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  1. Syfy

    We cookin

  2. Syfy

    How do siege towers work.

    2 block long rune cannon btw
  3. >allies with Courland

    >”barbanov rovin wedding? WTF I cannot believe this!!! Lucienists are our ENEMY!!!”




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    2. Nathan_Barnett36


      I’m not allied to Courland, filthy.

    3. seannie
    4. Shady_Snaekxddd




      tfw most of yall werent even around for this coonery but u still bash on true love smh be more like emma and hans, barbanov!!! -.-

  4. Syfy

    [Community Review] Heists

    So what exactly are people going to be heisting? Iron armor?
  5. Hey Teegah! Number one fan of the Hunting Plugin here! Just wanted to know how the progress is. Still can't wait! Thanks!

  6. "Awesome" says cedric estermont ((dewper)), signing the treaty
  7. Ah just woke up hyped for another day of not playing lotc :d

    1. Malgonious
    2. Lockezi


      try not going on the forums at all then you can stay free from your chains 😉

    3. Hero_Prodigal


      awesome says gavin?

  8. awesome says gavin

  9. awesome says gavin

  10. awesome says gavin

  11. when are we next doing family roleplaY?

  12. reckon it my time to shine

    1. Dewper


      it’s ur year teegah! we Stan u!!!

    2. devvy


      stop mockin me