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  1. got caught duping again?

    1. Dewper


      good decision for this man over @Fawb >.>.......

    2. Fawb
  2. its not like i care, baka

    i admit im salty whenever pull that dwarf city stuff up, because it was literally a tailor made dwarf mini antag that i created for them, and the only person that actually got heated( that i remember) was aegis lima
  3. A King's Coronation

    Benjamin W. Goldhand prepares his bag to make the journey to record the crowning of a new King in the history books.
  4. I haven't had the best history with grim, and I'll be honest when I say neither have a particularly positive or negative opinion of him. However, the gm team needs a healthy mix of idea creators and idea supporters. People who can make the ideas and fit them to what the community wants, and then people who can refine them and add onto these concepts. I believe grim may fall into the former category, as so many outspoken and 'harsh speaking' people tend to. Why not give him a legitimate chance at proving his worth? Besides, the snow elf city is too big to world edit out now.
  5. [Accepted] Lets get this over with.

    an absolute legend, and was a great fm when i was commander and chief
  6. A new King

    Benjamin W. Goldhand records this in his history books, marking this period as a time of troubles for Kal'Ulrah. After doing so, Benjamin releases flyers for dwarves to visit the library of Dragur where their history will be on public display soon!
  7. What's on my mind?

    @Kilgrim is

    You are MY hero kilgrim

  8. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    What if my city has no gates to close? #NoBorders #CitizenOfTheWorld
  9. Bring Back the old 40-Health System?

    I remember nearly dying to mobs on my first mining trip cus I forgot we only had 10 hearts and I'm **** at minecraft premium warfare now would be a welcome addition to have, though I could live without it.
  10. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    I'm not to sure about the political assassinations one, but the other two clauses would probably be pretty fine
  11. A journey's end

    Dreek Ireheart welcomes a familiar face with open arms
  12. [Plugin] Axes and War hammers

    one of my first major fights in elysium was trying to use a fishing rod to pull dirty dirty flays off their fort +1
  13. Wow @mitto you got your idea passed!