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  1. A new way to disconnect with friends.

    I like this, I am not even a Magic guy and always thought Disconnection was rather poorly down from what I heard. I give a plus 1
  2. Ireheart Honor. That is what was in question this day in Urgruan. Kilmar Ireheart, the Giants-Doom, stood at the base of the Ireheart Throne reading over his Documents as he was catching up on duties of his new position as Clan Father, thinking on what to do and what needed to be changed in his own mindset and that of the Clan. However in mid thought the doors to the Clan Hall was opened and a fellow Ireheart walked up towards him. He called out Kilmar for being disloyal and being a False Ireheart, for backing down from a fight when the Kingdom needed it most. And to be honest, Kilmar understood where the Dwed came from, but he made a decision, and stayed to his opinions. The Dwed proclaimed he was hidden under a different name to watch the Clan, and claimed to be a son of Gror. He would bring honor back to the Irehearts as they were known as. Kilmar smiled somewhat, at the thought of an old friend. However it seemed to matter little in the moment. Words were said between the two, and the gauntlet was thrown. They would settle opinions and matters with hammer and steel. The Ireheart way. A duel was to occur between the two. They progressed to the Clan hall’s training arena, donning armor and warhammers of equal make. The Duel will be of pure skill and capability alone. The Brathmordakin was to guide the hammers of this fight. Kilmar donned his armor and grabbed hold of his warhammer, taking a deep breath as he watched the similar armor-clad Dwed. They both said a few words, wishing each other luck as they were still Family afterall, even if they had different opinions. They stared down eachother for a few seconds before they charged forward with their Ireheart battle-cries, and thus began the duel. Whack, whack, ping! The clashes of hammers against armor sounded throughout the Clan Hall, the Dwed fighting tooth and nail in the sandpit. However, Kilmar was slow with his attacks, striking once where the other Dwed would hit with three. It wasn’t long before Kilmar took several hits to his chest, knocking the wind out of him and perhaps breaking a few bones in his chest. He couldn’t recall the hit that did him in, but he remembered losing his breath and realizing he stared up at the stone ceiling, back in the sand. The Dwed stood over him to help Kilmar up but he couldn’t bear the pain of moving. Kilmar gasped a final breath of air through his broken body, muttering a single sentence to the Dwed before the the air of life left his lungs. His eyes stared up at the stonework of his Kinsman.. Remembering his times of fighting alongside Gror.. Speaking with Aldal about anything that was on their minds.. Drinking with fellow Irehearts and sharing a laugh, speaking with Frosties to understand them, to speaking with any Dwed that cared to listen about what can be done to mend hate and tensions.. Always a talker.. If only he had the chance to drink one more ale with his family, with Aldal, the father he never had. His vision grew dark quickly, his mind readying himself for his final moments. He then met darkness, and Darkness greeted him. ((Much love <3))
  3. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    No please
  4. Out-Of-Character Information: What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: MacTullin What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: bromadan Have you logged in as a wandering soul on the account you're applying for? (you have to): Yes Do you agree to follow the server rules on your new account?: Yes Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yes Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yes How long have you been on LotC?: Since November of 2016 How many accounts do you currently have white-listed (including main)?: Just the Main
  5. Adelburg Chronicle - 1630

    The Archbishop Jack sat quietly in the Cathedral of Adelsburg, smiling softly as he noted the news through the parchment. "I like this, I enjoy this. I hope this sort of work continues!"
  6. A New Era

    Kilmar Ireheart merely shook his head at the Speech, going back to his duties without another word.
  7. MC Name: bromadan RP Name: Kilmar Ireheart Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both?: Both What is your level in Mining?: Veteran What is your level in Smithing?: Proficent Discord name (Required to join): Bromadan#5132 What is your timezone?: EST Will you be able to fill your quota?: Yes
  8. A variety of announcement papers are posted around the cities and holds the Grand Kingdom, and several letters are delivered by courier to various rulers and lords. Each missive is penned clear and legible and bears the official seal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. “With the death of our late Grand King Gror Ireheart, it falls once more upon the Senate of Hammers to nominate candidates for the ascension to the Obsidian Throne following an election. There are, however, exceptionally rare occasions in our history when the entirety of the Senate agrees on the nomination of a single candidate who ascends the throne without need for an election. It is a grand occurrence that such an event has taken place today. Let it be known throughout our Grand Kingdom that all loyal citizens of the Grand Kingdom and the monarchs of all foreign nations are invited to the coronation of Zahrer Irongrinder as our next Grand King. The crowning will take place in two stone days time and the event will be followed by a grand tournament. ((The coronation will be Saturday at 3 EST))
  9. The Ire's Fall Part II

