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  1. I love Muffins, when she logs on I smile, and know it’s going to be a fun day of laughs and just overall joy. -Rella101 =D
  2. Archons would literally gas themselves and be forced to PK if they took the magic.
  3. This is an answer for @Fury_Fire as my words got to jumbled up to answer. But from my knowledge they can cast, because they do not require mana like normal spells, however they still get a drain.
  4. https://twitch.tv/TeersTV I am doing cup chibis again!

  5. Lyadrian frowns, standing at 6 foot she was to tall for this.
  6. looking for two child rp’rs, let me know if you’re interested.  Both are girls.

  7. (OOC) MC Name: Teerz (OOC) Discord: Teers#3486 Name: Lyadrian Des'nox Race: Dark Elf Profession: Pharmasist Skill Level: Adept Why you would like to work at the Clinic? (Alternatively: What draws you to medicine?): Leila thought it would be a good fit and I use to work at the Vira'ker clinic with her.
  8. All done! I’ll be up with you soon!
  9. Sorry for being slow with cup chibis.  Anyone who has been speaking to me regularly knows I’ve been really under the weather, just getting back on track so I’ll try to start pumping more out again!  My apologies for making you guys wait!

    1. rukio


      feel better soon! 

    2. calzium


      did you eat your lemons like i told you to 🍋

  10. You will be done later tonight!
  11. Finished You’re next!
  12. Ever want to just be stuck in a cup of Chai tea? How about committing a MHELONY? FEAR NOT! Today you can get your own mug chibis. PRICES! 2000 mina, or $7.00 USD per chibi WHAT I NEED FROM YOU! Please follow the format below!
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