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  1. Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.
  2. Moved to Accepted Applications Forum. Player whitelist pending.
  3. I am sorry this took so long! I was out most of the day! On behalf of the Application Team we welcome you to the server as a white-listed player. Please wait patiently as a staff member will implement you. In the meantime feel free to browse our wiki or if you are in need of any assistance feel free to message me via forums. Come visit the New Player Discord , or check out New For you, New player guide
  4. --- Pending --- Your application has been put on [PENDING] for the following reason(s): - Placed on Pending because you're application response for biography is to short, please add more. -Manhood senses isn't a part of lore, please clarify or remove that part. What this simply means is that your application is good! Do not fret; however, in order for this application to be accepted, there are some minor details in your application that will need to be edited. You should not make a new app, simply use the 'edit' button at the bottom of your application. If you want help or need me to review your application again once you have made the necessary changes, please visit my profile and send me a private message simply asking me too. You have 24 hours to make the changes, failure to do so without providing good reason will result in a denial.
  5. +1 for my boy, please bring him on!
  6. It's already on the server.
  7. I will personally soulsteal any of you if this is accepted.
  8. We can't use ghosts I forgot to add mental instability I did add weakness, we're t3 necromancer strength, we can't wear armor, and armor light armor can weigh 15lbs, that's like a sack of potatos, that's easy. I'm leaving the ability to heal it .
  9. Thank you Delmo
  10. Lore changes, I'm sorry that it's different from what you viewed it as but it's evolved. I worked with several MT/LM's to get this to the place it is now, if you don't like it I'm sorry. But throwing a fit won't really help. I'd love ACTUAL feed back, but it's just become something else, if you want it edited from this I'd be more than happy to converse with you if you're able to keep a cool head. However this is a rewrite, if you want to go read the travasty that I am editing it from please go read the original rewrite in lore section.
  11. I didn't do it, but I was approached for a rewrite, that fi severely needed, so I worked with about 6 LM/MT and got this!
  12. Anti Magic Lore Rewrite Fi'hiiran’tayna also known as anti magic once the blanket of all, attacks connections, the farther away the connection to the deity, or magic that the person uses, IE: if someone was to be connected to the void, the easier it is to cut the connection. Whereas creatures and beings that are rooted into this plane are less affected, but affected nonetheless. Fi' magic now takes the shape of a distortion of types, whereas one would look upon the sand of the desert and see the distortion from the temperatures meeting one would see this, with a tint of color at the hands of a Fi' mage. Long gone are the mists of old and the light, but now this distortion can be twisted and manipulated to the need of the user, allowing them new spells and new abilities! With this change however, those of soul splits find themselves lacking in power, and the need to find a teacher would pester them, until they too shared their soul with another. Fi magic is a distortion around the user, instead of a mist or blinding light, it creates waves similar to heat, distorting that around them slightly, in an area of effect. This allows the creator to have their desired effect, however from those outside it would be clear where the magic starts and where it’s clear. This is easily see through, though similar to a mirage the very center is slightly off giving the better effect. Once inside this range one would be able to see easier the caster, where as outside the caster is slightly rippled making it harder to see. Each distortion will have a small tint to it unique to the caster. This does not create heat. A person (Traditionally) chooses a person closest to them, whether the same race or another, it is all the same as long as the person has a soul. The teacher of the Fi' mage will cast a distortion bubble around the two, as the student then kills the person that they have chosen as their sacrifice. (PK for the victim) This then allows the teacher to catch the soul, and fling it back into the body of the student. Once this is done the fight ensues to see which is more dominant. When one fails this is a death for the player (Perma Kill), however if they succeed they should be able to summon their distortion to subjugate the soul to their will. At this time their distortion will pick a color of it’s own which will identify that mage from there on out. Once the soul is in the body it will slowly begin to eat away at it, battering the body constantly unless the mage is casting, and even when casting if in excess it causes nausea and disorientation. The mage slowly becomes weaker and weaker, a Tier five will be the same