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  1. Tulip whistles as she loads up the last of the carts, excited for the end of moving supplies to their new home.
  2. ye that sounds more likely, like I mentioned, I am in no way an expert in the founding of Halflings as it was before my time. I mostly know about it being staff only for a bit before being opened and the fact they were already an established race by the time I joined.
  3. traps designed for bigguns: +1 traps designed by bigguns: -1
  4. Answer N/A as it does not relate to server. :)
  5. Alrighty cool imma do my best. Apologies for any grammar mistakes, I ended up spending two hours typing this out lmao. 1.) I've played every one of the descendant races except for orcs simply because i've always struggled to read, let alone write blah, I also played a Kha'Cheetrah back before they were a CA race, helped playtest sprites when they were still being drafted, and had a hand in the formation of musin. Elves - I applied as a wood elf and Malinor was the first culture I dived into on the server and it cemented my love for RP. I like to make fun of some of it now but in all honesty I think the seriousness many elven roleplayers have when it comes to different aspects of roleplay is astounding. I remember first getting online and just being blown away seeing people have almost full conversations in elvish, I really admire it and it adds a lot of depth to the world of lotc. Dwarves - Crafting and trading RP is some of my favorite types of RP to interact with on the server and the dwarves never lack in this. Even now on my current characters when I need something made I immediately head to the dwarves to get it done, just the care they put into their crafts, rp items, and descriptions is very cool. Also I could talk about how cool runesmithing is for hours, like seriously f me up. Humans - Politics and Religion, this is in a somewhat similar vein to the elves. I sorta group humans and elves into the more 'serious' category of roleplay groups on the server and I believe they really drive just so much of the history on the server. I think the world and map would be so dull without the conflict that humans constantly interpose into foreign relations, and I mean this as a good thing. As a halfling main I don't often get to see these more hardcore aspects of RP and popping over to a human city to catch up on the servers drama is so much fun. Also guard RP'rs crack me up, I love them so much. Orcs - While I haven't played an orc I have interacted with them quite a bit, the care and effort they have put into sculpting a unique culture with some kick ass religious lore is so much fun to learn about. I honestly think Orcs and Halflings have a lot in common in this way as both groups have taken such strides to sorta preserve their respective cultures and traditions even as nations rise and fall around them. Spiritualism is my favorite religious system on the server and watching it grow over the years has been so ******* cool. Kha - Cat ppppplllllllll!!!!!!! In all seriousness I didn't play a kha for very long but I really enjoyed them offering a sorta alternative to the typical European medieval setting while still feeling like they belonged within it. Tbh it may just be my nostalgia for skyrim but idk, I love Kha and I think they offer an lovely niche group for players to explore and interact with. Sprites - Feral... and I adore them. Playtesting these in like 2015ish was probably my favorite period of time on the server, I just got to cause chaos all day. Musin - Very similar to kha, I really like having niche groups and cultures for players to interact with and musin just sorta fit that vibe for me. Friendly mice people living underground is just very much my vibe. Halflings - My actual angels, I made my first one in 2014 and they are the only community I have consistently stayed active in for my entire time on the server. I just love the slowed down, more laid back vibes the Halflings offer; however, the thing that has kept me within the group for so long is just the sense of community. Once you get into the Halfling circle you sorta just never leave, like many of us go and play other characters but the Halfling community has always just felt like my home within the server and I know i'll always be welcomed back into it no matter how long I stay gone. 2.) For most of these it's going to be skewed to the Halflings PoV because they were the community I was involved with for the majority of my time here. I'm also just going to mention the maps I was super active in here as while i've seen every map since I joined I didn't really get integrated into all of them. Also keep in mind that up to Vailor imma be a bit hazy, I was a very young child who was just trying to learn to roleplay without embarrassing myself. Anthos - My first map bb and the only one I wasn't a Halfling for the majority of. The tension for this one came towards the end of the map after the Elves had started breaking off from Malinor. When I joined the majority of the Mali had been living united in Malinor, though it did not take long before a certain wood elf who will not be named invited me to join a settlement called Leanniel which was supposed to be for the wood elves to be independent. Shortly after another elven settlement called the Conclave (I think I wasn't really involved with it) was founded, we had spread ourselves thin and then