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  1. Dorimnur Goldhand leans forward on his secluded desk stacked high with reports of the lands, scrutinizing documentation presented before him by his Clan Member Korgi Jewelbeard. "W'ere's t'is at? Duma? Adria. Olright. Nae heard ove him." @Nooblius
  2. I love this! Here's some critiques I've got for this myself; 1. Discern the difference in the fire that comes from striking it, to that of hitting it on it's cleavage planes, and that of it's natural iridescence when you spin it around and stuff. 2. The mention of degradation in the first body of text isn't explained until later, to be water and old age. I'd allude to it in the first mention of it, as I was confused on how it would degrade until scrutinizing the piece. 3. Water degradation should be explained more, air degradation is explained enough and should be mirrored by water. 4. It says nothing can cool Brynnestine, but thanhium can. Explain why, because there are other materials that are naturally cold like thanhium and sap heat. 5. Change "treat hypothermia and frostbite due " to "Treat hypothermia and prevent frostbite" 6. Given the hottest this can be is 100 C, it would not be able to create ignition in fires as is outlined, though I might have misread the spectral flame part and that could be used. Same with steam engines, which need temperatures far higher than 100 C That's the feedback I've got in my downtime from school, hope you consider it, I like the piece!
  3. [!] A thick sealed wax of amethyst hue contains the opening of a thick parchment, reading as such: It is in your great fortunes this day that the Waystone Corporation's Wayside Ranching has great beasts of all sorts and kinds. Come by our location at Eastfleet to discuss further with our Margrave Mechanist Rylanor Goldhand. -The Wayfather, Dorimnur Goldhand.
  4. I like this a lot better than the current write of daemonsteel. +1
  5. Dorimnur Goldhand still remembers the times that Kalvaroth would pop into Dorimnur's own smithing lessons, upon the mighty smithing platform hanging in the center of Kal'Darakaan. He would never hear of the man after that.
  6. IGN: BDanecker RP Name: Dorimnur Goldhand Age: 200+ Activity Requirement: Being a girlboss Candidate: Ulfric Stormcloak Frostbeard
  7. The Waystone Corporation "Leading you to your future" The advent of a great mercantile boon for all of Almaris, the Waystone Corporation is the conglomeration of many businesses into one single entity. With the goal of spreading the awareness of specialties that lie within citizen’s walls they are unaware of, businesses of all kinds that wish to seek public renown may enter this Corporation as means to act on the global stage! Too many businesses lie inert in their shops in various nations, seeing such little traffic due to an utter absence of marketing! Now is the time to fix that, and join the businesses that have already joined the Corporation for their own gain and fame! There is also an Aviary for those who wish to send avian messengers to request works. The first businesses to join the Waystone Corporation are listed below, all joined under a single roof to consolidate business, and save you, the customer travel time so you can spend more time enjoying your time! They are all led by three, first being the leader of manufacturing; The Margrave Mechanist Rylanor Goldhand. Second is The Golden Flame Wizard Falk Irongut, leader of all things magical. And leading both of them and owner of all businesses under the Waystone Corporation is the Wayfather himself, Dorimnur Goldhand. The Wayside Tavern opens! Located at Eastfleet, the first groups of businesses for the Waystone Corporation have all centralized around the Wayside Tavern. Situated on the bottom floor of the building and open to all, this tavern serves the finest imports, as well as domestic brews from Dunheim Breweries. Situated within are lavish tables surrounding a elevated platform for plays! The Wayside Tavern is open to any who wish to work or bartend, as well as for aspiring playwrights who wish to entertain and perform for a grand audience. Come and stay a while! Bazaar Featuring Maelstrom Trading Co. as our first mercantile store owners, there are 4 total stalls, with 2 available for foreign businesses to come sell their wares at this hotspot of mercantilism... without any taxes! Talk directly to the Wayfather himself to talk about terms and conditions. As well, the ability to gather commissions shall also come from this great Bazaar! Each business that is available for selling wares offers here, in forms of paper slips that passerby's may purchase and then meet with the owners of each Business that is selling. Make sure to come by and check frequently to get in line for commissions! The Living Forge The personal Steamforge of Armakak’s