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  1. Major breakthrough by our safety admin @Cpt_Noobman on the incident earlier this week. Look out for an update later today!

    1. Noobli


      I think there was a mix-up where Dreek was put into Story Team but he actually meant to apply for Safety Team when he said ST.

    2. SoulReapingWolf


      There are no applications for Safety Team. Safety Admin Noobman hand picks each candidate personally and does a very thorough inspection.

    3. Burnsy


      Thank goodness

  2. Thank you Safety Admin Cpt_Noobman. Keep us safe!
  3. Our safety admin @Cpt_Noobman is currently writing up a post about todays events. Stay tuned!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Callum


      I hope this is a meme 

    3. Burnsy


      2 hours ago, Callum said:

      I hope this is a meme 

      What part of this is a meme? Cpt_Noobman has been keeping the community safe as perhaps the best performing admin. 

    4. KeatonUnbeaten


      really glad to see the safety team catching ex-cons and fugitives

  4. thank you safety admin @Cpt_Noobman for keeping lotc safe

    1. howard


      what did cpt_noobman do


    2. Dreek


      He is our safety admin for LOTC! He does everything!

  5. Dreek III remembers tales his ancestors told of Sha’s orphanage in Anthos- child labor that was burned to ashes in mere weeks
  6. MC Name: thebulter Character Name: Dreek III Character Age: 25 Appearance: Dwarf Bloodline - Feel free to contact Utak (Mickaelhz) or Axel (Lefty_Bojengles) for help: Dreek Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline (E.g, Son of ___, grandson of ___ etc): Son of Dreek II Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?: Ye What is your Discord?: you have it Image of the skin you intend to use: you made it lefty
  7. A descendent of Kings, he was always born for greatness. Formed in the ashes of of fires that once raged across the fields of battle, there could only be few greater names among the Dwarves. Yet his namesake, was none of those. A capable fighter and leader, yes, but no where near the level that his comrades faced. Despite being a strong merchant and hoarder of wealth, his fame went unrecognized next to certain Human merchants. Accomplished at all, yet a master of none- Dreek found his name thrown amongst other heroes of the Brathmordakin. Yet he never truly stuck out amongst the deeds of the rest, and certainly paled in comparison to his heirs. Born under the sign of Grimdugan, Dreek the third was unlike his father Dreek II or his grandfather Drynn. Who knows what legacies will bring forth? Dreek Ireheart III strode unto the Under Realm of Urguan, ready to claim his place in history.
  8. Done @Hobbits Done @MinionManXDD Sorry for the wait
  9. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
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