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  1. I come out of a long hiatus to say Trinn art is absolutely worth 4k mina. Now I return to lurking indefinitely.
  2. This history is wack, it's the equivalent of Kim Jong Un telling the people of North Korea he invented the burrito.
  3. A grizzled elf hears of what is happening, preparing to make the necessary preparations and idly making conversation with his kin "It's simply a cycle. The mali'aheral will attempt to subjugate the other elves, their hubris will cause them to fly close to the sun, they'll anger the Valah and, soon thereafter, be humbled. Rinse and repeat every few centuries."
  4. How do raid ladders attribute to new players feeling welcomed or not though? If anything, raids are incredibly jarring for most new players, especially with how raids lately have been handled.
  5. I've been apart of the server for about ten and a half years at this point, with a few good year long breaks scattered in there. Unfortunately, since my most recent return to the server, I've only seen the server degrading over time instead of getting better. It's honestly probably at the worst point its been at since I've joined, between a blatant disregard for the safety of the community to the general disconnect between staff and players. Usually there are always things to nitpick or gripe about, but the server tended to have redeeming qualities to make up for it. But I've found those redeeming qualities to be far and few between now.
  6. I appreciate it! Not having played I had to scrounge up what I could from others, but I'll make the tweaks to it soon.
  7. The Heralds of Wisdom (Could not find the artist, but credit to whoever did this amazing art piece!) Scholars, politicians, sentinels. Though always having been small in size, those of the Acaele'thil Seed have achieved much in their storied history. Whether it be the taming of gryphons in the Era of Ancient Seeds, to securing the crown in modern times, they have never cowered in the face of a challenge. Wisdom Loyalty Cunning Guidance Knowledge Following his abdication of the throne, Aenor Calithil, the current Chieftain of the Seed, wandered the wilds for many, many seasons. In his travels, he managed to discover tomes regarding some of the more ancient Seeds, his own included. What struck him as most interesting is that ‘Calithil’ was a butchering of the original elven name of the Seed: Acaele’thil. Over time, he managed to piece together a more cohesive history of his progenitors and garner new insight into the lives of his ancient kin. With the resurgence of both Aspectism and the Seed Culture in Vailor, Aenor was among the first members of Wood Elven culture to re-establish their Seed, alongside the likes of Caerme’onn, Tresery, Aureon, and Terin. While most Seeds welcomed any into their fold, the Acaele'thil were the only ones who maintained their Seed through blood relations or marriage after seeing what troubles could arise from accepting anyone eager to join. The Acaele'thil Seed quickly established themselves as scholars, librarians, and forgemasters within the Dominion, lending a hand to numerous political situations that arose in such convoluted times. This continued on for many, many decades, well into Axios as Aenor eventually rose to the position of High Prince, even possessing a most sacred relic for some time; The Falchion of Malin. With the valuable assistance of his granddaughter, Carellith, who was Lady of Stewardy, Aenor led the Dominion to the best of his abilities until the position eventually took its toll. With the Dominion stagnating further and further with each passing year, despite efforts to have it be otherwise, Aenor signed the Dominion over to Oren as a protectorate before answering the call of the wilds. During Aenor’s time in the wilds, much transpired in the world of the Elves without his knowledge. The Dominion he left behind soon began to splinter due to infighting, and likewise, the Acaele'thil Seed started to drift apart as well. Aenor’s first son, Kairn, dissatisfied with the path the Dominion was currently on, founded his own splinter faction, frequently vying for control of both the throne and military. This eventually became known as the Bronze Rebellions and Kairn succeeded in his endeavor, accepting the title of “Tyrant” during his time leading the Elves. He also joined the Ithelanen Seed in this timeframe. However, power was something Kairn grew weary of, for the mantle of King was a heavy one. Eventually, Abelas took the throne after Kairn decided to abdicate, and yet, eventually all leaders fall. Following the Death of Abelas, Renn was made Queen by Kairn, for the elf did not desire that power again, or so he thought. Eventually, Kairn was once more displeased with the weakness of the Elves following a distressing defeat at the hands of the September Prince. Due to this, Kairn eventually opposed Renn and succeeded in subjugating the Dominion, vassalizing it and dubbing it Irrinor. Towards the winter years of Atlas, Aenor’s granddaughter passed on to the Eternal Forest, the news eventually reaching the grizzled Elf and causing him to withdraw further into the wilds. Yet, also during these times, one of Aenor’s daughters, Anya, wandered the realms as a War Cleric as Tahariae until the Aengul withdrew from the realm, leaving His followers without a path in life. Both father and daughter would reunite in Almaris, in the city of Yong Ping. With reluctant hesitation, due to his history with the Wood Elves, Aenor eventually ventured to the Vale of Nevaehlen, where the Acaele'thil would re-establish themselves amongst kin, and have remained there to this day. Much like other Seeds, the Acaele'thil have no qualms seeking the wisdom of all Mani. However, there are two that they seek guidance from above all others. The first of these two is Ohowaki, Princess of Owls, who embodies not only wisdom, but the pillars of patience and knowledge. These traits are highly revered by the Acaele'thil, who have always had a thirst for discerning the unknown and broadening their minds. It was, and still is, not uncommon for Acaele'thil to pray to Ohowaki for the wisdom necessary to guide those who rely upon them. Many Acaele'thil in the past, and even in the present, have carried an effigy or carving of the Princess of Owls on their person, invoking the Mani to, in turn, guide them when the time comes for such intervention. The second of these two Mani is Sonnos, Prince of Foxes, who, above all else, personifies cunning. An Acaele'thil has always required a quick mind, both sharp and attentive, in order to strategize the best path to tread in many circumstances, whether it be during something as simple as a hunt, to a more intense situation such as a political conclave. While most