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  1. func_Soap


    Been a while coming (and most o you prolly glad for it) but I’m downgrading myself off the server, crap’s degraded my mental health long enough, o7
  2. https://gyazo.com/c71ac8299ed69ee2346ed05e3aa40763


    hello? for what?

    do people not get reasons for warnings anymore?

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  3. Stannis stifles a quiet chuckle into the back of his hand.
  4. You purchase one of those golden shovels for the correct size you’re looking for, head to an area where you’re allowed to place a charter, then make your selection with the tool. Follow the steps the plugin informs you of to confirm the area, then encourage your supporters to come sign onto your charter. Once you reach the required number, a moderator will accept or deny it, hey presto you have a charter!
  5. [!] The sound of fast paced pitter pattering is heard coming closer and closer, followed by a shrill pitch familiar to any Westmarcher. "STANNIS!" Niffle yells, eager to snap up a moment of the Duke's time. Stannis cranes his neck to face the Halfling sprinting ever closer to him; his brows raise aloft in curiosity. Niffle takes a moment to try to catch her breath, for so eager was she to express her ideas, that she dismissed the decorum with which she'd usually approach Stannis. "Ah… Just 'ad.. T'eh most amazen idea.. fer an event! Came t'ah meh en a dreeaam..!" A smile, confused but not concerned, forms on Stannis' face as he looks expectantly at her. "Don't keep me in suspense dear." Niffle, breathing back on track, clears her throat and prepares her proposition; "Okay! 'ear me out!" she pauses and then clasps her hands together, "pie eatin' an' shoggin'!" First Pie and Shogging festival of Westmarch and other stuff? First Annual Pie and Shogg- no… The Westmarch Summer Festival Of 1730 Spring has arrived and with that the Spring festival. His Grace Stannis Staunton invites all denizens of Arcas to come and partake in the festivities inspired by our very own Halfling community here in Westmarch. Stalls ((apply in comments)) Stall Application MC Username: Goods to sell: Shogging Shogging is a popular halfling sport where two players try to knock the other off of a log. The two players use wooden shovels and wear pumpkins on their heads to make the game more interesting! Rules: 1: No hopping logs! 2: No finding extra holes in your pumpkin! ((Using 3rd person)) 3: First one to fall loses! Pie eating contest A simple contest over who eats pie the fastest, First one finished wins! ((/roll 20 to determine eating performance, multiple rolls may be used to add tension! Highest roll wins). Pumpkin shaped pins These pins will be handed out to every festival-goer upon entry! This is the only time you can acquire such a fancy pin, so if you wish to adorn your coat with pumpkins, this festival is for you! Apple bobbing A barrel is filled with water and apples, and us party goers have to fish out the apples with our mouths! Any apple you get out of the barrel is yours to eat. Darts Darts is a fun game about throwing darts at a board to score points! Highest score wins! ((For darts, each player throws 3 darts (taking turns doing so) and does /roll 20 for each throw 1-3: Miss 4-8: 10 points 9-13: 20 points 14-17: 30 points 18-19: 40 points 20: 50 POINTS! Wooden Puzzle A most peculiar activity! You’ll have to attend this festival to find out what it is! Telling you now would spoil the fun! Arm wrestling Show your mate who’s strongest! A series of /roll 20s indicate who’s ahead and who’s behind. First to 100 in total wins! All materials required for these activities will be generously provided by the Westmarch halflings; there’s no need to bring anything but your own two feet! Be there or be square! Nobody likes a grouch who won’t attend parties! <OOC info> Location: Westmarch, just head up towards Haelun’or and turn left at the sign. Time: 31st Aug, 3pm EST.
  6. Bare-Knuckle Boxing Third Biennial Boxing Competition His Grace Stannis Staunton invites all sentients of the realm to prove their strength once more. Prove your strength in pummelling the competition, and earn yourself a hefty sum too. Have you a Lady you’re looking to stun into swooning? Attend, and show her what for! Donations for the prize-pool are accepted but not required, nor is there an entry fee. Fight as Owyn did, this coming Owyn’s Light, with GOD’s guidance. OOC Information Date: Thursday 22nd August 2019 Time: 6 pm EST Location: Follow the road to Haelun’or, taking the left along the road.