the end of the map event line started and we had to deal with the scourge with our resources spread out. It just felt tense, but I sorta dipped out of it as this was getting heated so the details are very hazy for me. The Fringe - .... it was a temp map that went on far too long, the entire time was tense. I just remember the Halflings having multiple famines during this time and struggling to feed ourselves. Athera - Not around for much Vailor - The great Halfling / Orc war of Willow Hollow. This is really just an legend passed down with the Halflings and wasn't really a war, but for literal irl months there was a rogue group of orcs that kept raiding our village every day and it ended up changing how we operated as a people. Before this time we had been largely isolationist, keeping our village somewhat hidden was a big part of our survival as we simply did not have defenses in place to fight on top of us just not using weapons in general. However, we had to adapt to being constantly raided every day and it lead to us developing a really fun science aspect to our rp as well as defense tactics we still use to this day. We literally still build our villages around defenses we first formed during this time period. The war finally ended when one of their ologs stomped into the village during a feast and the entire village swarmed and killed him, it's one of my favorite memories on the server as messed up as it sounds. Axios - Just so much political turmoil within the Halflings. Towards the end of Vailor Halflings started changing political systems so quickly I could barely keep up. I don't really know a start and end to this but for a couple months multiple villages were started and then abandoned as groups kept trying to break off to start their own thing but it never really worked out. There is one group in particular I remember who really caused a lot of strife as they consistently came into the village and tried to snipe players from our already struggling populace to come live in their village and it was a lot to deal with. Atlas - AFK Arcas - Our village got destroyed towards the end of the map and we got moved to a human place called Fort Hope to live, there was so much drama as those in leadership did not want us to get settled but half of the populace wanted to live in burrows again and a civil war almost started as we fought for the entire end of the map over whether or not we should have settled down in fort hope. We ended up settling however and it split the community big time, the village was called Bloomerville and it was probably my favorite village we've ever had though. Though the halflings were at each others throats the build was so freaking good. Almaris - The drama from Arcas continued over to Almaris for the first little bit and we got a reputation for being a bit toxic (we were during this time). Another splinter village was formed and it really hurt our player base as we were just spread out too thin and half of us were trying to go back and forth. This got sorted though and we ended up entering a 'Halfling Renaissance' where we had the most activity I had ever seen in my 9 years on the server. Once that all was worked out we really thrived for a while. 3.) Honestly I'm a bit hazy on this as I know they were formed before I joined; however, to the best of my knowledge they were started in Asulon by a group of staff members (Praise Petyr the salmon druid) and were a staff only race for a short while before being opened up to the player base. By the time I joined in Anthos they had a huge village (like the biggest we've ever had) right next to Malinor. I actually discovered them because of how close their village was to Leanniel when we broke off from the main elven group. 4.) My first character's name was Floragain Florame and I still think about him to this day, he was the Wood Elf I applied with and lived in Malinor for a while before moving with the other Mali'ame over to Leanniel where he became the Secretary of the Interior. He was in charge of building, distributing, and keeping track of housing as well as taxes for the city. During this time he also ran a pet shop within the city (which you can still find in the museum server as well as his old house) while also being a dedicant training under the pine druid, though he never finished his training he was going to be the gorilla druid because he was 4'8 and I thought it was funny. There are three memories that really stick out to me though; Someone invited all the nobles in Leanniel to a tea party where they proceeded to lock us in their basement, ss block us, and set it on fire so we all burned to death. I have no idea how we weren't forced to PK. A group of dwarves broke into his shop and held him down before cutting off his ears because elven ears were super valuable ingredients. (I'm not sure if they still are) Floragain finishing his first dedicant task, he had to write a poem about nature and wrote it about a frog sitting on a log just watching the wind blow through the trees. Floragain stayed with Leanniel until things began to go south and then he changed his position to be the official 'ambassador to the halflings'. I moved over and ended up just never coming back. I did end up making one of his descendants last year though and played them for a bit in the Vale, it was pretty fun. 5.) This is another area where I cannot give a 100% for sure answer as I've just been in my isolated