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  1. SpiltMemes

    Dragonslayerelf AMA

    Do you like bread? Cus I do. Oh and if so, what kind?
  2. SpiltMemes

    An Intro to an Older Player

    You rock
  3. SpiltMemes

    The Ashguard

    Application RP Information RP Name: Buford Elendil Race: Adunian Age: 38 Feats (If none just do N/A): Warred the likes of the Sunless Sanctum on tour of Death's End Brigade, during the rule of Emperor John II. Current residence: OOC Information MCName: SpiltMemes Discord: Oldme.me#4029
  4. SpiltMemes

    The Order of St Peter

    Niall, the long-time convert and fighter for GOD and employ of the Savoyard finds himself before the the Duke of Savoy, Jon Renaults. Pledging loud and proud, with full heart. "What is your life?" "My honor is my life." "What is your fate?" "My duty is my fate." "What is your fear?" "My fear is to fail." "What is your reward?" "My salvation is my reward." "What is your craft?" "My craft is death." "What is your pledge?" "My pledge is eternal service!"
  5. SpiltMemes

    Make Uther Grimlee A Knight

    "Knights are a direct representation o' our Empire, they don't go slaughterin' as they please. T'ey are anchored by t' code of Chivalry." Retorts an Elven leginnoaire of Savoy.
  6. SpiltMemes

    The Witch Mother & The Banshee

    I'm biased :J
  7. SpiltMemes

    [✗] The Conspiracy; Reptile Lore

    LeafyIsHere hisses.
  8. SpiltMemes

    [Denied] Spoduminister's ET Actor Application

    Dank memes and good for the spot +1
  9. SpiltMemes

    Asimulum's New Wiki App

    YES +1
  10. SpiltMemes

    [Accepted] Leric's Trial GM App!

    The kid's got spunk and knows how to lead. Yeah he has my +1
  11. SpiltMemes

    [In-Game] Block-lag Issues

    I had this issue. Oddly enough lowering my render distance fixed it. Give that a go, maybe?
  12. SpiltMemes

    Jordan Gai'la, The Cheerful