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  1. Aelin returns to Haelun’or for another happy visit, but upon entering the city, she goes — O_o “Bruh.”
  2. mans simply isn’t 15
  3. @Malocchio idk try being a winner next time 

    1. Malocchio


      shut up fatty

      go eat out of a trough you ******* ugly pig

    2. sophiaa


      go back to the institution psycho

  4. Aelin Vel’seda sips along with her good friend, allowing out a simple snort in response.
  5. i only drive above the speed limit and the one time i didn’t my tire blew up on its own and i crashed my car.
  6. me add me on discord sophia#6666
  7. “Please tell me you got me a ******* body part.” Aelin shouts as she runs back into Haelun’or.
  8. Aelin reads carefully, before departing from her Clan Hall to rally her few. They’d be hunting the night to prepare their own dishes for the feast. A good guest always comes with gifts.
  9. can’t wait to see who the new admin is 

  10. Name: Josefina Race: Heartlander Gender: Female Former Affiliations: None Former Titles: None Sect wishing to Join: Inquisitorial Sect ((OOC)) MC Name: GETSTUPID Discord: sophia#6666 Timezone: EST
  11. Theodosia’s eyes widen. “He was so quick to talk about you growing some balls — Maybe he was excited to fondle them.” The girl then bursts into a fit of laughter, snorting and wheezing all the way back to her chambers.
  12. There are instances like this, but there are also instances where people could write up equally as nice posts and explain situations where CLEAR bias took place with concrete evidence. I understand that it’s a volunteer job and we have to trust everyone and this and that and whatever, but I think both sides still need to be talked about. In reality, most of the mod team is doing what they should be doing and are doing it correctly, and I give them a lot of credit for that. But, one or two idiots on the team can wipe that all away and ruin the previous trust built up with the player base due to a mistake (or not so much of a mistake) of theirs. Guess everyone just needs to be on the same page. Sorry if this makes zero sense I just woke up, but hopefully someone understands.
  13. Theodosia gasps, never having seen her father even tear up before. “Father, how many more must die before we see you ugly cry?”
  14. sophiaa


    if u don’t want aesopian back on the team, maybe u should do events that capture our attention and entertain us as well or better than his did. if u had done that, this wouldn’t even be a complaint. @theSTmembers who already commented on this whining. plenty of players including myself came into this map with the hope of having world events or small story lines that could keep us engaged alongside our normal rp, and even planned characters to be adventures and treasure hunters or whatever the ****. i’ve heard of absolutely 0 things, and whenever i tried to contact ST i was left with absolutely 0 response. im not saying bring back aesopian or even to bring back malg (though i currently have no issues with either of them), i’m just saying to step up ur game lol .
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