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  1. Uncle rolls his eyes at the indignant elderly fellows. "Realleh?" he tuts, "av yew spoken tew Oiris 'bout i'? Er are yeh jus' ran'in' 'n' ravin' frum yer 'ome wi' no understandin' uv wo'ss goin' on wi' it? T'e Foire Depar'men' 'av' i' 'cus t'e main'enance uv i' is beyond moi capabili'ies. If t'ey din' take care uv i', i' would be a foire 'azard! An' t'e plan is ter swap i' in fer a wee-suitable vessel." "We ulreadeh 'av' solutions, bu' yer too buseh workin' yerself up into a frenzeh tew even investiga'e wo'ss bein' dun. Troy usin' yer noggin 'fore yer gab."
  2. Uncle Peregrin reads over the hand-copied almanac - Honeyhill doesn't have a printing press, after all - with plenty of umming and ahing at the different wisdoms. While he has jam production capability, he's yet to really penetrate the market. It's more of a side venture versus his time-consuming cheese-making. "Sewn i''ll beh toime ter ge' sum lumb'rin' done, all t'e sewner now our two-'alfman-saw'll be noice 'n' sharp agen. Moigh' even trea' meself tew ah self-defence shovel," his caterpillar eyebrows wiggle excitedly. He gives a quick cackle then consigns the pages to the bucket next to the toilet, as should be done with any good light reading materiel.
  3. Uncle Peregrin observes one such wanted poster. They put his drawing to great use! He grins a moment, then gets mad, cus he really wants that guy found. Hopefully the picture will help!
  4. "Oi knew them wheat fields shou'n't'a' been meaty!" angrily, Uncle Peregrin throws down his gardening mittens. +1 pls implement funni plant
  5. func_Soap


    Been a while coming (and most o you prolly glad for it) but I’m downgrading myself off the server, crap’s degraded my mental health long enough, o7
  6. https://gyazo.com/c71ac8299ed69ee2346ed05e3aa40763


    hello? for what?

    do people not get reasons for warnings anymore?

    Edited by _Hexe_
  7. Admin threatens to ban those who had been naughty, both sides included, if the two sides can’t sort out some conflict rules. Admin implements temporary CDs due to one side being naughty to the other, despite the ongoing war chat. Let’s not play a game of ignore the context. CDs can still be overruled if both sides agree. The issue is with the lax rules as they were, people will, and have, taken advantage.
  8. OmGoMGOmG ANoTHEr foLLower hELlo HeLlo!

  9. Stannis affixes his signature to the bottom of the document.
  10. heLLO folloWErs!

    1. Kaelan
    2. func_Soap


      1 hour ago, Kaelan said:


      Ew it’s a non-follower...

    3. Kaelan
  11. Name of settlement: Laanhold, Westmarch Peak time: Around 3pm EST (from a mix of Europeans and North Americans) Populace density: 85% Human, 15% Halfling Brief description: Laanhold is the cozy agricultural town of the Duchy of Westmarch. With hedgerows bordering the farms leading up to the gentle palisade entrance to the town, the entire area would be welcoming to most. Halfling burrows sit on the left hand side of the road in, and a branch off to the right sweeps up the staircase to the keep: Laanhold Tower. Immediately upon entering the town would be a marketplace, with a medical clinic on the far left, under the clocktower. Bearing left, an arcade leads to a public park, and the small houses in that direction. Straight ahead is the archway leading to the church, manors and side entrance to the keep, and to the right is the road to the apartments, and the tavern too. List of players able to assist: @mra8ur93ss , Duke Stannis, aka func_Soap @Pun , Duchess Kathryn, aka Pun__ @Gleeshers , Mayor Puddifoot, aka ColdDaughter @Cleggmire_ , Ser Fournier, aka Reynald_ @LadyCarolina , Lady Fournier Directions: https://imgur.com/a/zApKoFR Take the Northerly junction of the Aegrothond-northerly – King’s Road-easterly junction, then the first left nearly opposite a vineyard on the right. -
  12. https://imgur.com/a/Lmlwzp9 Corrections aside, this map is majestic. It certainly captures all the locations I frequent perfectly!
  13. imo veteran RPers shouldn’t need a wacky race to make a complex character. That aside, I attended the Djinn event in Brandybrook, which was pretty fun. I think events need to be made more regular to try to reintroduce that sorta stuff as a more key component of LotC. I remember when some tunnelling slime monsters cropped up in the middle of Riga, or a hunter had spotted the tracks of a particularly large boar. It’s small things like that that really populate the world outside the ‘main’ characters that inhabit it.
  14. Stannis reads over the letter, at least finding solace in Mosley’s dignified departure in the face of reason. ”A damn shame,” he mutters, tapping his hand with the letter, before nervously biting his lip, ”A damn shame indeed...”
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