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Larry Shortoak

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  1. Tempered Australian Magic Team Application

    It's going to be a +1 from me. *
  2. Larry Shortoak

    Larry Shortoak (Do not meta this information) Nicknames: Larry / Uncle Larry Age: 200 Gender: Male. Race: Halfling / Treelord. Status: Alive and Breathing. Weight & Height: 98.3 lbs, 2'9ft. Body Type: The classic Dad Bod. Eyes: Both eyes would be green, the left slightly darker than the other. Hair: Brown and messy. Not much care seems to be taken with it. Skin: It would take on the appearance of something similar to the bark of a tree. It would be more noticeable in the arms and legs. Markings/Tattoos/Injuries: He has a small indent above his left eye, potentially caused before becoming a Tree Lord. Personality: Larry Shortoak is kind, friendly and still remarkably trustworthy of others. He is bubbly and quick to make friends and is always ready to have a little bit of fun and mess about. He loves to relax and make others laugh and be happy, he is often found smoking on an ironwood pipe filled with Halfling's grass, he can also be seen enjoying the music he would be playing on his druidic banjo. Larry will also try and do anything to help a friend, even caring more for them than himself. Inventory: - Larry carries a small gardening trowel at his lower back in a sheath, it would be very sharp, and often covered in dirt and mud. - Larry often has an ironwood pipe placed in his shirt pocket accompanies with multiple matches, he usually never leaves home without it. Around the mouthpiece, one might notice a few chips as if a set of teeth tried biting down on it too hard. - He also carries around a wooden banjo crafted from the wood of an ebony tree. The end of the banjo would be a thick deer hide stretched over a wooden rim. - Alongside the banjo, Larry carries a wooden staff, it would be detailed and very unique to him. It would be radiating with a strong connection to the Aspects. Life Style: Alignment: Larry is Neutral Good. A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He may work with high ranking members of society but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against an order. Neutral good can be a dangerous alignment when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable. Spouse/Love Interest: None. Family Members: Biological Father - Pinchin Shortoak (Halfling) (Deceased) Biological Mother - Bell Shortoak (Halfling)(Deceased) - Brother- Finlay Shortoak (Halfling) (Deceased) Sister - Annabelle Shortoak (Halfling) (Assumed Deceased) - Son - Drogo Shortoak (Halfling) (Deceased) Daughter - Holly Shortoak (Daughter) (Assumed Deceased) Daughter - Missy Shortoak (Daughter) (Assumed Deceased) Animal Friends: - Sky, his pet ground finch he uses to send notes to others. He is quick and agile and is sometimes found on Larry's shoulder or in his hair. - Bucky, his longest and oldest friend. His Beaver friend is an avid smoker, (Larry was a bad influence) and sometimes seen gnawing through the wooden barrels of ale in the local tavern. Bucky struggles to move around and see due to his old age. - Larry's last animal friend is Hector, his cross-eyed Southern white-faced owl. He mainly sits in a tree or on a wooden post around Pendlemere. He rarely flies due to his poor vision and if he is ever seen flying try to catch him because he will go down quickly. Religion: - The Old Halfling Gods - Aspectism / Druidism Alliance/Nation/Home: The Druids & Pendlemere & Sutica Job/Class: Proficient Lumberjack (Main) Adequate Woodworker (Secondary) Apprentice Fisher (Bonus) Adept Farmer (Racial) Proficient Chef (Racial) Titles: - The Beaver Druid. - Former Elder, Mayor, and Sheriff of various Halfling villages. - Knight of Sutica, Ser Larry Shortoak. ~*~*~
  3. 6.0 halfling village ideas thread

    In Willow Hollow there was a double gate at the back end of the village near where the stables were. It was usually closed due to it rarely ever being occupied and to get in it was often quicker to run around to the front rather than attempting to send a bird. I remember it very clearly due to the endless discussions I had regarding getting perms for it. Ahhh, the memories. You're welcome @_Jandy_ ~*~
  4. Feel the Bromance

    Just wanted to make a quick post to my Halfling neighbours and friends and say that I love each and every one of you. You have kept me sane on this server, you have kept me around on this server and you are what brings me back each and every time despite my best attempts to quit without another word. This community is so friendly and energetic and never takes things too seriously and I will always main a Halfling and only ever play a Halfling. "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." I also had to post it in here because people might have thought I was joking if I put it in the memes section. <3 ~*~
  5. Mayor Vote

    Larry would stroll around in thought questioning the decision on this very important matter. He had uncorked an old Shortoak stout, lit his wooden pipe and began to blow out smoke rings as he began to create a list of why each should get his vote. Unfortunately, this took many, many hours based solely on the accolades of Squawks the Parrot. Shogging champion, to be... Excellent at conversations, probably... Perfect at being a parrot! He was pleased with the list that he took a nice big swig of his drink. It was the time that he got to Harold, however, he seemingly couldn't think of a single thing... Odd he thought, but nevertheless, he followed his heart's desire and voted for the only logical option due to the lists. Squawks. And with this Larry wrote his name and his choice in the ballot box for the next Mayor of their small village. ~*~ ~*~ ((Still love you Harold <3))
  6. New Village: Wait for 6.0, or now?

    I wasn't offended at all, just a bit confused as you thought that was the main part of what I had said. I don't particularly understand why you are more focused on the gif in this situation even though it kind of is relevant as it is saying you can learn from the past but that is beside the point. The reason that it "takes up all of Kasfer's time" is because he is an archdruid for the druids and is enjoying the RP experience/s that he is getting from that group of people. If Kasfer had a place maybe a touch closer than Pendlemere he may be there even more regularly and could bring some of the druids along whenever he returns which would increase activity before 6.0. It would also expand the horizon for more people to create Halfling persona's if they see a fun group that is active. Even though I am a rare sighting amongst the Halflings due to the little amount I play I would like to suggest moving based solely on activity.
  7. New Village: Wait for 6.0, or now?

    ~*~ In saying that the last village we had on Vailor was Willow Hollow where if you stood in the right spot and squinted you could see a druid grove. It didn't cause anything bad to happen then to our culture and I doubt it would ruin it if we happened to be near another. My 2 cents from playing a Halfling for a while. ~*~
  8. <3

    1. Ang


      you're the best halfling out there

  9. Bad MS paint art 3

  10. I remember this one guy who didn't like a group of people based on their culture.... I can't put my finger on who though.... ~*~
  11. My gif of the day


  12. [✓] [Rewrite] The Soul Tree

  13. Pendlemere-by-Cotton-Lake

    Larry Shortoak, a Halfling that had seen a number of villages in his time, one that had even been in a position of leadership smiled at the news of a new village. It had been so long since he was last a part of Halfling life. The man had a new sort of life bouncing inside of him. His large feet bounced from the ground like they once did back in Athera, the smoke he had exhaled soon vanished into the air around the druid grove. The season of the Halflings was just around the corner and the old Halfling knew he had to get a taste of the old ways. He would pack some salted meats and vegetables and shoved the food in his bag and would soon rise from his seat. He grasped a hold of his banjo and tossed the bag over his shoulder as he went for the long walk to Pendlemere. Before the man left he kissed his daughter's forehead before muttering out to her, "I's time we 'ead 'ome. I'll be back soon." Larry then started to move, peering back to wave goodbye to his daughter as he hobbled off. He knew she would be safe around the druids and Alarica even though he still worried. ~*~
  14. Sky's Contributor Application

    Me trying to find a reason as to why he shouldn't be given the opportunity. +1 ~*~
  15. [Denied] Tsuyose's ET Application

    Accept him. ~*~