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  1. Mithradites

    Elven Origins: Wood Elves

    To be fair man, what we have isn't even a quarter as in-depth as what you wrote. I'm more in line with Sky on this; I can see how it would stifle creativity down the line if you flesh out ancient stuff to this degree. Admittedly that's pretty hypocritical coming from me, since I'm the one who wrote the one lore-approved thing for the high elves (which is inconsistent with your account, but I don't blame you, because even I can't find the stupid post in that useless archive) but it doesn't come close to this. What I set in stone for all high elves was (if memory serves): -Larihei existed and may/may not have been on the High Council of Malinor. -The Golden pools were a thing that existed. -Bathing for centuries in the golden pools made them blond, smart, and arrogant. -Larihei buggered off to Asulon with a bunch of her mates, but an equal number stayed behind and lots of them lived with the other elves. -High Elves like arcane magic probably. That's basically what I wrote. Literally an origin story. But in this you describe events, names, families, wars, architecture, and culture. It's very well written, but too well written. I don't feel comfortable with this amount of information on the wood elves set in stone. It leaves little leeway for future projects. Sorry, dude. I can't support it.
  2. Mithradites

    Since Everyone's Making LM Apps...

    Minecraft Account Name: OldMithradites Skype: toomuchrepublicanism How long have you played on LotC: On and off since Aegis. I've had a few big burnouts, but I've got my time divvied up quite efficiently now. Time Zone and Availability: AEST, and my Skype open most of the day. What Subgenre (Refer to the LM specifications list) are you versed in the most?: I like to think I'm the cleverest clog when it comes to high elven lore, though I also like to think I'm well-versed with the other two elf groups as well (in the accepted stuff, sorry Leo). I'm also pretty confident in my knowledge of most arcane magics, barring the latest voidal-travelling-whatsits these no-good kids have thought up. And also barring 'acanism.' Never cared for that newfangled, fluffy nonsense. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LotC: I was an LM during late Athos to maybe mid-Athera. I was also in one of the defunct iterations of the magic team, but I don't remember all that much about it. Have you ever written lore for LotC: I wrote a bunch of region lore for Athera, along with my magnum-opus of high elven lore, The Golden Pools. I can't find the latter anymore (also I think I read it was no longer a thing?) but you can have my region stuff. When it comes to writing stuff (or anything, really) I prefer to keep my work concise and simple. I am not fond of scribbling out page upon page of arbitrary information unless it's thematically appropriate. Rather, I like things to be left up to interpretation, or whatever mood an ET is in. I also have a penchant for idiot-humour. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: Not yet. I was once forum-warned by SerenityOnyx apparently, but I can't remember why. It's still there, actually... Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: Lagomorphia and SupremacyOps once made fun of my definition of entropy because they do science or whatever. That made me a little sad, and I left the LM team as a result. :(
  3. Mithradites

    [OOC] High Elven Q&A

    C'mon, man. :/ Don't be like that.
  4. Mithradites

    Clan Varalas: A Dark Elven association

    "Well I, for one, think this strange Mali'ker conglomerate will do just fine!" Lucion, being not particularly lonely or pessimistic, can think of doing nothing other than supporting the existence of this clan.
  5. Mithradites

