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    You may need to add server lore to your Bio and maybe not use a image from a different game jist discribe it insted
  2. welshnutter

    The Azaghul Clan

    Clan aperance Colors: Yellow and Green Clothing Style: The Azaghuls uniquely have a uniform Goals: Gathering of wealth and creating powerful stuff Dwarf Appearance: Skin tone: Light Eyes: Varies Hair: Varies Beard style: Bushy Clan Race: Mountain Dwarf(primarily) Prime Historical Forbringing: Forefather: Starbreaker Founding Lord: Myrddin Azaghul Patron God: Yemekar Notable members: (Deceased)Admiral Lord Telchar Azaghul (troopermatthew) (Deceased)Clan Founder Myrddin Azaghul (welshnutter) (Deceased) Rohm Azaghul (iRuShxaSSaSSin) (Deceased) Oisin Azaghul (markkearney) (Deceased) Kolbar Azaghal (Johnc1996) History: Aegis During the time of Aegis a young Myrddin Azaghul committed the sin of lying with elf kind while in a marriage. As a honorable Dwarf he entered a self imposed exile with wife and young children as a sign of penance, they went to live on their own in a cabin deep in the forests of the Dwarven lands. There they raised their children and made a decent living selling lumber and the minerals found in the nearby hills. In time the children grew up and both parents grew older. Eventually their mother died out of natural causes and a aging Myrddin was left with four adult offspring. Telchar the oldest, then Kolbar the reckless and finally the young twins Rohm and Oisin. As their father begin to suffer from his great age Telchar the most ambitious of the family made a decision that would change the fates of their families forever. He choose to return to the Dwarven Kingdom and take his family with him, hoping a human lifetime of self-exile would forgive the crimes of his father. Unfortunately before they could make it the spawn of Iblees struck and they were forced to evacuate with the rest of Aegis to Asulon. Asulon The move to Asulon was one of hardship as the family had not expected it and thus struggled with supplies. It was on this voyage they met the Orc Ug and the Elf Avakare. Both outcasts of their nations but all drawn together by a common need. With the intention to return to the land of Urguan at first Telchar soon realised that it would never be possible to live alongside his new found allies in the halls of the Dwarves. Instead, they sought a new home once the ships made port and soon found a mountain in the Orcish lands to build a settlement that in time grew to be Azagost Hold. Azagost Hold started out as a farming community and later a shipyard. Men, Elves, Orcs and Dwarves flocked to work the fields and docks. Soon, they had too much crop for themselves, and started to sell their goods at the Cloud Temple just down the road. It became so successful. that the brothers decided to create the ‘East Azagost Trading Company’ which had nine stores all the way from Hanseti to Alras. The shop in Alras was the largest shop in all of the lands and only furthered their wealth. The Dwarven Nation recognised them as independent Dwarven Hold and even in time the Orcs began to respect her mighty walls. Soon, as was for all in Asulon it was to come to an end. Once more were the ships embarked and once more were the Azaghuls found at sea though this time well supplied. During the voyage a mighty storm hit and all was to be thrown overboard. Realising what had to be done the large chest of gold they brought went overboard. Unable to watch the vast wealth of his family dissapear beneath the waves the fool hardly Kolbar grabbed on and sank with the chest as the ship sailed on. Grief overtook the family and in a matter of weeks since sailing they had they lost their wealth, their company and their brother. So, in Elysium, brought to their very lowest once more they had to join the Dwarven Legion to survive. The entire family of Azaghuls, even the now ancient Myrddin swore the oath. Not short afterwards, they joined the Dwarves in establishing a temporary Hold on a nearby island. Determined to prove their worth the family practically built the entire thing including the roads and great bridge that spanned the gap to the gate. Now they had finally been noticed by the Dwarves themselves and quickly climbed the Legion ladders. Anthos Finally the move to Anthos began. After befriending the Legions Commander and discussing the lack of a Navy the veteran shipwright Telchar Azaghul was quickly made head of the newly formed Dwarven Armada . In time the same Legion Commander, Thorin Grandaxe was elected Grand King and for his loyalty and friendship made Telchar Lord. Taking his family with him they took to the seas and under the newly created rank of Admiral the formed the Dwarven Navy. Granted the Northern Hamirite Island to form a Naval Fortress, Telchar also created the clans Hall upon its peak and finally the Azaghuls had a new home since the long lost Azagost Hold. At an already impressive height of power Telchar was then granted the decayed and neglected Hold of Brom'Krah to restore. Holding the title of Admiral Lord Jarl, Telchar had finally achieved his goal from Aegis. To restore the honour of the Azaghuls. The ancient Myrddin now bed bound in the great clan hall though felt that although the Azaghuls now held more political power than they ever had it was the money that still mattered. After all what is a Dwarf without his gold? The clan now strives to match its political power with its economic. Post Anthos After Myrddin and the King died it was not much longer before the Empire itself began to creak. All the safety and power the Azaghuls had gathered began to crumble around them. Telchar the ever wise choose to consolidate their assets before they were lost. Taking one of his steam vessels hat he had invented and all the blue prints of his future ships he ordered the retreat of the surviving members of his clan to their island Clan hall. This even Telchar knew was but a temporary fix to his clans problems. In time the new Dwarf King looked on with envious eyes and plotted to strip the Azaghuls of their prized island and the plans that lay deep within its halls. Telchar would see it that they arrived to an already abandoned land. Once more stuffing his steamer with every schematic and supply he could fit, his clan sailed for the fabled Fringe to once more make their home. Atlas By the time of atlas the clan was little more than a few members flung to the corners of the land, but one member Bwelch decided to track down anything he could to do with his family and their story, all he had to go on was a trunk that he couldn't open. Bwelch eventually tracked down someone who could open the old and rusted locks, upon opening the trunk he found the journal of Telchar, some damaged blueprints, a sword and a few trinkets. Now living with the grandaxes at Kal Borgrin he gained a small hut outside the hold and began work on a new ship that would sail the skies and not the oceans. But after a while had to leave and join the halls of Agnarum due to a threat to the lands. Now in the halls of Agnarum he tried to build up the clan so he could once again reach the heights described in the journal. On this journey he help design and build a new forge for the Agnarum people as well as helped form the new Deep Forge Guild and coming up with deep iron. This had allowed him to gain some standing and some new members all that was missing is a clan hall, sh he began work on designing the hall and looking for a place to build it. Culture and Tradition: Most Azaghuls were Naval workers. They are quite solitary, they don’t get involved with other families. Which is why their Clan name is so unique. They are quite ambitious. The clan member’s bonds to each other is very strong. They are also extremely loyal to thos who help them, They will always promote an Azaghul over anyone else. When clan members meet up, they punch each other in the gut as a greeting. Clan Members Clan Father:- Bwelch Azaghul (welshnutter) Clanfolk:- Hilde Azaghul (cookiedoughyummy) Telmarill “The North” Azaghul Vakist Azaghul ((recruiting))
  3. welshnutter

