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  1. [!] Roy Firmin sends a bird to Ben Avice it reads "We will contact you shortly"
  2. In Character Name: Semper Age: 35 Race: Human What are your professions and talents?: Fighting, good with a sword Previous military experience: Abresi Guard Do you agree to follow the Oath of Allegiance?: Till death I will follow the oath Out of Character MC Name: evilpizzaman Do you have skype? (Not Required): Yes Do you have teamspeak? (Not Required): Yes
  3. Your Name:Arthonias Vienlaz Your Age:23 Your Race:Human Are you wishing to join the college as a Mage, or a Pilgrim?: Mage If joining as a mage, clarify on if you are currently skilled in the magical arts, or being taught by someone who is: I am currently skilled in the magic of Illusion. What affinity of magic are you skilled in?: Illusion (( OOC: MC Name:evilpizzaman When did you join the server?: In Ageis I can't remember the exact date. If applying as a mage, link any currently approved MAs unless grandfathered: N/A If applying as a mage, list your magic type and tier: Electromancy Tier 1 ))
  4. Name: Arthonias Vienlaz ((Evilpizzaman)) Gender:Male Race:Human Age: 23 Why would you like to attend our school?: I would like to study Magic specifically Mental magic and Electromancy. After learning and studying these move to Higher more difficult Magic and Alchemy. Will you be able to pay our entry fee of 150(+50 if you want a dorm): Indeed Skype:matthew.embrey99
  5. After suffering the loss of The Red Tides leader, Semper sits at his desk in the top floor to his shop pondering his next move. There are tons of papers and a quill and a small jar of ink. He looks over the funds and the members and realizes there is no way for The Red Tide to go on. He beings to scribe on a piece of parchment "Hello Red Tide members I am sorry to be sending this too you, but the Gang can not continue without the proper leader which I am not. This is the disbandment of the gang." He scribes this same message on a few pieces of parchment. Semper then open the window and whistles a hawk shows up to the ledge of his window. He gives it to the hawk to deliver this too gang members.
  6. New gang lord eh, sounds like a nice title.
  7. OOC: Minecraft Name:evilpizzaman Timezone:EST Do you have teamspeak and/or skype: Both Do we understand that we do not allow 'minas or die' RP? That we provide Roleplaying combat regularly and use PvP occasionally or if the opposition wants it? That we don't accept poor quality RP?:I fully understand and don't RP like that on any occasion. ----------------------------------- IC: Your name:Semper Your Age: 22 Your Race: Human Are you an assassin, bandit, or thief: Bandit and thief What is it that you do for a living in your criminal and civilian life: I own a small shop Are you aware that if you leave this gang without consent, you will be placed on a blacklist in every city we operate in?: Yes Where do you live and/or operate mostly: Abresi
  8. Name ((and MCname)):Semper(Evilpizzaman) ((Skype name)):matthew.embrey99 Age and race: 28 Human Motives for joining: After many battles with the harbingers and the faithful servants of Lord Setherien he realizes that they cannot be stopped. He also lusts for power. He has lost friends to the scourge and he has no one left, and the scourge cannot be stopped. He has seen there power and the servants power, and knows they will be the end of Anthos, he doesn't want to die with anyone else he wants to be powerful. Do you wish to get blessed? ((If yes, you are agreeing to the above OOC statements of blessing.)):Yes ((If you betray the Scourge and are caught, do you agree with a PK’ing clause? You don’t have to answer yes.)):Yes Copy this as well please: (I do not play another character that is actively fighting against the scourge. If my character intentionally betrays the Scourge and is caught, or is expelled due to IC actions, I agree with a loss of IC information clause. This meaning that my character will forget all information about the Scourge, and that all books and documents that my character had written for himself about them will be destroyed or did not exist.): I agree ((I have talked to Gwonam OOC and Harbingers IC))
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