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  1. Master Baiter


    “People who are lacking in emotional intelligence are often unable to identify their own emotions; they may insist they are not depressed when a relationship ends, but meanwhile they start drinking too much, become extremely irritable, and stop going out with friends. they may express emotions innapropriatly, perhaps acting violently or impulsively when they are angry or worried. They will give a long-winded account of all of their problems, even when the listener is bored.” Vykk says tossing the book behind him into the water, “Damn, wade and tavris got this man locked down to a tee.” Vykk struggles with getting the straw in the little coconut drink into his mouth, “Hey, Can I get another one of these?” He yells “They’re really good.”
  2. Master Baiter

    A GREAT FACADE, 1711

    “Is this the new Orenian motto?” Vykk asks, splashing some water onto his tummy, sitting in a donut shaped calfskin inflated with air.
  3. Master Baiter


    “Ahh yes, the old ‘who even are you’, a classic orenian insult for when you can’t actually think of a good roast.” Vykk says sipping from a drink with an infantile umbrella in it.
  4. Master Baiter


    Vykk scratches his nose “That feel when you accidentally kill your own vassal... oops”
  5. Master Baiter


    “For someone who claims not to be afraid of Norland, they sure put up a post quite eloquently displaying their fear of noralnders...” Vykk says, relaxing in his little dinghy
  6. Master Baiter


    “HARR HARR, I’ll give you my mushroom” Grog says, drool dripping out of his mouth as he spills chewed carrot all over the place, he takes another bite of carrot
  7. Master Baiter

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    well, considering it is the holy symbol of the red faith and the symbol of the Rurikid, not to mention that we did almost go to war with another faction over it, it is important to Norland. and stealing one would definitely count as stolen heritage.
  8. Master Baiter

    [Denied]RancidHound's Game Moderator Application

    Can’t wait for another blue tag on my fellow rosenyrian!!! Big plus one from me
  9. Master Baiter

    Codex: Regulations of Alchemy and the Arcane

    “I hope this magic stuff is worth it.” Luc says uneasily
  10. Master Baiter

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    Have you ever played LOTC before... it’s a bunch of 12 year olds high off of minecraft power, there is no good faith.
  11. Master Baiter

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    A good system for paying for war is not a flat fee for a war, but a price that fluctuates based off of how many soldiers are being rp’ly armored/armed, fed, lodged, cared for. that way a group of 10 people going to war with 10 people is not priced the same as 100 soldiers fighting 100 soldiers cause rp’ly that would not make any sense.
  12. Master Baiter

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    unless you make it so that the players create the economy themselves with no outside forces (Gm shops, voting, caravans) and the different nations just print their own money, the economy will never work, it will always be broken.
  13. Master Baiter

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    yeah, no 30,000 mina? that’s it, I can make 30,000 mina in like 2 days by myself... it should be well over 100,000 mina.
  14. Master Baiter

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    Pretty much all I can say is yikes... Half of this is unenforceable the other half is ripe for abuse, the cost for going to war is drastically waaaaay too low, the points are all drastically too low, is the idea of this to encourage cheap warfare? cause war rules should really reflect the difficulties of going to war, they should not allow any old nation to go to war cause some **** head is selling iron for 13 mina instead of 12...