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  1. A Day of Lament and Rejoice The Funeral of Edvard II and the Coronation of Godric Edvardsson Ruric 3rd of the Snow’s Maiden, 1734 Scribed by Eleanor Helena Renai The sudden demise of the Edvard II has left the people of Morsgrad in a state of shock and despair, all longing to see their friend, father, and Earl one last time. Stabbed five times over in a gruesome brawl with Vladimyr Rosik of Eiriksson, his death was proved to not be in vain, for he settled the long-lasting blood feud between the clans of Edvardsson and Eiriksson. ✥ "Father, we free your son Edvard from his tainted flesh. That he may be judged by you and taken into your halls." ✥ We invite all citizens and esteemed guests to join us in a funeral procession through the streets of Morsgrad. Memories shall be shared and prayers sung in order to honor our late Earl, before all may witness the strength of the flame, and the release of his soul to the hands of the Father. Following Edvard II’s funeral, is to be the coronation of his own son, Godric Edvardsson Ruric within Edvard’s Rest. The people of Morsgrad eagerly await his ascension to Duke, speaking prayers for a prosperous and lengthy reign to come. The day thereafter will be devoted to celebration. Following a feast featuring the delicacies of the city, we shall fight, drink, and dance all through the night until we drop. Competitions and activities for all, including archery contests and a sparring pit of fists and swords, will be arranged with prizes and coin for the winning few. The recipients of invitations to stamped and sealed with crimson are as follows; The Imperial House of de Sarkozy and the citizens of the Crownlands The Royal House of Barbanov and the citizens of Reza The Royal House of Helvets and the citizens of Ves The Black Prince and the citizens of Rubern The Diarchy of Haelun’or and the citizens of Lareh’thilln The Vice-Chancellor of the Imperium, Lord Simon Basrid and the Rhenyari people The Church of Canon and the Pontiff Daniel VI, and his clergy Writ en Namen de HIS LORDSHIP Godric Edvardsson Ruric, Duke of Morsgrad, Grand Burgrave of Montburgh, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Bulwark of the Faith on Earth [5 PM EST, SATURDAY THE 21ST in Morsgrad]
  2. Anya scans over the notice as it’s passed to her by one of her handmaidens. Her lips tug into a simple smile, eyes sparkling with the excitement of a child. “Finally,” She murmurs, placing it aside on her desk before striding across the room to her steadily growing wardrobe, “An excuse to wear a new one.”
  3. you act like you credit people . dont call ppl out for **** u do too, or seeing that alpha ACTUALLY credited them, **** u fail to do.
  4. VOWS UNBROKEN A Ceremony between Crow and Dragon [!] The Coat of Arms of the Houses Barbanov and Alstion ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY THE OFFICE OF THE QUEEN-CONSORT MILENA EKATERINA 1732 Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Riddled with strife and conflict, the Royal House of Barbanov and Princely House of Alstion have finally resolved to come together. Since the death of Princess Analiese of Bihar, and her son Prince John of Alstion’s subsequent venture to seize her familial throne, discourse has surged amongst the lines of Barbov and John. With their marital union and wedlock, Prince Otto and Lady Anne shall bind their Houses beneath GOD’s watchful glance until their respective demises. The Ceremony shall be held in the Basilica of Fifty Virgins, the heart of Haeseni’s bountiful capital, Reza. Succeeding the proceedings, a feast shall be held to commemorate the occasion within the Prikaz Palace. Below, invited parties may be found. The House of DE SARKOZY and the Nobility and Citizens of Helena and Adria The Houses of DRAGONBLOOD and the Nobility and Citizenry of their respective holdings The House of BARBANOV and the Nobility and Citizens of Haense The House of DEVEREUX and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia The House of HELVETS and the Nobility and Citizens of Kaedrin The House of KHARADEEN and the Nobility and Citizens of Khalestine The House of ALIMAR and the Nobility and Citizens of Rubern The House of STAUNTON and the Nobility and Citizens of Westmarch The House of SUFFOLK and the Nobility and Citizens of Suffonia IN NOMINE DEI HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, PRINCE OTTO TUVYIC OF HAENSE THE RIGHT HONORABLE LADY ANNE OF HOUSE ALSTION, THIRD COUNTESS OF ALDENBURG [SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th @ 5PM EST – Basilica of the Fifty Virgins, Reza, Haense]
  5. Ny’laathria sniffs the paper, and then eats it.
  6. Theodosia Tiber sits comfortably within her refurbished tea shop, behind the grand desk on the third floor. Curled up in her favourite chair, she reads over her nephew’s missive, eyes sparkling with pride as her lips tugged into a smile filled with an almost motherly warmth. “He is so much smarter than many Statesmen of current could ever even dream to be.” The woman then moves to delicately set it down on the desk, in a pile of the young Tiber’s previous works and drafts, keepsakes and reminders of his growth and intelligence. “The boy will do so well in this world.”
  7. theodosia says yay
  8. sophiaa

    To the Drui of Arcas

    “come to fenn” a brown woman screeches, so loud from the mountaintop, this poor sap would most definitely be able to hear
  9. theodosia grimaces. “y’all wilin’”
  10. theodosias eyes go wide “yikes” she states simply
  11. what settlement ? this posts needs hella more details
  12. hi ! hoping an ST actor could add me on discord to just talk about a potential event/event line for a region/piece of land. 




    should be rather lowkey but still fun! will take anyone!!!



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