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  1. **** builder +1 :)
  2. Jeez guys, its just a WarClaim, chill and let the staff figure it out, get a game plan, and return to have a better event. I don't think anything wrong was done, give em a break, they are only human.. as far as I know
  3. Guy is a meme, -1 JK +1. hes good guy, makes sick art
  4. Like squirt said, one ward, and we recently blessed bars to stop spooks from easily prying them apart, as for it 'disgustingly unfair to spooks' 99% of spooks when they enter sutica simply emote something alongs the lines of *Yelps* *grunts* etc.
  5. "500 fer Khnarl!"
  6. "Curious Item.. but is there an Image I can look at to see it? or just the basic info of it being a staff that shoots fire? I would very much like to bid.. but the prices are too high now to bid without further information.." Sad Cleric is Sad
  7. Make it so Guards have absolute authority over what way Raiders are handled be it PVP or RP, and remove the limit of 8+ people equals automatic PVP, for some nations like Sutica where we are built on RP. its quite annoying to have a few guards show up ready for some raid RP (and yes there are people good at this) but most time it just turns into the complaining and counting every person in the square regardless of who is involved screaming for PVP. which is unenjoyable. Or make it so a town can decide what raids can happen there, for instance a town that can only be raided through RP or through PVP or both. that way raiders go raid the place that gives them what they want. so for example if they want RP, they go to town (A) due to it being raidable only through RP, or if the PVP goons want to raid, they go to town(B) to raid, since that town's guards enjoy PVP more, that way both parties can enjoy the raid the way they want it to be, without having to call Mods because Side A doesn't want to do it the way Side B wishes to do it I feel like this would solve a lot of modreqs and OOC conflicts between raiding parties and guards. and in the end make both parties have the fun they seek. ya know?
  8. A Tuna Fish disguises himself as a special forces soldier. Eventually being reeled in by a Dwarven soldier, he waits in his basket for his moment to strike on the Dinner table.
  9. Bumping due to two weeks with no comment. And so it dosent get lost.
  10. bumping this since its been a week since a post was made.
  11. Though I have to add, if you are ignorant in something, or dont know a lot about it. why are you posting to not only change how they work, but to also just completely remove a group of active roleplayers? It would make sense if you were part of one of the groups, or were well knowledges in each group, but according to this you are not. so why post about it? This isnt meant to be rude or shots at you, but a serious question worded badly
  12. So, I did read it all but if I missed it im Sorry, but what is your main reason for bringing all this up besides 'they are all sorta the same' Our magics may have similarities, but in the end we each have different goals, different strong suits and different beleifs. PAladins hunt Dragons, Clerics cleanse Taint and make the world Pure And uhm.. Ascended do Ascended things. (sorry ascended guys,) If Anything i feel like we needs buffs, not more stuff taken away.
