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  1. thank u for giving me a real chance despite everything. ur a good one
  2. me! can i pm u my request on discord?
  3. The Duchess scribbles a letter and sends it off as quickly as possible, “After eight large field battles and countless small bouts of violence, with the A.I.S. winning all of them if you’ve forgotten, I fear nothing. And, in the rarest instances that I feel butterflies within my stomach, I say a prayer and make an offering using the teeth I collected from the curb where your Emperor’s skull was stomped by my husband’s boot. Good eve and Good luck, Eleanor Helena”
  4. To The Heartland Crowns Issued Spring 1741 by Godric of Morsgrad on behalf of the Alliance of Independent States It has been a short war. My armies and the legions of my many allies have run rampant upon your lands. Your mercenaries abandon you. Your once vassals decry your tyranny. Your forces are in desperate need of arms and armour before the siege has even begun. Your men are outnumbered and outmatched by any measure. Among your legions, there are no great heroes of renown as there stood in Helena. None among you who can rival the achievement of the dauntless Donald Dabber. As things stand for you, the question of annihilation is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Your forebears have stood in this position over my people so many times before. Again and again, ordering the genocide of my people. Fate mocks us all in the end I suppose. Yet in the end, I am not one to condone an entire people to die. Whilst I have nothing but contempt for you two who bear crowns in the south, I am not the genocidal barbarian you all so desperately wish me to be. I have little quarrel with the common folk who dwell within your domains. I’ve no desire to inflict pain upon your people that war so unfortunately demands. My aims have always laid in the preservation of my people and faith, the maintenance of our oaths and bonds. It is in that spirit that I will extend to you this singular offer of surrender. If these terms are accepted in full then the war shall end, there shall be no more death, no more violence. The roads shall once more be available for travel. Should they be denied, there will be no more quarter. I will burn your city to the ground and put your people to the stake. In that regard, I implore you to fulfill your obligation as nobles. Do what is best for your people, The Crown of Helena and Crown of Haense shall I. Recognize their complete culpability in starting this war, shall accept full wrongdoing for the ambush of the Auvergne in violation of Ruberni sovereignty and their violation of the tenets of the Western Alliance. II. Dissolve the Ministry of Elven Affairs, acknowledging the permanent and inalienable sovereignty the Elven Tripartite maintains overall Aldari nations. III. Recognize the independence of the Arch-Duchy of Suffonia and the Kingdom of Curon, or any successor states, as well as their sovereignty over their respective territories IV. Dissolve the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the title of Hanseti illegitimately held by Haense. The Kingdom of Hanseti title shall be ceded to Halgrim, Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order. The Kingdom shall be reformed as the Kingdom of Ruska. V. King Andrik of Ruska will abdicate his throne to Vladrick the Black Prince of Rubern, as well as recognising the independence of the Kingdom of Ruska. I. Alternatively, the Kingdom of Ruska can vassalize to Rubern with their own elected monarch, remaining with a large portion of their autonomy beneath Rubern. In doing this, the Crown of Helena thereby recognise they have no claim upon the Kingdom of Ruska and recognise them as a rightful vassal of Rubern. VI. King Peter of Helena will cede his claim to ‘protector of the highlanders’ to Godric of Morsgrad. VII. King Andrik and his officers will personally reimburse Orphée de Beauvais of Auvergne for the crimes inflicted against his people to the amount of ten thousand minas. VIII. Formally recognize that all grievances are settled and shall not be pursued in future conflicts. The Alliance of Independent States shall I. Cease all martial activities within the territories of the Kingdom of Oren, henceforth recognized as the Kingdom of Helena and the Kingdom of Ruska. II. Formally recognize that all grievances are settled and shall not be pursued in future conflicts. Writ and Issued on Behalf of the Alliance of Independent States Godric,
  5. The Duchess, pleased by the news, prepares dinner with her servants for her cousins in celebration.
  6. Eleanor spits at the ground, preparing for the next time she saw her cousin’s face smashed against it surrounded by his own chipped teeth and warm blood.
  7. The First Feast of the Food Initiative Issued Winter of 1740 by Eleanor I == In compliance with the Morsgradic Food Initiative of 1739, the DUCHESS ELEANOR I, alongside the MINISTRY OF TRADE and the COUNCIL, is happy to invite the citizens of Morsgrad to the First Official Feast of the Morsgradic Food Initiative. Here, the citizens of Morsgrad join the Duchess and her Council in refreshment and prayer for the brothers and sisters in arms of the Martyrs. Those in attendance will then receive their promised rations, and a gift from the Duchess and her daughter, the High Lady of Montburgh. The Ducal Throne personally thanks the efforts of the men and women of the Morsgradic Labor Union, and our Allies, the Rubernites for their trade caravan. Without such help, the Initiative wouldn’t be as impressively successful! Writ en Namen De HER GRACE, Eleanor I Edvardsson, Duchess of Morsgrad, Grand Burgess of Montburgh [Thursday, November 7th @ 6PM EST - Feast Grounds] May change — Keep a heads up in the Discord!
  8. The Duchess of Morsgrad offers a little smile to her husband before making her way down to the training grounds, where she watched her daughter train excitedly alongside the Martyrs.
  9. Upon the Martyr’s return to Morsgrad, Eleanor searches for her cousins of Vilac, offering them both long hugs and many thanks for their efforts. She then begins planning for a feast to celebrate the three consecutive victories.
  10. The Duchess sips carefully at a freshly opened bottle of wine, sitting comfortably by the hearth in her chambers. She recalls her conversation with the formerly captured Lorena, lips tugging into a faint smile.
  11. The Duchess accepts the gift of a captured boar from a citizen of the Realm, promptly slaughtering it herself. She then uses the fresh kill to make an offering, praying for the safety of her family, and a swift end to those that oppose the Ducal Throne.
  12. A letter is soon returned to the aging Horen, sealed with the red wax of Edvardsson. ”I have tried so hard to take after you, Mama. I have studied all your works, all your letters. But now it is time to set down the pen and turn to other strategies.” The Duchess writes, ”He never even sat down with me for tea before insulting my husband.” https://streamable.com/nv6hn
  13. The Duchess of Morsgrad shadow boxes within her chambers in preparation for what was to come. Right-hook, uppercut! “This is how it’s done, Edlyn! Gonna kick my cousin’s teeth in-- MY HUSBAND ISN’T AFRAID OF ANYTHING!”
  14. The Duchess bobs her head lightly as she reads over the missive, before turning to depart, murmuring, “How fun.”
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