    Kilmar stood at the entrance to the grand throne room upon hearing the news of his Kinsman and close friend's death. He made no noise, no movement, just silence as he stood there. He had returned to the Grand Kingdom to serve his Clan and Kingdom with honor. But so soon to reunion and joy was sorrow. He huffed a sigh, remembering their adventures and discussions, the Dwed scrunching his nose. "Enough of this shiet.."
  10. [Denied] [Trial]Moose Attempting to come back to GM Team

    I've known Moosehunter for sometime, about 5-6 months. From what I saw and my own experiences he was an excellent GM that helped others that needed it and never allowed Modreqs to go unanswered for such a long amount of time willingly. I believe that is the type of person we need as a GM. I get that he may not have been as active of late but hey, we all kinda go through that phase. All I say is give the man a chance to prove himself once more as a Trial GM and I have no doubt in my mind he will prove himself again.
  11. Lore Team Application

    i'll plus one the crap out of this
  12. On the Matter of Mankind and the Children of God, “And with his favor, the first man and first woman did prosper, and they drank the sweet water and ate of the Lord’s bounty. And they remained faithful to the Creator, and did as He bid, and knew each other, bearing four sons.” (Godfrey 9:1) It can be agreed upon that Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Man are the Children of God. The Children of Malin, the firstborn and the fairest, the stout Urguan, the fierce Krug, and the least exciting Horen. Yet it was Horen the lastborn, the least unique yet the most blessed, that GOD decided to give his blessings upon to do his Will onto the Earth. From the History of our People, and that of the Holy Canon, it has come to pass that the Children of God has killed each other, slaughtered each other's families, ravaged homes, and toppled Kingdoms. Yet, I feel that to myself that this is wrong. Yes, the Children of Horen have met the blunt force of Orcish brutality, yet have worked with the Children of Malin to make a better future. Every single living thing on this world can Sin. We are faulty. None of us are perfect like some of us may think. To me, a young man in this world who has already fought in one war at such a tender age, must say that this should end. The Greed and lust of Power for ALL races is known. No matter how pure the intentions they try to hide behind are. But I am getting a bit off message I feel. This is about the Children of God. The Church believes that the Mankind are the only ones that are able to achieve the upper skies, if you walk the virtuous path. In history it is noted that very few Elves and Dwarves have served roles in the church but it is seen as odd and unorthodox, and even if they did serve a virtuous and pious path as Man tries to lead, they may /possibly/ reach the First Sky. And as the High Pontiff himself once said to me, that I should write what I see of the Holy Canon, and what the world thinks of the Church. My opinions may not be popular, or well liked, but I believe it necessary that we at least talk and discuss with one another to see what GOD’s plan and Will is. Even if it is to prove me wrong in the very end. I believe, deep down in my heart, that all the Children of GOD are welcome in the Seven Skies. That we should try to overcome this stigma that Mankind is the only ones that can preach the Holy Canon ‘properly’. I personally call that any Dwarf, Elf, or Orc that truly wishes to take the virtuous path and seeks the Path to Paradise and the Seven Skies should be able too and should be ENCOURAGED by the Church and the Nations of this world. And I pray that my colleagues come to me to open dialogue to speak of such things in gentle tones and leave hostility at the door, and let us debate. Jack Amador, Deacon of the Church of the Canon
  13. [CA] [Ghoul] Bromadan

    MC Name: bromadan Character's Name: Torrin Character's Age: 21 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Human Transformed form: Morghuul Creator's MC Name: Parkins Creator's RP Name: Adremeich Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: A Morghuul is a husk of its former self that was raised by a Necromancer. This happens when the true soul of the being has left and the body is all that remains. It is raised as a husk of sorts of their former selves. Morghuul’s sole purpose is to gain lifeforce from the mortals of this world, consuming flesh from its victims to sustain itself. Even though it is a dangerous foe to those that don’t expect it, its decaying nature doesn’t allow such a being to carry large weapons are armor. The best it can is be in chainmail and a normal longsword. This being can also be killed in the right way very quickly. Either by Holy Magic or just having its head severed from its body. Gold weapons also don’t do that much damage more than others, yet it does cause more pain to be done on the Morguul. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A

    Torug groaned under his helm, murmuring. "I guess those witches really protected her.."
  15. [Denied] [Trial]DrPhil Trial Application

    "Sure, why not."