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  1. A thorn in our sides.

    Ro'ya blinks, before sighing, her family blatantly outed. "It seems Ben was right, there is a war brewing with the shades." She murmurs to herself.
  2. [Denied] [FM] If you can be banned by them, you can join them.

    Let's see if this brat can do it +1
  3. [Denied]WhiteKnight Applies for first staff position

    I believe this if anything would be a good spot as it's less taxing as GM. I'd like to see his efforts as he's never taken another role before. Let's give this boy a chance! +1
  4. [Accepted] Random AT goes for red

    You can do it! +1
  5. [Denied] Torky wants to finish her events! [Actor]

    Strange, first time I've commented on an app for a long time. Let me give a reason as to why I'm negative oneing her. She is in to many teams, when she was in media team she came to me crying at times because she was to stressed out. I may give her a +1 if she drops teams, but for now, she has to many teams, to much stress, and will be unable to commit to this many.
  6. [Denied] Torky wants to finish her events! [Actor]

    I'm sorry, however I do not think she would be a good choice. -1
  7. [Denied] Cheshire tries to busy herself once more (FM App)

    Accept my dear girl.
  8. It's ALIVE!

  9. [Denied] [Actor] Creamiest

    She is my baby, please accept her.
  10. [Vindicator][MA]Yannirog

    This boy is not one of us, and never will be. He's a disappointment!
  11. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Tsuyose

    -1 Butt cheek spreading puppet. +2 for good guy.
  12. Rate The Above User's Fame.

    1/10, who are you?
  13. The Creature Index [2017]

    ((Spoke with LM on issues and nerfed weight and removed neck attack!)) Froillec Drawn by Rella101 Habitat: Forest Size: The females are 4.5 foot tall at the shoulder, and 15 foot long, though they have a two foot longer tail than the males, Males are 5 foot tall at the shoulder, and 13 foot long including tail. They are normally about 9 foot long, with the tail added on, making females have a much more lively tail. Diet: Meats and crystal flowers normally. Temperament: Docile unless aggravated. Brief summary of the creature Characteristic: The Froillec is well known for being a rather docile species, they however have been affected differently by the crystal flower than the other two species affected. They are completely covered in crystals that grow back except for their face, and their legs. Their tail and back seem to be covered in what almost looks like a fine carved jade, where as their neck is covered in sharp spines. Froillec’s are known for playing and bouncing around, playful and if getting to a place is far enough they need to run they will begrudgingly though they are much more happy jumping and loping around, playing even more than a normal fox. These are a pack creature, however they are like hives, there are females but these are EXTREMELY rare as they are brood mothers. And taming one requires a ritual taught only to those who can handle such a willful beast. Any person that tries to tame a female is almost completely guaranteed to die by the pack falling in on them. They are not even tameable by druids, they can be communed with, however they are to strong willed to be controlled. The likelihood of finding a female, you will need to converse with the lore holder, once one is owned, they may have up to six pups every two weeks in between, going through a four month pregnancy. These pups are naturally born without spikes, though they eventually get them in their first year of life. Normally the mother as she is nursing consumes the needed crystal flower to give their pups the needed crystals. In tradition these are quite often owned by a dark elf clan, allowing them only to outsiders who have gained their trust, but only males are given out. If a female is born she is kept by the clan leader to protect them. One in maybe fifty years may be born, females rarely giving more than two baby girls before they die. These creatures can live up to one hundred years of life, if treated properly, however with improper diet, they may only live up to fifty. These often hunt in packs, to take down large creatures, often going for the harder prey as they enjoy the challenge. I would expect their intelligence to that equal of a dolphin or orca. This is what stops them from being easily controlled, if at all by a druid. Colors are often as followed, which are natural salt colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Mauve, Blue, Purple, Green, and of course white. However there is a rare chance of having a black one born, these are often, the females. A cry often heard is one similar to a cat species. These are often up to 600lbs due to the crystal masses on their body, but they max at 800 lbs Origin: Who knows? However these are most often found with dark elves. Weaknesses: Though their spines are thick, their underbelly, legs, and face are extremely weak. Strike for these spots to cause massive damage! The neck however is not a smart aim as they have so many spikes there. LM Approval Required: No If playable, what are redlines? To earn a female you must talk to a lore owner. (DarkSoundwave) or if not available (Rella101) They do not attack unless provoked. They are tall and heavy, thus slower than something without as many crystals on her. If you can’t fit, you can’t ride. Don’t be some 700 pound man trying to get on and expect the Froillec to live.