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  1. BigMacMoMo

    The Knights of Arbor

    RP Name: Philip de Honneur MC Name: BigMacMoMo Combat Experience (none is fine): Trained in the Renatian Legion  If you wish to become a Knight, are you ready to take the oath and attempt the trials? (Do not respond if you wish to join the Black Guard): I am ready to take the oath and attempt the trials
  2. BigMacMoMo

    Plugin Idea - Language Modifiers.

    Good idea. I’d like to see this implemented.
  3. BigMacMoMo

    Something More...

    Philip de Honneur, the Imperial Soldier, thinks warmly of these memories of fighting the evil beasts within the caves.
  4. BigMacMoMo


    Bastion stares down from the afterlife at his haelun. “I am sorry, haelun. If I only could talk to you one more time.”
  5. BigMacMoMo

    League of Burghers

    Application Form: OOC Part: In-game username: BigMacMoMo Discord username: BigMac#2990 OOC Timezone: (Europe’s GMT is default) EST IC Part: *A parchment lies before you, it reads the following: “Please fill your information below.” * First, and second names: Philip  Name of dynasty: de Hartcold/Honneur Gender: Male  Date of Birth: 1636  Titles: Footman Place(s) of Residence: Legion Barracks Do you understand that any criminal record obtained during your course of membership in the League will result in an immediate, and often, indefinite expulsion from the association? (The same applies to heresy, racial mixing and treason) Yes Signature: *A large signature bearing the name Philip is written in ink*
  6. BigMacMoMo

    Seeking People to play family members

    Name: BigMacMoMo Discord: BigMac#2990 Character: Phillip de Hartcold
  7. BigMacMoMo

    A New Chapter Begins

    Beorik Frostbeard remembers all the good times he had with his father.
  8. "A feast aye?" Beorik Frostbeard states while chewing on a turkey leg. "Ah can' wait te go!"
  9. BigMacMoMo

    [Your View] Freebuild

    Ugly builds would have unrealistic building factors to it. Rectangular prism houses would count as ugly
  10. BigMacMoMo

    [Your View] Freebuild

    I personally would enjoy seeing active towns from freebuild rise up to become larger powers. It brings a more realistic roleplay. It would be kind of like how real life nations rise to power. Hardships would come upon the new village but in the end, with persistence, their nation could rise. Of course there should be the World Developers watching over these villages to make sure that these villages are not ugly though.
  11. BigMacMoMo

    [Your View] Freebuild

    I like it. Just make it so that the ugly buildings are destroyed and we're golden.
  12. BigMacMoMo

    The Upcoming Capital of Kaz'Ulrah

    Thank you all for voting! Kal'Tarak has won the vote!
  13. BigMacMoMo

    The Upcoming Capital of Kaz'Ulrah

    So far Kal'Dormir has taken the lead. If you want your voice to be heard about your city name of choice make sure to leave a comment.
  14. Warden’s Missive 5th of Malin’s Welcome, 1642 The official seal of Kaz’Ulrah Dwed of Kaz'Ulrah. With our arrival into the lands of Atlas coming soon, our great kingdom needs a capital to call its own. Our architects have been plotting and planning for many days now on how to build our great new capital, but the only problem is that we do not know what to name it! Luckily, High King Verthaik II and I, Beorik Frostbeard have collected several brilliant names that members of our own kingdom have come up with. Now the only thing left is for you, the citizen to vote on what our next capital's name will be! Sincerly, Beorik "Stonefoot" Frostbeard Warden of Kaz'Ulrah ============================================================================================== (OOC) Voting Will End On December 17th at 6:00 PM EST Choices For The Capital's Name Are Kal'Vokrovak - City of the Legend's Glory Kal'Tarak- City of Unity Kal'Agnek - City of the Mountain King Kal'Dormir - City of Order Kal'Mythdor - City of Mythdort (A Frostbeard who died to Norlandic aggression) Vote Below In The Comments
  15. Great guy. Easy to cooperate with. Very fun. +1