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  1. When you haven't been active in 2 months and wake up to a discord message from a mod threatening to ban you for something that mod managers ruled on months ago :)

    1. FoolOfATori


      epic power complex moment


      mod team must be really bored

    2. Venomous_Pup


      What happens when there isn't proper record keeping laid out, lmao.

    3. salamanderfantasy


      Didn't even TRY threaten to me either

  2. *A missive has been hastily posted to the village notice board, written in a neat little scrawl despite the message within* TO THE PEOPLE OF THE VILLAGE! I HAVE A VERY VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE! I, Dolly Peregrin, will be hosting a cherry cheesecake baking competition of which I, Dolly Peregrin, will be the sole judge! Please bring all cheesecakes to the docks in a few pumpkin days for me to try and I, Dolly Peregrin, will choose the best cheesecake in the village! Thank you! Me - Dolly Peregrin. P.S: Don’t tell ma, she doesn’t like when I eat a lot of sugar cause I, Dolly Peregrin, become a ‘mini hurricane’ and a ‘heathen’ whatever that means. *A small drawing of a Halfling child and a blonde monkey looking thing has been scribbled at the bottom, a cheesecake held between them.* ((Event on Saturday the 30th at 6pm EST/11pm GMT on the Honeyhill docks!))
  3. I mean... these problems have existed on every communication platform we as a server have used, I still remember atrocious things going down on skype
  4. The day started like any other, Halflings going about their peaceful life in Honeyhill. Iris preparing her notes for the worship service that would be occurring later in the day. Her body had already started to weaken in her old age but her spirits were high, her dream for the perfect village having almost been realized in Honeyhill under her supervision, though she still had work to do. She made her way into the chapel, smiling around at the residents of Honeyhill, worship of Knox had reached an all time high and the words of Knox himself echoed within her mind as she took the podium. “Bring the Halflings back to their glory days.” he had said seventy years ago while visiting her in her tiny burrow in Bloomerville, and she had spent her life trying to do this. In the last 15 years of thainship she had achieved this in her mind, leading the village to a new age of prosperity; helping the people organize against trolls, then gremlins, and lastly an army of rats who had been intent on wiping them from the map. Even in her old age she had stood strong with her people, fighting back every foe who had threatened her people. But that was then, in the present she had to focus on directing this service. The faces of her villagers looking up at her for advice and guidance as she launched into her sermon. But it was not but a few minutes in that a voice floated into the chapel, talking of secrets and unknown knowledge. Determined to uncover this mystery she marched out of the fort with her villagers, soon stumbling across an insane elf who launched herself onto the wee-folk. Having led the charge Iris was in the direct path of the elfess, who made quick work of the thain. In a moment the thain laid dead on the ground, her head twisted to an abnormal angle and her throat missing. In a rage the rest of the village made quick work of the assailant but it was too late for the ape druid, who now laid lifeless amongst them, the founder of Bloomerville, the first and last mayor of Bramblebury, and the Thain of Honeyhill meeting her end surrounded by those she loved the most. *In the Peregrin Burrow some papers could be found sitting on her nightstand, her will having already been prepared as she grew older* To the people of Honeyhill, I want to say first I love every single one of you. Through my time as thain I have come to know you all and consider all of you family, you have shown me things I would have never imagined and made me believe in myself and our community to such a degree I did not think possible when I returned to the village back in Fort Hope. I’m so proud of you all, please never forget that. I have valued my time with you. To Sorrel, I know this is a responsibility you have never asked for and in all reality you most likely do not want. But for the time being I pass the thainship onto you, you have served the village well as sheriff and I trust that you will lead it well as thain. I trust you darling. As well as this I leave you the burrow and orphanage, please care for the children within it and keep them safe through the coming days. I also leave my full stock of herbs with you, use them well… and please take care of your sister Lily for me. To Monkey, My darling, my first child and light of my life. You made me a mother and that is something I cannot put into words how much it meant to me. You have made me so proud through our time together. I know you have been off tending to your own duties, but please know I am forever with you. To Lily, I cannot imagine how hard this is for you and I want to apologize for not being there to see you grow up. I love you more