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  1. *The posters would be updated, with some items scratched out, and new items added to the list of wares.* Redstone Block 5 Minas Lapis Block 5 Minas Iron Sword 10 Minas Iron Pickaxe 10 Minas Iron Axe 10 Minas
  2. The Klargus Company The Klargus Company has recently opened a shop in Carolustadt. The shop, Stall 8, is located just past the bank and the main commerce area of the city List of Items for Sale: Iron Ingots 3 Minas Bread 0.5 Minas Emeralds 5 Minas Redstone Block 5 Minas Lapis Block 5 Minas Coal 0.1 Minas Iron Sword 10 Minas Iron Pickaxe 10 Minas Iron Axe 10 Minas If you’d like to buy items in bul
  3. Instead of warclaims, we should take over territories via coups from now on. :)

  4. Is this warclaim still going on this Sunday?


    1. InfamousGerman


      Next sunday is the siege.

    2. Taketheshot


      The siege of cantal was cancelled for this sunday. It will take place next Sat I believe. Harri will update us

    3. obreeni


      sunday is the lords day you heathens


      no mineman should take away from worship

  5. Can donators get a higher cap on daily rep?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. _Jandy_


      I only disagree because of how many people are VIP, and those people are the ones who spend much more time on the forums. 

    3. GavinTheViking


      The increased rep cap would be another reward, since VIP ranks in my opinion does not have too many appealing rewards currently.

    4. _Jandy_


      I understand that.

  6. Remember to do /vote if you need money (only the 2nd, 4th and 5th links work).

  7. *A note is pin to message boards across the known lands* Hello, I am looking to buy any windswept branches one may have. I do not have a limit on how many I need and will negotiate the price. We can meet in Johannesburg to discuss the deal. -Karl Klargus
  8. Never Forget, the Phoenix Rebellion.


  9. Updated Item List: I have added a few more items to my inventory. I also reorganized the list of items into categories, for easier accessibility. Iron Axe- 15 Minas Iron Hoe- 10 Minas Iron Pickaxe- 15 Minas Iron Shovel- 5 Minas Iron (Ferrum) Lance- 15 Minas Iron (Ferrum) Pike- 15 Minas Steel Battleaxe- 35 Minas Steel Sword- 35 Minas Steel Warhammer- 35 Minas
  10. The Klargus Company The Klargus Company has recently opened a shop in Johannesburg. Our business deals in a variety of wares which includes armor, weapons, ores, wood, and much more. Directions and a list of prices are located below. Directions Prices War Time Wares Arrows- 0.4 Minas Chainmail Helmet- 10 Minas Chainmail Chestlate- 16 Minas Chainmail Leggings- 14 Minas Chainmail Boots- 8 Minas Iron Boots- 20 Minas Iron Chestplate- 40 Minas Iron Helmet- 25 Minas Iron Leggings- 35 Minas Iron (Ferrum) Sword- 10 Minas Ir
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