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  1. Even though it is in review stage, id like to still cast my vote. as a Cleric i dont want this, To only be good at one type of cleric magic while what we fight can have up to 5 OR MORE And warclericism is so weak now. i vote no. (Late because i was busy with life)
  2. We were given so much freedom. Hehe

    Image result for wanna smash game

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    2. SpodoKaiba


      we broke the server, alex

      we were too powerful

    3. MrMineLoveDude
    4. Riftblade


      Too much power, and the toe man

  3. After reading through this, there are some points i enjoy, but many i dislike, and because im a lazy peice of ****, and most people already wrote them out, please direct your attention to squirtguns post,
  4. bumping since its been half a month,
  5. I must Agree with Saviour, dont most ET provide Events for cities and towns they are familar with?
  6. Is good, give this person ET. Or I will find you. and hunt you. and hug you until you do
  7. MC Name: Greekbro33 List in Question: LoTC magic list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C7m8V1VZu12A5bGgPuSYLgEaJw_F3jpLkvFGIEIX0bE/edit#gid=185446124 Error in Question:: Im listed as priest Healer, dont know if it should be for all three, (war, alteration and healing) and also i am a teacher, and have an X saying I am not. Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  8. I wanted to say something thoughtful, something that is special between us both, through out the time I have known you, all the laughs we had, insults that were thrown. there is only one word i can use to describe a person such as yourself. something that between me and you shows the bond we have forged. K0llu, your a hoe.
  9. Changed have been made :)
  10. *Gray frowns* Oh.. Thats not where fire belongs..
  11. Weather you just step down or quit LoTC, the memes have been real :)
  12. Makes sense. but i still feel there can be exceptions. like if someone feels like its happening, then they can call in reinforcements. or something like that, like beef up security if someone is paranoid or something :)
  13. Why wouldent an PRO or RO be allowed to call for backup if someone is trying to kill them? The rule on only region members seems sort of.. odd..
  14. Sorry squish your my boy but naw. i think the auction houses and forums are better. as everyone gets a fair chance to see the items, and plus if its ingame we will either be spammed, or not know if anything cool is being sold, where on the forums no one is spammed and most auctions last a good few hours and most everyone gets a chance to see it.
  15. Edit: Added Steel rod for sturdyness. Added redline: Only Blunt weapons.