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  1. Denied.
  2. Undead in a Thera failed due to inactive leadership and lack of a clear direction, the same way most antags fail. No matter what great idea the lms or et put together, if the person leading the antag fails under pressure, doesn't have an organized plan, or goes inactive, the antag will fail.
  3. Veris and Sutica are the two most active roleplay hubs on the server- by far. Option A would severely hinder them, also destroying the economic hub that Sutica has become after the collapse of johannesburg and kal'Omithiel. I can't fathom why option A would ever be viable
  4. chaw lives in thailand, take that how you will +1
  5. Warning Appeal System Welcome to the sub-forum in which you may appeal your forum warnings. Only the Forum Moderators, Forum Team Managers, Forum Team Director, Admins, and yourself can see the topics you have posted in this thread. Remember to read the details of this system thoroughly, and use the proper format. If you are uncertain about any of the bullet points below, feel free to reach out to any Forum Moderator or Forum Manager to clarify questions you may have. When appealing, we urge you to be honest and genuine with your responses. Rules and Regulations: When a warning is appealed, all the points given with it are appealed at once. Verbal warnings (0 Points) will never result in punishment, and do not need to be appealed. Only one warning may be appealed per month . Warnings must be appealed in the order they were given(Oldest Newest). You may not appeal any warning if you have received a warning point in the past month All warning appeals must be submitted in the sub-forum, using the correct format. Forum Restrictions (Alternative punishments such as status restrictions, moderated content, etc.) are to be appealed before warnings. The appeal for the restriction must be accepted before the wait to appeal your oldest warning begins. With this system, warning points will only be given to those who display clear misconduct on the forums. We acknowledge when we make mistakes, and encourage you to bring your concerns directly to us if you feel a warning you received was unjustified. Feedback on how the FM team is managed is always appreciated. Warning Appeal Format: Format your title as follows: Forum username [FM who distributed warning] Forum name: IGN name: Forum name of FM who distributed point(s): [Place an @ before their forum name] Warning reason: Amount of points received: Do you understand the reason they were issued?: Why do you believe your warning should be removed?:
  6. The FM Team is still looking for new members! Go ahead and put your apps up!

  7. The FM Team is still looking for new

    members! Go ahead and put your apps up!

  8. Onslaughted was a very dedicated trial gm and since he has the activity now that limited him before, he would be one of the best choices for the team! +1
  9. Appeal Accepted Apologies for the wait.
  10. The FM Team is still looking for new

    members! Go ahead and put your apps up!

  11. Accepted.
  12. Accepted.
  13. Accepted.