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  1. _SteelMemes_

    The Kōkuaʻia

    +1 for pusi hehe. Can't wait to call some furries that.
  2. _SteelMemes_

    [Denied] [AT]The honest app

    I mean, this is the best app I've seen in a while.
  3. _SteelMemes_

    [Denied] Star's FM App-erino

    yeah sure wayward is ok i guess plus wun
  4. _SteelMemes_

    [Accepted] chihiros' MT application

    I can get behind this. +1
  5. _SteelMemes_

    Luv's LT Application

    Everyone except you, I mean! >.>
  6. _SteelMemes_

    Luv's LT Application

    Luv is okay. +1 Also, remember that anyone who has an anime avatar's opinion is invalid.
  7. _SteelMemes_

    [Accepted] Apply to the Application Team (?)

    Jake is the okayest person I know. +0.9999999 (Rounded to 1)
  8. _SteelMemes_

    [✓] The Roost's Land Charter

    Eletha Veluthil- _SteelMemes_
  9. _SteelMemes_

    [Denied] Luv's MAT Application!!! (The Remix)

    One of the okayest people I know. +1
  10. _SteelMemes_

    Your View: Axios Antagonist v2

    Ice age please.
  11. _SteelMemes_

    Parker's Wiki Team application

    +1 Mediocre dude.
  12. Make the patch notes notification stop!

  13. _SteelMemes_

    The Yyradi Isles

    Alyra Telenna signs the charter.
  14. fallout 4 and call of duty ghosts have dogs. coincidence? i think not