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  1. Amazing. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I will respond once more whether the issue has been resolved or not per the next restart. Edit: The issue appears to be resolved this morning after logging in. Thank you.
  2. Please answer the following questions to help us better track down the cause of a particular bug: **MC Names of all involved** MinemanBad **Description** Purchased an un-named book on the Auction House by ‘Farrone the Humble’ Once won on the Auction House, the user is not properly flagged for having received the item. User is able to receive the item an infinite amount of times as a result. User cannot access Auction House due to infinitely receiving the awarded item. **Date of occurrence** 18/09/19 10:50 PM PST **In-game specifications** Valenar Laraethryn Persona **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Right Click Auction House **Expected Behavior** Receive awarded item once. **Actual Behavior** Auction House does not register that the item has already been awarded, resulting in being able to receive it infinitely. **Additional Information** **Error Message** N/A
  3. Lareh’thilln (Silver Mountain) [ X ] Lareh’leyu (Beautiful Mountain) [ ] Lareh’siol (Lonely Mountain) [ ] Fi’astoré (New Astoré) [ ]
  4. Valenar had lost a sister borne of battle, a dear friend and his mentor through the ages. Recovering from his grievous wounds in Haelun’or, the Paladin sobbed for the loss of his three loved ones. The desire to grieve overshadowed his fury, but in due time the Paladin’s wrath and rage would return to face the Voidal Tear once more, this time for vengeance rather than duty.
  5. Valenar grins at the proclamation, surprised by the Chair of Saint Daniel’s investigation. “The truth shall be revealed to all of Arcas. What truth that is will be decided soon enough.” The Mali’aheral says, closing to the door to his home behind him. He intended to join his mentor.
  6. Valenar reads the letter whilst idling in the tavern in Haelun’or. “Something tells me the world won’t accept the truth of what we did that night.” Valenar sips his Visaj Red, peering over the letter one last time before discarding it into the fireplace.
  7. It’s a shame to see you go FunkyBunch! The only encouragement I can give you is that the PvP ‘drama’ used to be much MUCH worse than it is now. The server in my experience has taken great strides to reinforce RP over PvP-goonery. You should give some new locales a try! I used to play Human characters during some of the peaks of the PvP conflicts (the Duke’s War, Dunamis and Renatus drama to name a few). Recently I’ve been giving some new places a try in Sutica and Irrinor and it’s been super refreshing as an old veteran and as a roleplayer. Regardless, thank you for enriching our community with your presence while we had you.
  8. This thread reminds me of why all war-related threads should just be locked by default.
  9. You are a really cool guy

  10. free kincanada

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    2. SpiltMemes
    3. Valaryon


      Hey man, I don't got any salt with Luv, just surprised he/she mad another Staff App after how the past few have gone.

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