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  1. 1dyDGmx.png



    Some fun Aethermoore festival moments!


    @Jentos @DJSneeze @thegauvzinator @Fuego @TheWholeOrcCrewWhoWasRaidingLol

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    2. TheJollyPear


      I know right ahhahaha.

    3. Moochael


      I would've attended if my character wasn't in slavery ;(

    4. Jentos




      poor Mooc! :(

  2. Did you draw that profile picture yourself? :o I luv it. It looks so innocently manly..? I don't even know anymore xD

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    2. 1_Language_1


      Does she charge anything to have characters drawn?

    3. Stumpye


      I haven't a clue! I'd check her profile.

    4. TheJollyPear


      I don't know why I wasn't notified on a message sent to me. But it was Allies even though this has been answered. Sorry for /rolling/ in late.

  3. ((Draw me like one of your French girls pl0x))
  4. jim_out_out_out_out.gif

    State testings tomorrow...


  5. Updated my signature with character art. With credits aswell. Thanks to everyone who makes me art! Anyone do commissions, or wants to do some free (;o) art. Drop me a PM.  

  6. Langon would nod, giving the boots a slight nod. "Good work." He'd mutter to himself.
  7. Smite the sinners. 


    1. Worldeater


      It shall be done. 

  8. Most likely that is the case. But if someone does do the villainy RP extremely well. Maybe through a well emoted, and fair RP fight. Or a fair PVP fight. And they want the loot for /winning/ I don't see it as they particularly wanting your loot. BUT I haven't seen any of that in a bit.
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