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  1. Disappointed we lost to a **** OOC nation ran by banned players. Sad day for the server 

  2. Nikolas Grimm signs the cross as he heard of his Father’s Death. He then took the rest of the night to himself in his small room at the church in Curon, weeping as he never got to say a proper farewell to him..
  3. “Eh, Im good.” Comments a man.
  4. “Through out the reign of your Renatian Emperors they have bullied the Church into doing what they want them to do. From Everard IV, to Clement the Third, and so on and so forth. Your Emperors have constantly harassed the Church. Threatened the Church. Even murdered the Church on a few occasions. Claim means nothing compared to Sin. Kinslaying is one of the greatest sins a man can commit, If you care not for the Sins of your Family then you are have no right to ask anything of the Church. It is not my Church, it is our Church. If you forsake the words of the Vicar of GOD himself then you are a Heretic yourself and just proves the fact of how low the Pertinax have fallen. You use basic excuses such as ‘power grabs’ but how would the church even get power I wonder? We will merely be free from the yoke and threats of your Tyrants. If that is empowering, then so be it. i pray for the day you open your eyes to the love of GOD and his Scrolls, for you obviously have lost the way.”
  5. “The Church doesn’t bow to any mortal man but we support the legitimate claim. The entire basis of the Pertinax is kinslaying, one of the greatest of sins. Then the Emperor declared himself a Divine one at that. You tell me who is the one going against GOD almighty..”
  6. “How will they have a Wedding without having the Church on their side? Once again, a degenerate Empire..” The Bishop cringed.
  7. The Bishop wishes he could Plus 1 but he is at his limit, sad.
  8. “Just proves how fallen this so called Empire has gone.” Replied a Bishop.
  9. “Can’t get a coronation if no priest will do it.” Says a Bishop.
  10. A Priest raises his hands in Praise! In the Seven Skies, High Pontiff Emeritus Clement the Third smiles at the news!
  11. bromadan


    A priest laughed loudly somewhere
  12. The simple priest Nikolas Grimm cites a prayer for his Holiness, hoping for a speedy recovery.
  13. Why did you give me all those Italian provinces in EU4?????
  14. Nikolas Grimm, a lowly Priest, raised his hands in praise! “God bless our new Pontiff!”
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