than life itself darling, please keep living for me. You’re such a bright spot in this dark land we call home. I leave all the toys in the orphanage and the ones in my storage to you, as well as the lab itself. Please take care of the animals within the observatory, they will need you moving forward. You’re my daughter, and that will never change. I am so proud of you. To Meemaw and Uncle, You buggers really went and outlived me, the audacity. Jokes aside you two have brought so much life into my life and I cannot thank you enough, you have been the parents to me while I helped parent the rest of the village and it truly does mean the world to me. May you continue to live long and happy lives. To Jean, You stood with me while very few others did. Even when it was really just you and me in the village you never faltered in your duties. You have shown bravery, love, and light even when it was so hard to do such. You shine a bright light in the village and they need you. Please keep up the good work. To Burt, My love, my apologies for leaving you so soon. Please watch over our daughter and ensure she is brought up properly. Be strong, and keep living. You've worked too hard to let yourself pass after fighting this disease for so many years. To Barbog, I never thought in a million years I would consider a goblin my best friend, but you have shown me that friendship does not know boundaries. You have opened up my eyes to the fact not all of Krug’s descendants are to be feared and friendships between our two groups is very much possible. I leave the underhill to you, please take care of it and make sure it serves the village well. To Nemea, My darling guardian, you have served the village so well through your time with us. If I do happen to go out violently please do not blame yourself for my death. I know you did your best, and you have done just that. Your service to the village has meant so much to me and in my eyes you will forever be a Halfling. To Minto, Please watch over my students and help them finish up their dedicancy, their student profiles can be found in my desk drawers so you know how far along they are. If you do not wish to take them on yourselves please make sure to help them get a guide who can finish them up. It is not fair of me to abandon them half-way through their dedicancy and it’s not fair of me to disappear when you rely on me. But alas, things happen. I appreciate the relationship we have built more than you know. To my students, My angels, I am so so so sorry that this has happened before I could finish up my teaching you. You all have shown me there is hope in the future and I know you will all go on to do amazing things. Please go see Minto at your earliest convenience and he will help guide you through the rest of your dedicancy. I love you all and think of you as my own children. To everyone in the village, I leave you the items in my storage located in the vault. Please try not to take too much and make sure everyone can get something they desire. I trust you all to share these fairly. I love you all, you’re all my family, and I cannot describe how much you all have meant to me throughout my life. I am sorry my friends, I wish more than ever I could have lived forever to help guide the village into the future. However, things happen and we must go on. Do me proud, keep my teachings at the front of your minds, love Knox, and stay proper. Signed, Iris Peregrin, Ape Druid and Thain of the Halflings.
  5. Oh I know, I was on staff at one point believe it or not. But my statement still stands in regards to this post, instead of working with the communities to find something that worked they simply dumbed down the lore to make it easier for them despite the opinions of the players. This also isn't helping the growing rift between staff and players, knowing those in the upper echelon can just come and in take stuff from us without as much as a DM to their respective leaders.
  6. This part, staff is a volunteer position. You went into this knowing it was complex, if you don't want to moderate complex lore step down and let someone who is willing to do it instead of just dumbing down lore to make it easier for you.
  7. I tend to not have strong opinions on rule changes but this is... silly? You removed a large part of Halfling lore without consulting anyone in the player base or even asking our opinions on it, it's also left more room for bad-faith actors to come in because when before you literally couldn't do romance RP with a Halfling under the age of 33 now you can while the rest of the community is looking at you like a cradle snatcher for going after someone we consider children. This seems like a cop-out instead of just adding a note that says, "You cannot romance RP someone under their racial age of maturity, check wiki to know what it is." Instead you have removed a huge element of our culture, and once again, did it without consulting anyone in the community while forcibly aging many of our characters up. Halflings having a long time between generations was important to us, us having the long time as children to mature and learn about the world was important to us, there were cultural nuances here that you didn't stop to consider and now we have to figure out how our community is going to treat this moving forward because the staff decided to once again make a decision that would effect our community without giving us any warning or communicating with us.
