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  1. Master Baiter

    Feedback - Totem of the Undying

    Well normally it wouldn't work in pvp situations. Normally you would just pop like normal, but if you get downed and /revive'd then it resets the item to its vanilla format, allowing it to be used in pvp.
  2. Master Baiter

    Feedback - Totem of the Undying

    rp purposes, and I believe that it works in non-pvp situations (Like lava or mobs)
  3.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Master Baiter

    Feedback - Totem of the Undying

    The devs removed these abilities from the item. What happened in the BR was that the players who were caught using this item found a work around that tricked the system into re-enabling all of its properties in pvp so that they could win a battle in minecraft pvp so that they could stroke their minecraft pickaxes instead of realizing they are playing minecraft and that getting upset over constantly losing battles in minecraft is kind of a pathetic thing to get mad over. what they did was purposefully down each other before the fight and use /revive to revive their friends instead of right clicking to revive them, therefore resetting the item to its vanilla settings so they could utilize its beneficial effects in pvp. pretty much they had to have known that they were abusing a glitch to make it work otherwise why would they purposefully downed and /revive'd each other (Therefore making themselves pop after death normally instead of just being downed)
  5. @dogbew I would really appreciate it if you could put my thread back up... it really is World Autism awareness Day. I'm pretty sure shutting down people who are spreading autism awareness seems counter intuitive, especially today don't you think?

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    2. Master Baiter

      Master Baiter

      @Jeiku I'm glad you brought up this point, as it is currently world Autism awareness day, it is important to note that people with Autism are not specifically Mentally deficient or mentally retarded, while they are not mutually exclusive, for example someone who has Autism could be mentally deficient, someone could have a fully capable mental capacity yet lack social skills or have problems with language, or understanding abstract concepts.



    3. Jake!




      autism is a mental deficiency as a whole.

    4. Master Baiter

      Master Baiter

      I work in the special education field... I'm telling you, intellectual disabilities and Autism are two different things, even from your picture you can see that it says nothing about being mentally deficient, it states, like I did almost verbatim, that they have social problems, problems with communication, relationships, language, that sort of thing. I've worked in the special ed field for 5 years, believe me when I say that I know what I am talking about and I am incredibly passionate about it.


      There are people in this community who have Autism, there are people in this community that have family, and even children in one case that I am aware of that have Autism, shutting this down is not only insulting to me, but to everyone else that has been put in a box, or that has been told that their can be no discussion about a major part of their lives cause its 'taboo', and today is about making people aware of that.


      or we could sit here and argue about the differences between intellectual disabilities and autism, but I would suggest going back and looking at the thread and its contents again to see if the contents of the thread were in any way bad. if it makes you feel better you can even change the name, but this back and forth about terminology is not only unnecessary and detracting from the conversation, but it also shows a side of the staff that is uncaring and ignorant to a major issue across the world (1 in 68 children in the united states alone are born with some form of autism, and that is in a developed country, think about how bad it is in countries that have no sanitary water, a lack of available food or shelter or medicines!)


      to anyone who is reading this:

      Look at the work i've put into this and tell me that this is some meme or a troll, double check the information for yourself, do the research, if you do; at least today will have made some kind of difference, and that is what today was meant for, I guess in some small way that would be a victory.

  6. Good fight, almost had me DPM!

    1. Hyena


      No need for salt


    2. Nathan_Barnett36


      don't claim my kill!

    3. Dewper
  7. Are you guys still whining over who has more power in a minecraft factions server?

  8. "Pugsy is the act of committing Multiple-No RP PVP killings."


    Try again...

    lying on a br that's blatantly obvious is one thing, trying to lie about what an established rule is is just stupid...

    1. Pinsir99


      That IS the definition. It's literally what Pugsy did.

    2. B7W4


      The definition has evolved past that my friend

  9. mfw welves don't even have any clue who they were fighting, maybe think about reading the report first? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    2. B7W4



    3. Master Baiter

      Master Baiter

      don't mind @GODHawkEye he has some annoying thing against pvp, so he decides to pop up on a status update from a person who hasn't logged in in weeks and accuses them of being good at pvp.

    4. GODHawkEye


      miss me with that arthritis sh1t

      Edited by GODHawkEye
  10. "We routinely go on patrol" literally the weakest excuse for covering up metagaming i've ever seen.

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    2. _Jandy_


      You don't have to manually record the logs to be able to retrieve them. They are in your computer and ready to be pulled up if you need to see them.

    3. Doom321


      wow look at all the welves u triggered Ali

    4. Sythan


      That's enough my children. Keep the civil debate to the BR. You can make your angry feedback threads as you do after the report is closed.

  11. Master Baiter

    Opinions from the Throne I - The Elven Conundrum

    "Of course they do, they are canonists..." Erik laughs to himself, "Although unfortunately it would be elven deaths."
  12. Master Baiter

    [Denied]Narthok's GM application

    ... hitler did win, that's basic history. When people say they get worried when other people say "Hitler should've won" I get worried, worried about the future.
  13. Master Baiter

    Why I like Destruction RP and why Rules are ruining it

    I'm all for this within reason... you shouldn't be able to go into a city and just rip it apart because you have a pocket gm, but I think there should be some way to cause destruction (Blowing up statues, burning down a house, terrorist acts, whatevs...) without the consent of the regions owner. I think that as long as you put a good effort into what you are doing, and that it has a real rp reason for happening (Not something like they pk'ed your character 20 maps ago and you can't let go of a grudge type thing) then you should be able to do something.
  14. Master Baiter

    The First Mayoral Election of Ruriksgrad

    Voting Card Name: Erik Ruric Clan: Eirikson Vote: Erik Ruric