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  1. I remember when the bungo I fell in love with was a doom forge
  2. “Narvok Oz Urguan” Says Dreek 69
  3. Lurtz’Gorkil eats a copy of the missive
  4. Lurtz’Gorkil grins as he hears of these missives, ready to slaughter pinkies again!
  5. Lurtz’Gorkil prepares a lawsuit for the infringement on his copyright for the phrase “Flying Olog”
  6. Dreek

    Gone in the Night

    Gone in the Night Drinks sloshed, and tales were told among a rowdy company of Dwarves within the Ruined Runesmith as Dwarves of all backgrounds shared a seat. Even among his fellow Dwed Ulyrick the Caring was a strange sight- one to be wary of while sharing a drink. Nonetheless, the small party agreed to visit the new town of Kal’Nogazen and treat their neighbors with some kindness. The noble party only included the Grand Marshal, High Preceptor, Clan Father of the Ironguts and several other Dwarves trekking behind Ulyrick through the treacherous mountains behind Hefrumm. It was pitch black outside as the party trudged along, taking only a moments respite to massage their sore calves before reaching the near empty town.... a very different sight than their past visit. Striding inside, claims of representation and new temples were used to entice this wary party. Yet, a wariness never left the party brought by Ulyrick as the village remained mysteriously quiet and deserted the longer they stood there. Marvelous pumpkin pies and honey mead only momentarily took the minds of Wilhelm Grimgold and Falk Irongut off the situation at hand, sharing in the food with Ulyrick as the flames of nearby torches flashed across the walls of the town. Nervous, and ready to get on with the reason they were here Noorli urged his brethren to resist their gluttonous temptations and proceed with their original intentions. So, up the mountain they climbed only to find a measly hearth dedicated to the great Mother herself- Anbella. It was not long before the night had passed them by in their inspections of the ground and the eyelids on each dwarf’s face grew weary. All except for Ulyrick felt themselves becoming more and more tired, before alarm struck the minds of these Dwed- both Wilhelm and Falk were face down in the dirt quietly asleep. Both Dwed had indulged themself with food and drink and paid the Iron price, striking terror and betrayal into the hearts of Noorli and Alaric. Blue flames erupted from the heart and grew at a frightening speed, casting the shadow of Ulyrick momentarily into the most grotesque of shapes- morphed beyond natural means. Yet their strnegth could not return as both Noorli and Alaric felt themselves falling to their knees against the roar of the flames. It was then they saw the truth of this village, the truth of Kal’Nogazen...for Ulyrick had revealed his truth self. Before them stood the hulking, pulsing mass of a mutated Dwarf. As large as an Olog and just as strong, the monstrosity effortless swatted Noorli to the ground and smashed his very mind into unconsciousness. Between him and his mission stood only two things- Alaric Grimgold and his crossbow. Soon, those would be joined by a large bolt piercing the shoulder of Ulyrick the Mutated- rocking the surrounding valley with an earth shattering roar. Consumed with rage, Alaric was flung down the mountain into the village he had just trekked to, his crossbow flung miles into another valley. He did not lose his mind or life, quite the opposite: he gained the words of the beast: Run Yemekar’s Chosen.... Khorvad has returned, and Anbella shall be saved. Run Yemekar’s Chosen.... The Ironborn March Again It was not long before the mutated Dwarf and his prey had disappeared, the only trace of their presence a mine previously closed up now hanging ajar. What dangers lurked even further inside? ((Reminder: 1pm EST Sunday in Our capital, be there of be square
  7. Dreek III gasps, ready to tell Dreek IV of these crimes!
  8. Dreek

    In With the Old

    Lurtz’Gorkil hears of this news and ponders it- soon he has discovered that his favorite loin cloth is soaked in his own drool
  9. Dreek

    The Cowardly Rex Hides

    Lurtz’Gorkil drools on himself before looking visiting his friend Filiberto to look in disgust at the posters”Wub dah Zkah ztowt. Wub am urukz zkahin wib da Elgies. Dey am nub Uruks, Krug am nub happi”
  10. Remember when mods would give themselves Aether before getting axe’d?


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    2. Dreek


      wo wo wo wo wo, i never duped while on staff

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      ok duper

    4. Dreek
  11. chorus fruit tree

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    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      It go John Horen or hallelujah
      Pick your poison tell me what you do
      Everybody gon' respect the killer
      But the one in front of the sword lives forever (the one in front of the sword forever)
      And I been hustlin' all day, this a way, that a way
      Through canals and alleyways, just to say
      Fruit tree is the perfect place for shade and that's just how I feel
      Edited by Charles The Bald
    3. Dreek


      @SoulReapingWolf im running out of Minecraft trees sorry sir

    4. SoulReapingWolf


      You are forgiven

  12. spruce trees

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