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  1. Mention everyone in the Sutica Council but James...


    1. Tato


      mention every prior leader to **** on them and promote themselves as the best

    2. Viltaren


      @Tato You are 100% right, but that's not hard to do when previous leaders couldn't even hope to touch how well I did my job.
      Also, all that shits in character. Ain't my problem if Lily’s god complex thinks the people coming before her were dogshit. The character is a ***** who thinks she's the best thing in the world, just puts a lot of energy into acting like thats not the case. 

  2. Sorry about stealing everything you owned that one time

  3. I feel like LOTC time should be slowed down.

    Have like every month be a year

    and every week be a different season

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      If your profile picture is from anime your opinion doesn’t count.

    3. CaptainHaense


      cool idea, but then irp leaders like kings would last too long

    4. Trenchist


      imagine waiting an entire year just to grow up by 12 years

  4. Why did doing /edit color gold

    just change the name of my bottle to potion, not change the color and use a rename token

    I was told editing color didnt use my rename tokens

  5. does anyone have downloads of like

    Valior and Axios from before the end of the map?

  6. hopefully one day ill be able to finally get my items from the vault chests

    mod req on it is now 26 days old

    Edited by squishybear7
  7. Why do my mounts keep disappearing, there in a locked area nobody can get into, with plenty of room to move around.

    I log in and then there gone again. This time i lost my horse and my donkey Jason!

  8. *James writes a note for the Currier to take back to its sender* I have a handful of books that have travled the lands with me, obtained by my father and his father before him. Some detail the History’s of Land and Lore past. And other the lost ways of alchemy and medicine. If you would be interested in seeing the books, Please return word to James K. Nevermore in Sutica. Signed, James K Nevermore. Federation of Sutica Minister of Trade, Trade Master of Sutica, Guild Master of Squish Co.
  9. How do you craft drinks now? or can you only have water bottles renamed?

    1. ThatGuy_777


      You just have to rename the water bottles now unfortunately.

  10. Jame's Nevermore looks over the flyer, and writes a short letter back to the flyers maker. "Squish Co has over 10 dbc's of cobble that we sell at .1 mina per cobble"
  11. * A small note is tacked onto the bottom across various boards* if you are still in need of supplies, please contact James K Nevermore of Squish Co located in Sutica
  12. Hey if you feel like supporting my english project then go check out this video we made!!!



  13. Hey if you feel like supporting my english project then go check out this video we made!!!


  14. Hey feel like supporting my school project? Like Sea of Thieves???? then go check out this minute long video i made!!!


    1. AGiantPie


      audio level's a bit low

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