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  1. There would also need to be an edit in nation rules for each nation, which actions justify pk versus something else so that it is extreme cases that pk is enforced rather than just something simple like killing someone in a fight... otherwise there would be 0 room for conflict
  2. Korzkub’Lur would crack his neck and ready his ahzl steel arm blade. “Lookz like itz Twigeh meat for dinner tonighd!”
  3. I think you could wven make a more legit way to request events in general, make it so people have to request through the story discord and from there an et can select that ticket and pm the person involved, that way theres no issues with how to schedule and its easy to track which et’s are actually doing events and such.
  4. I dont think raids need to be changed at all, I do think it might be interesting however if pricing on heists was changed. Make it less of an absurd amount and easier to make money off of it. That is the over all goal of heists you put in money but you should be able to get more out of it... putting in a **** ton of money for barely any reward is never worth it.
  5. Are all of these animals you have in your shop gotten rply? cus I know that some of them can grow to be vicious in rp fights and it wouldnt exactly be fair if anyone could pick one up randomly at your shop for a couple hundred mina.
  6. I would like to see about crp because in many cases there have been instances of someone claiming me to be powergaming in crp when they are playing a frail elf and I am playing an orc... I think we should discuss how to make the rules to crp more fair or even provide basic racial bonuses in crp. I believe that racial bonuses would be good for pvp as well given that right now ologs have their food decrease faster but have no bonuses to even things out.
  7. I hope this gets approved I wanna hunt one
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