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  1. Iris smirks slightly as she reads the billboard, "Noice." She mutters to herself before heading back to her burrow and descending into the tunnels to plan.
  2. I just came back after a 5 year hiatus and I didn't realize you still played my, though I guess that just ended. While I wish I could have realized it was you while you were still on to maybe get a bit of RP in I wish you all the best my dude. I hope everything goes well!
  3. Iris stops on the way to the hedge maze to browse the notice board, her eyes quickly finding one of the few pieces of paper. After quickly scanning it over a smile makes it way onto her face. Without a word she continues on, but now humming a happy tune.
  4. Iris walks along the path to the bee hives from her burrow, stopping and checking the notice board for anything new. Her face lighting up when she see's the message, nodding happily. "T'is place is realleh star'in' ter feel like ah village." she says proudly, walking off to tend to the bees.
  5. Invention Lore - Halfling Firing Shovels Origin Having faced her fair share of angry bigguns Iris had begun to tire of the limited range of her shovel. Her small frame put her at quite a disadvantage as any bigguns with ill intent could reach her with their swords far before she could get off a good smack with her shovel. Shovels are also unwieldy when thrown, preventing the wee-folk from using them as if they were spears. However, Halfling traditions, to which Iris is extremely devoted, prohibited her from picking up any weapons that may increase her reach. Instead of just allowing these tragic and preventable attacks on Halflings to continue Iris set out with her great-grandfather’s research to invent something that could even the playing field while also staying loyal to Halfling culture. Description The firing shovel construction is fairly similar to the construction of regular shovels, requiring just a few more resources and steps. The process goes as follows: 1. A log is whittled down into a suitable Halfling sized handle, however, this handle is to then be hollowed out to around half way down the handle. 2. A small hole with a radius of 1/4 in, must then be drilled about a quarter way down the staff. 3. Then the crafter must acquire pine sap, placing it on a slim but sturdy spring which must then carefully be placed inside the hollowed out handle. 4. Next the crafter must then whittle down another stick, just wide enough to fit into the hollowed out part of the other handle to be used as the spade shaft. Careful attention must be used here to ensure the measurements are correct, the handle must not be too wide that it will not fit into the hollowed out section, yet it also must not be too small to shake around when inserted. 5. Next, this shaft is then attached to a shovel spade before the crafter carves out another hole into this shaft, measured to line up with the previous hole that has been drilled into the main handle. This small piece of wood that is removed is to be put aside to be used as a button later. 6. The next step again involves careful attention from the crafter as another much smaller spring is to be used. More pine sap is to be used on both sides of this spring, attaching one side to the small piece of wood that was carved out in the last step. Then, the other side of the spring is to be inserted into the hole it was carved out of, making sure to hold it long enough that the adhesive sticks which should allow the button to slide in and out but not come loose. 7. With this step complete the button is then to be pressed down, allowing the shovel shaft to slide into the main handle. If done correctly the button should line up with the hole cut into the main handle, locking the spade into place and the spade should sit almost flush against the main handle. As the shaft is pressed into the handle it will press down on the spring, readying it to fire. When the button is pressed down it allows the spring to push the spade out at fairly fast speeds. Capabilities The Halfling Firing Shovel, while not meant to be lethal, is meant to allow the Halfling time to get away. The spade has a range of only 21 feet (About 7 blocks), past this accuracy is severely affected. However, within the range, if the Halfling is successful in hitting their target, the force of the spade is enough to bruise an average sized biggun, causing them to stumble for the time of 1 emote and allowing the Halfling time to run to safety. Red Lines -The Halfling Firing Shovel is a non-lethal weapon, only being able to bruise in most situations. However, if the user rolls a 20 and the other party consents it is possible it can break a bone or two if it hits at the right angle. -The range has a hard cut off at 30 feet, the spring only being powerful enough to send the spade as far as it does due to the halfling sized nature of the weapon. Purpose (OOC) Halflings have a long history of farming and culture. The idea that a Halfling can use a weapon that can also be used in the farmlands is beneficial to their small frame as they cannot carry too much on them before being weighed down. The only current Halfling weapon widely used for a ranged attack and being accepted is that of a basic slingshot and a rock which can be ineffective and pointless, (don’t bring up David v Goliath). A Halfling’s sense of culture is important to them and it is typically frowned upon to use ‘biggun’ weapons as it feels more harmful to others when used in defence. Shovels are typically blunt and are a useful tool for escape rather than that of attack or a long battle which would make the firing shovels in line with their Proper traditions and their current method of melee attacks. Citations Credit to @Larry Shortoak for writing the purpose section and helping to proofread everything.