    The Deep Forge

    (OOC) MC Name: welshnutter How active are you?:very Discord: Welsh_nutter#3769 Timezone:GMT (RP) RP Name: Bwelch Azaghul Gender:Male Note:Expert smith with knowledge of how to build and maintain a forge
  4. welshnutter

    [✗] [New Metal] Deep Iron

    Sorry did this on my phone
  5. welshnutter

    [✗] [New Metal] Deep Iron

    Deep Iron Rarity: Rare Color: Matt black with waves of shiny black Value: Valuable Note: This mineral cannot be obtained via standard mining, this is purely a lore mineral. Obtaining this metal is costly and dangerous as you need to mine the ores from the deepist depths you can possibly go. It is a very tough and very light metal and can retain a sharp edge for a very long time. The durability of this metal makes it great for tools but very good for armour and swords Founders The smithing guild of agnarum Gimli "Gimler" Metalfist Balrog "Tunnelrat" Grandaxe Tesel Silvervein Hammerforge Bwelch Azaghul Aridan Grandaxe Belestram Sylvaeri Vagronda anvilaxe Origins The dwarfs of the smithing guild of Agnarum noticed just how some of the iron from deep in the mines looked off and didn't behave like the common iron we all know. This iron would normally just get thrown away but this time they decided to look in to it. They tried to work it like any normal metal but noticed that it seems to compact itself down thus needing more ore just to make a single ingot. after noticing that i will take a lot more than a normal forge to make this ingot they began work on a better forge, when they were able to finally make a ingot it took 10 ore chunks just to make a single ingot and extreme heat but once in a ingot it became extremely resistant to heat and surprisingly light thus making it hard to reforge in to items. Forging To forge this metal it required extreme heat to the point where the smith doing it would have to wear a protective suit or treated leather as well as having someone apply water to cool them down often. Once the metal is up to heat, A new piece of equipment that Agnarums resident inventor. (Bwelch Azaghul) had made a "Power hammer " needs to be used to draw out the metal in to blank or armour piece or tool head as no-one can stand close enough to forge out the metal. Sword use Once in a blank form the smith will grind out the sharp edges with a pure quartz grindstone turning at high speeds, the smith then go about tempering the blade the water used is brought in from the top of a mountain where it is very cold and contains little to no impurities the blank in. The blank which now can be classed as a blade is heated back up and tempered. It then goes back to the grindstone to finish off the sharpening as well as polishing the blade. The blade now has a very unique look being matt black with waves of shiny black running through the blade also the blade is also very light. Armour use Once the armour plate is formed the piece is reheated and placed in water from a top a mountain to strengthen the piece one last time the piece is then polished to reveal the unique pattern in the metal (thus cannot be formed in to a solid breast plate as the metal don't flex much and would restrict movement too much) Tool head Once formed in to the tool head it is then ground down on a grindstone at high speed to sharpen the edges and then tempered in water from on top of a mountain. It then goes back to the grindstone to polish and finish sharpening this will reveal the unique pattern of the metal.
  6. welshnutter

