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  1. Mithradites

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    Very well. This will be my final judgement, provided no further evidence is brought forth. Hopefully now you will all cease this inane squabbling and return to advancing elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya. The continuity of our people must come before all factionalism and personal desire, no matter their cost and our pride. We must all strive for diligence in the face ignorance. In regards to the Enclave of Fi’halen, I deem it as the successor to Haelun’or, and its Council as the legitimate government of all true Mali’thill. May it prosper, and be at peace. In regards to the Maheral Dimaethor Visaj, I see no evidence of impurity and - provided that he prove the citizenry’s confidence – shall remain so. Unless there is undeniable evidence of impurity or misbehavior I see no reason for this to be contested. In regards to the actions of Ms Soulheart, this is a most difficult judgement. Her actions were fundamentally wrong, but performed for the intention of defending our people from destruction. Sadly the city is now gone, but should we banish one who would stand before the abyss for our sake? It would set a terrible precedent for any other with the bravery to sacrifice for our people, but to leave her unpunished would similarly set a precedent for rashness and impatience. I understand her motives, but I cannot condone them. I will not order her banished, but I believe I have a suiting punishment for her actions: Oem: Solaria Soulheart is permanently barred from holding office either civilian or military, and may not vote in any official government referendums or elections. She is not permitted to own or wield weapons with the exception of emergencies. Niut: Solaria Soulheart will perform her Path to Purity again, and the citizens will treat it with all the severity such a path requires. She will be considered impure once more until its completion. Acting in the name of the greater good is noble, true, but they who act must always expect to be the first victim when that greater good is realised. Such is the nature of that venture In regards to the banishment of Arelion Laurir’ante, I am unaware if it is still upheld by Fi’halen. Should it be so, it ought to be lifted. Seek to make amends, and let such schisms go by the wayside. Whatever crimes he is accused of are hearsay without evidence, and him innocent unless shown otherwise. In regards to the stored contents of the Eternal Library, I see no reason for it not to be given to Fi’halen as it is the true inheritor of the motherland and Larihei’s way. I trust that Arelion, who wisely evacuated them prior to the attack on Haelun’or, may facilitate this. I hope that all who read this judgement follow it sincerely, and display the wisdom and humility of our people. I trust my kin to set down their disagreements and return our people to normalcy. Such is my judgement, such is my will, such is our way. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.
  2. Mithradites

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    I will firstly address the rather interesting comment from the current Maheral. I do find it amusing that, after I was requested to pass judgement over this quagmire, I am being informed that Mr Visaj will not abide by it. A most curious line of reasoning if I do say so myself, and makes one consider if any judgement I give will be obeyed. There is a spiteful part of myself that would gladly leave my decision as it is. I will rescind my judgement however due to the arguments of Arelion lacking reason--absence and inactivity of the Maheral show a lack of conviction to duty, but not impurity. As there is no further evidence or witnesses other than ‘implied’ opinions from a previous Maheral, Mr Visaj ought to retain his position as Maheral; provided that he can prove the citizenry support him occupying his position. I hope he can at the very least agree to this minor request, if it isn’t too much trouble for your illustrious self, Malaurir. Now, moving on to the subject of Ms Soulheart-- From what I have heard, this was indeed an emergency situation. Since there is no argument against the severity of the threat, I will assume both parties agree on such. The city was under threat, and she claims to have attempted contact with the Councillors prior to her usurpation. Considering that the city was later destroyed leaves me little doubt that her intentions were benign, despite her actions being ill-thought and rash. Two questions for both Ms Soulheart and Mr Arelion to answer, and then I feel as if I may make a final judgement on this sordid situation. Oem: What was the reasoning behind the banishment of Arelion prior to the city’s destruction? Niut: By what methods were the Council contacted? Furthermore, how vigorous was the pursuit of said contact?
  3. Mithradites

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    Since the real topic of contention seems to be this ‘Soulheart’ and her actions, I will make a judgement on the status of the current Maheral. The current method of obtaining a new Maheral appears to rely on a blessing from the previous one. The Maheral is not a position that ought to be dirtied by vote, or selection, or anything that closely resembles politics. However, if this is the method the citizenry desires, I will not subvert it. The current Maheral will step down. If he is truly a brother of Dio, Elevathar, and myself, then I doubt it will change the individual’s nature anyway. It is the Mali’thill that engenders purity and wisdom to the title, and not the title that gives those things to the individual. Let Dimaethor Visaj prove himself in the eyes of the blessed citizenry once more if he is worthy of it, since this line of blessings is apparently broken. Though I would like to hear what evidence there is of ‘suspected impurity’ of this other Maheral from Arelion, as this may change my decision. On the topic of Soulheart, I ask another question to Arelion--you seemed adamant that you should have had a trial, or some procedure by which to speak your case when Ms Soulheart removed you from office. Your own preference is for her to be exiled similarly ‘on pain of death.’ How do you justify this?
  4. Mithradites

