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  1. Still in my thoughts. I’m glad knowing you’ll always have a special place in my heart along with our fond memories together. RIP missing you 

  2. IGN: ((Tom_Whiteman)) Ic name: "My name is Alrian Carcimore." Ic race: "High Elf." Ic age: "It has been years since I've stopped counting, however my last recalled age was three-hundred and fifty-two." Skype: ((PM me for it)) Any fighting skills: "I have experience with a sword, however, in other martial areas I am lacking." Note or letter to Captain Johnny Wilson of Tahn: *No note has been attached.*
  3. OOC: MC name: Tom_Whiteman Skype (Optional): thomascovey1181 RP: Name: "Alrian Carcimor." Age: "Two hundred and fifty-five." Race: "Mali'aheral." Reason to join Taliyu: "I'd like to expand on what knowledge I have, as well pass it on to like-minded individuals." Which rank do you desire: "Taliyu'Haler."
  4. ((IC)) Your Name: "Alrian Carcimor." Your Race: "Mali'aheral." Your Age: "Two hundred and fifty-five." Your Professions/ Skills: "Farming, culinary activities, as well as woodworking." Do you have others that will be coming with you?: "Merely myself." Any information not mentioned above may be sought by once again contacting the Félagi. ((Sentis)): "None whatsoever." ((OOC)) MC Name: Tom_Whiteman Time Zone: EST Do you Have Skype? (If so please provide your Skype name or PM me): thomascovey1181
  5. A grumpy old man would call out, "Y'ae were t'eh chosen one!"
  6. *looks to wraiths... *looks to katari... *looks to ithariel... *looks to katari... *looks to keepers... *looks to katari... *looks to dark ithariel... *looks to katari... They're all creatures who are physically strong and cannot die. What makes PD's lore so much "worse"? Wraiths worked fine, now they're removed- this should be their replacement. Huge +1 goes out to you Aerial, don't screw this up dude.
  7. An Olog stride could be 2x slower but 2x longer... Technically they'd cover the same ground as a Human?
  8. Snort the 'cane to abort the pain.


  10. Now that the forums are rolled back we can warn salamandra of his leave!

  11. Joe_Blackman < Tom_Whiteman 


  12. Can u check out my application? I tried to do the picture and dragged it to attach files!

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