Artificer Dorimnur Goldhand, this cavernous space will be the birthplace of countless fantastical relics and heirlooms. Crafter of all things with his divine hammer Hand of the Cosmiforger, this advanced forge is taking any and all commissions for the right price, for all works that come from the anvils of The Living Forge will be one-of-a-kind! Come down to Eastfleet today and order a commission that will have no comparison in the lands. The Golden Enchantry Ran by the Irongut Sorceror who follows in the footfalls of Kardel himself, Falk Irongut, the Golden Flame Wizard, has opened his Enchantry! Master of warping reality to his whim, this magical shop of marvels bears an immense voidal obelisk that allows he and his workers to create works far better than the common rudimentary enchantments that are highly innovative! As well, for the most generous of recurring patrons may be allowed to purchase magical objects of the highest degree of rarity and secrecy… The Spark A craftsman business of Alchemy and Alchemical constructions, Rylanor Goldhand’s The Spark hosts marvels of alchemy found nowhere else! Here you may find yourself in wonder at what the metal dwarf has manufactured, and you too can own such creations! Find these two locations on the upper floor of the Wayside Tavern for Alchemy, and ask in The Living Forge for Alchemical commissions. Goldhand Pawn & Palm Who better to aid in finances, quotes, sales and taxes than a dwarf, and the Lord of Mercantile dwarves no less! Through centuries of circumventing tax-systems and being brought invaluable relics to appraise and sell, Lord Goldhand and his clan are opening their doors to any and all who wish to become informed spenders or sellers! Located within The Living Forge, come right in and peruse what Pawn he has to offer, as well as perhaps pawning a seemingly mundane object that bears untold wealth. Stop by today! Duckling Crafts, Commissions and Services Ran by one of the finest woodsmen of the lands, Oryl Sirame the Mali'ame marksman brings his bounty of the forest to those who seek him out upon the hills of the Wayside Tavern. Maker of all things wood, this humble stump provides shortbows, longbows, wood carvings, tanning, and all sorts of natural needs that go beyond woodcrafts. Stop by today to purchase the greatest bows known to the lands! Wayside Ranching Settled in the lush backward stretch of land that the Wayside Tavern resides upon, Wayside Ranching hosts all of your animal needs! Selling steeds at breakneck prices as well as exotic animals like Bokolos, Screowls and Furefs, this ranching service sells to all, and is open for descendantkind to come peruse the numerous steeds available! The Eight Precepts A group of individuals gathered from the corners of the lands, the Eight Precepts united under the cause of maintaining the balance and peace of the lands. Risen from the ashes of the Inferi War, this group now seeks out each and every threat to Almaris wherever it may come from and no matter the foe, no matter the cost. In their free time, they also are avid monster hunters! This Monster Hunting Guild holds public hunts, as well as more esteemed private hunts for those to join once having joined the ranks. If any business wishes to come under ownership of The Waystone Corporation, schedule a meeting with the Wayfather himself to discuss. Any other inquires shall be directed to the other leaders, The Margrave Mechanist and The Golden Flame Wizard.
  8. The Lord of the Aurokanar gives a grin at this, not of a haughty expression but one of mirth, to which he explains to his metal son through interjections of steam blasting through his forge "Perhaps ah've underestimated Draakopf when ah said he wos too bold ah'n public. This does indeed bring ah grin to me scarred face. But, business as usual."
  9. Dorimnur Goldhand stands within a cavernous forge of steam design, daemonsteel pipes ushering forth great gouts of scalding steam to drive machinations and great steel gears. He converses with his metallic son, and says in a lean to catch his ear in a serious tone “Too bold, too… Public.”
  10. The Aurokanar Lord, and soon-owner of a new mercantile entity stands back and gazes upon the finished work of his laborers, a glorious grand design of his that would bring him and his allies great wealth and strength in the years to come. "T'a next king will nae tax me, that's ah'll ah care about. Nor threaten ta publicleh beat meh bloodeh ah'n piss on meh bodeh." he says to his fellow Businessmen in a haughty tone. Though, in his stony heart, that which had been called golden by so many, he believed Levian'tol to have been a good king, one that understood the burden of the Yoke, and one who was willing to spread himself thin to keep the Mountainhome from crumbling.
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