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  1. Dor Irongut bobs his head, thinking about the idea. “Hmph. Aneht’ing ta improve me smithin’ be appreciated.”
  2. On the roads again

  3. Top five in activity and still not a nation ?
  4. BDanecker


    After hundreds of years working in the royal mines of Kal'Tarak, collecting and owning most of the riches that the Earth has, Dor decided to pursue different kind of riches: the experience of connecting with the peoples of Atlas. He is a traveling cave dwarf merchant, who's desire is to experience the richness of experiences with other individuals he encounters in his trade, but after spending most of his life collecting ores and riches, and due to the curse of Iblees, Dor can sometimes revert to his over-materialistic mindset; sometimes regrettably at the cost of others. He is a wise dwarf, fond of talking, but he is not sure what he will encounter in his travels, so he has not developed a "trusting" or a "skeptical" mindset yet, but it will come with time. As with most dwarves, he has an undying loyalty to the Kingdom of Kal'Ulrah, but he is wise enough to appreciate other cultures for what they are, willing to get invested and involved, but does not care for pointless politics; only what is right, and what is wrong. Dor's mother gifted him a sapphire when he came of age, and with him being very close to his mother, adopted the sapphire as him favorite item. The gem is sewn into his clothes he wears.
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