group for such a long time; however, I really think when I first joined the power was much more spread between the descendant races. If I recall correctly there was more of a sorta 'why tf would you play a human in a fantasy setting when you're a human irl' sentiment when I joined, but this may have just been from my PoV within the elven community as it was all I really interacted with for a while. I do know by the time I came back for real in Vailor the humans had secured their position on the server and it hasn't really slipped since. Honestly as much as I love Anthos that map was just disorganized and messy in general... which was so much fun for what it was. 6.) I literally come back every time for the community, I adore the connections I have made on this server. Many of which I don't even consider online friends anymore and simply just friends. These are people I have grown up with, watched graduate highschool and now college alongside myself, I've seen them get into and out of relationships, been with them through late nights when they just needed someone to talk to, hell I watched on of them get married the other day. I won't get into it but in the most literal sense the Halfling community saved my life in 2016 when my mental health was hitting it's lowest, for which I am still grateful to this day. While I am in a much better place now, this server was instrumental in shaping me growing up and I appreciate it so much for it. I've tried getting into other games, but I have yet to find a group I have felt so at home in anywhere else besides here. I know it's cringe but it's true and 7.) Alrighty lets go; Josie_Exotic - One of my best friends since I met her in 2015 and we still talk actively to this day, this girl will not stop sending me tiktoks. Help. Func_Soap - I love my angry british man, he has been such a steady person for me throughout various things that have happened on the server and his ability to let me just rant at him to get out my thoughts so I can go back to halfcord and keep up a fairly positive vibe is astounding. Tha_mystery_man - I love Mystery and I don't know if I would have been able to integrate so easily back into the server during last map if he had not been there to help push me. He gave me a reason to keep roleplaying and it helped lead to some of the most activity we have ever had. Cooliomafia - While I haven't talked to him in years, coolio was apart of Josie and I's group in willow hollow and the memories I made playing their siblings helped shape my opinion on roleplay and the server as a whole. MyNameIsMason - Also apart of coolio, Josie, and I's group during the 2010's and after knowing this man for almost 6 years I still have no idea what is going to come out of his mouth next. He is so good at reminding me this is a pixel game and I need to get out of my feels. Wrynn - He played Knox during willow hollow and helped create some of my favorite rp moments to this day. Some of the best Knoxmas's I can remember. Also his ability to craft an emote needs to be acknowledged. MonkeNotic - Fake here was one of the first friends I made when I came back after my hiatus and she honestly gave me hope I could get the halflings back to the place I remembered them. She is aggressively kind and uplifting and I appreciate it sm. Jumperhand3 - My favorite little manic halfling, this man seriously keeps the community going and I have no idea where he gets the energy to do what he does. _Jandy_ - He really helped cement my love for Halfling rp, he showed me how you can have fun while staying within the Halflings traditions and really set the foundation for most of what I believe when it comes to halfling rp. Honorable mentions: Zarsies, Barbog, Legokid, and Imcookiie. I love y'all sm. 8.) I actually just use the vanilla one, I used to use some random medieval one but with the amount of building I do I try to stick to the base game so I can make sure things look good to everyone. 9.) I honestly plan to stay until it doesn't feel like familiar anymore. My life is completely different then it was 9 years ago, I applied when I was 14 and I'm now 23 and have graduated college. This server is one of the few things that has stayed consistent and I know it'll be here when I just need to escape real life for a couple hours. I found 3 tricks to make things look good and just spammed them over and over again lmao
  6. I have sadly reached my 9 year anniversary on the server, please ask me stuff to make the time worth something.
  7. *A missive is sent out to the various corners of Almaris* A Home For Gnomes Hello Friends, many of you will not know but be assured I have nothing but the purest intentions at heart. My name is Tulip Noornell, a gnome who found themself without a home earlier this year. However, during this time the Halflings of Honeyhill found and took me in. They made sure I had everything I needed to thrive as well as setting aside an allotment of land to be used by us gnomes in case any others happen to find themselves in a similar predicament. In light of these events I wanted to reach out to any who may be interested in this opportunity. If any gnomes happen to find themselves in need of a stable settlement to call home we welcome you with open arms within the village of Honeyhill. I look forward to meeting you all. Tulip Noornell, The Gnome Queen
  8. "Nice." Dolly would say after tracking down someone to read the missive for her.