strength as a journeyman necromancer. A newly connected Fi' mage will discover that food is hard to keep down, and that sleep is rare to come by, often pushing themselves to collapsing before sleeping. The stronger they get magically the easier to subjugate, and even at Tier five, one could crush the soul almost enough to live a normal life, though they would be exceptionally weak. The soul will communicate, it may whisper at times, though rarely able to hold a full conversation, as well as it would never be able to be befriended, it may forgive you, but the struggle will always be there. Once connected, the user instantly becomes susceptible to Ascended holy fire due to the subjugation of the secondary soul. People who have connected to Fi' magic, have an increased mana sensitivity, this means that they are more aware of mana around in their bubble and easier to be overwhelmed. However they cannot sense mana around them directly, thus if you're a mage, or even have an illusion on the fi' mage won't know that you do. If you suddenly release a powerful enchantment though the Fi' mage may be overwhelmed. After an Anti mage is connected they lose their physical strength and muscle mass, a T5 is equal to a T3 Necromancer. Casting too much will lead to nausea, vomiting, and disorientation. Wearing heavy armor is impossible. Wearing enchanted armor cannot be done due to the magic being sapped every time the mist would be used. The second soul will always harbor some resentment and ill will towards the Fi mage, and will never stop opposing them. Requires a PK of a character Due to their nature of carrying two souls within them, they are vulnerable to ascended magic. You are susceptible to insanity, and the fact of the mater is the longer you practice this the more insane you will be driven. Cannot sense mana, yet is sensitive to it. Casting Chart Anyone of Deity magic, or voidal magics, would be effected normally, any other magics would be softened similar to an Ascended ward, the spell would be dropped two tiers, besides that it would not have any effect.( Softening causes the magic to drop 2 tiers, while slightly softening causes the magic to drop 1 tier. Nullifying completely nullifies the magic or spell, causing it to dissipate.)The normal effect of Fi magic would completely nullify a spell it comes in contact with, while the ‘softening’ effect simply weakens the effectiveness of it. In the case of a magical creature within a bubble, the softening would reduce their magic tier entirely. IE a T5 shade tendril would be resorted to T3 however it would still be able to go into the distortion and attack. VOIDAL AND DEITY T1 Fi will nullify a T1 & T2 spell and slightly soften a T3’s spell. No effect on T4 & T5. T2 Fi will nullify a T1-T3 and slightly soften a T4’s spell. No effect on T5. T3 Fi will nullify a T1-T4 and slightly soften a T5 spell. T4 Fi will nullify T1-T4 and fully soften a T5 spell. T5’s Fi will nullify T1-T5 Other Magics A T1 can slightly soften a T1’s spells. A T2 can soften a T1 and T2’s spells. A T3 can soften a T2 and T3’s spells and nullify a T1’s spells. A T4 can soften a T3 and T4’s spells and nullify T1 and T2’s spells. A T5 can soften a T4 and T5’s spells and nullify T1-T3’s spells. Spells! Ball By concentrating the energy into a ball, this distorted creation would be able to be thrown though slightly slower than a fireball. This would be effective in canceling out other projectiles, however due to the fact that it would be thrown away, it would be weaker only able to take out spells of its tier. The max range of flight is 8 blocks That can only be 2 blocks wide and 2 blocks high maximum. The ball can only be flung in one straight direction, and will continue until it hits something. Hitting anything other than another magical projectile will cause it to fizzle with no effect. The spell can only be flung in a straight direction, and can not be arced or thrown with a curve. Ball can only be used in a straight line, it cannot be curved, or change it’s path once thrown. Ball cannot be used to hurt anyone, if it comes in contact with something tangible, it won’t affect them or cause them pain. This is only used for combat against other projectiles. This cannot be used while shield is up, or bubble is up. This must be the only spell active. This can only be 2 blocks high and two blocks wide maximum. Projectile speed is slightly less than the standard fireball. Bubble Filling the whole area with fi magic will create the bubble effect, allowing the distortion to writhe around, at it’s max size like before it is weak however it would look like the shield except the inside is utterly full of fi magic. People inside would begin to feel pain if they are based off magic, however some are able to move through, where others are affected after a set amount of turns and paralyzed. There would be between 3-6 emotes depending on what creation it is before these are frozen. 