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  1. Still remember aimlessly following you around in Athera, strange to see where im at now.

  2. Good to see you’re back too:)
  3. Thank you my friend. I remember the old days! Also remember us competing in soul chat to get the first response;) Hey bud, glad to see you’re still here:) Rip?
  4. I have been back on Lord of the Craft for about a week now. Simply put, I was SURPRISED. I had no hopes for Atlas, after Vailor which is why I have been gone for most of the map lol. I came back to consistent rp, better rules, and driven roleplay. I have not had this much fun on the server in a good two years and I am more than happy to say that. While there are still problems that LotC has to face, I can easily say that it has moved DRASTICALLY in the right direction (At least in most aspects). I have very high hopes for the new map and the new opportunities it brings forth. To all the old friends, I hope you are still here. At least some of you. I wouldn’t have returned if it wasn’t for you. As fun as real life is, I miss all the people I formed instant connections with, being thousands of miles apart. To the new people I meet, I am eager to get to know you both IC and OOC. This community is driven by those who simply want enjoyment and contentment on the parts of the players. I look forward to forging new friendships with one and all! NicktheRed20#4328 on discord if you want to drop by Love all you guys -Nick
  5. Would it ever be possible to go back to an old map if there was enough support for it?

  6. Why make a new map when we can just go back? I really want to go back Thank you for making this
  7. Who remembers the old Viridian Pub from Athera and who would like to see it brought back?

    1. NicktheRed20


      Trying to make this happen!

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Bring it back please 

    3. Starfelt


      The good ol days.

  8. Rp groups?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Suxals
    3. NicktheRed20
    4. Senatus-Populusque-Velianus


      Son, at the Senate and People of Velia, we ARE role-play


      Edited by Senatus_Populusque_Velianus
  9. ”What in the world? I thought this was already done and dusted” Aedan scratched the top of his head, remembering the old Blackwood gang
  10. Happy New Years from Countdown NYE! Come headbang with me

  11. When's Map Change?

    1. Luv


      It happened already!

    2. Starfelt


      Already happened. We're on Atlas now.

    3. NicktheRed20
  12. -=-~(*)~-=- The Applicant Form -=-~(*)~-=- OOC: MC Name?: NicktheRed20 Discord?(Required, can PM me.): I'll get it, just shoot me a pm -=- IC: Full Name: Aedan Ilesca Race: Human Age: 24 Reasoning for joining?: I wish to embrace new opportunities in life, understand the powers of the mind and the arcane, learn more about the various races and of course to forge new friendships along the way! When are you free for an interview?: Most nights PST Do you swear to follow and uphold all of the Guild's rules and customs?: I do What position do you seek?(If an official position, let me know.): Researcher What is your favorite color?: Black -=-~(*)~-=-
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