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  1. sophiaa

    HurferDurfer's Event Team Actor application

  2. sophiaa

    GM's verdict contest.

    As the person who told the player you pg'd on to make a modreq, I feel like I have to step in and say that a one emote kill with five words, ("*stabs her in the heart" is what I think it was,) is pretty unacceptable and reasonable to void. Especially when they're also a new player, and you made them pop to steal their stuff after oocly planning to meet up. Others probably would have been banned for this immediately. It also doesn't help your case that you continued to taunt in ooc chat after the situation was handled.
  3. “An elf isn’t worth one thousand to me.” The woman mumbles, before leaving!
  4. She calls out once again, “Nine hundred.”
  5. A woman in a cloak raises a hand before calling out, “Seven hundred.”
  6. <3 thank u to everyone who showed up. feel free 2 pm me suggestions for next time.

    1. Zhulik


      have me attend

    2. sophiaa


      when will u return from the war @Zhulik

  7. hi just a reminder that the st julias day festival was rescheduled to today at 6est. come join!

  8. sophiaa

    A most treasonous teen.

    Leila Rubens tsks, her nose scrunching in distaste as she reads over the notice. "A good thing I disowned her.. a bad thing the nuns never received her. I knew she was trouble when she was swinging by the legs of strung up Norlanders outside the gate. Why anyone would trust this girl is beyond me."
  9. sophiaa

    Aldenburg is Hiring!

    ((come home legoboy))
  10. sophiaa

    Saint Julia's Day

    Saint Julia’s Holy Day Saint Julia’s Rose, Kristoff Vekreazi In honor of Saint Julia, the wife of the Exalted Prophet Horen, a day is granted for celebrating her most holy and blessed life. Saint Julia is the patron saint of mothers, religious sisters, and motherhood, among other things. The Year of the Faithful shall host her feast in jubilant company and splendid fashion. Prayer to Saint Julia O Great Mother of Humanity, Send us thy Clarity, Inreat for us in our Humanity, Before the Throne of Immorality. Save us from the Defiling One, And grant us thy Shining Love, O Julia who didst Ascend Above, We honor thee on this Holy Day. This great feast of the Church shall be filled with pleasantries for both the young and the old. Couples will be blessed by His Holiness and other ordained men of the cloth for the sake of the Saint herself. Gifts will be distributed by His Holiness to be placed on every believer’s doorstep. Children, or those who believe themselves to be young-of-mind, can compete in a scavenger hunt throughout the city of Senntisten. A foot race will be held through the streets of the city as well, with anyone over the age of fifteen allowed to partake and win the possible prizes. Other attractions are available and are listed below: Scavenger Hunt: Small chests will be placed around the city, some being difficult and some being easy to find. The goal is to find these hidden chest to retrieve the prizes hidden inside. Prizes range from food to flowers to small trinkets. Roses on the Doorstep & Blessings from His Holiness: Roses are placed on the doorstep of each believer with a small note calling all married couples to gather in the Church District within Senntisten to have a blessing placed upon them. Those who are not married can spectate the event that the High Pontiff will preside over. Apple Bobbing & Foot Race: In the square several large tubs will be filled with water and apples and people will race, for a set amount of time, to pull out as many of the apples by only using their mouth. The winner will receive all the apples they pulled out, some mina, and a trinket Holy Cross. Maze and Flower-Picking: A large maze will be placed outside the city. All are invited to complete the maze in order to again special holy gifts for the celebration of this blessed day. Flowers will also be placed around the area. Children will be allowed to pick them for any reason, although the suggested purpose is to give them to their mothers to show their appreciation. His Holiness JUDE I, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of Rhodesia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Pilgrim to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD Adette Schulze, Countess of Aldenburg
  11. *Adette Schulze is seen pinning fliers around the city of Senntisten that read,* COUNTY OF ALDENBURG Issued 11th of the Deep Cold, 1667 The County of Aldenburg is looking for GENERAL LABORERS, including: Farm-Hands - In charge of tending to the fields: seeding and harvesting each season. Farmers will keep 1/6th of their harvest for themselves, 1/2 if their household contains four or more persons. Farm-hands will also help in breeding and caring for livestock, and also will receive a portion of minas from their sales, or their resources when slaughtered. Blacksmith - In charge of completing orders for armor, weapons, and tools. Will be granted their own smithy, and living space. Will receive a portion of minas from the sale of their items, and a yearly salary of mina. Amount to be discussed after hiring. Carpenters - In charge of constructing our buildings. Will be granted living space. Paid per each completed project. Merchants - In charge of restocking our storefronts, and selling our goods in Renatus-Marna and other regions. Requires one to travel. Will be provided with a house, horse, and food for as long as they are in service to Aldenburg. Will receive a portion of minas for each sale made. Contact Adette Schulze ((bblackish)) for more information, if you’ve another skill to offer, or if you’re interested. COUNTESS OF ALDENBURG, -------------------------------------- RP Name: Age: Race: Desired Profession: OOC IGN: Discord:
  12. sophiaa

    Herding using the Lama mechanic

    please figure out a way to do this. i dont want to have to drag a mob across the map with a mf lead or trying to keep their attention with seeds or smth