  6. Very good, I love how different it looks from other burrows while still maintaining the aesthetic.
  7. *Flyers would be spread out all over Fort Hope/Bloomerville in any place halflings were likely to see them* Halfling Shovel Training Night! Iris and Monkey Peregrin would like to officially invite any and all Halflings who would like to join to the official Halfling shovel training night occurring in one elven weeks time! (November, 7th 2020 6 EST) *Iris showing off her fancy new shovels* Our community is going through a rough time right now: demon pumpkins attacking, assassins making attempts on our lives, and a general sense of not feeling as if we belong anymore since losing our homes. This must change! We are Halflings, one of the most resilient of the descendants! Faith in ourselves has hit an all time low, we have lost our home and with it a part of our identities. Biggun weapons have become commonplace in the past few years, and understandably so due to the trauma our people have faced. We have lost faith in our ability to defend ourselves, relying on biggun protection. Long gone are the days where we could repeal an entire orcish raiding party with nothing but our shovels and our wits. So! We have decided instead of just harassing everyone the best thing to do would be to show by example how to properly fight with a shovel! With the help of Monkey we will demonstrate many of the classic Halfling fighting strategies and maneuvers, including but not limited to: - The Pumpkin Smash - Sneaky Sneaky Boom Boom - Peak-A-Boo - The Shovel Shuffle As well as the training that will be occurring this will also be a proper Halfling celebration! Refreshments and Snacks will be provided. Afterwards we will all head to the tavern and have drinks! We hope you all can make it and look forward to seeing all your lovely faces as we show you how fighting with a shovel can be fun, creative, and effective.
  8. This is so good and I love seeing what you produce everyday. I adore this honestly, it’s so interesting seeing new takes on halfling construction, and honestly I was surprised this ended up as good as it is, I think it could fit into a nice little village quite nice if we used tiny mushrooms around the village more. +1
  9. The mushroom is *chefs kiss* I would love to see a different take on a storage place for halflings, we normally have it in either a windmill or a burrow but I think it would be cool to see what other options could be available. I also think it could be cool to see a burrow with both birch and dark oak together, total opposites but I think they could be cool together.
  10. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrin Family ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ One of the oldest Halfling families, the Peregrins, were founded by Kenwise and Lobelia Peregrin in the realm of Anthos. The two halflings were completely devoted to properness, raising their only child, Andwise Peregrin, up to be religiously devoted to proper ideals. The family lived together in happiness for some time before tragedy struck; Kenwise and Lobelia went missing as the people of the time raced from the land towards the safety of Athera, where Andwise spent time recovering from his losses. With the help of Fumble Willowbottom, Andwise became one of the land’s finest tinkers, wasting the time away in his laboratory working on all sorts of odds and ins. Andwise spent this time in relative peace, keeping to himself while he honed his skills before once again being forced to migrate to the new realm of Vailor, where his life, and the family really began to take off. There, working with Larry Shortoak, he worked himself up from the position of deputy sheriff, to sheriff, and before long he was elected Thane (also known as simply the mayor during this time). His reign was hotly contested; some thought his devotion to properness was admirable as he took extreme measures to keep the race in check, while others thought these measures were too much. Either way, he helped run the community for some time, helping found and run the town of Willow Hollow, where he met a lovely halfling named Berylla Boffins. The two were soon wed, though this did not last long. After about a month into the marriage Berylla gave birth to quadruplets. Her body gave out under the strain and she died in childbirth, leaving Andwise with three newborns as well as one stillborn child. Andwise brought the children up to the best of his abilities with the help of Larry Shortoak, the children’s uncle figure. They were raised to be as piously devoted to properness and Knox as Andwise, a trait that still runs in the family to this day. The family lived in happiness for a while; however, as Andwise lost his position as the Thane of the halflings the family soon began to believe the race was instilling too much trust in the likes of Bigguns. More and more halflings seemed to disparage the traditions that had held the group together for so long and this frustration came to a climax at the death of their father. Upon Andwise’s death one of the children Mirabelle split off from the community, running away into the wilds to try to stay loyal to what she deemed as ‘proper.’ Andwise’s only son, Rupert, fell out of the traditions and became increasingly improper after the death of their father much to his sisters’ dismay. The third child, Milly, stayed in hopes of reintegrating these ideals into Halfling culture. Milly soon became an elder in the town of Reedsborough. She devoted years of her life to managing the upkeep of Reedsborough, including the town’s orphanage. This, too, was not to last and she soon joined her sister’s burrow in the wild, the two cultivating a garden and family largely separate from the rest of the community. Little was known as to what happened to the family during this time period, and still is. The Peregrines, and a select number of halflings from the local orphanage, all but disappeared from the worlds of both the bigguns and the Halflings’ until centuries and worlds later, when their descendants slowly began to trickle into the halfling settlements once more. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Cultures and Traditions ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrins are avid believers in the importance of halfling tradition and proper teachings, being known to sometimes go too far in their pursuit for achieving it. However, this is driven by love and care for the protection of Halflings as a race and their belief that they hold a special place in the world. There is very little else they take seriously, unless you consider drinking and tinkering. Many of the family members fall into what could only be described as chaotic good, being wild little creatures who love to party and make others happy, very rarely missing out on the opportunity to partake in shogging or pumpkin raids. Andwise had been a very gifted shogger himself, bringing many titles home to the Peregrin family. Though they are generally a kind family they do harbor a strong distrust of bigguns and outsiders in general. Milly, for example, had been assaulted by a high-elf when she was very young in an act of pure malice, the biggun going so far as to break her arm. This memory of Bigguns has stayed with the family ever since, being passed down as a scary story throughout the generations. However, they are also a very curious family, having a streak of mad scientists who have exploded the family burrow on more than one occasion. Andwise instilled his love for tinkering in his children and this tradition has been passed down loyally from parent to child ever since. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Religion ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrins are also a very pious family, worshipping Knox as the one true god of the Halflings and rebuking anyone who may say otherwise. They have been devoted to him since his discovery and try to spread his ideals wherever they go. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Appearance ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrins are small, even for Halfling standards, rarely reaching over 2’10. The family also has an affinity for green and brown shades, those colors being the most prevalent in Peregrin wardrobes. While tinkering, however, many Peregrins can be found wearing shades of gray or black, as to avoid oil stains on neat white clothing. Many Peregrins can also be found sporting a pair of the patent Peregrin protective goggles (PPPG) used in their various experiments and inventions. They may also tend to be on the paler side, spending much time inside working on their various creations. This may not stand true for every Peregrin, depending on their tendency to wander the family gardens or partake in outdoor shogging tournaments. A large number Peregrins sport a head full of curly orange hair, much like Andwise, but some may be born with blonde or light brown locks due to Berylla’s bloodline. Dark hair colors are very uncommon within this family, but are not entirely unheard of, as the family has been known to take in lone halflings. As for eye color, due to being from a long unfettered line of halfling blood, the Peregrins are more prone to heterochromia than most. More often than not, Peregrin children are born with one eye blue and one eye green. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Family Recipes ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ The Peregrins are very famous for their recipe for a fine lamb dinner that is often adorned with gravy or pineapples, depending on the season. They are also known for making their famous Peregrin Lemonade which is occasionally spiked with alcohol, but not always. Finally they are known for baking a rare dish of mashed potatoes that is mixed with a top secret alchemical ingredient and then topped with a thin layer of bacon pieces. ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Family Members ~◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆◆:*:◇:*:◆:*:◇:*:◆~ Alive Iris Lyra Peregrin – TakeMeT0TheFae Onelia Evangeline Peregrin – Josie_Exotic Monkey Taurin Peregrin – FakeNotic James Ashfoot Peregrin - Clockyyyyyyy Lordin Brandygin Peregrin - Oats Dead Kenwise Peregrin Lobelia Peregrin Andwise Peregrin Berylla Peregrin Rupert Peregrin Milly Peregrin Mirabelle Peregrin (To Join Message TakeMeToTheFae#3833 on Discord)
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