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    A more relaxed charted system Have it so the amount of land is dependent on the amount of people, a single person wont need the same amount of space as 10. Example: 1 person can claim 32X 32 5 people can claim 64X 64 Ect Basicaly enought room for a farm and a house that can sustain the population and maybe we could see formings of new nations that way as more and more people band together to get more and more land. Maybe even seeing the groth of cities like irl
  7. IGN(s): Welshnutter Age 29 Timezone GMT Discord: Welsh_nutter#3769 What map did you join during?: Aegis Do you have access to a Microphone? Yea Average Daily Play Time? 2 hours Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Nope Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I have been a mod and admin on some other servers and have managed a team of 20+ ppl. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I have played on the LOTC server for some time now and always wanted to help out the staff and player to keep the experience of the server fun and not frustrating. Part of keeping the server fun for all is helping enforce the rules and helping thos who are lost (litruly or just dont know what to do on the game. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: yes Anything else you want to tell us?:
  8. welshnutter

    [✗] [Lore][RP] Airship

    So im confused based on what i was told im surprised this didnt get put straight in the denied area, and im also confused that the lore team havent made a decision yet.
  9. welshnutter

    [✗] [Lore][RP] Airship

    Im not creation new tech all im doing is useing a furnace a verry popular tech and insted of adding a water tank to make steam im adding a balloon to hold hot air, also my clan "Azaghul" is open to all races and so will the guild if it is accepted i belive in equality for the races (plus my old persona was kicked out of a hold for marrying a elf lol ) So whats the status of this then???
  10. welshnutter

    [✗] [Lore][RP] Airship

    I dont know magic but i know machines and if i can level the field between magic and machine i will lol Im not good at the whole gods and lore thingy but i think staff could come up with a reason why not meany could exist at once I said in the rp area that the balloon in not impenetrable as it can be cut with pointy weapons like a arrow or sword and since we have ballista siege weapons all you got to do is aim up not down
  11. welshnutter

    [✗] [Lore][RP] Airship

    A okay amount lol and the guild lock will limit the ships plus the event team could come up with a event that the gods only alow 5 ships There were a flying ship in lord of the rings lore due to it being blessed lol i dont think the gods on the server will bless a boat for me lol https://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Vingilot
  12. welshnutter

    [✗] [Lore][RP] Airship

    I didnt see the post about thire removal and a gauss cannon now that be intrestion specaly if you could load a dwarf wearing iron armor in it lol jk
  13. welshnutter

    [✗] [Lore][RP] Airship

    a cannon is much more destructive than a airship that can crash at any min plus i thought rune cannons were a thing i always thought that funny that on the old maps they had fast travel points like the boats and carts we already have steam engines and steam boats that’s what the dwarf paddle boats are i think i remember reading that back in the day lol Any other questions or comments?
  14. welshnutter