  13. Whole Heartily Agree 100%, to m knowledge the is a whole sect of Clerics that do not know War Cleric as it stands. Due to unforseen reasons. Also, Yes Endgame seems nice
  14. To just off a Branch of from what Ive seen, fairly active Players is a no no. And to make it so Clerics (which have a limited about of war Cleric spells that are effective, Which IMO are only about three, Blinding Ling, Holy Orb, and Flames of Reck.) To a point where that is gone and they can only heal. Clerics are a group that Believe in Purity and the cleansing of taint and undead, to get rid of the limit magic power they have to defeat a ghoul, or a lich etc. makes no sense. Sure they can use a blessed sword, but thats really just a sword that flames a bit, and in actual RP combat with a lich, the lich can just blast us with magic, Thus meaning we cannot clense the world of the darkness we fight. As for Paladins, I dont have enough knowledge to comment. If ANYTHING just make it so Clerics are better healers (Which to my knowledge they are), Paladins are the stronger fighters (Again to my knowledge they are) and as for ascended give them something special, maybe the warding part. but as before i dont have enough knowledge in this magic
  15. Teacher Application format: Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [TA] MC or RP name MC Name: Greekbro33 Character's Name: Gray Kellian the Third Character's Age: 25 Character's Race: Human (HighLander) Link to your accepted MA: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/153523-deity-ma-greekbro33-gray-kellian-iii/#comment-1450223 What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Deity Magic, (Tahariae) Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Clericism is the thought of Purity, and the destruction of Taint, Clerics of Tahariae have a simple mission based on this. Destroy all the taint there is, and teach those who are not about purity, until they finally succeed and the world is as one, clean and pure. The Clerics of Tahariae follow a set of rules and guidelines known as ‘ The Five Tenants ‘’ these are the rules in which if broken, can lead to a Clerics disconnection, They also have The Utterings of Tahariae which include ‘the Nine Woes, and the Eight commandments.’ The Woes being that which Tahariae sets for us not to do, rules of life if you will, and same goes for the commandments. All of which clerics follow to lead themselves to a life of Purity, Along with their Mission and rules, those chosen can have their souls bound with Tahariae, granting them the ability to channel his great light through their bodies to aid them in their missions. There are three subtypes, (Four if you count Divine Wardenism) these being: Holy Healing, Holy Healing uses a calming and tranquil light to heal and help decedents who were injured, At the beginning a Cleric can barely heal a minor paper cut without becoming extremely exhausted from the task, but through training and growth, A master cleric can reattach limbs, or even remove a curse from a decent Soul ( A curse for example being a shade parasite,), these emotions are the baseline for how clerics help, as not all are out for hunting dark creatures.This branch though isn't only for healing descendants, It can also be used for healing tainted land, as the light within them hungers to ‘eat’ or burn away taint, They can use this to their advantage to go to an area that has been affected by the taint and allow their light to leave them, though unless they train themselves to control the flow of their light, they can be quickly overwhelmed and pass out due to exhaustion. War Clericism, This uses angry and hateful light (usually directed towards Taint, or other feelings of such emotions from childhood, for example: A child whose mother died, and he always regretted not being able to do anything. So he turns that emotion of regret into anger to fuel his light and destroy the taint in front of him which threatens another mother and child. ) Using these emotions clerics can turn the light inside of them into blinding lights, hardened orbs of light (which I consider the basic war spell due to how it's used for other spells) And can further change that orb into shields or manifested weapons, which as a note. Are not as strong as a regular ferrum blade or shield, as they break after a few hits. Or the most powerful spell that of Holy Flames Of Reckoning, Only bestowed on Clerics whose dedication to the Craft has been proven time and time again. Holy Alteration, which is the practice of placing light into other objects and the world around them, this is usually done by Clerics who wish to have a guard against Taint. They can set up wards to slow taint and harm them at the entrances to city, or even around Tainted land to help contain it until it can be purged away. Or If a descendent wishes to have their tool or weapon blessed, they can imbue the object with Holy Light, which will act as a vessel for The decedent when they strike an unholy tainted being the weapon/tool can catch alight into Holy flame to help them battle the creature. Or for a Cleric they can imbue objects with the same Light, and use them as batteries, so in a battle or next time they need to heal a badly injured person, they can draw from this light so they can last longer, and get more done with less cost to them at the time, as the cost to use that light was already paid previously. