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  1. Human politics are ******* whack yo

  2. Lets put the Holy back into Holy Oren Empire, vote High Pontiff for Emperor

    1. Haseroth


      unironically, technically under these new laws the pontiff can be emperor. hunwald needs to pull a sulyvhan

    2. JokerLow


      i vote balrog

  3. “High Pontiff for Emperor!” Chants a man in the back.
  4. An Old Amador Count cries in the Seven Skies.
  5. “Bloody powerful.” Says some man in the back.
  6. Don’t bring back all of nexus, but give me back my darn professions grr

  7. That’s some good **** right there
  8. An old priest sighs. “Not perfection. The Excommunication was very must justified, now I see the politics being played.”
  9. An old priest claps his hands together. “Perfection.”
  10. Some of us spooks aren’t ****. We are out there I promise Y.Y
  11. I can not connect to the server, it just disconnects me every time. Then sometimes it says I have a VPN and turn it off. Its not on. Send halp 

  12. I dislike the Devs. Especially Tofu 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bromadan


      I’ll fite u rn GEORGE

    3. LaviniaTheRider


      Yeah George why’d you ruin the server

    4. ferdaboys69


      because his name is george

  13. This very much reminds me of Dreadknights tbh. BUT! I will say this, as a core Mystic player and one of their leaders I got to say that I don’t think Mysticism would be involved in this type of creature. Mostly for the fact that we dont really want another type of creature like that. We have (or used to) have Paleknights which were just Stone Knights, and I am pretty sure in our rewrite we will try to bring them back in a different way then they were. Plus we also have Gravens so another Warrior-type creature for us I dont think is entirely needed and just adds more bloat. Necromancy is also shelved so all you have left is Blood Magic, which had Dreadknights long ago (I played one) and this is pretty similar in the core function of them. The whole ‘gotta stay in armor. Im tormented and in pain constantly! The runes bind me to this metal coffin!” Overall I just don’t see it as necessary. Especially how LT is wanting to purge all unnecessary shenanigans. I do encourage you to keep writing though! And coming up with new ideas. I just have to say No to this particular one.
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