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  1. daddy i'm worried

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      damn, here you have your one year late reply. worried?

  2. where you at ;-;

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      oh wow... it’s been a looong time

  3. Heal'gon Atmorice signs this charter ((onm224))
  4. ACCEPTED - We'll discuss who will you be son of. WELCOME!
  5. Every map transition ever :(

  6. ACCEPTED - You would be Frodo and Martha's son. Both parents were never Rped and the two brothers are inactive, so you're fine :D. WELCOME TER DA FAMILEH!
  7. The Proudfoot Family The origins of the Proudfoot are a bit blurry since the Fringe. All it is known from them tracks as far back as Bongo the II, the eldest member, can recall. The father of Bongo the II, Bongo the I, had two children with another Halfling and one with a human, Maria Ascuasciati. Later on, Maria abandoned Bongo and took their half human son with her spliting the family apart. However, the family reunited when Mungo, motherless and abandoned by father, decided to leave Gimblewood and seek for adventures. These adventure brought Mungo to unite with the lost Human half of his family and settleing in several locations like the western coast of Athera, a castle next to Orc lands, a house in the Caliphate and have owned several farms in WoodElven lands, the Caliphate, the northern mesa of Athera and the Valkyrian farms. But now the family has split apart once again and the only one known to be still alive is Mungo, who has decided to return to the Halfling village. ~*~ Culture and Tradition [TO BE ADDED] ~*~ Appearance The only thing that distinguishes the Proudfoot from other halflings and humans, is that they're ridiculously short. ~*~ Religion The Proudfoot have always worshiped the one and only lord... DA PUMPKIN LAWRD. No Proudfoot has ever eaten a Melon, had a residence without a pumpkin shrine or gone a whole week without putting a pumpkin on and trying to make the unfaithfu convert. ~*~ Proudfoot Hats and Pumpkins The Proudfoot have always been great farmers, specially of pumpkins. However, the Proudfoot once had their own hat shop, but it caught on fire. The only Proudfoot Hat left is owned by Mungo. ~*~ ~*~ Current and Deceased family members Once played characters: Bongo Proudfoot the II :: Status: dead (onm224) [Stroke] Mungo Proudfoot :: Status: active (onm224) Bimbo Proudfoot :: Status: active (to_et) Togo Proudfoot :: Status: inactive (ForsakenWarrior) George Proudfoot :: Status: dead (xXMark123Xx) [Unknown] Rose Proudfoot II :: Status: dead (ScarletBlood) [Murdered] Aidan Proudfoot :: Status: inactive (?) Nayara Angelin :: Status: inactive (Arecku) Dwan Proudfoot :: Status: inactive (Recku) Marcy Proudfoot :: Status: inactive (LPStalker) Eeon Proudfoot :: Status: active (GlammyLovesYou) Marc Volaire Zuberzuri Proudfoot :: Status: dead (xXMark123Xx) [Avalanche] Otho Proudfoot :: Status: active (Deviiin) Argoth Proudfoot :: Status: active (...) (unknown = inactive or dead) [The characters not listed above have never been played by anyone] ~*~ Application Format RP Name: RP Gender: MC name: Skype (optional): IRP Age: Realion (Ex: Aiden's Brother / or someone else) : Description of char:
  8. Mungo jumps off his horse and drops a handwritten letter off Kavasir's mailbox. Name: Mungo Proudfoot Age: 82 Gender: Chap Allegiance: ME PUMPKIN'! Is we speakin' the same language? Where do you live: Me lives in a pumpkin farm. Do you vow your life and entire essence to Knox?: Me 'as vowe' ter Knox me whole life! In me ol' days no one a'e melons. Do you vow to care for your brothers and sisters who also believe in Knox: Me will care for all Johns and Janes who believe in de un an' onle Lawrd. PRAY TER DE LAWRD.

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