  8. Can't wait for someone to rule lawyer in order to date a Halfling child because we don't mature until 33 but 'hey! the rule says no one under 18!' We've already had to police ourselves for years, and people outside the core group of Halflings often don't even RP the maturity part. Just this week I had explain to a Halfling that even though he was 18 he was still a child.
  9. Iris would laugh as she reads the missive in her burrow, "Imagine asking a leader to respec' criminals. Oi will no' bend ter teh will of teh lawless. An' ter continue wit' t'is na'ural righ's nonsense is asinine." she says before crumpling the missive and throwing it into the fire.
  10. *A note is pinned up on the village noticeboard.* After many warnings and attempts to show them the error of their ways it seems that the Riverwing family is intent on not complying with the village laws. Because of the blatant disregard of the no lock law I must sadly put out a warrant for the arrest and questioning of the Halflings known as Julie & Elsie Riverwing. If seen please reach out to the Thain or Sheriff to let them know their whereabouts. If you happen to be either Julie or Elsie, please turn yourselves into the sheriffs office at your earliest convenience. No reason to make this harder than it has to be. *Rough recreations of the two wanted women* Signed: Thain Iris Peregrin Sheriff Sorrel Peregrin The 14th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 63 of the Second Age
  11. While properness has always been a big part of Halfling culture it has never, to my knowledge, been fully written out to make it easier for newcomers to understand, which is where this guide comes in. I’ve noticed overtime that there are certain areas that seem to confuse people, so I simply wish to clarify. What is Properness Properness is the code of ethics that most Halflings do their best to uphold and much of our culture centers around. It determines how we interact with the world around us and creates opportunities for us to RP in a way that differs from many other communities on the server. While some things may seem silly or like they are simply there to control Halfling RP that is simply not the case, these rules help curate a unique culture that helps separate us from others on the server and offers us ways to RP that don’t feel like simply playing tiny humans. The rules listed below help to create unique scenarios and offer players a way to think outside the box in how they approach things while also serving to push narratives forward when conflict arises due to it. The Code There is really not much that goes into being a proper Halfling, really just a set of 5 different rules that have been a part of Halfling culture for years now. However, there are also some things that start to border on improperness even if they are not explicitly so. Hard-Lines Locks are to be avoided at all costs, both on storage containers and doors. Halflings are community driven, and by not locking our things we show our trust for our neighbors. Instead, many Halflings will opt to hide their valuables in hidden rooms or secret areas they have created. The one exception to this is the storage burrow, being the community storage area where the entire village keeps their goods it is allowed to be locked with a key given out to all villagers. This is simply done to keep outsiders out of our things. While donation locks are technically okay as they allow players to see inside chests, they should still try to be avoided. Hiding your things has always been a large part of our culture and thinking of ways to do so is a fun part of RP that many players enjoy. Biggun weapons are not to be used under any circumstances. These include things such as: swords, daggers, spears, pikes, etc. Instead Halflings have opted to use mostly farming equipment in their battles, with the shovel being the most popular; however, things like hoes, trowels, kitchen equipment, rolling pins, and other various things that can be found around almost any house can be used. The use of biggun weapons is often seen as a cowardly or selfish act amongst proper Halflings, viewed as a sign of weakness as the person wielding a sword or dagger does not trust in themselves and their community to work together to overcome challenges. Mina is not to be used, instead trade for things you need. Halflings are descended from Dwarves and as such are prone to the curse of greed that the Dwarves have. In an effort to avoid this curse Halflings have opted to shun the use of mina or currency in general, instead trading the various crafts that Halflings are known for like culinary goods and crops. Though we shun currency to avoid the curse of greed this often manifests in the form of gluttony, most Halflings being prone to gorge themselves on pleasurable activities like eating, drinking, and