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  1. A young woman picked up the mail in the mailbox, tired from horse sales she glanced to the mail, and assumed it was letters from suitors for her brother. A sigh escaped the child as she tossed the love letters for Father Paul and accidently the letter from the church into the fire. Before running up the stairs. "No mail today! Dinners is ready however, come on Paul!"
  2. Your images are broken, please discord me with them =)
  3. RELLA'S SHOP! Hello! So welcome to my shop. Today I am offering knees and above for these pictures. This will make me want to die less (I hate feet) and will also decrease the price, so you want to die less! PRICES So we have three Styles. POKEMON -100-150 REALISTIC 150-200 LAZY - 50-100 FORMAT LIST
  4. Hello my dear ones, I've decided to come to offer a sale. I want to practice my skills and thus, what better place than to offer a sale here! How is it a sale? Full bodies are currently $30 Torso's are $15 Headshots are more around $7 NOW, you have a few styles to choose from =) My new style! - This style holds thin lines, realism, and a basic background/foreground. My POKEMON Style! This includes a basic background or light background with thin lines and pokemon esq themes! Or my Quick and Easy Style! Fat lines, minimal details, and lazy lines! Forum: I accept payments via paypal at this time. However I may open a few mina slots! Queue: 1 2 3 4 5
  5. I love Muffins, when she logs on I smile, and know it’s going to be a fun day of laughs and just overall joy. -Rella101 =D
  6. Archons would literally gas themselves and be forced to PK if they took the magic.
  7. This is an answer for @Fury_Fire as my words got to jumbled up to answer. But from my knowledge they can cast, because they do not require mana like normal spells, however they still get a drain.
  8. Lyadrian frowns, standing at 6 foot she was to tall for this.
  9. looking for two child rp’rs, let me know if you’re interested.  Both are girls.

  10. All done! I’ll be up with you soon!
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