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  1. The Ballot: ((MC Name: TakeMeT0TheFae )) Name: Iris Peregrin Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea (x) Nay ()
  2. ((MC Name: TakeMeT0TheFae )) Name: Iris Peregrin Vote for Elder: James Peregrin (x) Greta Goodbarrel (x) Filibert Applefoot (x) Jordan Applebottom () Winter May Gardner ()
  3. Not the Youtubers again, I still have PTSD from Gizzy Gaza
  4. Iris would approach the little voting box, scribbling her nomination before walking away with a small smile. "I, Iris Peregrin, nominate James Peregrin for fire chief."
  5. You got this, the dancing pumpkin in my signature is here to help
  6. ((TakeMeT0TheFae)) Name: Iris Peregrin Vote for Elder: Burt Hassenfort (x) Onelia Peregrin (x) Kerraline Goodbarrel (x) Cyris Collingwood ()
  7. Please just let people have niche races to play, it’s fun. I had plans to make a Hou-zi soon but guess that isn’t happening.
  8. *Flyers would be posted up around the village as well as left in peoples mailboxes.* My fellow wee-folk! The time has come to celebrate my son, James Peregrin's coming of age! This very evening we will be gathering at the Peregrin's abode to celebrate this very special day. The evening will be full of drinks, treats, and good company as we celebrate James' life and accomplishments thus far. We look forward to seeing you all there. Present's are not required, but are encouraged. ((Tuesday, January 5th at 8:30 EST))
  9. Iris chuckles as she reads over the notice, shaking her head as a warm smile rests on her features before she tucks the paper into her desk.
  10. You know what would be cool? Having our vaults


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      Llirs gotta do it, Voop and I cant even get into vaults to hand it to the ST's


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      MY ******* PINA COLADA 

  11. Why are non-Halflings editing Halfling lore on the wiki without consulting anyone in the Halfling community?

  12. ༻✦༺ A Winner Emerges! ༻✦༺ In year 3 of the New Age, or year 600 of Shire Reckoning, a winner emerged of Almaris' first ever Shoggging tournament! . ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ . (Alfie Greenholm and Perry Overhill facing off in the first round!) The event went off without a hitch! With members of various nations present, the tournament was a lovely event that served as a reprieve from the tense years all of our peoples have faced. With good food, and even better conversation the tournament raged on in the waters off the coast of Elvenesse.
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