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  1. Niall, the long-time convert and fighter for GOD and employ of the Savoyard finds himself before the the Duke of Savoy, Jon Renaults. Pledging loud and proud, with full heart. "What is your life?" "My honor is my life." "What is your fate?" "My duty is my fate." "What is your fear?" "My fear is to fail." "What is your reward?" "My salvation is my reward." "What is your craft?" "My craft is death." "What is your pledge?" "My pledge is eternal service!"
  2. "Knights are a direct representation o' our Empire, they don't go slaughterin' as they please. T'ey are anchored by t' code of Chivalry." Retorts an Elven leginnoaire of Savoy.
  3. Why is the silver crown package 2250 crowns and not 2750 :( Now I must pay an extra 10$ for more crowns than I need 

    1. z3m0s


      Thats why its priced like that... so you spend more money

  4. Get your thinkin caps on :J

  5. Hey everyone, Anthony Fantano here; the internets busiest music nerd back with another mixtape review. Manchester Rapper, aspiring lyricist 'Delrof' comes at us with his grime parody of YG's Still Brazy with 'Delrof - Still Jamesy.' This mixtape is short and sweet, it only has a few tracks on it
    the mixtape starts off with a thud with the heartwrenching yet somewhat comical 'Manlet' where Delrof describes what its like to be under 5'10, next we have the more lighthearted 'Introvert' where he describes his endeavours on a minecraft roleplaying server as what seems to be his alter ego 'Thorvald of Lochwind'. Another notable track is 'Middle-Class Roadman' where he basically calls out all of the middle class boys in his area who try to act like gangsters or the English equivalent 'Roadmen'. I really like how hard he goes on this track his flow is incredible and the beat is very Blacker the Berry esc.
    Other tracks include 'Shotgun' where he describes how he was once at a house party and drank too much and consequently threatened to kill himself because of teenaged antics, a little weak on this track though still impressive nonetheless. 
    The final track on this album is simply titled 'Weed' which I know sounds like a very mediocre track but I believe Delrof comes through on this thing with some rather comedic lines about he once managed to drop a blunt in the toilet
    Overall I'm feeling a light to a decent 9 on this thing, I hope Delrof can really tidy up the rough edges on his next piece and I really am impressed overall.

  6. the lannisters send their regards......

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    2. Jonificus


      *Jaime Lannister sends his regards


      fugging read the books mang.......... reee btw check out my at app bro

    3. SpiltMemes
    4. Proddy


      i love d&d's screenplay woooooowooooo

  7. pumkin my reason is  i am not English i am from sweden AND i am 12 years old


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    2. shortchangehero


      Wooooaaahhhhhhh, let's calm down with the passive-aggressiveness, friend. For real though, Shellfire if you need help with your application feel free to contact an application team member or something before hand or some next person to just check it over and fix any grammar mistakes/issues you may have. Not everything is perfect on it's first go, you got to refine the raw material to make it into something better.

    3. shellfire


      i don't care anymore **** everyone of yall


    4. LatzMomo


      what time? ;^)

  8. adunian buff yes no?

  9. Ive currently changed my minecraft username and it seems i was whitelisted by you a while ago and im still a wandering soul since ive got a new username is there any possible way you can reaccept for my "New soul" to wander again??

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    2. Kiwo


      I have tried that but it still says im a wondering soul and i dont know how to play


    3. SpiltMemes


      Try messaging those currently on the Application Team, my friend. I am sorry but I know no remedy to your problem.

    4. Estorra


      how do i become whitelisted i am new


  10. ◕ - ◕ *heavy breathing*

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    2. Chocaholic_


      'Kay, I thought it would be just FMs. <3

    3. tilly
    4. Dr. Boom/Dr. Bewm

      Dr. Boom/Dr. Bewm

      I'm trying to tip of not breathing and for some reason im felin liht hreaded 


    1. Matheus



    2. Ducklingator


      Alot of people say exterminate, but I find it very hard to stumble across a magic teacher for a specific magic

    3. zaezae


      I think sword fighting should have applications with teachers.

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