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  1. Honestly Jake, I expected better from you bro.
  2. Valaryon


    go to bed ww
  3. We have had the ‘one week revival time’ for almost four years. The wrathful demeanor are draconic traits – which within itself it specifically says it can be overcome. We have had the ‘Orc Strength’ for nearly four years, and fire breath since its inception. There is no tactful encouragement, we have not altered any hardcore Azdrazi concepts and instead have scaled back our strengths specifically to be more fair to the playerbase. This was not a forced rewrite, this is something I specifically chose to be fair and to try and give the Azdrazi more archetypes to play through. They have CRP weaknesses through Paladins Sunlight Forged blades and through Shade magics. Any player can receive a sunlight forged blade from a Paladin, it’s the same as if you needed some specially smithed metal to defeat us. Gold has been used historically against creatures that cannot be harmed by normal means like Wraiths or Undead, where they are immune to normal attacks or have supernatural resilience to harm. We die the same way any other creature does when struck by a blade.
  4. We have two weaknesses we have added in comparison to the current accepted write where we have no weaknesses at all. We have scaled back the strength on our fire abilities as the channeled fire breath was quite over powered. We’re a Creature, not a magic. This CA cannot be dropped and picked up nor stacked with other magics to increase its strength. Orcish strength is not going to matter in an equation unless you’re grappling with them in hand to hand combat. And again, the fire we have is not supernatural. It is mundane fire. The only different fire we have is in our fire breath, as we are draconic beings and it is therefore dragonsfire. Edit: Quoting the rewrite here: Dragonfire is produced only by the firebeath invocation
  5. In the current accepted write, they do not have a supernatural fire and they already have Orc strength. We are not changing any precedent set by the previous rewrite or the handfuls of rewrites before it. We’ve always had Orc strength and have had fire abilities. Refer to the accepted write here to familiarize yourself with it:
  6. Malaise and I can look into expanding on exactly how the corruption affects Azdrazi, I’ve had some ideas on the topic such as making them perceive allies as foes, corrupting their mental state to make them see and hear things that do not exist. This concept ties back into the fact that Azdromoth was corrupted by Iblees, and my goal was to make sure the weaknesses we added in made lore sense and wasn’t simply pulled from nowhere to make them weaker. As for Thanhium, there was a misconception that Thanhium did not affect the Azdrazi. It does, and should affect Azdrazi in the same way it affects anyone else.
  7. Lots of effort went into this rewrite. I gathered the opinions of community leaders and LT over the past few months in order to address the concerns of the Azdrazi being abused and/or what made them an overpowered CA. We spoke at length to our playerbase to address what they’d like to see. My personal vision for this rewrite was to allow Azdrazi to be whatever archetype they wish rather than the age old sword and board concept. I’m hoping this rewrite will address those concerns and am eager to take the Azdrazi into 8.0.
  8. Had a lot of fun working with ya’ll nerds. Treshure really deserves some recognition from the Staff for the quality of this work. Take a look at some of his other videos. Get this guy in Staff making some media for LotC!!! Edit:
  9. Telanir, I know that you are trying your best to do what you think is best but I ask you kindly consider for a moment if this behavior had occurred with any Manager or any general Staff member. If any member of Staff committed these actions they would have been removed from the Staff Team immediately and more than likely blacklisted for their actions. This is an Administrator who should be held to a higher standard than the rest of the Staff Team. Why does she a pass for behavior that a majority of us would not? In my personal perspective, LotsOfMuffins only now cares about her behavior because there is a massive thread and an outcry of the community against her. She did not care to handle my situation like a proper Administrator, and she did not handle the multitude of other situations like a proper Administrator. I’m all for you being the stand-in, at least things will be better in that section of the Staff Team, but to the Administration reading this – please consider the fact that none of us players or lower ranking Staff members would get away with such behavior. Thank you.
  10. Mickaehlz is fairly spot on with his assessment. To all the Veterans out there, recall your fondest memories of the server throughout your entire time on the server. It was probably some epic event line or some huge war wasn’t it? That's the beauty of conflict. My fondest times of Lord of the Craft back when I was a noob in 2015, @NJBB @UnBaed and so many others in my friend group back then participated in the massive conflict that was the Duke’s War, it’s got almost got a legendary reputation at this point. When it was time for the Warclaims between Savoy and Adria the server cap had to be increased because there was so many players trying to log in at one time. Need I say more how positive these conflicts are for the server? And there was a hilarious amount of banditry all in between, I still have videos of us (being Lorraine at the time) getting dunked on by Dunamis players, and I still look back at those times fondly and I know that so many others do as well. When the war ended and Adria lost, the entire city was burned to the ground and an entire playerbase scattered. People didn’t just quit the server forever when their side lost, they went out and joined new communities or started their own new ones. If nothing at all these epic wars are good at blending the community together to shake up eons old cliques. Basically, my point is this. War, banditry, etc. All forms of conflict take part in a narrative, it’s what we all learned in school in how stories work, there’s always a conflict of one force against another. Not all conflict is necessarily good, but in Lord of the Craft’s case, war, banditry (within reason) have contributed to Lord of the Craft’s narrative and made it what it is today. TL;DR – My roleplay is not more important than any other players, if my nation is conflicting with another and their players come and bandit me, it is all apart of the greater ordeal and not some bandit RPer coming to steal my items and ruin my day. They’re items, they’re pixels, people are what make Lord of the Craft great, not your ST item or diamond sword.
  11. first airplanes then dirty elves summoning mountains?11!1/?
  12. It was intended to be in the original lore but was omitted as we wanted to focus on getting Azdrazi simply passed first and foremost. The intention was to then have a comprehensive expansion on the Azdrazi. A disconnection method is one of the expansions that was agreed upon by the active Azdrazi base and through the LT we consulted when @Taylor rewrote it. Azdrazi are incredibly powerful, and need a method to keep the mentality that our lore defines in check.
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