  9. The Ballot: ((MC Name:)) TakeMeT0TheFae Name: Dolly Peregrin (she's 18 now count my vote) Vote for Thain: King Cyris Collingwood (x) Lily Peregrin () Vote for Mayor: Mimosa Applefoot (x) Magnolia Fiddleberry () Vote for Sheriff: Breasal Nimblefoot () Hob the Beast Slayer (x)
  10. The Ballot: ((MC Name:)) TakeMeT0TheFae Name: Dolly Peregrin Vote for Proposals: Proposal I (Hal’s Proposal) () Proposal II (Cyris’ Proposal) (x) Neither () ((OOCly, as someone whose been thain. There being less than 3 or more than 4 ppl in leadership makes things a lot more difficult for our playbases size.))
  11. There is literally no road rp, there is no reason to force people to take their time to trek places when it offers nothing rp wise. I have a maxed out horse and I still get annoyed to the point I rarely leave my settlement.
  12. When you haven't been active in 2 months and wake up to a discord message from a mod threatening to ban you for something that mod managers ruled on months ago :)

    1. FoolOfATori


      epic power complex moment


      mod team must be really bored

    2. Venomous_Pup


      What happens when there isn't proper record keeping laid out, lmao.

    3. salamanderfantasy


      Didn't even TRY threaten to me either

  13. *A missive has been hastily posted to the village notice board, written in a neat little scrawl despite the message within* TO THE PEOPLE OF THE VILLAGE! I HAVE A VERY VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE! I, Dolly Peregrin, will be hosting a cherry cheesecake baking competition of which I, Dolly Peregrin, will be the sole judge! Please bring all cheesecakes to the docks in a few pumpkin days for me to try and I, Dolly Peregrin, will choose the best cheesecake in the village! Thank you! Me - Dolly Peregrin. P.S: Don’t tell ma, she doesn’t like when I eat a lot of sugar cause I, Dolly Peregrin, become a ‘mini hurricane’ and a ‘heathen’ whatever that means. *A small drawing of a Halfling child and a blonde monkey looking thing has been scribbled at the bottom, a cheesecake held between them.* ((Event on Saturday the 30th at 6pm EST/11pm GMT on the Honeyhill docks!))
  14. I mean... these problems have existed on every communication platform we as a server have used, I still remember atrocious things going down on skype
  15. The day started like any other, Halflings going about their peaceful life in Honeyhill. Iris preparing her notes for the worship service that would be occurring later in the day. Her body had already started to weaken in her old age but her spirits were high, her dream for the perfect village having almost been realized in Honeyhill under her supervision, though she still had work to do. She made her way into the chapel, smiling around at the residents of Honeyhill, worship of Knox had reached an all time high and the words of Knox himself echoed within her mind as she took the podium. “Bring the Halflings back to their glory days.” he had said seventy years ago while visiting her in her tiny burrow in Bloomerville, and she had spent her life trying to do this. In the last 15 years of thainship she had achieved this in her mind, leading the village to a new age of prosperity; helping the people organize against trolls, then gremlins, and lastly an army of rats who had been intent on wiping them from the map. Even in her old age she had stood strong with her people, fighting back every foe who had threatened her people. But that was then, in the present she had to focus on directing this service. The faces of her villagers looking up at her for advice and guidance as she launched into her sermon. But it was not but a few minutes in that a voice floated into the chapel, talking of secrets and unknown knowledge. Determined to uncover this mystery she marched out of the fort with her villagers, soon stumbling across an insane elf who launched herself onto the wee-folk. Having led the charge Iris was in the direct path of the elfess, who made quick work of the thain. In a moment the thain laid dead on the ground, her head twisted to an abnormal angle and her throat missing. In a rage the rest of the village made quick work of the assailant but it was too late for the ape druid, who now laid lifeless amongst them, the founder of Bloomerville, the first and last mayor of Bramblebury, and the Thain of Honeyhill meeting her end surrounded by those she loved the most. *In the Peregrin Burrow some papers could be found sitting on her nightstand, her will having already been prepared as she grew older* To the people of Honeyhill, I want to say first I love every single one of you. Through my time as thain I have come to know you all and consider all of you family, you have shown me things I