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  1. sophiaa

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Theodosia catches wind of the Theodosian Academy and hurriedly asks her father Tiberius to help pen her letter and application.
  2. sophiaa

    A Crown Unto Another

    Aelin Caerme’onn prepares her offerings and victim of sacrifice, the notice of celebration giving her a sudden mood boost!
  3. sophiaa

    Writ of Disownment, 1697

    Sigrid reads curiously, before returning back to her little house in the woods.
  4. sophiaa

    Poetry on the People of the Periphery

    Heloise claps for her dear Timeo!
  5. sophiaa

    The Reaper's Claim [PK]

    Aelin Caerme’onn smiles each time she hears the wind-chime made of this bonded’s bones jingling outside her bedroom windows.
  6. sophiaa


    Heloise can’t wait to serve drinks and make her dear Amelia proud!
  7. ok the original thing i wrote was inappropriate for the forums. this post is lovely and must be respected.
  8. sophiaa

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    This is absolutely ******* wonderful.
  9. say your prayers. myumierir’sul is watching. = )

  10. sophiaa

    elnarnsae'ame - The Elven Pantheon

    Aelin Caerme’onn claps! —— OOC EDIT: If you are interested in joining myumierir’sul, please feel free to send me a PM on discord!
  11. sophiaa

    The War of Moccus and Morea

    Aelin sits and reads over the text closely, learning the story by heart
  12. sophiaa

    Please Ban Me Vol.2 [Art]