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  1. A new way to disconnect with friends.

    @Gathius di Silvari I do see where you are coming from with the App, but i have seen plenty of times where someone has been targeted for disconnection due to OOC. hense why i made this, though an app may be annoying, i still stand by the fact that some form of proof needs to be shone to why someone should be removed, a single screenshot showing a slip up. ICly, not just by someone saying something in a skype or discord about how they are bad at the magic, or just because someone docent like someone else. a way to limit this ability that can quite literally ruin a character, or someones experience on the server, ESPECIALLY if that person as put in countless hours to mastering their magic, followed all the rules, etc etc. but still got removed for it because of some OOC lie, or disagreement. yes an app may not be the RIGHT WAY, but by posting this, i am looking for the right way to do it, there are hundred, probably thousands of people in this community, im sure someone has a better idea than me. and im glad for any all all criticism. thanks for you post :) will take into consideration in my attempt to make this better.
  2. A new way to disconnect with friends.

    This is true, may not have worded this much properly. ^ everything still applys to how it works now, it just needs to be approved before you actually go into the act,
  3. A new way to disconnect with friends.

    Not a Meme, and not forcing visions onto any other group, as stated i used Clericism for the obvious reason as its what I am personally Familiar with. Though constructive criticism is most welcome as any idea is a flawed idea.
  4. Disconnection Revamp? Or something like that. idk what to actually call this... :( So, Basically I think the way Disconnection for Deity magic is dumb in its current form, Anyone who knows the spell, can disconnect anyone, even if it's for no other reason then OOC resentment, or IC resentment. But there is one thing that makes no sense to me. Why would a Deity let one of their follows be disconnected who has done nothing wrong, but offend someone else? Or follow his rules and guidelines differently. For this I will be using clericism, as it is the deity magic I know the best, Tahariae, his mission is that of Purity, and his followers are the Clerics, As it stands, once a Cleric knows the disconnection spell, they can use false information, and say ‘your bad, ima have to remove your magic’ But Tahariae has allowed that person to carry his light, to follow his mission, to bring purity into the world, those who know about our lore know he is basically hitler of Aenguls as we have strict rules, and he only really cares for purity. So if that Cleric, who has done nothing wrong but follow that path of purity, did what Tahariae wishes, why would he allow the one doing HIS MISSION, to just be removed from that path? He wouldn't. He wouldn't let one of his followers be removed, and allow his path to be obstructed over petty rivalries, and false truths, He would want them to continue the mission, So I have a proposal, one to make it so that people who have spent LITERAL months of their lives, learning, developing, and using magic, don't get disconnected for no reason other than ‘We don't agree. And i have the power to remove you’ And to explain this I am going to compare this to a divorce. And your Aengul is the wife because the wife is always right. Etc ETC -=+=- A Three step Guide to proper disconnection. Step 1 Let's say someone feels someone else should be disconnected from the magic, because they believe they broke a rule of their Aengul, or Deity, and thus are not fit to continue. That person has no connection to the person they feel should be removed, but they have the power to remove them. In current lore, they can remove them with no real repercussion other than that person's friends hunting them down to disconnect them as well. Thus two people removed from magic, for nothing. My proposal? A disconnection App of Sorts. For someone to disconnect another person from a magic, it needs to be approved like a ban report, or an MA, Proof must be given as to why they SHOULD be disconnected, For example RP Name: MC Name: Proof that they should be disconnected: This way, if accepted it is like their deity saying ‘Yeah, I don't want them using my gifts.’ After the App is accepted however, the one who wishes to disconnect the person still must hunt them down, and do the ritual, so it is possible to hide and avoid it. but once caught you can be disconnected. In this case of Divorce, Tahariae doesn't love you anymore, and thus wants to take back everything he has given you. The one disconnecting you would be his lawyer, trying to prove that this divorce needs to happen, and if successful. Tahariae takes his gift, plus half of your stuff. This being the shattered soul you are left with. just like that time your wife took the dog with her. Step 2 Once upon a time there was a teacher who had a student, who when they got their magic, used it for evil instead of good. It is now that teacher's responsibility to either bring them to the right path, or remove them from the path, So for a teacher, they wouldn't need to go through the lengthy process of an app. As that person originally brought them into the magic, they have the right to remove them, therefore they only need to inform MT/LT that a student will be removed. And thus disconnected. This process would be simpler due to the relationship of student and teacher, and the fact the teacher already would know how they were connected, and in the case of clericism, and i assume most other deity magic, their soul. After some time though, when they eventually master the magic, then this step would still be voided for step 1. As the person as spent significant amount of time with the magic, and well, relationships change. In this time a teacher may come to dislike a student (both IC and OOC count for this) and thus may just not want them to have the magic anymore, and this step could be easily abused. Same as Step 1, the one to be disconnected must be hunted down in the way it works now. In this case, Your parents in Law no longer approves of your relationship with her daughter, and this wants to remove you from loving her. So they revoke the blessing they gave you in marrying her, and become their own lawyers to get rid of you. Depending on how long you have been with their lovely daughter, depends on how much they take, because parents in laws are be very cold hearted. Step 3. A person wants to be willingly disconnect. This step is the most simple and needs the least amount of explanation. The person has consented to being disconnected. And thus only need to find someone willing to do it, and inform MT/LT that they are no longer apart of the magic. Rather simple. In this case, you no longer love Tahariae, and thus want to escape, but Taharaie is clingy, so instead of a divorce, you hire someone to bring you to Mexico to hide forever.
  5. [Accepted] Darklores FM Application

    yes +1
  6. Even though it is in review stage, id like to still cast my vote. as a Cleric i dont want this, To only be good at one type of cleric magic while what we fight can have up to 5 OR MORE And warclericism is so weak now. i vote no. (Late because i was busy with life)
  7. We were given so much freedom. Hehe

    Image result for wanna smash game

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      we broke the server, alex

      we were too powerful

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      Too much power, and the toe man

  8. After reading through this, there are some points i enjoy, but many i dislike, and because im a lazy peice of ****, and most people already wrote them out, please direct your attention to squirtguns post,
  9. [MArt] Hilt of Everything

    bumping since its been half a month,
  10. [Accepted] [Actor] SquirtGun's ET Application

    I must Agree with Saviour, dont most ET provide Events for cities and towns they are familar with?
  11. [Accepted] [Actor] SquirtGun's ET Application

    Is good, give this person ET. Or I will find you. and hunt you. and hug you until you do
  12. Magic List Errors

    MC Name: Greekbro33 List in Question: LoTC magic list Error in Question:: Im listed as priest Healer, dont know if it should be for all three, (war, alteration and healing) and also i am a teacher, and have an X saying I am not. Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  13. Until the Sirens Call Again

    I wanted to say something thoughtful, something that is special between us both, through out the time I have known you, all the laughs we had, insults that were thrown. there is only one word i can use to describe a person such as yourself. something that between me and you shows the bond we have forged. K0llu, your a hoe.
  14. [MArt] Hilt of Everything

    Changed have been made :)
  15. [✗] Server Auction

    Sorry squish your my boy but naw. i think the auction houses and forums are better. as everyone gets a fair chance to see the items, and plus if its ingame we will either be spammed, or not know if anything cool is being sold, where on the forums no one is spammed and most auctions last a good few hours and most everyone gets a chance to see it.