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    Much has been said, but there are still quibbles to be ironed out. The city of Fi’halen is recognized by both parties as the home of the Mali’aheral, and by extension the government will be (when the current council is considered acceptable by the one known as Arelion) a legitimate successor to the Silver Council of Haelun’or. Furthermore, I deem the legitimacy of Fi’halen as a successor state of Haelun’or to be justified and true. Unless there is further argument on that point I will consider this particular matter to be closed. On the topic of the Eternal Library, what I can gather from these words is that Arelion will not release the tomes due to two circumstances; Oem: The presence of an allegedly illegitimate Maheral. Niut: The presence of an allegedly impure Mali’aheral who is accused of crimes against the state. The Impure in question, Ms Soulheart, has attempted to refute and justify her actions, and I would like to hear Arelion’s rebuttal before moving on. The same goes for the words of the former Maheral. Furthermore, I ask of Arelion--under what circumstances would you release the books to the citizens of Fi’halen? I am unable to make a decision without such answers.
  5. Mithradites

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    Once again I have been called upon to resolve the asinine problems of my people. I rule for centuries, I write laws, I educate, I create, I build, and yet again I am contacted by hopefuls looking to have their positions ratified by my name! What must I do to end such ceaseless distractions--dig up the bones of Kalenz Uradir and put him on a throne? Have Ellir’siol reappear and demagogue before the bristling throngs? Must ancient Dio come and espouse riddles until all are confused and forget their endless squabbles? When I was approached before, I said that none were worthy of the position of Maheral. Yet again you all disappoint me with this nonsense. I will make a decision on this, but first I request a word from one of these ‘Fallen Councillors.’ Speak as I have, defend your position, or not. I will judge the argument, the defense, and give my word on the matter. If they do not come, I will assume them guilty by default of whatever perceived injustice they have committed. I await, and expect, proper discourse lliran. Do not disappoint me further.
  6. Mithradites

    Elven Origins: Wood Elves

    To be fair man, what we have isn't even a quarter as in-depth as what you wrote. I'm more in line with Sky on this; I can see how it would stifle creativity down the line if you flesh out ancient stuff to this degree. Admittedly that's pretty hypocritical coming from me, since I'm the one who wrote the one lore-approved thing for the high elves (which is inconsistent with your account, but I don't blame you, because even I can't find the stupid post in that useless archive) but it doesn't come close to this. What I set in stone for all high elves was (if memory serves): -Larihei existed and may/may not have been on the High Council of Malinor. -The Golden pools were a thing that existed. -Bathing for centuries in the golden pools made them blond, smart, and arrogant. -Larihei buggered off to Asulon with a bunch of her mates, but an equal number stayed behind and lots of them lived with the other elves. -High Elves like arcane magic probably. That's basically what I wrote. Literally an origin story. But in this you describe events, names, families, wars, architecture, and culture. It's very well written, but too well written. I don't feel comfortable with this amount of information on the wood elves set in stone. It leaves little leeway for future projects. Sorry, dude. I can't support it.
  7. Oi. Where's this "Norseth'onn" joint. I want to check it out later.

    1. Dakirennis


      Wander on down the path towards the wood elves and follow the fancy floating lanterns made of quartz.

    2. Wolf Druid Ouity

      Wolf Druid Ouity


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  8. Mithradites

    Since Everyone's Making LM Apps...

    Minecraft Account Name: OldMithradites Skype: toomuchrepublicanism How long have you played on LotC: On and off since Aegis. I've had a few big burnouts, but I've got my time divvied up quite efficiently now. Time Zone and Availability: AEST, and my Skype open most of the day. What Subgenre (Refer to the LM specifications list) are you versed in the most?: I like to think I'm the cleverest clog when it comes to high elven lore, though I also like to think I'm well-versed with the other two elf groups as well (in the accepted stuff, sorry Leo). I'm also pretty confident in my knowledge of most arcane magics, barring the latest voidal-travelling-whatsits these no-good kids have thought up. And also barring 'acanism.' Never cared for that newfangled, fluffy nonsense. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LotC: I was an LM during late Athos to maybe mid-Athera. I was also in one of the defunct iterations of the magic team, but I don't remember all that much about it. Have you ever written lore for LotC: I wrote a bunch of region lore for Athera, along with my magnum-opus of high elven lore, The Golden Pools. I can't find the latter anymore (also I think I read it was no longer a thing?) but you can have my region stuff. When it comes to writing stuff (or anything, really) I prefer to keep my work concise and simple. I am not fond of scribbling out page upon page of arbitrary information unless it's thematically appropriate. Rather, I like things to be left up to interpretation, or whatever mood an ET is in. I also have a penchant for idiot-humour. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: Not yet. I was once forum-warned by SerenityOnyx apparently, but I can't remember why. It's still there, actually... Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: Lagomorphia and SupremacyOps once made fun of my definition of entropy because they do science or whatever. That made me a little sad, and I left the LM team as a result. :(
  9. Mithradites

    [OOC] High Elven Q&A

    C'mon, man. :/ Don't be like that.
  10. It+pleases+me+that+Saiko+the+dedliest+Warrior+lives+on+in+the+heart+of+ArcanicFable.+Good+reference,+boss!

