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  1. Great intro Eli! Excited for more. Good luck in the planning!
  2. Plastered across the entryway of every public forum lay a familiar crimson and silver serpentine seal, an artists depiction of Caledor Laraethryn and a block of text as follow: "Brothers and Sisters of Silver, Stagnancy has come to our Bastion of Karinah'siol, and it is our imperative to drive its creeping shadow from our walls. As the figures who brought it have been driven from our walls so must return the blood of the passionate and the willed to bring life and prosperity to our silvered halls. For two generations the Laraethryn bloodline has given servitude to Elcih
  3. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Valayron)) Name: Caledor Laraethryn Vote for Okarir'hiylun: ( ) Seth Calith (XX) Valyris Wynasul
  4. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Valayron)) Name: Caledor Laraethryn Vote for Okarir'tir: (XX) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn ( ) Finnadh Uradir ( ) Kolvar Trafina
  5. Discord: Valaryon#0001 IGN: Valayron Skin name: Chronicle Bid amount: 250
  6. R378nFG.jpeg

    mfw Treshure and Kai

  7. Thank you for always being approachable, kind and considerate. I've heard so much good about you from Rift, Heero and Spoon and only barely got to see for myself why everyone considered you to be their 'big brother' in their circle of friends. You're a good man, go achieve what you want in life and have fun whilst doing it. Take care big man.
  8. @Junar Stop lagging in league of legends.
  9. Beauty of the new map is entirely overshadowed by an unfinished plugin that's been forced upon the playerbase.


    Come on man, swallow your pride and let us roleplay and build the worlds we want to see without convoluted and intrusive systems impacting our ability to play the game. We're already back at Arcas numbers.

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      It's a really weird situation. I worked pretty constantly with various people for years on what would become this map, finally coming to fruition with Junar's painting (which despite some of my technical disagreements I'm really happy with what he did) - just for the whole thing to get blindsided & hamstrung with this Vortex incompetence. The mishandling feels almost political, especially given Nick's previous controversies with staff privilege abuse.



      There's actually a longstanding history of rottenness in the tech team, but that's another story.

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      I remember back when it was "Tech team bad" instead of "Admins bad"


      and we've gone full circle again

  10. Yep, back during Vailor I recall clearly Charles The Bald and Arteh discouraging anyone from reporting players over something as petty as banditry. The bandits we have now pale in comparison to what we had in previous maps. We were guaranteed to be popped if we lost, the only exception being if you were a leader and you'd just be showboated before being executed. Being allowed to keep your stuff and walk back home? Unheard of back then.
  11. Honestly Jake, I expected better from you bro.
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