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  1. BDanecker

    A Warsmith's Plee

    Dor Irongut bobs his head, thinking about the idea. “Hmph. Aneht’ing ta improve me smithin’ be appreciated.”
  2. BDanecker

    [CRISIS] Political Assassination, Despot Inauguration

    *Dor Irongut snorts after reading this announcement, saying “Humph, Dwain nae ‘as greh en ‘is beard, and ‘es t’a oldest?”
  3. BDanecker

    The First Blackfog Bazaar

    *Dor Irongut grumbles something about a unfulfilled request by the arcanarium*
  4. BDanecker

    Laws of the Consulary Republic of Holm

    Dor Irongut squints his eyes as he reads outside, taking a rest from testing a ballista . “Wot es t’is?! No vulgariteh in ah dwarven founded citeh?” He hits the paper for self-emphasis “Holm es full ove PANSIES.”
  5. BDanecker

    A Notice To Caius

    Dor Irongut rides into Merton on his ass, reading this from his newsboy. “Bah,” Dor says, “let t’a dogs eat eachot’a alive.”
  6. Minecraft Name BDanecker Discord BDanecker#1120 Timezone CST Describe your knowledge on the descendant races Humans are short lived, as that is their curse. Pretty normal to understand, have 3 subraces of highlanders, heartlanders, and far folk. Elves are weaker, but longer lived than humans, and I am not sure of their curse, I believe it is pride. More frequent users of magic, and have taller, slender builds. Incorporate their own language into common, and have multiple subraces, such as snow, dark, and high elves. Dwarves are the ones cursed with greed but blessed with strength of mind and stoutness. Short and have magnificent beards, living with clans and in mountains. Renown for smithing and can live for hundreds of years. Have the three distinct subraces of cave, forest, and mountain dwarves, with mountain being the most popular. Halflings are the race I know the least about, being halfbreeds between dwarves and humans. Peaceful and friendly, but are wary of tall people. Orcs are the largest, with the curse of bloodlust but with the blessing of honor. Speak the blah and like to fight. Come in colors of red and green and blue usually, and come with tusks. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant Specifically race’s customs and their curses. Maybe even forum guides on RP. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team I was told by a good GM (Forgot his name, sorry Mr. Unknown) that the best way for me to help other players would be to join the AT team. I have been personally helping two brand new players the past two days, finding them in OOC chat and meeting them at CT to lead them to my settlement where I showed them the basics of the server such as magic learning and plugins. I would love to continue to do that, and if by golly if I can help some people out with what I’m already doing then sign me up. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications I’m not 100% sure this is related to the application process, but I think it would be very beneficial to have a system where a new player doesn’t have to come into the server like an outsider. For example, when I made my dwarf character, I did not know ANY of the dwarf players, and so did not have enough knowledge to say my character had been living a normal life in dwarven society for the past years. It would be instead better to have a way to plug in outsiders where someone of the group/race of choice would be their starting point, and would be their essentially “racial player hub” where they can begin to branch out from there. This would help player retention IMMENSLY, as most players leave in the first week, which I wholeheartedly believe is due to a lack of direction. If we could give them the first steps, they would stick. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made Giving prime examples of what a successful application looks like for each race and sub race would be great, and people wouldn’t have to pay others to write applications for them. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed School starts back, so I plan to be a casual staff member, and plug in when others can’t basically. Plus I play multiple instruments such as the French Horn and the banjo 😉 I am not 100% of all of the duties of an AT so being informed of that would be great Tell a joke The person reading this
  7. BDanecker

    The Belvitz-Holm Railway; An Era of Industry

    Dor Irongut has had multiple races on the railway before the announcement of it even existing.
  8. BDanecker

    [Event Idea] Truffle Hunt

    Good wholesome content
  9. You smacked Dor in the Basilisk event yesterday with Lightning and blamed it on MikeMeist smh
  10. BDanecker

    As the Wind Blows

    ((Dor Irongut, minus the glasses)) The day knows no difference in the status of men. The mice do not change their ways based on whether or not a distant man becomes a king, or fails as one. But, as Dor Irongut comes back from his urgent trip through Atlas after receiving the word that his seat as Consul of Holm was voted to another, he learns that men are not like the day. As he enters the city, Dor looks bewildered at the townsfolk and nobility alike, at the change of tone, the lessening of cordiality, and the dropping of respect from those who once venerated him as their Consul. He slowly walks up to the senate chambers, in which all of Holm's politics take place, and terses the side of his mouth, saying whilst shaking his head, "Well, at least ah've learned wot men are capable ove eh?" He gives a short chuckle and wraps his robes tighter around himself in the breeze cutting through the Silver Hills. Dor thought to himself as he walked, thinking about how he was shocked the most at the change of character of those close to him, even those of his council, all in the name of the beast who calls itself Politics. Never did his ears hear the complaints, never did he receive reproach, but was plotted behind, with a support prior to the most recent election of a majority vote, to a support of no more than two votes. As so with that, Dor thinks to himself, he had learned all that he had come out of his hermit lifestyle of mining in deep caves for; his endeavor to learn about the bounty men stored in the form of relationships had come to fruition, and it was something he had gambled in coming to Holm, and he had lost. He tread down the cold stone stairs that led down from the senate chambers and up to his home in the Cloud District, opening his door to be greeted by the residential cat, rubbing it's head against Dor's legs, just as it did when he was Consul. Dor digs hurriedly in his oak chest, looking for and finding his sapphire, and clutches it close to his heart, stepping back to his table, taking a heavy seat in his chair, it creaking under his weight. Grabbing his silver goblet, he takes a long drink of his rich wine and leans back against the cracked stone brick wall, looking through the grated window overlooking the wooded valley below him, and sighs, content. He falls asleep, and wakes hours later, ready to find the riches he searches for, elsewhere.
  11. On the roads again

  12. *Dor Irongut chuckles at the paper, not in spite, and says* “Heh, seems t’a editors nae know t’a meanin’ ove plurality ove words.”
  13. BDanecker

    Rage, in the Heart of An Elfess

    Dor Irongut would be passed out in front of the fire, quite literally a heavy sleeper.