smoking. Halflings are to never wear shoes, and this is usually even followed by Impropers as well. This is largely due to Halfling’s feet having evolved to a point that shoes physically hurt the Halfling. Even if wearing multiple pairs of socks, the use of shoes will cause Halflings physical pain as we simply are not built to wear them. Wearing socks by themselves however is not considered Improper even if they are often quite uncomfortable due to our copious amounts of foot-hair. Some Halflings opt to wear them during the winter or when visiting cold climates to keep warm. Voidal magics are to be shunned by Halflings. This rule has come and gone throughout Halfling history; however, at the current point in time these arts are considered improper by the Halfling populace due to constant harassment and violence from the mage community. The violence combined with the common belief voidal magics hurt nature itself have caused Halflings to turn their back on them, shunning those who partake in these activities. Other magics like Druidry, Shamanism, Golemancy, alchemy, etc are okay however. Voidal magics being the only ones that are looked down upon. Things that Border on Being Improper but are Technically Okay The use of armor. While armor itself is not deemed improper, many Halflings look down on the use of it as it symbolizes looking for conflict in many people's eyes. Being violent. Halflings value peace, violent people threaten this peace. Many Halflings will do their best to at least hear out those they disagree with, even if they have strongly held beliefs. This is not to say that Halflings will not fight to protect what they have, but they will often seek out alternatives to conflict if they are available. Adventuring. It is no secret that a lot of Halfling RP is centered around slice-of-life. We value our home and our community, and while people are allowed to travel about and visit other places most of us are home-bodies and tend to stay close to the village. Roleplaying an Improper Halfling Now, just because these rules exist does not necessarily mean everyone follows them… and that’s okay! While some of these rules are put into the law, not all of them are considered ‘illegal’ and as such Impropers are able to exist within the village. Impropers bring conflict to the community and conflict helps to drive RP forward, a well rounded village needs both Propers and Impropers to be an interesting place. However, with playing someone who goes against these traditions comes the knowledge that if found out the Improper will face all sorts of consequences from those around them. As such, many Impropers will operate in secret, forming groups amongst themselves and working underground to push their own agenda. Most impropers will do their best to hide their improperness until they deem the time right; afterall, the chances of you getting into leadership as an Improper is extremely low and you won’t be able to push the Improper agenda forward without having some sort of say in how the village is run. It is very common for Impropers to keep this a secret and make friends with the villagers before trying to sway opinions in their direction subtly and overtime. Consequences of Being Improper While a village needs both Improper and Proper Halflings to be a dynamic place this does not mean that there will not be pushback in RP for playing one. If it is revealed that one is not following the traditions there is a plethora of things that could end up happening. The first and most common is social rejection, many Halflings refusing to invite those they deem improper to their gatherings, parties, or events. Essentially being dead in the eyes of the main populace. With this comes another aspect, harassment. While Halflings are not violent people and will likely not simply choose to fight those they disagree with in a duel, they will see to it that those they do not agree with don’t know a day of peace until they repent their ways. Pranks are extremely common with people simply doing what they can to make Impropers uncomfortable and very aware of the peoples displeasure with them. Eggings, vandalism, theft, and a plethora of other things are to be expected. Another thing that is very commonplace is the lack of any social mobility. In order to rise through the ranks of Halfling culture one must be seen as trying to uphold the values of the people, Impropers do not do this and as such many will refuse to support them in their goals unless something dramatic happens. Lastly there is always the chance of being banished from the village. While this is the least common consequence some of these rules are enshrined in our laws and continuing to break them openly can result in the character being removed from Halfling society entirely. This is another reason many Impropers will choose to keep their ways secret for as long as possible. In the end play your character however you want; this guide is simply here to help clarify the rules of properness and explain what could come from breaking these rules to prevent confusion in the community.
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