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  1. His Imperial Highness, Pertinax of the House of Horen, the Dragonknight, wielding the exalted Sword of Horen. After nearly a century of military dominance, it had seemed that the might of Renatus had come to an end. Joey “the Pretender” and the decrepit remnants of the Holy Orenian Empire had thought so at least. They had deemed the time right to steal the throne from the line of Pertinax and proclaim themselves the rulers of humanity. Pacts were signed between the Imperium Renatum and The War Nation of Krugmar and The High Elves of The Silver State of Haelun’or, both who had once suffered under oppressive Orenian regimes. However, it was the greatest irony that the elves of Fenn had chosen to side with the Empire of Oren, who had been the source of years of genocide and hatred towards the Snow Elves, but it mattered not, they would die with the rest of them. Trusting in the defensive capabilities of Helena, His Imperial Majesty Godfrey III conceded the field battle, choosing to hold the capital city as his standpoint. The world watched, and the world was stunned as Renatus and its allies emerged victorious against all odds. A hard lesson for Joey “the Pretender,” but nonetheless, a lesson learned that the line of Pertinax would not be broken so easily. With their defeat, came a series of defections and embarrassing raid losses for Joey and his so-called divine Empire, leaving him in an even more crippled state. The Dragon had set its eyes to the North, it was time for the corrupted politics and traitorous men of Haense to pay for their sins, and the price for those who would dare encroach on the Dragon would be very steep indeed. Woe to ye who wakes the Dragon. Woe to ye who seeks its throne. WARCLAIM Type of War & Cbs (if applicable) Skirmish, CBs - Rebellion, Claimant, Rivalry, Demands, Border Friction(Renatus>Haense, Curon>Ves), Aiding an enemy(Fenn), Denouncement, Attack on Leadership(Alvar Ruric + Martinus Horen), Conquest War Goal and Leadership Capture Attackers Imperium Renatum + Allies Defenders Rebels + Allies Wargoals: Restoration of the Empire, Control over the rebelling territories of Haense and Ves. Location & Proposed Time: Saturday 3pm EST/8pm GMT - 1st of June(1/6/2019) Warpath/Location will be provided in warchat. Contact Information: Ricky#6002 Defy#9532
  2. Tiberius Horen reads over the crimes, he sheds a tear, gushing with pride at the Renatian accomplishments
  3. >allies with Courland

    >”barbanov rovin wedding? WTF I cannot believe this!!! Lucienists are our ENEMY!!!”




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      I’m not allied to Courland, filthy.

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      tfw most of yall werent even around for this coonery but u still bash on true love smh be more like emma and hans, barbanov!!! -.-

  4. Hey Teegah! Number one fan of the Hunting Plugin here! Just wanted to know how the progress is. Still can't wait! Thanks!

  5. "Awesome" says cedric estermont ((dewper)), signing the treaty
  6. Ah just woke up hyped for another day of not playing lotc :d

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      try not going on the forums at all then you can stay free from your chains 😉

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      awesome says gavin?

  7. awesome says gavin

  8. awesome says gavin

  9. stop trolling

  10. ur a freebuilder XD

  11. why are you letting the lore team use nexus polling

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      why are you talking to me.

  12. hey i think i going to report you, just as a head up! i've been noticing your toxic behaving on the forums and am are going to report you for it. sorry!

  13. hey stop trolling nathan

  14. hey can you stop posting troll posts please : / it's not very nice

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