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  1. How do you craft drinks now? or can you only have water bottles renamed?

    1. ThatGuy_777


      You just have to rename the water bottles now unfortunately.

  2. squishybear7

    Resources Required!

    Jame's Nevermore looks over the flyer, and writes a short letter back to the flyers maker. "Squish Co has over 10 dbc's of cobble that we sell at .1 mina per cobble"
  3. squishybear7

    [Complete]A dire request for materials

    * A small note is tacked onto the bottom across various boards* if you are still in need of supplies, please contact James K Nevermore of Squish Co located in Sutica
  4. Hey if you feel like supporting my english project then go check out this video we made!!!



  5. Hey if you feel like supporting my english project then go check out this video we made!!!


  6. Hey feel like supporting my school project? Like Sea of Thieves???? then go check out this minute long video i made!!!


    1. AGiantPie


      audio level's a bit low

  7. hey come check out this stream for my school project https://www.twitch.tv/thedragonheartsguild

  8. Hey if you feel like supporting my groups school project then go watch this video UnfortunatePuppy made, Not To Be Raciest Episode 2 Elfs.


  9. If anyone has a small oprhan'ed female child. My character is looking to adopt. HMU

    1. rukio


      why so specific tho

    2. squishybear7


      cues iv always wanted to have a daughter

  10. Anyone know any good skin makers?

    I need some new outfits made for my character.

    1. ZachoSnacko


      give me one and ill work on it

    2. squishybear7


      This is my current skin, and i was hoping to get a kind of formal outfit , a royal looking outfit and an regular everyday outfit if possible. or anything your willing to do for me


      (hes a guildmaster of a trade guild) and a minister of Sutica

      Jace Kellian With apron.png

  11. squishybear7

    (BUYING) Bones/Bonemeal

    *Small signs and flyers would be posted though out all major cities and a single flyer sent to small towns* *Signs and flyers would read the following* Greetings travelers and tradesmen, Do you have any spare bones or bonemeal lying around? Well if you do then Squish Co would like to hear from you. Squish Co and Friends is currently looking to buy large amounts of bones and bonemeal. If you are looking to sell any amounts of bones or bonemeal please contact James K. Nevermore!! Or come visit Squish Co in Sutica! Signed, James K. Nevermore Squish Co & Friends Guild Master
  12. Does anyone have any link to the original contract magic or the last contract magic that was implemented on the server before it was removed?

    1. Jistuma


      It's probably in the archives, if it's not, I can send it to you (if there hasn't been a new one accepted while I was away)

    2. Jistuma


      That might be the most recent before removed.

    3. Jistuma
  13. If you feel like supporting my schools project then go check out this video we made last night. Unless you dont want spoilers for Black Panther. Its a review filled with spoilers, just warning ya. and btw i didnt like the movie, it sucked.


  14. Hey im streaming as part of a school project if anyone wants to pop in and say hi https://www.twitch.tv/thedragonheartsguild/