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  1. 1dyDGmx.png



    Some fun Aethermoore festival moments!


    @Jentos @DJSneeze @thegauvzinator @Fuego @TheWholeOrcCrewWhoWasRaidingLol

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    2. TheJollyPear


      I know right ahhahaha.

    3. Moochael


      I would've attended if my character wasn't in slavery ;(

    4. Jentos




      poor Mooc! :(

  2. 2e241cbbfa40b515d22f0718ddaab4f25631dfed

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    2. Moochael
    3. Allieice


      throwback to when Allie thought he meant actual bugs and not computer ones

    4. Moochael


      Oh I'm dumb, I was thinking actual irl bugs as well

  3. Did you draw that profile picture yourself? :o I luv it. It looks so innocently manly..? I don't even know anymore xD

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    2. Starryy


      I haven't a clue! I'd check her profile.

    3. Allieice


      -rolls in- I am ze artist, PM if you're interested c; -rolls away-

    4. TheJollyPear


      I don't know why I wasn't notified on a message sent to me. But it was Allies even though this has been answered. Sorry for /rolling/ in late.

  4. ((Draw me like one of your French girls pl0x))
  5. jim_out_out_out_out.gif

    State testings tomorrow...


  6. Current Issue: Registration Issues within the forums. Lately there has been a re-occurring question, and problem of the new players who have been wanting to join our community. That have been unable to fully log into their forum accounts. As in not receiving the validation email. Others are having a problem with their display, and email. Some screenshots were provided: As shown in the screen shots, the display, and email is clearly shown as available. Then after clicking they both become 'Taken.' The player has said "Once I add in my forum display name, and email. It shows it as available, right? Then when I click 'Create my Account' it becomes unavailable and does not let me use the display name, or email." Also they have said they have made three emails, and different display names each time. I would like a admin/gm/staff to please handle this ASAP. As it seems to be a re-occuruing topic this week.
  7. Updated my signature with character art. With credits aswell. Thanks to everyone who makes me art! Anyone do commissions, or wants to do some free (;o) art. Drop me a PM.  

  8. Langon would nod, giving the boots a slight nod. "Good work." He'd mutter to himself.
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