    [✗] [Lore][RP] Airship

    This is a RP and Lore post in one for a airship to be granted access to be built on the server, i am proposing this as there is a current stale feeling for current tech that needs to be shook up and since we have a new map coming this it will open up opportunity for more RP as well as maybe make wars and trade more fun. The RP: Bwelch Azaghul was studying the designs for the steam engine in his study one cold lonely night in his house just outside the hold, after discussing with Throri 'Warmheart' Stonemace a way to implicate it in to the wooden ships he makes, Bwelch thought to himself that he may be able to not just create a way to stop fires due to heat on wood but even compact it down so even smaller ships can have the advantages. He started work on a small model for use to work out his equations (image below) He not only came up with a compact engine but also a "water reclamation unit" to try and reclaim the water turned in to steam. As a side not he thought maybe he can make a new forge that will benefit a steam engine but that is a project for a later date But during all of this he noticed how a leather cap left on the pipe above the furnace unit would rise and fall, so he told Throri 'Warmheart' Stonemace of a possible new ship that he will need help with but first he needed to work out the way to lift it. And it came to him one day as he was eating a pig that he just hunted, he thought to himself that the badder was tough and would need little to make fit the pipe on the furnace, so after fashioning a small ring to go around the neck and making sure that no holes except the one he wanted was there he place the bladder on the furnace. With a big bang the bladder blew up causing him to fall off his stool and landing on the furnace burning his lower arm and his upper face scaring him and limiting his use of his one arm, but that didn't turn him away he looked for help and once healed enough to go back to work he vanished once again in to his study. Trying to work out why the bladder failed he decided to make a way to release the pressure and heat via a small flap on the side of the bladder, that seemed to do the trick but knowing that he could never get a bladder big enough he went out and spent alot on leather scraps and wax. When he got back he made a larger balloon out of the leather after he treated it with wax and started testing just how much he could lift with this new balloon. He tried to lift some animals but the dung was a problem if not to say messy, then he attached a chest to it and up it went but slowly, taking down note he had a row boat dragged to his study to test tho it did become lighter it didn't lift. He went back to his drawing board and tried to work out the maths and all and noticed that to lift a row boat the balloon would have to be the size of the boat at least and tied down with leather straps turned in to rope for security. Having made the bigger balloon and leather rope he tested it and it raised up and a good rate but with all discovery come failure the balloon hit the roof and tore wide sending the boat and furnace down hard on the floor spilling hot coals everywhere, tho he did have a water bucket on hand the hot coals did catch his wardrobe on fire and the sudden thump to the floor had made loads of cracks in his floor, He now had to work on a way to protect the fragile balloon from any unnecessary damage, noting that iron would be to heavy as well as stonecladding and wood would have worked but cost alot to cover a full balloon so he thought that another leather skin around it may help but that would cost way to much then a idea hit him wool, wool was cheap at the hold and easy to work with. He began sewing the leather together with a wool outer skin and began testing, this time the roof and other objects didn’t make the balloon brake but swords and arrows and anything pointy shot at it would tear it easily, now his balloon was as good as he could get it he contacted Throri 'Warmheart' Stonemace for his help in designing a sloop sized vessel to test out the balloon. Throri 'Warmheart' Stonemace came back with several designs with the dimensions and weight of each, bwelch chose a small light singeing and went to work figuring out the size and shape of the balloon to be able to lift it. Now he had the design he went to the hold to beg for the materials and money to make the first prototype. https://imgur.com/a/wiAiwX6 The OOC: The airship will be slow and hard to control as weather is a bigger obstacle.This means to rp using a airship you will need to have at least a crew of 5 (1 pilot 2 stokers 1 water boy and 1 navigator) upon taking off will all need to do a roll of 10+ of a 20 roll to make sure nothing goes wrong with lift off. Then they will need to rp a event that a member of the event team chooses (high wind/lost/fire/man over board/ect) if passed they will then have to rp the landing of the ship again rolling to make sure no damage during this process. The knowledge on how to make this will also be locked behind a air master guild at the hold where to be able to own a ship of your own you will need to join and climb the ranks Novice (water boy or stoker on ship , 5 events to leave up) Adept( learning navigation of the sky, 3 events needed to level up) Apprentice (learn to pilot the vessel, 5 events needed to level up) Expert (captain a ship under the control of the guild, 3 event to level up) Master (given the license to own a ship of their own, 10 event to level up) Elite (learns how to build the ships) Grand masters (this rank is only obtainable by elites that prove themselves to be worth of the role to the guild) Having it this way means it isn't going to be easy to have a airship and it will be a long time before there would be any significant change to the current meta of using sea going vessels the Prototype will belong to the Azaghul Clan and its chosen allies. Okay so to do some damage control before the comments get agree. 1) this is a reuse of current steam tech introduced by the halfling wheat engine and the dwathen engine which was made by my RP ancestor in part (troopermatthew and i was part of his family and worked on the steam ship. 2) it will not brake RP as it will be locked behind RP progression up the guild ranking and behind events (people complained saying the steam boat would kill the rp and server and it haven't. 3)for those who think well we may as well bring trains and full on blimps in then. No the design i’m proposing will have event determine the success of the take off flight and landing which means that the crew could all have a permadeth scenario happen to them. 4)the reason i’m suggestion this is because there is no major advancements for a long time and now a new map is on the way we need something to shake up RP okay now everyone can go to town on me in the comments