
  12. BigMacMoMo

    Snow Dwarves Lore

    There are exactly 0 Snow Elves associated with any current nations other than Fenn, with the exception of a couple of randos hanging with a freebuild or two. The gates are always shut because 90% of our rp is among ourselves and the culture isn't particularly hospitable to outsiders. If you wanna continue talking about our activity with me that's cool but you should probably do it over pm's, as we're now just derailing this thread Just what I was going to say when I saw that you responded. Good chat, mein fruende.
  13. BigMacMoMo

    Snow Dwarves Lore

    From what I’ve seen, a lot of snelfs are associated with nations such as the Dominion or smaller rp hubs. Also, whenever I try to enter the city, I find the gates closed, so there’s no real way to check how active Fenn is, from my perspective.
  14. BigMacMoMo

    Snow Dwarves Lore

    Dwarven clans such as the Frostbeard clan are already fairly oriented with snow. There’s also the fact that snow elves exist, and they are incredibly inactive, so I don’t think it would be a great idea to introduce a Dwarven version of a snelf. Countless other Dwarven cities are placed in the snow as well. Jornheim, back in Axios, was well known for being snowy.
  15. BigMacMoMo

    The Independence of the Kingdom of Kal'Arab

    “Ah would nay even say tha’ t’e Frostbeard clan is even yers. Ye betrayed yer own brothehs in favor o’ a false vision of maintinin’ a broken an’ corrup’ system that’s t’e clans Frostbeard, Goldhand, and Silvervein wished to fix.” Beorik would state as he continues to walk off into the unknown. “T’e maneh dwed ‘nations’ that plague Atlas onleh wish te bring more power te themselves.”