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  1. If a bonzai dryad lets her tree grow, will she grow with it? As in after 50 years of keeping it bonzai?

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    2. VampsWillDie


      I mean, do bonzai's grow if left alone?

    3. Katherine1


      The way a bonzai is made is that you take a sapling and regularly prune it's roots. Doing so will limit the nutrients the tree can take in, and what you'll end up with is a miniature version of the tree.

      If the dryad doesn't keep the roots of her tree trimmed, it'll grow into a normal tree, and the dryad will grow with.

    4. VampsWillDie


      Okay so "yes".

      All I wanted to know xD IF she lets it grow, even after 50 years, it'll grow and she will too. got it. xP

  2. I'd like the magic plugin. People keep talking like "How you sposed to represent every magic!?" Easy. As Fek. You don't need to make a whole set of spells for every magic. You could just learn 'magic missle', or use that same 'code' and framework to do most evocations ffs. Fire? Add a burn effect, or perhaps an explosive effect. Lightning? add a stun effect. earth? Maybe a bleed or something. Water/ice? A slow. Air? add a OH **** I'M FLYING knockback effect. Shade? Doesn't need to be represented. Maybe a root effect, I saw it in that video. Use the same idea as earth, but colour the blocks black. Done. Necromancy? Spawn zombies. Skeletons. Drain is also simple. I saw an rpg a while ago on minecraft which featured a vampire plugin so it's not too difficult. Just reskin things and add an extra effect.
  3. gyazo.com/8a04ad4ad1aeea241a7a9b06929240bc FIVE STARS FOR YOU BECAUSE OF THIS. HERE YOU GO.

  4. To be completely honest, I love and hate Kalenz. On a moral level I wanna kill him. (not Supremacy, the character!!) And on an Ic level, I wanna kill him. xD But I love how crazy he is. Or at least how crazy he looks. I wouldn't wanna meet him, rather, observe from a distance.

    1. ๖ۣۜPumpkin_


      Crikey! Love ova' thea'! Issa' Kalenz!

  5. Another letter is sent, smelling suspiciously like,....Willow trees!!!!!1! "I have high interests in protecting my tree from many threats, as well as interests in seeing that which seeks to harm nature, and by extension my tree, destroyed. Nature being, well, anything from trees to people. But...for reasons I don't want to get into, I dislike the druidic order and could not in good faith join them. Tell me, please, is there anything that can help me accomplish this? I know I'd be granted, should I pass the initiation rituals and such, powers to heal. I'm always looking to help out! But is there more than that? I heard of the war clerics, how do they operate? What's the catch, other than following the teachings and guidelines of Taheriael? ~Willow Druid Magissa"
  6. ~A letter is written and sent to the Clerical Order, and smells much like a swampy willow tree.~ "I have some questions regarding this. If I already know voidal magic, am I able to serve Tahariae and receive his blessings? Also, can plants be healed? I am a Dryad, see, so this is of interest to me. ~Willow Dryad Magissa"
  7. http://gyazo.com/2b1424e3ae182d72a9860241f9fec0af http://gyazo.com/50e1d410a41256d432018d87f5ab851f http://gyazo.com/c0a3a6a228eb3cf1f6a97e5bb3366757 No thanks, mister "sociopath". +1 Sky's really level headed, mature, and also it just so happens he's a DIRTY TRAITOR WHO TOOK ALL THE DREADKNIGHTS WI- *deep breathes* lovely person to RP with and talk to.
  8. wh...testing what!?
  9. Money!? Mobs!? Why would you want mobs to be anyting other than annoying!??? a hundred -1's! /s Plea +1
  10. Well a soul has to be played with SOMEhow.
  11. Golem's don't have phalacteries. or whatever. Condensed and solid balls of lifeforce that can be carried, moved, etc. that contain a certain undead's soul. Edit: Not "undead" as in antagonistic, obviously.
  12. How does the manipulation of souls even work, though? I see this with so many ideas in necromancy but it's never explained. I didn't know necromancy had power over souls.
  13. how do i check how much money i've donated?

    1. AGiantPie


      You've donated $125.

      Trust me you have, idk how you check how much you've donated though.

    2. VampsWillDie


      h...how do you know that