  7. Stannis swiftly makes way for a reading. Just for curiosity’s sake...
  8. A Call to Summons His Grace, Duke Stannis hereby invites all citizens and allies of the duchy of Westmarch to court this coming month. Matters of the duchy are to be discussed, including the recently-instated stewards for the town, the efforts towards redesign and reconstruction, and general issues of the duchy. Succeeding this, a council meeting will be held too. Duke Stannis encourages all to attend this council and bring forth all concerns and ideas, civil or otherwise. OOC Information Date: Wednesday 14th of August 2019 Time: 6 pm EST Location: Great Hall, Laanhold, Westmarch Directions: Follow the road to Haelun’or taking the left turn off.
  9. Nations: Sutica 4.8% Druids 3.0% Haense 5.3% Llyria 11.6% Adria 8.3% Fenn 5.1% Curon 5.1% Orcs 2.0% [!][!] Urguan 3.7% Cascadia 9.6% Haelun'or 3.9% Aegrothond 1.5% [!][!] T3: Defy 0.0% [!][!][!] Athalia 0.5% [!][!][!] Guise 1.0% [!] Marsumar 2.5% Irrinor 4.7% Rosenyr 3.8% Courland 1.3% T2: Ravensburg 0.0% [!][!] Robertson 0.0% [!][!][!] Courts of Mirasul 0.0%[!][!][!] Warwick Castle 0.7% Ashfeld 0.2% [!][!][!] Beet 0.1% [!] Cresonia 0.4% [!] Solomon Stronghold 0.7% T1: Nenzing 0.5% [!] Ayr 0.3% [!][!][!] County of Graiswald 0.5% [!][!][!] Attica 0.1% [!][!][!] The North 0.1% [!] Whiterock 0.6% [!] County of Dronen 0.5% Luxem 0.0% [!][!][!] Marian's Keep 0.4% [!] Gehenna 0.5% Kadarsi 0.4% Omargrimmer 0.0%[!][!][!] Astorga 0.4% Newhilden 0.0% [!][!][!] [!] = number of warnings at current tier, due to missed activity. Successes remove one strike. [X] = Nation / Charter status revoked / downgraded in the preceding week.
  10. Admin threatens to ban those who had been naughty, both sides included, if the two sides can’t sort out some conflict rules. Admin implements temporary CDs due to one side being naughty to the other, despite the ongoing war chat. Let’s not play a game of ignore the context. CDs can still be overruled if both sides agree. The issue is with the lax rules as they were, people will, and have, taken advantage.
  11. A quick announcement: apologies to all for the confusion with charters this past week or two! There’s been much discussion about the fairness of the old activity requirements. After running some different numbers to find a good balance between allowing niche groups and discouraging excess spread. An effect of that is that, with the nations as a start point and working our way down, we should find some charters succeeding in each tier, but not necessarily smashing it. Our new expectations are as follows: T1: 0.3% T2: 0.6% T3: 1.2% T4: 2.0% NT: 3.0% Following this, strikes will be retroactively corrected; if you gained strikes a strike while under the harsher requirements but wouldn’t have under the lighter requirements, don’t worry, they’re to be stricken! Similarly though, with lighter expectations come less wiggle room in them. There exist no plans to offer the removal of strikes due to a narrow miss, for instance.
  12. OmGoMGOmG ANoTHEr foLLower hELlo HeLlo!

  13. Stannis affixes his signature to the bottom of the document.
  14. heLLO folloWErs!

    1. Kaelan
    2. func_Soap


      1 hour ago, Kaelan said:


      Ew it’s a non-follower...

    3. Kaelan
  15. *All across the realms of the Pax Orenia, leaflets are nailed up:* Bare-knuckle boxing As the summer nights draw longer and the warm breeze passes through the rural Laanhold, fields flourish with the coming of the longer, sunnier days.. Children play and townsfolk enjoy the simple life. But! Some excitement is to be had... The talk of the Town..! His grace, Duke Stannis Staunton, invites all men of Oren to show their prowess via a friendly boxing tournament! Are you the strongest man in Arcas, or perhaps the fastest? With a 500 mina prize pool, it's all to play for! OOC Information Date: 20th of July 2019 Time 6 pm EST Location: Laanhold, Duchy of Westmarch Directions: Follow the road to Haelun’or up from Whitepeak, then left at the sign.
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