7x7 block square maximum, weaker the farther away it is, so smaller bubbles are ideal. When enchantments or wards are brought into a bubble; they are drained of their mana holding them, deific and Voidal are the most susceptible, the same goes for soul puppetry hexes. Mortal/dark arts enchantments drain slower, whereas dark hexes just stop working until out of the Fi’ distortion. It can only be 7 by 7 blocks large maximum Bubble can be moved but only 1-2 blocks an emote, and it would be stressful for the fi’ mage. The Fi’ mage must always be in the center of the bubble at all times however. Please refer to casting chart to see what is effected inside of bubble. The Bubble is not entirely immune to the effects of other magics, and can be broken or worn down by consistent magical assault. The relative strength of the bubble depends upon the strength of the Fi mage. Spells of the same or higher tier will break the bubble quickly, with extreme tier differences causing it to shatter with feedback damage to the Fi mage, disorienting and nauseating them. Spells of a lesser tier will wear the bubble down with time, causing it to dissipate with less of a disorienting effect. Spells of a greatly lesser tier will have little to no effect on the bubble at all. (T1 vs T4/T5)Casting and maintaining the Bubble requires intense focus from the Fi mage, preventing them from casting another spell or doing much else, bar some movement. Distancing themselves too far from the bubble however will reduce their control over it and its potency. Fi mages may not cast other spells within the bubble, excluding Silence. Draining items takes three emotes to do, however they stop working almost instantly when inside of the bubble. Silence Silencing ritual now takes tendrils after the person is surrounded by the heat distortion (which causes no heat; it only looks like a heat wave), these tendrils drive themselves into their chest and around their soul, creating a static like interference, reducing a T5 to a T1, and a T4 barely able to even summon a tiny bit of their magic, before it fizzles out. This lasts for 7 days maximum without OOC consent. However it can be pushed longer, even utterly removing someone’s magic with their consent. Their magic will start to fizzle away and if not reversed within a month, they will end up utterly magicless for the rest of their life. Silence cannot be cast on a character outside of the Fi mage’s casting tiers. Silence cannot be cast until Tier 3. Silence cannot last for longer than 7 IRL days without express OOC consent. If a character remains silenced for more than a month, that silence is permanent. Requires express OOC consent. Buff By severing mana from one source, if the user has gained enough, from one spell, by touching another mage they would be able to redirect one fourth of the mana gained into another person. However the spell then created would not be able to go through a fi mist barrier. This cannot be given to another fi user. This can be used in tandem with the Shield, allowing several attacks to be absorbed before pressed into another person. To allow this before mana is directly stuck into the void, it would have a chance to go through the fi mist user, giving a reason for their sensitivity and then through the soul. This can be stopped by quickly redirecting it from the second soul and into the other caster next to them. This doesn’t refuel their mana, however it would strengthen a spell similar to power sharing, however use of this more than two times in a row, without at least a half an hour break IRL between would cause massive exhaustion to the Fi' mage, causing duress, vomiting, and most likely passing out. The mana used for Buff must be taken from Shield. Only gives 1/4th the magical force drained. Buff cannot be used to replenish mana, it is simply a functional powershare. Buff may only be cast twice in a scenario without stress on the Fi mage. At least 30 minutes of rest for the Fi mage must occur before they can cast the spell again without issue. Ignoring this redline will lead to passing out, vomiting, and duress. You must touch the person you are power sharing with. Shield This can be edited so it’s not only a bubble, however it can shape away from the user, creating a distorted shield of sorts. Effects like these would be great to block incoming attacks and give the chance of other mages to summon something like a call down in a magical fight, before the fi shield could be dropped allowing those who have prepared to cast their magic. Those inside the ‘dome’ of sorts that would be hollow, would be allowed time whereas any magical attacks from the outside would be blocked. This also would repel magical beings as it is more concentrated, walking through this would cause intense pain and disorientation, however as stated below it wouldn’t kill. The shield does not completely repel magical creatures, and the speed at which they pass through the shield alters its effects on them. A creature that dashes through the shield would find themselves briefly in pain and disoriented, while a creature that walks or is halted while standing in the shield would be pained and fully disoriented. A fi shield should be a 4 by 4 block half bubble., and be flattened, it can be a half circle within the person's vision, however this goes with line of sight, anything behind them would be exposed. The shield may