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  1. Drynn is disappointed in his brother for committing suicide.
  2. Mi am wizh tu com... Mi am minoriti...GIB SCHOLARSHIP, Says lurtz'Gorkil
  3. he knows a lot about the world of slimes in minecraft.... +1
  4. Dont know what you're talking about mate, I and the rest of Dunamis was able to eat just fine. In fact, what you're suggesting would make grinding chef in order to get higher saturation food completely irrelevant, unless I'm mistaken.
  5. i would very much like to partake in this wonderful giveaway
  6. ur a female

  7. Dreek Ireheart thinks that this battle sounds familiar...
  8. Stop posting OOC on an RP thread, if you wish to continue your argument then take it to PMs.
  9. why are these cooldowns so long
  10. Ski_king_3 is a lovely human being or is he?
  11. excuse me sir do you still need raw fish

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Croleo676


      I wouldn't trust harold and his deals, all of them are most of the time fishy

    3. Dreek


      No i have raw fish now, but i heard my fellow man in need

      @Yankee may need some

    4. Harold


      hello sir @Yankee i hear you may need some raw fish

  12. hello i have raw fish now, thank you

  13. @LadyRebecca Sorry about that, I edited in to the main post and will repost it here, Dreek#1213