    [✗] Archons; The Void Touched

    I dunno. Don't we have enough bizarro beings already?
  6. Mithradites

    Strigae - Children of the Unseen

    I would like to organise my critique (see: 'douchebaggery') into three parts--the quibbles, the concerns, and the praise. Since I feel particularly heinous, I'll even throw in my opinion as an ex-LM at the end. Something with maximum effort put into it deserves the maximum amount of attention, after all. Please read it all! I say plenty of nice things, too! I swear! My quibbles are bits that annoy me, but nothing so terrible that I would want this lore denied. I'm writing it down anyway because I'm fond of thorough critique (see above), and because I like my topics to come in trios. Quibble 1, Witcher References: Not the most explicit aping of a popular fantasy universe I've seen on this server, but it's a little on-the-nose. It's mostly just in the names, but I can't help but think of Geralt and his stupid haircut when I read most of it. Quibble 2, Quotations in the Fluff: I'm not too fond of quotes that never occurred in RP. I understand why you did it from a narrative standpoint, but it still irks me a little. Also, what's a 'ruahdrel'? Is that Elven? If it is I'm impressed. I don't recognise the words in it myself, and I've gone over that stupid dictionary a dozen times during my server history. Quibble 3, Anything involving Aeldin: The wondrous human utopia/exodus-retirement-village triggers me. But it's okay, because I know you're unaware that my gender is elf, and how it effects me. I forgive you. My concerns are centered on the Greater Striga and their abilities, as well as the prospect of players actually roleplaying as them. Their strength and regenerative abilities are pretty well balanced with their flaws, but I feel this is only the case on paper. A creature with both high strength and agility will always outclass any other being. I can understand that this is the point, but it will be kindling for painful OOC arguments on every front, as well as risking obscene powergaming by the Strigae themselves. I can see you made the orcish comparison in regards to strength in the summery, but as someone who has witnessed an orc pull a tree out of the ground it still feels a little too vague. With the effects of blood on the Strigae added to the mix, the potential for acidic brackets-chatting is fairly high. The animal detection weakness is one you ought to straight-up remove. It's good flair, but dogs are a non-entity on LotC. When they do exist their actions are entirely controlled by the roleplayer who owns them. If this gets through expect everyone to own a family dog and for them all to be bloodhounds. I really have to hand it to you guys, despite it being such a long post I really enjoyed the read. Lore posts tend to be well-written, but not written well, if that makes sense? The fluff narrative between the informative stuff really pulls it together, and keeps it out of the arse-boring, long-winded history essays that most lore posts have. I'm even drooling over the layout of the post itself. Outrageous. I'm not generally fond of more kill-creatures being accepted for the server (as there is already an over-abundance of evil to choose from) but I'm willing to make an exception in my heart for these man-eaters. Their theme is on-point, they seem dedicated to drinking blood and being vampirey, and they look like a real, challenging, engaging antagonist for players to hunt, worship, or get eaten by. You took the source material and made it your own thing. That's pretty darn floopy cool. In fact, it's practically... As an LM though, my concerns would be in how similar this lore is (in concept rather than theme) to the Frost Witches. Since I am not an LM, I can say I have not been terribly impressed with the Frost Witches, so some good old-fashioned, healthy competition would be nice. The origin of the Strigae with the 'Unseen' and the blood ritual would also raise some flags, I'm sure, with the super-grounded LMs who prefer all things to have a classification and source. I messed around with bizzaro, unknowable horrors myself when I was LMing back in Athera and I wish you luck. Those two issues will probably be the ones that get you stuck. Overall, good job, play a little less Witcher, and I hope it gets accepted. (If I overlooked anything or something was answered in ensuing posts, sausage-sozzles, Maly and Mth darlings.)
  7. Mithradites

    The Bloodline Archive

    SULLAS "Diligence in the face of ignorance." History Traits
  8. Mithradites

    The Bloodline Archive

    The Eternal Library of the Mali'aheral stands stark and silent as you delve deeper into its more obscure crevices. The nigh-infinite pages, some centuries in age, are stacked as neatly as possible. Some books are arranged by subject, or perhaps in alphabetical order. Yet many others are simply placed pell-mell inside the shelves, where some poor, beleaguered librarian simply gave up. As you pass by the shelves of books one by one, you spot one particularly old tome standing out from the others. Unlike the mad organisation of the books around it, this one sits on its own upon a finely-decorated wooden podium. The cover of the book is made of a worn leather, upon it a faded picture of a stony-faced high elf gesturing outwardly at those who would look upon it. There is no title upon the spine, nor cover. High elves, after all, do not tend to explain that which should be obvious. Whoever would come to view this book obviously already knew what its contents contained. Being unable to suppress your curiosity, you pull open the tome to examine the contents. The first page, arguably the most faded and yet still the most ornate, would be hard to read for the untrained eye. Yet were you to struggle through the cursive and beautiful lettering, it would read as thus-- The Bloodline Archive, the written record of pure families within Haelun'or. The purpose of the Mali'aheral is within the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. Our philosophy stems both from our minds, and our blood. Silver elves take heed: for the recording of one's family ensures the continuance of our people's health. Scribe your lineage for all to know, and ensure our prosperity for all eternity. As you turn the first page, the lettering is almost immediately different than the original. Multiple family lines are shown on each page, and there is plenty of room for more additions. Shall you add to it? ((Previous similar posts so you don't have to re-write them))
  9. Mithradites

