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  1. based poggers poggers based Treshure typed this on my forum acc
  2. Well earned. It's about time your efforts were recognized.
  3. Good to see it happening. Honestly thought we'd be stuck here for years dealing with this like Nexus. Thank you guys for listening to the players, even if it did take a while. Mad respect.
  4. Tytos 'the Drake' huffed to himself as he read the missive being sent. He lowered the parchment upon the table and looked to Ser Antonius and spoke. "It's quite amusing how I was just speaking to this Lord of Ruthern regarding marriage and courtship. I had no idea he himself was to be betrothed. Of course we will attend Cousin." He affirmed. "I will need to get out of this suit of armor won't I?" Tytos concluded.
  5. Valaryon


    "Based." Said a certain Laraethryn from Haelun'or as he saw his Sohaer and his people were invited.
  6. PROSPECTIVE BACHELOR FORM IGN: Remeron Name: Crumena of Kamees Age: 800 Bank account balance: Xan's Light Hobbies: Flaking One interesting fact about yourself: I am infertile Why should Tatiana choose you?: I am infertile
  7. The Okarir'san pasted the missive on his refrigerator door.
  8. ELUITHOLNEAR, My dearest Brother, and Second Eldest of our Knights. Your words honor me and my purpose beyond what I can write. Venture forth unto the frozen North that you challenge and put all who oppose our Father's whim to the sword. Steel the flame in your heart and you shall never falter. When you return we shall speak of the history of our Order and of our kin. There is much to learn if you or our cousin is to lead us to everlasting victory. Much of the road we walk has been traversed by our ancestors once before, we must succeed where they have failed. Do not fo
  9. Genuinely surprised. Farewell @Riftblade. Thank you for everything you've done for me, and done for the server through undoing much of Flam's mismanagement.
  10. "Nelgauth Maehr'tehral was an openly homosexual and cross-breeding Elf who was also proven in a Silver Court to be a practitioner of Dark Magic and a harborer of the Shade Parasite. Remind me again why naming this specific Mali as a Mali'ata is of any inconvenience to you or any less credible." Caledor would write in response. He continued. "One of the greatest champions of the false-Republic was this Mali - and the Maheral who lorded over him allowed his impure actions. The false-Republic is and was quite literally the most degenerative state of the High Elven culture ever. To contend othe
  11. Why should I lower my tone? Memes aside, Werew0lf, Milen - what has been your single most favorite experience on Lord of the Craft to date?
  12. Caledor Laraethryn collapsed upon the sofa, and kicked up his feet inside his Sister's shop. "The culmination of months of our work finally coming to fruition." Caledor stated, with a sigh of sweet relief. "Kolvar, Kiljarys, Thoras - may he rest, and I - we toiled day and night for months on this bastion of Silver. For you, my Sister and for all the Mali'thill who seek shelter amongst their own kind." He smiled as he continued. "Through the ashes of the false republic have we been reborn, in the flames of passion has the Phoenix of Haelun'or risen again. Let us learn from the mistakes of our E
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