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  1. I admit this pvp goon is mine.
  2. Cheap Commissions by Rella

  3. Tempered Australian Magic Team Application

    give my boy a chance.
  4. [SA][MA]Qy'var the (soon to be) Iconoclast

    I approve this message.
  5. MC Name: Rella101 Character's Name: Genevieve Character's Age: 55 Character's Race: Elf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Iconoclast Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): (Firstly, I wrote this lore with Phil) Iconoclasts are created when a person puts a barrier around the soul of their student. This creates a mana blockaid that prevents the soul from ever getting mana again, but also creates a dense fog when casted out. This fog can easily wrap itself around someone's heart and thus then promptly stop their magic, as well as cast other spells. This fog is a single target base, able to do a multitude of things. Block, Redirect, Silence, Shield, Distort, and Drain! It also has an adverse effect on many creatures that are magic based, stopping them and paralyzing them. Blocking is when one puts up a barrier around someone's soul, depending on the their this goes different levels of distance. Redirecting is when someone drains fifty percent of mana, and then touches another person, able to put this mana back into another person’s spell. This does not replenish their mana at all. Draining is where someone blocks the soul, and then takes the 50% of mana away. This is temporarily stored until used to bolster other spells or redirect. Shield is when a bubble is put around, stopping spells from coming through, however depending on the tier this can only last a set amount of emotes without being bolstered by a redirect or drain. However one cannot shield and drain at the same time. Silence is where one takes the magic of a still target, and wraps a barrier around their soul, for 4 days max without ooc consent. There is a 3 day grace period after that the person may not be silenced for. Distort is a spell that when sent out, disrupts spells or items for a set amount of time. This rendering them unusable until the distorts effect is finished. Redlines to this magic. You may not silence someone who has moved over 1 block. You may only target one person at a time with drain/silence. If redirecting, you must touch the person you redirect too. If managems are in play, it takes 1 extra emote. You may not silence someone after their cooldown period is in effect. Shields are purely magical, and cannot stop physical. And of course Redirecting does not give extra mana to repenish what is already used. Note you can also learn from the tome which is given to a singular person. This tome however may not be all in tact, and it is not possible to self teach without the book. The book may not be replicated. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Genevieve walks in, sighing softly as she sits down, and crosses her legs. “Good day, today we learn about how you can cast your magic, however first, have you read of disruption?” “Yes.” The student replied. “Disruption is when you channel your mist into your hands, and thus you create an area full of your fog. This fog will dampen any spell by a good amount or in turn it will hamper an item. This will last for a set amount of time, before everything goes back to normal.” “Correct.” She’d state. Waving her hand lazily. “Cast, and then focus the magic purely in your hands to distort. I want to see you press it outwards, and then hold it, for the amount of time.” She’d state, waiting. Obediently her student would summon the mist, beginning to focus it into his hands. As he did however he faltered, causing her to sigh and get up. “Your hands, not your wrists.” She’d state, taking his hand and pointing it to the ground. “Pretend it was to go down there and then out like roots.” That seemed to help, and indeed he casted, the fog forming and shooting out, a smirk lining Genevieves face. “There you go.” She’d mumble, before walking away. “Leave, you’re done. Come back when you can do this without fault.” Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app:
  6. [Actor] Kwakamungus

    First, I agree with this boy.
  7. So thanks to LOTC I was able to buy 57 dollars of food, and pay for my tire to be repaired (went flat today) for 15 dollars.  With a bit left over for next weeks food.  I might not be eating much but I've got enough pork for taco's for a week, I swear!

    1. RobertGoodwill


      my god thank god for lord of the craft minecraft rp 


      dont know what i'd do without it...  ya mashallah i am fasting too my friend lotc helped me pay for my new exotic monkey collection

  8. Thank you everyone so far that has ordered a commission from me.  It really means alot!

  9. Cheap Commissions by Rella

  10. Cheap Commissions by Rella

    All done!
  11. Cheap Commissions by Rella

    If you wanted?
  12. Cheap Commissions by Rella

    So I'm running low on funds this month, and I know I'll be short on food money next month, so I'm trying something. I will be doing 3000x4000 pictures for your backgrounds. These will include waist high characters, in a pose as well as either a basic background color, or a complex background. Complex background with character costs 10 dollars Basic background with character costs 5 dollars. Extra characters can be requested at a higher price. An example of what I'm offering is. Form OOC Name: RP name: Race: Age: Distinguishing marks: Pose you want (I'll try to do it): Type: (Complex or Basic) Anything extra: Waitlist 1 (Open) 2 (Open) 3 (Open) FINISHED
  13. So, selling a few extra large pictures (3000x4000) of characters, 5 dollars with no background besides a color, and 10 dollars for complex background.  If you're interested, give me a shout, and we'll get to work on your character!