    Viros' LM Application

    His work's very concise, and elegantly written. A+, and would recommend. Hope you don't get bored.
  10. Oh, my sweet summer child... I have no opinion on this. However I'm always fond of combining subtypes. Could you tell us why they don't mesh in layman's terms? What you wrote was kind of jibberishy to people not read-up on mental, cog, and illusion.
  11. Mithradites

    [✗] Activating and Deactivating Implemented Lore

    Ouch! Muh pools! :(
  12. Mithradites

    [Arcane][Self-Taught] Mithradites

    I am not currently in the High Elf chat. Could you PM your skype contact over the forums?
  13. Mithradites

    The Yyradi Isles

    Unwise, darkies. Very unwise. But good luck, though!
  14. Mithradites

    [Arcane][Self-Taught] Mithradites

    MC Name: Mithradites Character Name: Lucion Sullas Character Race: Elf (High Elf) What magic/s did you learn?: Conjuration, Transfiguration, Fire Evocation Who/how did you learn magic/s?: Lucion initially learned transfiguration from the wizard Ambros (Ambrose?), but after Sagwort left the server, Lucion learned through trial, error, and general experimentation. Conjuration and fire evocation were picked up during the wild MA-less days from the multitude of magic books in the Haelun'or library, of which only the hippest of high elves had access. He was also formerly a master of lightning evocation and a novice of illusion, but a bonk on the head and disuse respectively ended his forays into those subtypes. Offer an explanation of said magic/s you learned: Ho hum. All aboard the elaboration train. Conjuration: The 'construction' of animals (morphons), plants (perennials), or elemental creatures (primordials) via the void. Though using considerable amounts of mana to summon and maintain, conjured creatures are entirely under a summoner's control unless injury or distraction break their concentration. Being an effective conjurer requires an extensive knowledge of the creatures/plants/beast-phwooms that are summoned, thus necessitating considerable dissection and study of flora/fauna. A conjurer may not create enormous creatures, like dragons, whales, etc. Fire Evocation: Simple, easy, phwoosh phwoosh phwoosh mmmmFIRE. Like all evocations, a mage has to understand fire in-depth before they are capable of summoning it. This would include study of its destructive capabilities, its utilities, and its effects. Though fire evocation is in the business of summoning fire, it does not allow for instant fireballs or plumes of flame summoned at an assailant's feet. Such is powergaming and therefore terribly naughty. You ought not be able to melt armour with your fire, and white-hot flames (which are very, very silly) would result in near-instant exhaustion (as well as melting one's fingers into greasy nubs). Transfiguration: The most radical of the arcane schools, transfiguration is the only arcane subtype that can effectively change the world around it. Within it are three distinct micro-schools; enchantment, transmutation, and warding. Enchantments utilise mana-pools (either directly upon the object, or within gemstones) as fuel for an 'effect.' Effects are unlimited (in RP, anyway) in what they are capable of, so long as the enchanter is clever enough.Though they can last for some time, mana-pools must be refilled by an enchanter periodically, 'else the enchantment becomes inert. Furthermore it isn't possible to enchant a living organism (including wood). Transmutation utilises mathematics and science to physically shape the world. E.g, if you want to change a rock into a stone cube, you'd first have to know the dimensions of the rock, its properties, its mass, and also know its hypothetical cuboid dimensions, properties and mass. You may also change it to other materials, so long as you have studied said materials and follow the rule of equivalent exchange (so no changing tickets to that thing you like into diamonds). Wards are the bit I admittedly know the least about, due to never having used them nor planned to. They're magical 'confusers' that, according to Moot, "confuse" the spells people send by upsetting their "mana-anchors," thus dispelling it, apparently. They come in two forms--a barrier-esque one like a shield (though whether it is akin to a physical shield is still up for debate), and a projectile form that can be aimed at incoming spells to disrupt them. Though they are useful, or ward is perfect and no one ward may dispel all magics. Though I know all this pretty well because I helped write the darn transfiguration guide--not that you'd know of course, because that hack Moot took all the credit. No, I won't edit that last sentence.
  15. Mithradites

    [Complete]~Buying Stories!~

    A short query is scribbled on the bottom of a note. "Are stories in the form of poems acceptable?"