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  1. I. Name: Vincent Olo IV II. Age: 19 IIa. Date of Birth: Not sure IIb. Place of Birth: Hanseti III. Race: Human IIIa. Culture: Hansetian IV. Martial Knowledge: Gods would beg for mercy. V. Profession: Martial Artist OOC MC Name: Papa_Vinny Skype ID: N/A
  2. Name: Ser Vincent Olo II ((Mc name)): x_Vinny_x Experience (Brief): I've been fighting since I had the ability to remember. I'm twenty four now. I've been a Sariant, King's Watch, I've worked for Valles, some other little odd jobs, and I've recently have been knighted by King Heinrik. ((Skype name)): sirgvincent Do you have loyalties to any other groups or orders: Nope. Rank (Ex: Unoathed, builder, cook): Knight
  3. Vincent's eye twitches as he sees this poster.
  4. Copies of these posters are set up around the cloud temple, Kralta, Redpoint, and Abresi. (( Click this link --> http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/107550-the-kings-watch/ ))
  5. Vincent grins as he sees the note. He then turns his attention back to his greatsword and continues to sharpen it.
  6. OOC: MC Name: x_Vinny_x Age: 15 Country: U.S.A Timezone: EST Skype Name: sirgvincent Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes I do! How long have you been playing on the server?: I've been on this server since Aegis. How long you can you be online per day?: Right now, I don't have that much time because of lifting and wrestling. In about 2 months I'll probably be playing 2-3 hours a day after wrestling season's over. What past guilds have you been apart of?: I've been apart of many as different characters. The most memorable one was the Teutonic Order, which was really the only military I played
  7. ((MC name)) sirgvincent ((Time Zone)) U.S.A Eastern ((Activity, Amount of time spent on)) I am on ALOT! And I have been playing since Aegis. Name: "Queshawn Gibbs." Age: "Twenty six." Gender: "Male." Race: "Human, Southeron to be more specific." Tell us who you are: "Ain't much to talk about, I like to fight though. I have been in a number of orders, militaries, and organizations. But I deserted because of their sheer greediness and corruption. All my life Oren has Irked me with this. Before I decided to be a Celet I was a farmer for Salvus. It was a very hard living and
  8. OOC Mc Name: sirgvincent Age: 14 Gender: Male Rp Skill: Very good, not to brag. I just know how to rp well. IC Name: Queshawn Gibbs Age: 20 Race: Human, Southeron. Gender: Male Are you good in Speech or are you good in a Fight?: In a fight by far. How will you show your faith: I wish to upheld the purpose of the brotherhood by fighting for it. I use all the martial force in my power to serve the brotherhood and keep it strong. Will you be willing to die for the Prophet: Yes, I am.
  9. MC Name: x_Vinny_x Skype Name: sirgvincent Amount of Time on Server: I don't know how much time exactly. But I have been here since Aegis. So a pretty long time. Link to Villain Application (If any): I don't have one yet. My character has no tasks to be completed right now that would require a villan application. But when I need one I will fill it out. Have you recieved a ban, strike, or warn before?: Nope! Not that I can remember.
  10. In Character Name: Vincent Olo II Age: 14 Race: Human What are your professions and talents?: I am best with an axe. But swords I am getting better at. I have been farming as a job for a while now, so that too. I am young so I master no combat. But I have perseverance and I will train hard to train my skills to perfection. Previous military experience: No, a little bit of martial training though. Do you agree to follow the Oath of Allegiance?: Yes. Out of Character MC Name: x_Vinny_x Do you have skype? (Not Required): Yes. Do you have teamspeak? (Not Required):Yes. Do you have an acc
  11. MC name : x_Vinny_x RP name : Vincent Cinardo Reason for joining? Vincent writes, " Before setting off to Anthos, I used to be a shield. I fought in about 2 or 3 wars. I cannot quite remember. I resigned to settle down, maybe start a new life. But I figured out my life was pretty empty without the shields. They felt like a family to me. Plus, the art of war is my passion. So, I would like to join back. Maybe with perseverance, I can work to become a powerful addition to the shields!" Weapon of choice? Vincent writes, " I favor blunt weapons, preferably a warhammer." Are you a citiz
  12. Could you please give me permissions on my chest in the barracks? If so, when you get on I can show you where it is.

  13. +-OOC-+ MC Name: sirgvincent Timezone: Eastern Time Skill Levels: Lumberjacking: 15 / Swordsmanship: 100 / Mining: 15 / unarmed: 5 / Stealth: 1 Link to a VA? If applicable: +-IC-+ Name: Simple but Sweet Biography: My father trained me how to use a sword. That is where I started to want to be a warrior. But then he left me and my mother because he turned into a violent drunk. So we moved to a village and I grew up there. I would practice with a wooden sword on the scarecrow on the farm. Sometimes gaurds would teach me a few tricks and let me use their dummies. That was pre
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