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  1. Offering 2 slots for $5 Chibis, shaded.  

    Example cloak_by_rella_adopts-dch7mz2.png

  2. Rella101

    Making clear of Enemies

    "She was crazy, and now even more so." Susan murmured to herself.
  3. Rella101

    Clickbait, probably

    If I gave you my discord would you bring your ass in to talk to me?
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    Clickbait, probably

    Are we friends?
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    Rella's Art Dump/Shop (Open)

    Updated with newest commission
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    Lets Get It.

    Which artist of LOTC is your favorite, Unbaed, Keem, or Nummy? Why did you originally join LOTC If you could fix one thing of me, what would it be?
  7. Rella101

    Rella's Art Dump/Shop (Open)

    @LeoRabbit99 yes
  8. Not LOTC Related but if you'd like to catch my stream, feel free to come watch!  


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    [I] Bunemma/Aerenna's Game Moderator Application

    Let my dear one in! +1
  10. Why do you still adore me?
  11. Rella101

    Citizenship Papers

    OOC NAME: Rella101 RP NAME: Vela Location of home: Tavern Proof of purchase (take a picture of the item being bought/in your inventory with your name in sight): sent over discord
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    This is true, this makes me sad.
  13. Rella101

    A spirit to rest (PK)

    Wrinkled hands picked a dusty book, as though it had been untouched for a time. Upon opening it, writing, passage by passage would be shown, revealing the life of a girl. Yet the fingers seemed to seek a specific page, though many still blank, they went to the last entry. The pointer tracing down the words. “Today, I’ll be seeing one of my many father figures. Though he’s not like Aliyard and Rilath, he is still close, having watched me most my life. I hope one day he can meet my daughter, she’s turned three today, Tsarra’s looking much like her father, though he’ll never find out about her. Nasir wrote me, he wishes to speak about something, though I enjoy the talks, last time was a rather violent discussion. Ah here he comes…” The ink had dried partially to the other page, as though it had been shut in a hurry. And never opened again, the ink well next to it had dried up, children toys strewn about the house where dusty. It seemed as though this was almost a reflection of her life. After that day, no more had been heard of the owner, a girl once known as Sylva, Ro’ya, and even Laenelin. Her daughter went missing the next day. What had become of the dear woman was as good as a guess as any. Yet one thing was certain, the woman was dead. As the figure left, a voice could almost be heard whispering while the door shut. “Take care of my child….” ---------------
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