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  1. +1 for pusi hehe. Can't wait to call some furries that.
  2. Make the patch notes notification stop!

    1. Miquill


      click the s

  3. fallout 4 and call of duty ghosts have dogs. coincidence? i think not

  4. In-Character: Name: Ahlysaaria Vincrute Age: 154 Race: Dark Elf Traits: Cynical, trusting, strong-leader. What position would you be wanting to take?: First Mate Out-Of-Character: How old are you? ((Feel free to PM this.)): 16 How long have you roleplayed?: Too long. Do you have skype? If so, what is it? ((Feel free to PM it)): No, definately not. :P Do you think you'll provide enjoyable roleplay?: Yep.
  5. Yaezhzh, what kind of name is that I wonder. :P

  6. Why was DRfate's GM app denied?

    1. drfate786


      Because, staff cannot loosen up, they think this forum needs to be "Clean" and so they do this. :P

      Little are they aware that one day...their forums will be like 4chan.

  7. It's okay, Chim, just shoot up some black tar heroin and you'll forget all about it.

    1. The Hedge Knight

      The Hedge Knight

      It's never going to be forgotten.

  8. This stupid plague is literally going to make me have an anxiety attack.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Pinochet


      I ******* agree, it's like the god damned walking dead or some ****...

    3. CTap


      only peasants have anxiety attacks

    4. Aedan The Bard

      Aedan The Bard

      Stay offline and be happy while it gets fixed.

  9. Vote El Molesto for Kindergarten teacher! #ElMolestoForTeacher2014

    1. Rassidic


      The Annoying. That's the translation.

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