  14. The Creature Index [2017]

    Fetidbrood Drawing by Rella101 Habitat: Mountain Size: 10 feet including tail. They stand three feet at the shoulder, with two feet for a neck. They are unable to stand on their back feet however. Diet: Meat and Berries Temperament: Placid when left alone, or with an owner. These creatures however when wild are extremely aggressive when their territory is entered upon. There are two strains, feral and tamed, the feral is impossible to train, and will kill to defend itself. Where as the Tamed are much more friendly, often releasing a rumbling purr. Brief summary of the creature Characteristic: (Behavior, Reproduction, Gathering food) The Fetidbrood comes from two different places, the tamed ones being a softer color, often pastels cover their scales. And their manes are a soft vibrant color as well. The wild ones are often black, dark blue, and grays, even some reds. Their colors are dingy and they are known for attacking randomly. Fetidbroods have two rows of teeth, these beasts however have bad sight during the day, often coming out at night. They're rather often caught sleeping during the day. Fetidbroods can survive in harsh environments though it's rare to see them in deserts, as they have no way to prevent themselves from being overheated. Their scales are soft, though they protect well against other beasts, their scales would easily be hurt by a sword. A tamed Fetidbrood would not attack someone unless it itself felt in danger. It values their owner, however unless it's owner was actively being attacked, and blood shed, it would not get involved. Even if it did, their teeth are short, however their claws are long. It would most likely attack with a clawing motion, however these beasts have a hatred for spilling descendants blood, finding it untasty they would not kill someone, more likely disabling them, or fleeing. Fetidbroods breed one to five eggs every two weeks if the conditions are met for it to feel comfortable. These start off at two feet long, and over the time of two elven weeks it will grow to full size. They often are in packs, thus hunting is easy for them, rarely do Fetidbroods, unless tame live alone, as they are more social than people give credit too. Origin: Unknown Weaknesses: Their scales, similar to a snake though rough to bite through, are easily severed with cutting weapons unless on it's stomach, use a blunt force weapon here to shatter the scales. Aim for the back of the neck. Their teeth are short so biting into people to damage is difficult but not impossible. LM Approval Required: No If playable, what are redlines? They do not kill no matter what, unless it is another animal. They often are caught clawing instead of biting, and they will die in deserts unless hydrated constantly. The dark colored ones are impossible to train.
  15. The Creature Index [2017]

    Gem Puffs Artist Credit to Rella101 Habitat: Mountains, and Forests Size: Three foot at the shoulder. Diet: Meats, and some berries Temperament: Calm and friendly, even when wild these creatures are known for coming up to people and allowing themselves to be petted. Though they're small like a toddler they're very protective over their owners, and especially children. Getting the nickname Nanny dogs, they can be trained to keep an eye on children and drag them away from danger. A trait of these beasts is their soft mouth, they could pick up a chicken and carry it for a mile without harming a single feather. Brief summary of the creature: Gem Puffs are a small dog like animal that has a single stone like crystal embedded into the flesh of it's chest. This rock serves no purpose, and is merely cosmetic, making the Gem Puff looking like it has a cape upon it's neck. These are extremely fluffy beasts, weighing at max fifty pounds. Their colors come in Dalmatian, Black and White, White, or Black. Eye colors ranging from Yellow, Brown, Blue, or Green. Not much sets them apart from other pets besides the crystal and their ability to learn. Being intelligent these beasts are quick to be taught tricks and commands. They also make good defense hounds. Characteristic: (Behaviour, Reproduction, Gathering food): Gem Puffs are a pack animal, quite often hunting together they will often take down animals such as small deer, and other beasts about their size, like foxes. They rarely catch things bigger unless in a very large pack. Their gems allow themselves to be identified to each other easier than their patterns. Gem Puffs are friendly beyond belief, rarely ever attacking anyone that didn't start, though they are willing to defend themselves if needed. Most often these puffs are refered to as puff balls. Being small their fur is long, covering all of their body with at least three inch strands. During the summer their shed is obnoxious, so caretakers be warned. Can you train them? Easily, show them love, and take them home, if they are neglected they are liable to run away back to the woods however. Gem Puffs have litters of two-three pups at a time. Can you breed them with others? Yes, thought he gem will not pass on through other species, you can breed them to make other varieties of breeds. If you want to breed other colors, that may be difficult, but not impossible. How do you get one? Go capture one it's easy! Origin: Wolves evolving. Weaknesses: They're a basic dog, they'll be harmed just as easily as another one of their kind. LM Approval Required: No If playable, what are redlines?