not reach over 8 blocks in length. And it ranges as half a blocks in width though it does go up into the air by five blocks. Allowing a decent sized half bubble though it can be made smaller and more potent. Before your person fires or casts their spell, you must release your shield. Thus making it more exhausting because you’ll need to put it up again if you want to repeat. It has no magic inside of it allowing others to cast, but allowing others to get inside as well. It can be walked through, or run through. Shield can be moved but only 1-2 blocks an emote, and it would be stressful for the fi’ mage. The Fi’ mage must always be in the center of the shield at all times however. The smaller it is the more potent it is It takes four emotes total, including connection to make a shield. Shields can only be half bubbles. You must drop the shield for the other person to cast Healing a Fi' Mage To heal the soul you’ll need at least one Ascended and a psychopomp, however any Ascended healing will be out of their magic for the rest of the day. This is due to the process, the ascended needs to purify the soul while the psychopomp sends the kidnapped soul back to the soul stream where it belongs. Once they’ve healed the Fi' mage they must often perform rituals to purify the soul, which would be agony and take a month IRL to do before the person would ever be able to practice magic again. However they would never be able to reconnect to fi. This requires ooc consent You cannot practice magic for 1 month after, and will still be burned by holy fire until you are cleansed You can never become a Fi' mage on that character again. This requires one T5 Ascended and their psychopomp What Fi' Magic effects (Will be updated often!) Creatures effects for T4’s and T5’s. Anything T3 related would not paralyze, but wouldn’t be able to fight due to pain. This would give them sluggish pained movements, but they would still be able to move. Wight: Unhusked, however they can still move and are in extreme pain. Keepers: Begins to slow their movements, starting at the limbs and moving to their center over 6 emotes. Completely paralyzed at 6th emote. Augers: Bodies kept sustained in an unnatural state from an enchantment lain by Yeu Rthulu. This enchantment can be easily severed and undone by an Anti Mage, causing the entities to be immobilised and in immense pain between 4-5 emotes, being paralyzed at the 5th emote. Atronachs: Begins to slow movements and functions over the course of 4-6 emotes, shut down/paralyzed at 6th emote. Golems: Begins to slow their movements upon contact, over the course of 4-5 emotes. They would be shut down/paralyzed at 6th emote. Archons: Feels minor pain in coil form when casting; pain intensifies in transcendent form, prolonged exposure will be immense and crippling ( 3-4 emotes to crippling pain if they’re casting in the fog, the pain becoming progressively painful). The fi mists will shut down any Archon boons as well, leaving the once transcendent magi to that of a normal mage, likely made inept due to the mists shrouding them; this causes immense pain when uncoiled, and with prolonged exposure, can cause one to lose consciousness. Dreadknights: Slows their movements, feeling increased pain over the course of 5 emotes. Intense pain at 5th emote. Paleknights: Movements slow over the course of 4 emotes, practically freezing at 5th emote. Ghost and Gravens: Demanifests over the course of 3 emotes, completely de-manifested at 4th emote. Ishrukal: Rends their mortal form over the course of 4 emotes. At the 5th emote, they will be forced into spectral form and paralyzed. Wraiths: Increased pain over the course of 4 emotes, 5th emote intense pain and partial paralyzation. Husked form: Reduced pain and slowed movements. Liches/Darkstalkers: Increased pain over the course of 4 emotes, intense pain at 5th emote. Daeva: Painfully immobilised and forced back into their Descendant Form as they are unable to maintain their Amber augmentation without active mana guiding it. Soul Trees - Slowly paralyzes them over the course of 5 emotes, starting at the limbs and moving towards their center. Paralyzed at 6th emote. Izkuthii - Masked - After 1 emote the illusions binding them would snap. Leaving them in their masked state which would instantly begin to break, after the 3rd emote the mask would break leaving them in their Unmasked state, incapable of utilizing any of their abilities. Spectral - Should the Izkuthii be caught in their spectral form, they will begin to be immobilized over the course of 4 emotes, along with being subjected to pain. Upon the 5th emote, they will be rendered unconscious Frost Witches - Being in a bubble will prevent them from donning or removing their disguise, but will not remove it on its own. Will remove their active control of the ice, but will not affect its velocity or form. Patch notes: 1.0 Soulsplit was removed Mist was removed Silencing was reworked New spells added New way the soul works Healing added New casting chart added Worked on by: Rella101, Phil (KnghtArtorias), Meg (No2TypeB) Also thank you to all of the others in the magic team that gave opinions and feedback!
