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  1. ASCENSION OF A MAYOR “We will work together. And together, we will reignite our City.” Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Majesty, Antonius of the House of Horen, 6th of Owyn’s Flame, 1706 By the grace and good will of GOD, His Imperial Majesty Antonius I of the House of Horen does see fit to ascend a new position that will be subservient to the Minister of the Interior - the elected role of mayor. He does grant this position to Her Imperial Highness Princess Theodosia of the House of Horen so she may serve her inaugural term. In his wisdom he does grant the position of mayor with the following powers: SECTION I: APPOINTMENT OF THE MAYOR I. Theodesia of the House of Horen is hereby appointed as the First Mayor of The Imperial Capital of Helena. II. Each term elections shall be run through a general election. SECTION II: POWERS OF THE MAYOR I. The Mayor has the ability to evict, sell, or rent any home residing within the Imperial Capital of Helena. II. The Mayor has the ability to commission or oversee any project within the Imperial Capital if ran through the Minister of Interior and or His Imperial Majesty. III. The Mayor has the ability to act as a judge for low civil court within the Imperial Capital. IV. The Mayor has the right to oversee the economic development of the Imperial Capital. V. The Mayor has the right to work with the Pontiff, or any bishop, for ecclesiastical related matters. VI. The Mayor has the right to privately petition to His Imperial Majesty for any matters in relation to the Capital. SECTION III: DUTIES OF THE MAYOR I. The Mayor has the duty to manage the Imperial Capital. II. The Mayor has the duty to act as the first citizen of Helena. III. The Mayor has the duty to manage the Imperial Capital in the absence of His Imperial Majesty and or the Minister of the Interior. IV. The Mayor has the duty to petition His Imperial Majesty for any matters which elude them. V. The Mayor has the duty to ensure that the Imperial Capital supports the economic development of the Empire. VI. The Mayor has the duty to uphold civil laws within the Capital. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Antonius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis , Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Theodosia of the House of Horen
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    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    its ~~calming~~
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    To All the Emperial Ladies!!!

    Theodosia Horen eats the letter, and then carefully sips at her tea.
  4. ❀ The First Alderyn Building Competition❀ ________________________________________________________________________ In this new land of Arcas, we would like to create a world of beauty and new life. In this spirit, The Raven and The Python would like to invite all that are willing to participate in a contest that celebrates new growth. Those that wish to compete will be given an area, and materials to create a garden in the alloted time. Such gardens are to be reviewed by a panel knowledgeable judges. ________________________________________________________________________ Rules and Conditions: Each contestant must stay within the area given to them. Each contestant must use from the materials provided. Each contestant must pay a 100 minas entry fee. This is to cover prizes and materials within the contest. ALL CONTESTANTS MUST SIGN UP BEFORE THURSDAY, 9EST. Prizes First Colored Headshot art from the esteemed elfess Num’i Rya. (Nummy) X Minas* Second Sketch from the esteemed elfess Num’i Rya. (Nummy) X Minas* *Minas Prize is determined by the number of participants.* Please contact Nummy or Caermeonn for sign up, or sign your RP name below. ________________________________________________________________________ Time and Date: FRIDAY MARCH 15 @ 4PM EST
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    Moderation Update Log - February

    good job
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    The Mercenarial Free Company of the Black Reiters

    Heloise happily listens on as Ewan tells her of the histories of the Reiter Company!
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    The Fennic Arcasian Festival

    Aelin Caerme’onn polishes her antlers, ready to make an appearance.
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    Flight of the Raven

    Aelin Caerme’onn and her husband Rivaldir Ithelanen stand proudly with Layla, both excited and ready for what was to come.
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    Log pits, really? Another mistake.

    actually this was good i was in a call and was like “r u kidding me why is he speaking on us—“ and then giggled thanks for the laugh
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  12. @Lumii thanks for being u : )

