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  1. Dolly leans back in her chair as she holds the newest newsletter in front of her, taking a drag of her pipe as she sits in her Harvest Grove office. She scans the paper, brows furrowing during the first article before perking a brow at the second. "Honoraries should have to follow all Halfling traditions while within Dunfarthing, Apollyon should not be allowed to wield biggun weaponry like swords. Especially while taking such a prominent position within the new honorary community." The Druidess would mutter to herself while finishing the account of the dispute. Shaking her head she finishes up the paper before standing with a sigh; going to make some tea in order to calm her nerves and allow her time to think the news over.
  2. ~The Harvest Grove & Its Values~ ----------------------- With the recent founding of the Harvest Grove I was asked what sets us apart from others within the Order. In response to this and the recent recognition that we have gained as our own individual group, I felt it to be necessary to list down the values and goals of our grove so as we continue forward there shall not be confusion as to what makes a Harvest Grove druid part of the flock. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ Values ~ Community - The Harvest Grove is committed to their community, being the Druids that make it up as well as those within the lands they inhabit. We are to care for one another as if we are family, offering aid and services when needed. This feeling should also be extended to all Druids, even those apart of other groups and circles. Openness - The Harvest Grove and its members shall do their best to remain open to the outside world. We are here to serve not only ourselves, but those outside the order as well. We should be easily accessible so that any who wish to learn more about the Druidic Order and its values can find us easily. Whimsy - Harvest Grove Druids should never take themselves too seriously, while it is important that we recognize when a situation calls for us to be serious, as a whole we should approach life with a sense of whimsy and fun. Life is meant to be lived and people are meant to be loved, laughter and happiness are large parts of what drive us. Education - The life of a Harvest Grove Druid should be spent both helping serve the aspects and nature as a whole, but also in pursuit of knowledge. This goes for both ourselves and others, we do our best to remain accessible so that we may educate others on the Order and so that we may expand our ranks and followers of the aspects as a whole. Service - Harvest Grove Druids are to live in service of the people of the world as well as nature itself. Those making up the grove should ensure they always have food on hand for those in need or just be willing to extend a helping hand when required. If one needs a place to stay until they can get on their feet we can offer them a warm bed, a nice meal, and good company. We are the harvest, and thus should be willing to share our bounty with all. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founded by Halflings The Harvest Grove has made a point to integrate many of the weefolk's values and traditions into it's group, truly attempting to form a sense of community and family amongst it's members. Relationships are at the forefront of our minds, knowing by serving those around them and carefully nurturing friendships one can truly help to serve nature to a larger extent. Signed, Gorilla Druid and Head of The Harvest Grove
  3. Dolly would perk a brow as she unfurled the letter, her eyes quickly scanning over it's contents. "Seems interestin' enough." she would mutter to herself before leaving her office within the Harvest Grove to pack her travel bags.
  4. Name: Dolly Peregrin Race: Halfling Your vote for Sheriff (choose one): Breasal Nimblefoot ( ) Mister PADRIC Applebottom-Peregrin (x) Your vote for Mayor (choose one): Ser Do’Spuds Loa’chil ( ) The Wizard Magnolia (x)
  5. ~ The Harvest Grove ~ It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of the Harvest Grove within the village of Dunwen. With the intention of being a safe place for all of those interested in the Druidic Studies housing is available for any who desire it. While not officially aligned with either circle, the Harvest Grove simply seeks to further the knowledge of aspectism and the druids who seek to educate others of it. The grove can be found alongside the central lake in which the Halfling village of Dunwen is found. The location being close to this capital offers easy access to many other population centers such as the many vassals residing within the realm of Dunfarthing. For any information please reach out to Dolly Peregrin, Gorilla Druid and Elder of Dunwen. ((TakeMeT0TheFae))
  6. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrin Family ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ One of the oldest Halfling families, the Peregrins, were founded by Kenwise and Lobelia Peregrin in the realm of Anthos. The two halflings were completely devoted to properness, raising their only child, Andwise Peregrin, up to be religiously devoted to proper ideals. The family lived together in happiness for some time before tragedy struck; Kenwise and Lobelia went missing as the people of the time raced from the land towards the safety of Athera, where Andwise spent time recovering from his losses. With the help of Fumble Willowbottom, Andwise became one of the land’s finest tinkers, wasting the time away in his laboratory working on all sorts of odds and ins. He soon became mayor of the village of Willow Hollow and with his wife Berylla gave birth to a group of triplets. However; after some time the Peregrins disappeared from the village and Halfling life at large, their absence continued for years with no sign of where the once prosperous family had gone. Like all things though, this was not to last and in the last days of Arcas Iris Peregrin, the great granddaughter of Andwise, returned to the village and soon began to make her mark. Adopting many of the orphans that the war had brought the family was soon a large part of everyday village life. Their influence grew as Onelia Peregrin, another of Andwise’s granddaughters, joined as well. They found the Halflings in a sorry state, the war having run them from their homes and they were taking refuge in a biggun fort called Fort Hope. There she soon took to work, building a new village within the confines of the walls with the help of Filibert Applefoot and helping to push the ideals of Halfling properness once again. As time went on nearly every member of the family would eventually hold office for some period of time, Iris becoming Thain and her children after her. Their influence growing once more. However, with Iris’ death the family’s union shattered and they faded from the spotlight. After nearly a century in the middle of Halfling culture the family simply existed, while still present the never really did much of note after this. This is starting to change with the move to Aevos the family has started to reunite once more, making their way back into the comings and goings of everyday life. They can now be found tinkering away in their burrow, helping the Halflings expand their understanding of the world around them. Dolly, Iris' grandaughter, now holds many positions within the village such as High Pumplar of the Knoxist Church as well as the head druid of the Harvest Grove. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Cultures and Traditions ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrins are avid believers in the importance of halfling tradition and proper teachings, being known to sometimes go too far in their pursuit for achieving it. However, this is driven by love and care for the protection of Halflings as a race and their belief that they hold a special place in the world. There is very little else they take seriously, unless you consider drinking and tinkering. Many of the family members fall into what could only be described as chaotic good, being wild little creatures who love to party and make others happy, very rarely missing out on the opportunity to partake in shogging or pumpkin raids. Andwise had been a very gifted shogger himself, bringing many titles home to the Peregrin family. As well as their strong belief in the ideals of properness many Peregrins find themselves becoming druids or shamans, the family harboring a strong love of nature and trying to protect it at every step. This love of nature combined with their inherent curiosity about the world around them have lead to many in the family focusing their pursuits on the study of the world around them, becoming fantastic biologists or zoologists. They strive to keep the village and those within it in line with the natural balance of the world they live in. Peregrins also have raised and used Housemartins as their bird of choice for generations. The small size of them making them preferable for the small size of the wee-folk. Though in recent generations apes have become of significant importance to the family, especially Gibbons and Gorillas. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Religion ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrins are a very pious family, worshipping Knox as the one true god of the Halflings and rebuking anyone who may say otherwise. They have been devoted to him since his discovery and try to spread his ideals wherever they go. While every Peregrin, for the most part, has held Knox in the highest respect, this has not stopped many Peregrins from becoming druids or shamans. Worship of the spirits and/or the Aspects is deeply ingrained within the family. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Appearance ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrins are small, even for Halfling standards, rarely reaching over 2’10. The family also has an affinity for green and brown shades, those colors being the most prevalent in Peregrin wardrobes. While tinkering, however, many Peregrins can be found wearing shades of gray or black, as to avoid oil stains on neat white clothing. Many can also be found sporting a pair of the patent Peregrin protective goggles (PPPG) used in their various experiments and inventions. They may also tend to be on the paler side, spending much time inside working on their various creations. This may not stand true for every Peregrin, depending on their tendency to wander the family gardens or partake in outdoor shogging tournaments. A large number of Peregrins sport a head full of curly orange hair, much like Andwise, but some may be born with blonde or light brown locks due to Berylla’s bloodline. Dark hair colors are very uncommon within this family, but are not entirely unheard of, as the family has been known to take in lone halflings. As for eye color, due to being from a long unfettered line of halfling blood, the Peregrins are more prone to heterochromia than most. More often than not, Peregrin children are born with one eye blue and one eye green. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Family Recipes ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrins are very famous for their recipe for a fine lamb dinner that is often adorned with gravy or pineapples, depending on the season. They are also known for making their famous Peregrin Lemonade which is occasionally spiked with alcohol, but not always. Finally they are known for baking a rare dish of mashed potatoes that is mixed with a top secret alchemical ingredient and then topped with a thin layer of bacon pieces. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Family Members ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Alive Dolly Peregrin - TakeMeT0TheFae Griff Peregrin - MonkeNotic Uncle Peregrin - Func_Soap Dead Kenwise Peregrin Lobelia Peregrin Andwise Peregrin Berylla Peregrin Rupert Peregrin Milly Peregrin Iris Peregrin Mirabelle Peregrin Onelia Peregrin Sorrel R. Peregrin Monkey Peregrin Lily Peregrin (To Join Message TakeMeToTheFae#3833 on Discord)
  7. To all those who may be considered small: Gnomes, Musin, and even stray Halflings, The Halflings of Dunwen wish to let you know that we have land already set aside for you if you wish to take it. We are small, the world is big and dangerous; together we can help defend each other and live our lives the way we wish without biggun interference. It is our wish here in the village, that any who may fit into this category come find us if they are ever in need of shelter, and together we can thrive. We have land already set aside for gnomes and space for musin as well, if any wish to join us we want you to know we will in no way interfere with your cultural practices as long as they do not bring harm to any who reside within our lands. We will not force you to pay taxes or attend some random number of events with us, we simply wish to grow alongside each other. The Gnome Area, ready to go. Y'all will have free reign to edit your space as you wish. Sincerely, Dolly Peregrin, Elder of Dunwen.
  8. Name: Iris Peregrin Race (only one is valid to run!): Halfling Be ye running for Mayor o' for Sheriff?: Mayor What will ye do if elected?: Smack Cyris over the head with a stick anytime he makes a silly decision. Anything else to say?: Love Knox, Respect Billy Bob, Fear Arugula.
  9. Y'all are literally asking large swaths of the server to stay within an enclosed space so like 10-15 ppl can run rampant over an entire map.
  10. No? We literally try to avoid combat for the most part. We just like slice of life RP and a big part of that is our homes as an aspect of many Halflings is being a 'homebody' We just want to mind our business' and roleplay. I literally just want a burrow to host dinner parties while waiting for the new map, I can't get that in the cave. I can't do farming rp in the cave.
  11. Imagine being upset that people want to RP on an RP server And now the Halfling village we spent the past few hours on is getting attacked, love not being able to craft a place to RP for our respective groups
  12. Overworld temp map kinda cute 


  13. *The bowl can be found later that day, washed and sitting wrapped in clean white parchment paper on the burrows doorstep. A note attached* "For Magnolia, sorry I borrowed it. Love you, Dolly.*
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