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  1. It was intended to be in the original lore but was omitted as we wanted to focus on getting Azdrazi simply passed first and foremost. The intention was to then have a comprehensive expansion on the Azdrazi. A disconnection method is one of the expansions that was agreed upon by the active Azdrazi base and through the LT we consulted when @Taylor rewrote it. Azdrazi are incredibly powerful, and need a method to keep the mentality that our lore defines in check.
  2. A RESOLUTE DEPARTURE Issued on the 17th of Sun’s Smile, 1753 An open letter to whom it may concern, For too long has the government of the Silver State remained indolent and oblivious to the ongoings around them. For too long have they abided by lethargy and the sycophantic ravings of incompetent bootlickers who have made for themselves a career of occupying our most sacred offices whilst not so much as lifting a finger towards the betterment of our people and our nation. For they are safe, assured in their rabid approval of the Sohaer, why would he remove them when they serve only to maintain the powerbase he has so tirelessly built for himself, yet now to rest upon his laurels and allow his underlings to do the same to the detriment of all those who would strive towards maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. We dutiful servants of Larihei have toiled towards a better future; one deserving of the legacy of our proud nation. And yet, when the poison of corruption seeped in through the cracks, their eyes and ears were closed to us. For all of our struggle, We taste nothing but the ash in our mouth, and no longer can We abide by the indolence and decadence what now shackles our leaders in idleness. And by these grievances; what crimes have been committed against the progress of our people, We now know what path We must walk, for progress and health, and for the sanctity of age-old tradition. To this end, We have entreated with the noble Archon Rivann of the Ravexi, and through our correspondence have We ensured that there shall be a future for those who would reject the decadent future willed for us by the everlasting wisdom of the Sohaer and his bride. For our wasted efforts in the pursuit of justice, for years spent striving towards purity, what all We have struggled against a council so beholden to what they perceive the sweet lilt of their own voices, We have accomplished more in the span of hours in our discussions with Prince Deldrach. Thus, We now know what path We must walk. Thus do We endeavor to depart the Silver State - or rather, the rotting husk it has become, to stand by those who would champion the virtues of merit and wisdom over the sycophancy that has polluted our home. Despite all the ill will of those who sympathize with the malignant arts of dark mages, of those who prefer stagnation to progress, we wish only for the prosperity of the motherland. For We do not forget our roots, and never shall We consider abandoning who We are. We might only hope that one day, this haze shall be lifted from the minds of all those who endorse the rot that eats the nation from within, but until such a day comes to pass, We shall do what must be done in order to ensure a strong and stable environment for those who we represent and who foster the same ideals and beliefs that We share. Ay’larihei. Signed in unison, Valenar Laraethryn Valens Ith’ael Vectis Laraethryn Ri’Haskir High Aelkos Var’Umi Leparda Varkolu Tul’Tsisha Tultelkos Alu’Rha’kir Aluhuso
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  4. Valenar sat across from the mantle and the fire that burned beneath it. The Mali’aheral held the letter in his left hand and a glass of Visaj Red in the other – he’d begun to have forgotten how many times he’d read over the finely written words announcing the death of his friend. Valenar had not had many of his friends taken to the grave, despite being a Mali with friends across Arcas and all living very different lives, yet Silir Uradir’s death was one that Valenar genuinely did not expect. “Who was Silir Uradir?” Valenar asked himself. Valenar finished his fifth cup – and likely his sixth reading if the wine had served as any measurement of events, crumpled the letter in his hands and tossed it into the fire across from him. ”Silir Uradir, a Mali who feared none, many times did I watch you stare into the maws of the abyss and not once did you falter in your resolve. The battle of Talus Grove, the conflicts with Irrinor. Never did you waver. Silir Uradir, a Mali who commanded respect, all that knew your name knew that you did not hold the Uradir legacy lowly, the Sillumir followed you without question and without doubt – the citizenry never questioning a situation when you held the reins. Silir Uradir, a Mali who inspired those around him, you my dear llir had inspired me to reach the heights that I sit upon today. You led me and many others to glory in combat – and to prosperity at home, from war to diplomacy you gave your all in whatever you did. As long as Laraethryn blood flows through my veins, the name of Silir Uradir will not go disrespected. Sirame ito kae'leh, nae oroment, Silir Uradir.”
  5. 1.15 is literally tomorrow. Most of these issues to any who’ve looked into it – are generated by Mojang’s poor work with 1.14 and 1.15 is primarily a bug fixing update which aims to remedy all the problems 1.14 brought on. Let the Lord of the Craft Team update to 1.15 which is supposedly going to fix all these issues with the Minecraft client. (Mojang’s claim, not mine.) I can imagine Llir and the Dev Team have poured a lot of time and effort into the feat that was moving from 1.13 to 1.14, if I were them I’d hate to see that go to waste. I’d rather give them the opportunity to see if 1.15 fixes the issues plaguing Minecraft and thus Lord of the Craft, if not – let’s go back.
  6. Amazing. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I will respond once more whether the issue has been resolved or not per the next restart. Edit: The issue appears to be resolved this morning after logging in. Thank you.
  7. Please answer the following questions to help us better track down the cause of a particular bug: **MC Names of all involved** MinemanBad **Description** Purchased an un-named book on the Auction House by ‘Farrone the Humble’ Once won on the Auction House, the user is not properly flagged for having received the item. User is able to receive the item an infinite amount of times as a result. User cannot access Auction House due to infinitely receiving the awarded item. **Date of occurrence** 18/09/19 10:50 PM PST **In-game specifications** Valenar Laraethryn Persona **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Right Click Auction House **Expected Behavior** Receive awarded item once. **Actual Behavior** Auction House does not register that the item has already been awarded, resulting in being able to receive it infinitely. **Additional Information** **Error Message** N/A
  8. Lareh’thilln (Silver Mountain) [ X ] Lareh’leyu (Beautiful Mountain) [ ] Lareh’siol (Lonely Mountain) [ ] Fi’astoré (New Astoré) [ ]
  9. Valenar had lost a sister borne of battle, a dear friend and his mentor through the ages. Recovering from his grievous wounds in Haelun’or, the Paladin sobbed for the loss of his three loved ones. The desire to grieve overshadowed his fury, but in due time the Paladin’s wrath and rage would return to face the Voidal Tear once more, this time for vengeance rather than duty.
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