  13. Cyrien Solaira cries on her dearest cousin’s shoulder!
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    ✽ eloemir talonniian'orlomerne ✽

    eloemir talonniian'orlomerne The First United Families Since the beginning of the recent Wood Elven and Eldarian cultural revival, many old Tribes have reclaimed their ilmyumier and their ancient customs. Nevertheless, each has existed as a separate polity, even when kin from two different Seeds join in marriage, each partner usually retains the identity of the Seed of their birth or original adoption. This was not always the case, in ancient times before living memory, the Tribes of old had complex kinship ties that bound Seeds together, often creating large moieties that encompassed dozens of clans. These blood-ties between families came largely from intermarriage, and bound the fates of two clans into one, creating talonnii'orlomerne, otherwise known as brother clans or it’s direct translation, Family Unbroken or United Family. Elven clans bound by blood-ties supported one another unconditionally, in times of prosperity, famine, war and peace. Often, brother clans adopted each other’s gods, each clan adopting the other’s patron Mani as their own. These complex blood-ties were lost as the Era of the Seeds came to an end, but begins anew with the joining of the Caerme’onn and Ithelanen tribes in the modern era. Prior to the wedding of Chieftain Rivaldir Ithelanen and Chieftess Aelin Caerme’onn in 1703, the two took time to discuss with each other and their Seed Elders the terms and practices that would eventually come of their union. This sacred act is most easily defined as a unification between Seeds - where the Seeds maintain their own morals and values along with their respective Seed name, while simply looking upon their brother clan as their own brethren, embracing and celebrating them as if they were members of the same Seed. Members of the first Seed may not take on traditions of the second Seed. In the instance of the Caerme’onn and Ithelanen traditions, Caerme’onns may not participate in inking themselves with Esalathe’lan of lost Ithelanen members. They may still mourn and grieve the loss of their talonnii'orlomerne brethren, but the inking of Esalathe’lan is deemed a sacred tradition only permitted to be upheld by those of Ithelanen. Others seeking to join a clan bound in talonnii'orlomerne, may only join one of the Seeds - not both, and will complete the trials of only the Seed they desire to join. They would still gaze upon their brother clan as their own brethren as all others of the Seeds do. When the two Chieftains are wed, any children brought forth into the world as a result of their union, along with the pair themselves, gain a new marking that is a depiction of both their Seed’s ilmyumiers. The marking is simply meant to show the bond between Chieftains, and the name and sacred union to which their children belong to. The Vel’seda Bloodline Marking The Chieftain’s spawn also adopt a bloodline name and bear this only during their human years. This bloodline name does not mark them as noble, nor their Seed. The children of the Chieftains must still take the trials to join their chosen Seed, and until they decide to take these trials, they may live under their chosen bloodline name shared by them and the Chieftain couple only. Like any other mali’, the children may choose which Seed they wish to join later on in life. And just like any other mali’, they cannot take on both Seeds’ names and traditions. The children remain equal to all other Seed brethren, regardless of their markings - yet this equal status may not prevent the other Seed members from revering the children of their Chieftains. The conjoining of Seeds to become talonnii'orlomerne also grants a new resolution to internal and external issues. Disputes between clansmen, or with their brethren, are able to be resolved by the Elders of both Seeds rather than just one. A clan Elder or Chieftain may not, however, deal one-sided and biased punishment to a member of the opposite Seed. The union between talonnii'orlomerne acts as a full alliance. This allows the Chieftains and their Seeds in times of crisis to function as one brutal force, to challenge any outside conflict or opposition. The formation of this bond between Seeds is a most sacred one, a bond that may only be immediately broken in the case of a Divorce between the unifying Chieftains only, or a unanimous vote between a Chieftain and their elders. Splitting of the Seeds is such a tremendous deal due to the fact that it’s akin to disowning half your family, and due to how sacred the bond is between talonnii'orlomerne, the splitting of them is deemed a heavy tragedy - and should only ever be done after immense conversation and discussion. It would be unheard of for the second Seed to not be aware of the first Seed’s intentions. A divorce between the original unifying Chieftains is a cause to prevent the Seeds from forming a rivalry between their talonnii'orlomerne brethren, in the case of an unhealthy separation in the future. It is to keep from the Seeds from warring each other, and creating an imbalance within the society in which they reside. Seed Elders and members may initiate a split, not out of spite or anger, but rather out of a difference in ideals and values that have grown since the initial union, or a changing of Chieftains to one with plans to shift their Seed onto a new path.