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: This Colour = Teacher This Colour = Student A man is sitting on the edge of the Sutican wall, one leg dangling over as he feels the cool breeze of night rustle his hair and beard. His staff held firmly across his lap as he waits patiently, The sound of the last birds settling into their nests to sleep, before the thick howl of a lone wolf in the distance, calling for someone to join him that night. But unlike that wolf, the man said nothing, did nothing, but wait and breathe.. After a few minutes, the sound of quick and heavy footsteps behind him could be heard running down the length of the wall, getting closer to the man with every step, before stopping right behind him “You made it, good job. I thought you would be sleeping still.” The Teen looks at the man staring at him, in his familiar mocking way. “Why did you call me here so late at night, you know I hate when you wake me up.” “Good question, but did you take the time to look around you? Where we are? What is happening around us?” The boy stands up with a deep breath, looking around him he see’s nothing. Just the soft shimmer of the moon’s glow on the water. “We are on the wall.. And nothing is happening around us..” The boy grumbled, knowing he is missing something, his brows knit together in frustration as he looks around, his face becoming flustered as he sees nothing. “Figure it out yet?” “No.” The man chuckle his eyes looking out over the water “Calmness. Something you lack currently, Just close your eyes and listen, the soft crashing of the waves, the gentle hum of the crickets. The specks of light in the forest from the fireflies.. And the breathing of the world's people as they get tucked in for bed, getting ready to relax and prepare for their next day. Now sit, listen and understand.” The teen, annoyed, looks out over the water, a slight realization on his face. He hesitantly sits on the ledge next to his Mentor, crossing his legs and close his eyes. “This calmness, learn it, and live it. You cannot heal anyone unless your mind and soul are both calm, your task is to sit here and meditate. Learn this calmness. Once you prove to me you can understand it, We will move to the next step.” The boy sat, completely still. Listening to all the peaceful sounds of the world, without the busy hum of the cities whirling around him. Though in the distance he can hear the late night patrons of the tavern still laughing together. After a while he would look to his Mentor to see if he is meditating. But so it turns out.. He was asleep, a soft snore emitting from him as he dreamed. “Well.. I guess you are calm..” The boy smiling as he turns back to his meditation, figuring it is what his teacher would of wanted soon after, the bearded man awakes, rubbing an eye as he looked to his student, watching as he meditated “Good job. Now I am ready to teach you. Come over and pray like before, call forth Tahariaes great light. It’s time for your Lesson.” The teen jumped, startled by the sudden voice, before he turned his body, with a nod as he bowed his head and began to utter a memorized Prayer, “Lord of Light, Aengul of Purity, Great silver Stag Tahariae, Please Grant me your light on this day so I may continue your great mission by learning to help other on this day, and further my studies so one day with the aid of my fellow clerics, we can make this world Pure in your image” The young boy looks up, opening his eyes with a gasp. His body still not use to the new sudden rush of power within him, his eyes glowing with a baby blue hue. He leans forward to look at his teacher, completely focusing on him with an eagerness to learn. “Good, now you are going to learn to heal me, The best way to go about this is simple, Look at my hand, memorize it. Look at its curves, the areas of roughness from wielding a sword, now think of the blood vessels and nerves, All of these need to be taken into account for the best healing possible. Now close your eyes, visualize my hand inside your mind eyes, for you cannot heal it without both you and your mind understanding it, get a picture, think of as much detail as possible. Then calm yourself, think of the happy times you have had, playing with your friends, fishing with your dad. Meditating just then on those thoughts. Think of how you felt. Your light will take on that form to allow you to heal” As the man spoke, he pulls a pin from his pocket, cutting a jagged wound in his hand about an inch long, “Now open your eyes and look again, figure out what has changed, how it has changed, where it has changed, You cannot think ‘oh that is just a cut,’ think about everything, now put your hands on mine, and push your light into me, allow your light to fill into the wound, and then guide your light into how to fix the wound, your light is your partner, and you its. Together you are strong, but you cannot rely too heavily on it,” The teen eyes are wide as he listens taking in every aspect of his teacher's hand, observing the cut, how a small drip of blood is forming ready to run down his hand, before a gentle nudge from his teacher makes him jump into action, placing his hands over the bigger man's hand, as he begins to do as his teacher requested, his teacher gently nudging him along and guiding him Soon after this, the boy panting and sweaty from the effort, slumps backwards resting himself on his heels, his eyes lifting to look at his work, the hand healed but for a slight scar left behind, his teacher then looks a smile on his face “Good work, with more practice you won't leave the scar, and eventually you can do greater things. But for now, take a nap. Drink some juice, well.. Drink first then nap. And tomorrow when you are rested we can try again.” But the boy was already asleep with a smile on his face from his lesson. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope, first time bby