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  1. i miss the good ol' days walking on the Kingsroad and eating people. 

  2. *Looking upon the nondescript sign, he puts his name by etching it in with a sharp stick.* "Edward" *He leaves the small sign.*
  3. OOC Minecraft Name: cometking123 Timezone: HST Skype: Don't want to put on in guilds. I don't like OOC interaction. Anything you'd like us to know?: Meh. I'm just gonna have fun. IC Name: Idanin Garett Age: 32 Race: Human Gender: Male Alignments: Anywhere with good food Skills: Eating, Cooking, and...eating. (and eavesdropping on the location of food stores) Anything you'd like us to know?: Nay
  4. T.T Any guilds recruiting? I'm really not sure what to do as I come back.

  5. Looks like bukkit did not kick the bukkit.

  6. i should tell you i stalk you on occassion

  7. Wonder if anyone recognizes me still. School so OP

  8. I've realized at this point that I'm better off watching everything unfold than to go onto the server.

  9. I think that OOC interaction with plans is a large part of what makes secret things actually secret. Locked TS channels and Skype channels destroy the concept of eavesdropping onto a certain organization or guild, and only through extreme infiltration and a certain degree of trust can any useful information be found. While I'm not saying things have to be changed, I think that things in character should be exposed to more people through the server instead of 3rd party applications. Just my 2cents.
  10. Puns is like a well-aged cheese. It stinks, but you learn to love it.

  11. Eyes and ears everywhere. -Inferi Populi-

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