  11. Mithradites

    Clan Varalas: A Dark Elven association

    "Well I, for one, think this strange Mali'ker conglomerate will do just fine!" Lucion, being not particularly lonely or pessimistic, can think of doing nothing other than supporting the existence of this clan.
  12. Question for MAT or those equally informed; can a teacher of one evocation teach all evocations? I could have sworn that was a thing at some point.

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    2. Aelu / Rel (Combustionary)

      Aelu / Rel (Combustionary)

      You could mentor somebody who's self-teaching an evocation, though not directly teach them.

    3. InactiveAccount


      ^ I knew there was something like that ruled. Was trying to remember the exact rule that was made.

    4. meg


      What Sug said. At its core, evocation is the same in terms of connecting to the void and then summoning an element, but it branches off when you get to specific kinds of evocation. Knowing how to evoke ice and water is vastly different than knowing how to evoke fire. Because they both function differently and you have to take different things into account when you summon them. This is why someone who has mastered electrical evocation and can teach it could, in theory, teach a student up to the point of connecting to the void, but could not teach the student how to properly summon fire. The student would have to learn on their own at that point, and it would becoming self teaching.

  13. How do you apply for alt-accounts these days? What

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      Second post!

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      Thank you, Halsey! 

  14. Mithradites

    [✗] Archons; The Void Touched

    I dunno. Don't we have enough bizarro beings already?
  15. Mithradites

    Strigae - Children of the Unseen

    I would like to organise my critique (see: 'douchebaggery') into three parts--the quibbles, the concerns, and the praise. Since I feel particularly heinous, I'll even throw in my opinion as an ex-LM at the end. Something with maximum effort put into it deserves the maximum amount of attention, after all. Please read it all! I say plenty of nice things, too! I swear! My quibbles are bits that annoy me, but nothing so terrible that I would want this lore denied. I'm writing it down anyway because I'm fond of thorough critique (see above), and because I like my topics to come in trios. Quibble 1, Witcher References: Not the most explicit aping of a popular fantasy universe I've seen on this server, but it's a little on-the-nose. It's mostly just in the names, but I can't help but think of Geralt and his stupid haircut when I read most of it. Quibble 2, Quotations in the Fluff: I'm not too fond of quotes that never occurred in RP. I understand why you did it from a narrative standpoint, but it still irks me a little. Also, what's a 'ruahdrel'? Is that Elven? If it is I'm impressed. I don't recognise the words in it myself, and I've gone over that stupid dictionary a dozen times during my server history. Quibble 3, Anything involving Aeldin: The wondrous human utopia/exodus-retirement-village triggers me. But it's okay, because I know you're unaware that my gender is elf, and how it effects me. I forgive you. My concerns are centered on the Greater Striga and their abilities, as well as the prospect of players actually roleplaying as them. Their strength and regenerative abilities are pretty well balanced with their flaws, but I feel this is only the case on paper. A creature with both high strength and agility will always outclass any other being. I can understand that this is the point, but it will be kindling for painful OOC arguments on every front, as well as risking obscene powergaming by the Strigae themselves. I can see you made the orcish comparison in regards to strength in the summery, but as someone who has witnessed an orc pull a tree out of the ground it still feels a little too vague. With the effects of blood on the Strigae added to the mix, the potential for acidic brackets-chatting is fairly high. The animal detection weakness is one you ought to straight-up remove. It's good flair, but dogs are a non-entity on LotC. When they do exist their actions are entirely controlled by the roleplayer who owns them. If this gets through expect everyone to own a family dog and for them all to be bloodhounds. I really have to hand it to you guys, despite it being such a long post I really enjoyed the read. Lore posts tend to be well-written, but not written well, if that makes sense? The fluff narrative between the informative stuff really pulls it together, and keeps it out of the arse-boring, long-winded history essays that most lore posts have. I'm even drooling over the layout of the post itself. Outrageous. I'm not generally fond of more kill-creatures being accepted for the server (as there is already an over-abundance of evil to choose from) but I'm willing to make an exception in my heart for these man-eaters. Their theme is on-point, they seem dedicated to drinking blood and being vampirey, and they look like a real, challenging, engaging antagonist for players to hunt, worship, or get eaten by. You took the source material and made it your own thing. That's pretty darn floopy cool. In fact, it's practically... As an LM though, my concerns would be in how similar this lore is (in concept rather than theme) to the Frost Witches. Since I am not an LM, I can say I have not been terribly impressed with the Frost Witches, so some good old-fashioned, healthy competition would be nice. The origin of the Strigae with the 'Unseen' and the blood ritual would also raise some flags, I'm sure, with the super-grounded LMs who prefer all things to have a classification and source. I messed around with bizzaro, unknowable horrors myself when I was LMing back in Athera and I wish you luck. Those two issues will probably be the ones that get you stuck. Overall, good job, play a little less Witcher, and I hope it gets accepted. (If I overlooked anything or something was answered in ensuing posts, sausage-sozzles, Maly and Mth darlings.)