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  1. I remember when the bungo I fell in love with was a doom forge
  2. โ€œNarvok Oz Urguanโ€ Says Dreek 69
  3. Lurtzโ€™Gorkil grins as he hears of these missives, ready to slaughter pinkies again!
  4. Lurtzโ€™Gorkil prepares a lawsuit for the infringement on his copyright for the phrase โ€œFlying Ologโ€
  5. Gone in the Night Drinks sloshed, and tales were told among a rowdy company of Dwarves within the Ruined Runesmith as Dwarves of all backgrounds shared a seat. Even among his fellow Dwed Ulyrick the Caring was a strange sight- one to be wary of while sharing a drink. Nonetheless, the small party agreed to visit the new town of Kalโ€™Nogazen and treat their neighbors with some kindness. The noble party only included the Grand Marshal, High Preceptor, Clan Father of the Ironguts and several other Dwarves trekking behind Ulyrick through the treacherous mountains behind Hefrumm. It was p
  6. Dreek III gasps, ready to tell Dreek IV of these crimes!
  7. Remember when mods would give themselves Aether before getting axeโ€™d?


  8. chorus fruit tree

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    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      It go John Horen or hallelujah
      Pick your poison tell me what you do
      Everybody gon' respect the killer
      But the one in front of the sword lives forever (the one in front of the sword forever)
      And I been hustlin' all day, this a way, that a way
      Through canals and alleyways, just to say
      Fruit tree is the perfect place for shade and that's just how I feel
      Edited by Charles The Bald
    3. Dreek


      @SoulReapingWolf im running out of Minecraft trees sorry sir

    4. SoulReapingWolf


      You are forgiven

  9. spruce trees

  10. Jungle Trees

    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      Jungle trees is the perfect place for shade and that's just how I feel (now, now)
      A minas might, just **** your elven wife that's just how I feel (now)
      A minas might, say **** them orcs that you came with that's just how I feel (now, now)
      A minas might, just make that lane switch that's just how I feel (now)
      A minadย  might, turn to a million and we all rich that's just how I feel

  11. Dreek III gets out his popcorn
  12. Dreek III squints, barely able to read the painted words
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