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  1. Master Baiter

    -=- Dryads, the Daughters of Cerridwen -=-

    Yeah, I can see how it may be abused, but in most art of dryads that is used, they have bark skin. What I was trying to get was that the LT’s were trying to enforce lore that didn’t exist about dryads at the time and punishing players for it, and it was something that you brought up, that’s all.
  2. Master Baiter

    -=- Dryads, the Daughters of Cerridwen -=-

    So you’re saying their skin is made of bark? Interesting... because even though it says no where in the lore anything about their skin and level of barkness, I had a friend that was yelled at for having a dryad who had skin that was made of bark. Good luck ashwood dryads, was nice knowing you lol. (I realize this says may, was just joking.)
  3. “Just disgusting” billy says, trying not to visualize these numerous horrendous acts.
  4. Master Baiter

    Seventh Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    “Guess I’m raising bread prices for orcs then...” Billy says
  5. Master Baiter

    Seventh Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    “I don’t know which part to tell them they are stupid about... they just kinda jumbled all the stupid together and vomited it onto the paper...” Billy says scratching his head.
  6. Master Baiter

    Your View: Warclaims, Warfare and Casus Bellis

    CB’s exist so that you don’t go to war for ooc reasons...
  7. Master Baiter

    Your View: Warclaims, Warfare and Casus Bellis

    I don’t like you, so your ideas are bad. Edit: How Ironic is it that that’s exactly what the person below me said unironically?
  8. Master Baiter

    Nordengrad Primary School

    Billy laughs “Alfred ‘the weak’ can’t fight real men, so he’s gonna go and try to pick fights with children... what a powerful /man/.”
  9. Master Baiter

    Need To See the Light

    Nah bro, **** what everyone else said, go out there and **** ******* and get smashed, works everytime.
  10. Master Baiter

    [Lore][RP] Airship

    We had hot air balloons at one point, but gm’s told me that it wasn’t possible because the gasses inside would explode because of the flame used to heat them up.... When I let the gm know that the ‘gases’ inside was regular air he said that because there was no way to physically represent the balloon moving it couldn’t be used, he then used a teleport on a boat that I had built that was incapable of physically moving.... funny thing is, I can create a device with redstone that can fly and physically move in the air.
  11. Master Baiter

    The Festival of All Hallows Eve

    Billy begins making bread flavored candies for the children “Be careful of razor blades in the candy!” He says shuffling his razor blades into a drawer hurriedly.
  12. Master Baiter

    The Holy Order of Purifiers

    Billy Blinks. “Oh no.”
  13. Master Baiter

    All Hallows Eve

    Billy carves a spooky face on a loaf of bread, placing it atop his stall. “Nice.” He says.
  14. Master Baiter

    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Small Council Vote Voter Name: Billy The Clan: Bread Sheriff Preferred Sheriff: Kanna Yander Mayor Preferred Mayor: Xalid Arden