  13. MC Name: Rella101 Character's Name: Genevieve Character's Age: 30 Character's Race: High Elf Link to your accepted MA: First https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/156726-dark-arts-ma-kowagirls-fihiirantanya-app/ Second https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/157118-dark-arts-ma-kowagirls-fihiirantanya-app What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Soul Stealing Fi’hirran’tanya Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): So Fi’ is taught by two ways, one is the teacher splitting the soul in half, creating a version who is stronger physically were as weaker magically. These will never hit past T4 when mastered, yet will be around the same strength as a void mage, however this is not what I want to teach. The soul stealing ritual is where someone close to you is brought in and then sacrificed (traditionally, not required on the close bit) what then happens is the teacher surrounds the body with the mist, catching the soul before throwing it into the body of the student. Once this is done the fight ensues to see who is dominant, if the person loses this is a PK, however if they win they will be able to summon the mists. Lack of learning how to control this will turn the user into a mental disaster usually ending up in yet again a PK. However the longer you are to use the mists, and the stronger you get, you will be able to utterly control the soul; However this comes at the cost of your strength. The strongest Soul Stealing Fi’ mage will be the same as a T3 Necromancer, and casting to much will end up with vomiting. You’re also quite prone to lack of sleep, and ill appetite. Fi can only take out the magic of 1 tier above it! When the caster is first T1 they will be only summon their mists, and by touching someone, disrupt their magic passively. At T2 a person would be able to do a 3x3 bubble at late tier 2. During this time however if a spell was to touch the mist that of the same strength, it would be dissipated (yet the force would remain) yet if the spell was two tiers above it would be only slightly buffered and then it would pass through the mist, destroying the spell of the fi’ mage. T3 to start to learn upon how to cast a full body bubble so to speak. This will become around three by three meters in length, creating a bubble that would protect them, and by tier four one would be able to create an eight meter bubble. When reaching tier five one can make a 15 meter bubble, however to be noted this will be weaker, as mist is most effective when touching someone. A late Tier three can also learn how to silence! To silence one creates two horns around the person that they have surrounded with mist, one above their heart and the other their head. Before driving these inside and causing extreme discomfort and even exhaustion as it tears away the active mana, and then seals off the soul. If you want to throw a ball of fi’ mist make sure that there is still a part touching yourself, however if this is broken the ball will disappear into thin air. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Genevieve tired from the day would walk into the study, glancing to her student. She would set down a book she had found upon the golden owls. “Have you read your last assignment?” She would ask the student as she sat down. “Yes!” The student would reply in a just as tired state, it was clear that the soul was pestering them quite badly. “Good, first we’re going to start off by you summoning your mist.” She’d state before sitting back. The student obediently would summon their teal mist before looking to her. “You’re going to push yourself once again, you’re close to getting to three feet wide, now do it.” she’d order as she looked to the now aghast student. He would stammer for a moment before beginning to pressure themselves and concentrate, the mist slowly growing and growing. When he looked like he was going to give up she would snap at him. “I want to see you push it until you drop.” And obediently he would cast, the mist eventually reaching the width she had ordered before he would tremble and lean over, vomiting upon the ground. Sweat covering his face. “My teacher did it to me, and thus I do it to you. You will do this every day until you hit six feet. As well as read this book, any questions you have for me can be asked at any time, yet for now, rest my student.” And with that she would raise herself before walking out, carefully sidestepping the vomit and the exhausted student. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/a Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/a