would have never imagined and made me believe in myself and our community to such a degree I did not think possible when I returned to the village back in Fort Hope. I’m so proud of you all, please never forget that. I have valued my time with you. To Sorrel, I know this is a responsibility you have never asked for and in all reality you most likely do not want. But for the time being I pass the thainship onto you, you have served the village well as sheriff and I trust that you will lead it well as thain. I trust you darling. As well as this I leave you the burrow and orphanage, please care for the children within it and keep them safe through the coming days. I also leave my full stock of herbs with you, use them well… and please take care of your sister Lily for me. To Monkey, My darling, my first child and light of my life. You made me a mother and that is something I cannot put into words how much it meant to me. You have made me so proud through our time together. I know you have been off tending to your own duties, but please know I am forever with you. To Lily, I cannot imagine how hard this is for you and I want to apologize for not being there to see you grow up. I love you more than life itself darling, please keep living for me. You’re such a bright spot in this dark land we call home. I leave all the toys in the orphanage and the ones in my storage to you, as well as the lab itself. Please take care of the animals within the observatory, they will need you moving forward. You’re my daughter, and that will never change. I am so proud of you. To Meemaw and Uncle, You buggers really went and outlived me, the audacity. Jokes aside you two have brought so much life into my life and I cannot thank you enough, you have been the parents to me while I helped parent the rest of the village and it truly does mean the world to me. May you continue to live long and happy lives. To Jean, You stood with me while very few others did. Even when it was really just you and me in the village you never faltered in your duties. You have shown bravery, love, and light even when it was so hard to do such. You shine a bright light in the village and they need you. Please keep up the good work. To Burt, My love, my apologies for leaving you so soon. Please watch over our daughter and ensure she is brought up properly. Be strong, and keep living. You've worked too hard to let yourself pass after fighting this disease for so many years. To Barbog, I never thought in a million years I would consider a goblin my best friend, but you have shown me that friendship does not know boundaries. You have opened up my eyes to the fact not all of Krug’s descendants are to be feared and friendships between our two groups is very much possible. I leave the underhill to you, please take care of it and make sure it serves the village well. To Nemea, My darling guardian, you have served the village so well through your time with us. If I do happen to go out violently please do not blame yourself for my death. I know you did your best, and you have done just that. Your service to the village has meant so much to me and in my eyes you will forever be a Halfling. To Minto, Please watch over my students and help them finish up their dedicancy, their student profiles can be found in my desk drawers so you know how far along they are. If you do not wish to take them on yourselves please make sure to help them get a guide who can finish them up. It is not fair of me to abandon them half-way through their dedicancy and it’s not fair of me to disappear when you rely on me. But alas, things happen. I appreciate the relationship we have built more than you know. To my students, My angels, I am so so so sorry that this has happened before I could finish up my teaching you. You all have shown me there is hope in the future and I know you will all go on to do amazing things. Please go see Minto at your earliest convenience and he will help guide you through the rest of your dedicancy. I love you all and think of you as my own children. To everyone in the village, I leave you the items in my storage located in the vault. Please try not to take too much and make sure everyone can get something they desire. I trust you all to share these fairly. I love you all, you’re all my family, and I cannot describe how much you all have meant to me throughout my life. I am sorry my friends, I wish more than ever I could have lived forever to help guide the village into the future. However, things happen and we must go on. Do me proud, keep my teachings at the front of your minds, love Knox, and stay proper. Signed, Iris Peregrin, Ape Druid and Thain of the Halflings.
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