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  1. Heinz Raid

    you're my hero @drunkenbagel
  2. Monthly FM Log Introduction Hi everyone, another month has gone by since our last report to the community so here we are again. The FM team has been prioritizing internal reforms to our protocol this month, but we do have 1 or 2 things in the works for the community that we’ll be releasing in the coming week, so be sure to be on the lookout! New Forum Team Managers A new manager has stepped in to offer his experience and work ethic. We’d like to announce Mitto as our newest manager, he has shown an intense work ethic ever since being added to the team and has striven to complete projects outside the standard bounds of an FM. Please give him a hearty welcome New Forum Team Moderators We’ve had a few new faces join the team in order to fully revitalize the team and put us back up to prime working condition! Please welcome them with open arms! Moderator Actions With this month’s issue of our team report I’d like to take the time to publicize our quota system. Every month an FM is required to notch up 4% of the quota, with managers being required to hit 3% of the quota. This quota acts as a very basic activity check for each member and includes the number of times a user has run a saved action(EX: ‘archive’ or ‘complete a support request’), hidden, locked, pinned, warned, and/or completed a report. Norland vs Romstun Video Threads Revisiting a similar issue from the previous month, we need to address the past few threads that contained videos of skirmishes between the Romstuns and Norlandic forces. While there is no problem with posting videos like these, and certainly not discouraged, the FM team is condoning the frequent nasty arguments and name calling that erupt from these threads. This counts as a warning to those who continue to spark and spread flame wars on these video threads, we will be handing out heavier punishments than previously. Warning Appeals Reminder I’d like to issue a reminder to all forum users that you can appeal your warnings over in our warning appeals subforum. I heavily encourage you to head over if you find yourself with any unappealed warnings! Applicants With three new members joining our team this month, we are no longer actively searching for new members. We still encourage members to apply though and put their names up for consideration in the future - especially if you reside in an oceanic/East Asian time zone. That’s all folks, Dr.Eek
  3. [Accepted] [Trial]edel reaches for the sky

    Edel shows all the qualities of an excellent GM and would be a fine choice if selected. +1
  4. Good day LoTC. “Criticism must be made in a constructive manner. Make an effort to remain mature and uphold the good nature of each discussion; we do not tolerate toxic or deceitful behaviour.” This rule is long standing on the Forum Rules. However a lot of players don’t seem to understand the magnitude of damage a player can do to another in a post. Therefore the Forum Management Team sought to bring clarification on this rule. Simply put, the rule itself does not seem like it has as negative connotation if you break it as you really should. This rule seems like if you broke it; ‘Ah, well, a couple of points.’ More players need to clearly understand that certain posts can lead to a direct ban, it doesn’t matter how few points you have. Certain things you say to another player, whether rumour or fact, can stay with them their whole time on the server. You can state something that could potentially be a cornerstone of abuse to them for years. Many players are stuck with a bad reputation having allegedly doing stuff that they never actually did. Understand, the level at which you choose to attack someone will have a direct counter response on you. Should you choose to attack someone so viciously and directly. Spread rumors or threaten to attack, dox, doss, etc. You will face a punishment just a severe. There are no guidelines to what sort of punishment you will receive for different types of harassment, for the simple fact, we the Forum Team don’t want players to know what they’re in for when they make a post attacking another player. Just don’t do it. Each case is handled separately, and therefore each punishment will be unique. by mitto Forum Team
  5. [Denied] Chorale_'s FM Application 2.0

  6. [Denied] Fm app from Jacob

  7. [Denied] MCPancakes FM App

  8. Your appeal has been Denied. Should you have any questions you can contact me on Discord, my username is Dreek#1213.
  9. [Denied]yekim7 GM app

    yekim is a kind and gentle man
  10. I need help pls

    This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  11. reminder, if you post spoilers you  get warning points

    1. Archipelego


      Frodo is a whitewalker

  12. I need help pls

    Thread moved to Support At the bottom is a list of the different magic applications
  13. Forum Ban Appeal Format

    Forum Ban Appeal Rules Use the format issued below; any other format, specifically in game ban appeal formats will not be accepted. No one should post on the appeal except the moderators handling the appeal and the player themselves. If you have any additional information, please contact the moderator handling the appeal. If you have made a throwaway account to appeal, you must not use this account to use the forums normally, your forum ban is still applicable. --- The appeal process can take a while to be completed, therefore patience is expected. In some instances the team will vote, other times it can come down to a manager or director vote/decision. Please title your thread as follows, the format is posted below. [Forum Ban] Username - Reason Format Forum Name (Link the profile): Minecraft IGN(s): Reason for ban (If a specific reason was stated, otherwise ‘reached 10’): Why should you be unbanned?: If you were banned due to an accumulation of warning points, what procedures will you take in the future to prevent this happening? (N/A if other):
  14. Apologies, I thought I had posted this earlier. Your appeal will be reviewed 1 month after it was issued, July 29th.