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  1. Syfy

    [Community Review] Heists

    So what exactly are people going to be heisting? Iron armor?
  2. Hey Teegah! Number one fan of the Hunting Plugin here! Just wanted to know how the progress is. Still can't wait! Thanks!

  3. Syfy

    My Experience as an Administrator

    ah sorry.... didn't mean to personally attack you, was just asking about the team as a whole. you're a good guy
  4. Syfy

    My Experience as an Administrator

    how often were you guys ****-talking me in your little private chat? Heard it happened quite often though none of you had the balls to face me when you had an issue with me, instead you always put up this friendly facade while constantly talking behind my back. Bet I'm not the only one who thinks this too
  5. "Awesome" says cedric estermont ((dewper)), signing the treaty
  6. Ah just woke up hyped for another day of not playing lotc :d

    1. Malgonious
    2. _Lackless_


      try not going on the forums at all then you can stay free from your chains 😉

    3. Hero_Prodigal


      awesome says gavin?

  7. awesome says gavin

  8. awesome says gavin

  9. awesome says gavin

  10. when are we next doing family roleplaY?

  11. reckon it my time to shine

    1. Dewper


      it’s ur year teegah! we Stan u!!!

    2. devvy


      stop mockin me

  12. sorry >_<

  13. stop trolling

  14. ur a freebuilder XD

  15. "Except you're not a true kovachev" says jan kovachev