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  1. Dreek

    [Accepted] [Pending] Mitto Returns

    anyone who has an anime profile picture is unacceptable
  2. Dreek

    Bell’s Table of General Measurements

    But how many stone do I weigh say dr.eek ireheart II
  3. Dreek

    Bathrugman's Event Team Builder Application

    I remember Kai showing me his dragon back in the day, legend
  4. That zlatan slap and dive was legendary

    1. The North

      The North

      dudes a total troll

      Edited by The North
  5. IGN:thebulter Character name: Dreek Irehear II Time zone: EST IC letter of application: Dear Koralon, It has always been an interest of mine to advance my skill sin the art of smithing, having only known the very basics. It was a dream of my grandfathers to harness the powers of the hammer and metal, alas his world was sucked up by politik until the fury of Ondnarch smited him down. Instead, I hope to fulfill his dreams and lived as he only could dream of, becoming a masterful smith. With Thanks, Dreek of Ireheart, son of Drynn Ireheart, son of Dreek Ireheart
  6. Dreek

    [Admin] Dtrik Ban Appeal

    What rockstar said
  7. This is amazing ebs. I i remember you msging me about the trial a while ago, but this is great. I can't wait for the tales of Dunamis and Hiebenhall!
  8. Dreek

    The Accord of the Hammers and the Ram

    Dreek Ireheart II picks his nails with a bone, stopping to dig a great big booger out of his nose. He then takes a moment to wave at Kalviin while he sits at the Festival of Armakak in Kal'Az'Adar, glad that one of his Ireheart brothers is still around.
  9. Dreek

    The Academy of Holm [Accepting Students] [Hiring Teachers]

    Student Applications Full Name: Dreek Ireheart II Age: 134 Residency: Kaz'Ulrah Major Subject: Orithur College for the Fine Arts I apply for entry into your Academy, and further the College for the Fine Arts, in order to increase my own education. I believe that a Fine Arts education is the foundation for any potential career, may that be political, social, or military. Due to my interest in and service in the political realm, I believe gathering a finer understanding for the cultural aspects and histories of the various cultures I interact with would be paramount. With my degree I will proudly bring the emblem of Holm's educational system around on my diplomatic travels.
  10. Dreek

    Cloud Temple

    the mimics/slimes are sensational. this **** gets better everyday
  11. Dreek

    Cloud Temple

    They're all pretty easy if you use a bow(bows are for cowards), but fighting the golems was one of the few genuine moments of fun I've had in a while on the server.
  12. Dreek

    A Feast of Honors

    Dreek Ireheart II plans to attend, hoping to find some human women who wanna take a ride on the wild side.
  13. Thanks Mr dsdevil
  14. Dreek

    Incel Thread

    How can someone be involuntary celibate, Just lower your standards if you're getting desperate
  15. Dreek

    Don't even feel a little bit guilty

    Black panthers villain was a terrorist