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  1. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    ~~The Red Tide~~

    [!] Roy Firmin sends a bird to Ben Avice it reads "We will contact you shortly"
  2. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    ~~The Red Tide~~

  3. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    The Silverblade Bannermen

    In Character Name: Semper Age: 35 Race: Human What are your professions and talents?: Fighting, good with a sword Previous military experience: Abresi Guard Do you agree to follow the Oath of Allegiance?: Till death I will follow the oath Out of Character MC Name: evilpizzaman Do you have skype? (Not Required): Yes Do you have teamspeak? (Not Required): Yes
  4. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    [Actor] Evilpizzaman Et Application

    § Minecraft name: evilpizzaman § Skype ID: matthew.embrey99 § Time zone:EST § Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: I have been banned once on this server. It was a very long time ago so I can’t find the report. It happened when the server was still in Ageis and I have grown very much more mature than I was then. § Do you hold any other staff positions?Nope this would be my first. § What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become an Event member? I only have Semper and Arthonias Vienlaz, I think I would give this character up if need be for the event team. I would defiantly prefer to keep this character though seeing I have played a lot of time as him. I would be willing to give Arthonias up anytime seeing I don’t play as him much and just started out playing as him. § What race/group do you think your events would best cater to? I wouldn’t cater to any one race .If I had to choose one race to cater too it would be the Humans, I have RP experience mostly as a human and don’t have any characters other than human characters so I know a lot more Human Roleplayers than I do Elves, orcs, or dwarves. I would although be willing to participate in event dealing with and Race/Group. § What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? 1. The first key factor to a successful even would be whether the event is fun for the characters involved, if it’s a boring event there isn’t really a point in having that event at all. If players finish an event thinking that it was extremely boring then we as the Event team haven’t really done are job. 2. The second is how the event is organized if the event is a mess then we haven’t done are job and the event won’t be any fun for the characters involved in it. Also it will drive characters away from wanting to do events or get involved in them. 3. The third is the characters choice; I have been on events where players have found different ways to achieve the exact same outcome. The characters should have a loose control on how the event plays out. The Events are meant for player enjoyment so if they want to do things a little different why not let them? § When was the last time you saw an event? I was at Cloud temple and there was a man asking for aid to defeat some kind of beast in the north. We got a large enough party and headed north where we were attacked by three Iron Golems. After defeating them we entered a cave and had to RP killing the beast that was some sort of snake. § What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? Tell us! I feel as though I have a very good understanding of lore and I have been around since Ageis although I did go inactive during a long period in Aluson. I have a very creative style of thinking and think I can be very good at coming up with fun events for all players. § Why do you want to be part of the ET? I wish to make the server a more enjoyable one. The Lord of the Craft is a very enjoyable server as it is now. Although I wish I could contribute to the fun and excitement people get out of playing this server. § Create three distinct RP scenarios/events that you would organize. § 1) For one-3 person A man walks out of the forest in front of a party of three men. He is bleeding and falls to the ground. He says “Me companions and I were attacked b-b-by spiders in the woods, go….. elp’ dem’ please” If the players decide to go into the woods they will have to fight a few spiders and when they come to an opening there will be two men. These will be the friends that the man spoke of. The characters will be rewarded some minas for their efforts in helping these men. They will also have to get the man on the road to some kind of medical help or his companions could medically help him. § 2) For a group of 5-10 3) A small problem has arisen from the new land known as the fringe. A small group of bandits have started to terrorize the new towns. The group of bandits would be Event Team members, players from the town in the fringe will have to come together to stop the bandits. The players could kill the bandits ((PVP or RP)) then find a note on one leading to a small bandit hideout with some named items or minas. The players could also let them live and convince them to surrender making them lead them to the hideout getting the items without harm although if they let the bandits continue to live the group may rise again and continue to terrorize towns after they get organized again. § For a group of 20+ A man walks into Abresi, he is bloody and falls to the ground at the gate dead. He looks as though he has been torn apart. His clothes are ripped and he has claw marks down his face and chest. These are signs of a wolf pack in the woods outside of Abresi. The wolves will attack players on the roads to Abresi until the watch puts an end to the pack. If they don’t do anything about it the wolf pack will grow and the problem will become worse. If they still don’t put an end to the problem then the wolves will become more confident and come closer and closer to the city. The guards would have to kill the wolves outside the city so that people could leave. After killing the wolves they will receive named Items such as “Wolf-Pelts, Wolf Teeth, Wolf Claws, and Wolf Meat” § How long do you plan to stay in the ET? I would be a very active member of the event team. I plan to stay as long as time allows me to. I don’t plan to leave the server anytime soon and would stay on the ET as long as possible. § Tell me what you want from the ET. All I want is to provide exhilarating and fun RP for other players.
  5. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    [Denied]Hunwald's Global Moderator Application