might associate prayer and worship to Sonnos with those who are politicians, or even merchants, a cunning mind can be useful for all descendants. But what’s more, is that Acaele'thil have found that a cunning mind must be tempered with wisdom, for knowing how to convey something is just as important as knowing what to say, hence the dual worship of both Ohowaki and Sonnos. While the ancient Acaele'thil art of gryphon taming has become lost to the ages, the symbol and status the gryphon conveys still resonates deeply with all Acaele'thil. Majestic, mighty, and wise, these companions were greatly valued by the ancient Acaele'thil who managed to gain a gryphon’s respect. While there were smaller variations of these beautiful beasts in Axios that were able to be bonded with, no such creature has been found in the lands following. However, the meaning behind bonding with a creature is still revered, and thus, one trial of the Acaele'thil is to earn the respect of a beast, whether it be screowl or feline, duffle or canine. With knowledge being a pillar of Acaele'thil values, it comes as no surprise the Acaele'thils have gathered quite a collection of tomes and scrolls over the centuries. With the intent of continuously expanding their collection, one simple, yet vital trial of an aspiring Acaele'thil is to obtain new information from whatever lands they may reside in. They may gather a single tome, or many, or simply whispers they may find in their travels. When they return, they should be ready to discuss what they have found, for intimately knowing the knowledge one has found is just as important as possessing it in the first place. The Acaele'thil were once purgers of blight and aberrations that arose from such taint, seeing it as their calling in life and their part in upholding the Balance. While only Druids are truly capable of purging blight from tainted lands, those without the Gifts can still contribute. And so, one of the trials for an aspiring Acaele'thil is to find a beast that is tainted beyond saving, whether it be something as small as a hedgehog, to something as mighty as a caravachorn. Upon finding the beast and tracking it, the aspiring Acaele'thil must offer it up as a sacrifice to the Aspects, for cleansing nature of such taint is admirable in the eyes of the Horned Man and Green Lady. This trial varies between each individual, and is usually saved for the latter part of the trials, once the Acaele’thil in charge of the trials begins to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the Aspirant. The aspiring Acaele’thil will be thrust into a difficult, or even dangerous, situation at an unknown point in time, requiring them to overcome what obstacle is placed in their path. It might be a physical trial, or one involving the mind. The vagueness of this trial is imperative, for an Acaele’thil must be prepared to face down challenges at a moment’s notice, using their honed mind to overcome the tribulation. Following the Aspirant's success in their trials, they are allowed to scribe their name in the Acaele’thil Book of Deeds. This tome holds the names of many prior Calithil and what they accomplished in life, once more stressing the importance of not allowing knowledge to be forgotten. (Credit to Numirya for both) Having both ‘ame and ‘aheral blood, the clothing of an Acaele'thil has been influenced by such and varies greatly. From the furred garbs of the Wood Elves, to the refined clothing of their fair skinned cousins, they find comfort in donning either variety. Yet, the most distinguishing trait of the Acaele'thil is their dual-colored hair. For those of Acaele'thil blood, it is inherited, though many Acaele'thil in the past, either through marriage or joining the seed, have voluntarily dyed part of their hair white, though it is not a requirement. For those blood Acaele'thil, it seems all share the stark white locks of their ancestors, yet the second color is determined by their same-sex parent. A daughter will have white hair with the secondary color of their mother, while a son would bare the white locks with the secondary color of their father. Very rarely though, the secondary color may be that of a vibrant, fiery orange, once seen as a blessing, a symbol of an ancient Acaele'thil whose story is known by all within the Seed. (Credit to Numirya) The Acaele'thil Seed differs from most due to the fact that it technically has two markings, though only one was required by the members of the Seed. The official ilmyumier of the Acaele'thil Seed is an ever evolving token and story of the Acaele'thil’s life and endeavors. When first inked upon the Acaele'thil, it takes the form of a circular, hollow mass of white roots bearing blue leaves throughout its entirety, representing the Lentin’celia, or the Starlilly Tree. From here, momentous occasions that shape and form the Acaele'thil in life are added to the ilmyumier in the form of branching roots. At the end of these branching paths, a single item is interwoven into the ends of the roots that represents these character defining moments. No two ilmyumier are the same, though many might hold similar items depending on the path in life an Acaele'thil takes. A single item that represents the Calithil at their very core takes up the space within the center of this original, circular mass of roots. It is for this very reason that the space might remain empty for decades, or even centuries for many Acaele'thil. The second ilmyumier stems from that original group of Mali’aheral that those Acaele'thil hunters of old happened upon. They were the original scholars of the Seed, and many within knew to approach these individuals whenever they required answers they did not have, or simply wished to have a moment in their lives immortalized in writing. Others who also took this path afterwards decided to ink it upon their skin in respect for those scholars who came before them, and it took the form of a runic tree. Most individuals had it span the entirety of their backs, with roots spindling down their arms and hands, though there was no decree as to where it had to be upon one’s body. There were some who ever inked it upon their visage, symbolizing their dedication to knowledge.
  8. Well, another major part of the re-write is to condense the bloated amount of abilities/spells since there are quite a few that pertain to the same topic (such as Growth and Ungrowth). Makes more sense to be able to learn abilities that cover similar topics in a more streamlined process
  9. Like a few others, I tend to switch depending on the interaction. But I seem to lean towards present tense more, but I feel like I used to emote in past tense when I first started on the server.
  10. North heavily endorses this. maybe.
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