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  1. I'd be okay with this, IF YOU STOPPED LEAVING!
  2. Just proving a point, it's been done before.
  3. @The Templar This is a fake screenshot. It is a combination of these two. I did that in 1 minute.
  4. It's not that hard to falsify. Remember the gemmylou screenshot. Atleast that's who I believe it was. An admin posted a screenshot to show how easy it was to change stuff, then afterwords the community threw a fit over it, trying to get her banned. For something she didn't do. Or how about all the times people have been framed.
  5. People take up in arms against the admins and staff. Yet most of the time if there is SOLID proof the people are taken out of the picture. Yet here's a question . How many of you have cybered, I know plenty of people who have at a below 18 age. Shall we ban all of them as well? Every minor who has cybered should be banned along with the older person, right? I should also mention @SneakyTurtles_ is just stirring a pot. Just like Imi and others do. She shows just a snippet.
  6. Rella101

    Confirming the Okarir'leyun

    Shyael wonders if Karren knows, that abstaining means that he wishes not to vote, as there are no other choices. Before casting her own vote. Okarir'leyun: Filanir Ilmoriel [XX] Abstain [ ]
  7. Offering 2 slots for $5 Chibis, shaded.  

    Example cloak_by_rella_adopts-dch7mz2.png

  8. Rella101

    Making clear of Enemies

    "She was crazy, and now even more so." Susan murmured to herself.
  9. Rella101

    Rella's Art Dump/Shop (Open)

    Updated with newest commission
  10. Rella101

    Lets Get It.

    Which artist of LOTC is your favorite, Unbaed, Keem, or Nummy? Why did you originally join LOTC If you could fix one thing of me, what would it be?
  11. Rella101

    Rella's Art Dump/Shop (Open)

    @LeoRabbit99 yes
  12. Not LOTC Related but if you'd like to catch my stream, feel free to come watch!  


  13. Let my dear one in! +1
  14. Rella101

    Citizenship Papers

    OOC NAME: Rella101 RP NAME: Vela Location of home: Tavern Proof of purchase (take a picture of the item being bought/in your inventory with your name in sight): sent over discord