  6. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    Frigated [Actor Application]

  7. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    [Actor] Goldrim's Application

    +1 You have my support
  8. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    ~+ The Mage's Guild +~

    Your Name:Arthonias Vienlaz Your Age:23 Your Race:Human Are you wishing to join the college as a Mage, or a Pilgrim?: Mage If joining as a mage, clarify on if you are currently skilled in the magical arts, or being taught by someone who is: I am currently skilled in the magic of Illusion. What affinity of magic are you skilled in?: Illusion (( OOC: MC Name:evilpizzaman When did you join the server?: In Ageis I can't remember the exact date. If applying as a mage, link any currently approved MAs unless grandfathered: N/A If applying as a mage, list your magic type and tier: Electromancy Tier 1 ))
  9. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    College Of The Dust (Now Enrolling Students!)

    Name: Arthonias Vienlaz ((Evilpizzaman)) Gender:Male Race:Human Age: 23 Why would you like to attend our school?: I would like to study Magic specifically Mental magic and Electromancy. After learning and studying these move to Higher more difficult Magic and Alchemy. Will you be able to pay our entry fee of 150(+50 if you want a dorm): Indeed Skype:matthew.embrey99
  10. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    ~~The Red Tide~~

    After suffering the loss of The Red Tides leader, Semper sits at his desk in the top floor to his shop pondering his next move. There are tons of papers and a quill and a small jar of ink. He looks over the funds and the members and realizes there is no way for The Red Tide to go on. He beings to scribe on a piece of parchment "Hello Red Tide members I am sorry to be sending this too you, but the Gang can not continue without the proper leader which I am not. This is the disbandment of the gang." He scribes this same message on a few pieces of parchment. Semper then open the window and whistles a hawk shows up to the ledge of his window. He gives it to the hawk to deliver this too gang members.
  11. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    ~~The Red Tide~~

    New gang lord eh, sounds like a nice title.
  12. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    ~~The Red Tide~~

    OOC: Minecraft Name:evilpizzaman Timezone:EST Do you have teamspeak and/or skype: Both Do we understand that we do not allow 'minas or die' RP? That we provide Roleplaying combat regularly and use PvP occasionally or if the opposition wants it? That we don't accept poor quality RP?:I fully understand and don't RP like that on any occasion. ----------------------------------- IC: Your name:Semper Your Age: 22 Your Race: Human Are you an assassin, bandit, or thief: Bandit and thief What is it that you do for a living in your criminal and civilian life: I own a small shop Are you aware that if you leave this gang without consent, you will be placed on a blacklist in every city we operate in?: Yes Where do you live and/or operate mostly: Abresi
  13. ()()Evilpizzaman()()

    The Frozen Nights, Cultists Of Setherien

    Name ((and MCname)):Semper(Evilpizzaman) ((Skype name)):matthew.embrey99 Age and race: 28 Human Motives for joining: After many battles with the harbingers and the faithful servants of Lord Setherien he realizes that they cannot be stopped. He also lusts for power. He has lost friends to the scourge and he has no one left, and the scourge cannot be stopped. He has seen there power and the servants power, and knows they will be the end of Anthos, he doesn't want to die with anyone else he wants to be powerful. Do you wish to get blessed? ((If yes, you are agreeing to the above OOC statements of blessing.)):Yes ((If you betray the Scourge and are caught, do you agree with a PK’ing clause? You don’t have to answer yes.)):Yes Copy this as well please: (I do not play another character that is actively fighting against the scourge. If my character intentionally betrays the Scourge and is caught, or is expelled due to IC actions, I agree with a loss of IC information clause. This meaning that my character will forget all information about the Scourge, and that all books and documents that my character had written for himself about them will be destroyed or did not exist.): I agree ((I have talked to Gwonam OOC and Harbingers IC))