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  1. Tofu, after 5 years of knowing each other, why do you hate me so much?? also who is crazier, Sketch or a psychopath???
  2. Schnitzelshnoorfian Empire when?

  3. bromadan


    Clement the Third peers down from the Seven Skies, scratching his head a bit. "Darn Holy Orders.."
  4. bromadan

    September Prince, Feedback!

    My question is... why is he called the September Prince if the month of September doesn't exist in-game? Big think
  5. bromadan

    [Denied] Torky's FM App

    just one person. pew pew
  6. bromadan

    [Denied] Torky's FM App

  7. I need a Wiki Team member to fix something plox

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    2. bromadan


      Two Pontiffs are missing from the High Pontiff list on the Church of the Canon Wiki page. Everard IV and Clement III after Clement II

    3. TJBMinecraft


      So Everard IV is directly after Clement II then after Everard IV it's Clement III?

    4. bromadan


      yeah but I got it fixed, worry not

  8. bromadan

    A Scholar's Guide to the Vaeyl Order

    ((Xarkly strikes again
  9. bromadan

    [✗] Fourth Generation Necromancy

    My spooky senses are tingling...... for the better ?
  10. bromadan

    [✗] The Fall Of Laklul

    Alaric looks towards the side at all the corpses he used for the Ritual, blinking a bit. "F**k me... lets do this."
  11. bromadan

    [Accepted] bblackish's Application Team Application

    I’ve known her for several years, and have seen her hold roles on other servers that helped new players. She was very good at it!! +1
  12. I've spoken to Mick only a few times, but each one of those times he was rather a kind fellow. I like em, plus 1
  13. bromadan

    [Denied] I'm Persistent (FM APP)

    I'll give her a plus one