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  1. sophiaa

    The Response

    there is no reason trende should be blacklisted. he’s the only competent villainy rper on this server. the blacklist is bullshit. stop being stupid
  2. no but you do. dont sass lumiin
  3. MC-Name: GETSTUPID Character Name: Aelin Age: One hundred something Race: ‘Ame Hometown: Nowhere Possible Goals to achieve: None. Just really good at writing and organizing events, and likes plants. Wanted Role/Job: Secretary Discord: sophia#6666
  4. good job!!! very excited to see this !!
  5. where’s my credit for writing a lot of this
  6. Yay! Make sure to visit Theodosia’s Bakery and Tea Hall in Renatus/Helena at Horen 6 today! We will even have a stall at the Festival of Unity!
  7. Theodosia screeches in pure frustration and anger, though in truth she was quite excited to celebrate her Father and have yet another chance to show off her dancing skills!
  8. Theodosia frowns, her fingers lightly tapping the piece of parchment before her. She was all too excited to attend, but her stomach turned at the thought of inviting someone to go with her. Perhaps she’d wait, instead, for someone to ask, and while she mulled over the idea, Theodosia ate far too many of her own shop’s Cinnamon Rolls.
  9. Theodosia waves off her heroes with a smile that shined brighter than the sun, “Thank you!”
  10. Theodosia sits and contemplates after reading.
  11. more art when baby?
  12. Catalin Nasrin de Savin y Kharadeen explodes into laughter as she finds out, turning to wheeze out a few words to one of her friends, “Didn’t this coconut head get half his arm chopped off by an eleven year old a few days ago after threatening the Cascadians?” With tears welling in her eyes, the woman slaps her hands down onto her lap repeatedly, laughter overcoming her to the point where she thought she might suffocate with only the small bit of air she was able to take in.
  13. Hopefully it will be on the original scout post as well.
  14. ♫♬♪ A Springtime Ball 5th of HARREN’S FOLLEY, 1721 Come the end of the war, the halls of the RUBRUMMAGNUS hummed with life yet again. Under the fiery command of the Lady Theodosia of Tiber, servants busied themselves with freshening up the place- Flipping cushions, dusting relics, and scrubbing every surface until it sparkled. New decorations were strung up, fresh tablecloths laid out, and crates of flowers carried through the front doors by the dozen, along with fresh foods and baking supplies. She was up to something, constantly flipping through that journal of hers, filled with ideas to last decades. After secretive discussion and approval from her cousin Achilius, Theodosia sent out her ravens, carrying the neatly penned invitations which were sealed with the black wax and sigil of House Tiber. Letters are delivered to; The Houses of DRAGONBLOOD, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cascadia The House of BARBANOV, and the Nobility and Citizens of Haense The House of DEVEREUX, and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia The House of STAUNTON, and the Nobility and Citizens of Courland The Prince of VES, and the Nobility and Citizens of Ves The House of VISAJ and the Nobility and Citizens of Haelun’or The House of TUNDRAK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Fenn The House of NASRID, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cresonia The House of SUFFOLK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Suffonia “Dearest Recipient, I am pleased to be writing to you this day and pray this invitation finds its way safely into your hands. With the ending of the war and the coming of a new, peaceful age, I reach out and invite you to celebrate with us for one night, the 7th of GODFREY’S TRIUMPH, 1722, within the RUBRUMMAGNUS. In the company of friends and family, you will be able to enjoy Helena’s finest drinks and delicacies, and dance to the loveliest of arrangements. Only the smallest addition will be made to this rather routine gathering. Upon entry, each guest will be gifted a flower, in the form of either a corsage, boutonnière, or to be worn in their hair. The shades of lilac all hold symbolic meaning, and when choosing, honesty is paramount. A guest is able to exchange their flower at any point of the event's duration. Lilac - First Love - Those Seeking to Court [II] Magenta Lilac - Serious Love - Those Who are Courting [III] White Lilac - Purity - Those Who Wish to be Left Alone We do hope you are in attendance, to participate in the night’s excitement and entertainment. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Achilius Cascadia, Duke of Aenus and Crown Prince-Regent of the Holy Orenian Empire LADY Theodosia of Tiber” Friday, June 28th 4:00PM EST Guests can either add the appropriate flowers to their skin or will receive a representative item in game. Thanks! anyone looking at this right now, please refresh. ive had to edit it seven times because the first post was so disgusting because it seems the staff cant put together an adequate forum interface. it sucks. sorry
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