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  1. And will said ST/GM/Admin be allowed to continue RPing that character since they’re staff?
  2. And even then with characters from staff, becoming a patron/god should render the character unplayable to them as well, requiring other staff members to RP them, or else it’s just a path to godhood for the staff. I don’t like it. I see attempts to dethrone the current gods in our future if this follower->patron->god pipeline remains in place.
  3. Please, we all know he’s a Voidal Horror 😉
  4. Saying that won’t make it so 😉
  5. Given the Aspects are, in fact, two (plus one “secret”) distinct aengudaemons, how do they fit with these new covenants? Are they a covenant? Are they grouped together under a larger covenant? Are they split between covenants but still working together when it comes to nature? What’s the plan here?
  6. .

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  7. It was one of the design decisions by the creators to set them apart. They were for cervitaur being agender as it was fundamentally different from basically everything else on the server. So your rewriting instead of revising to drum up interest? That's a hollow reason.
  8. The only other thing is that you gave them basically a berserker mode. I don't think that's needed, but even if you push for it, it doesn't need a full rewrite to implement, so again we come back to the only piece of this requiring a full rewrite being the magic issue.
  9. Looks like you did a very good job walking the line between abusable and useless. I like it :)
  10. Yep. Ever handed over the lore to me when they left the first time in Anthos, and I was also in charge of the Cervitaur for a little bit in Athera after the creators left. Obviously, I don't control either anymore, but I will still be opinionated on proposed changes for both creatures. EDIT: So here's some thoughts since I last responded. You're doing a full rewrite in order to accomplish two things: Allowing them to have kids, and letting them learn magic. Letting them have kids does not require a full rewrite. All that requires is a small addition that lets any two cervitaur do a ritual or some such to produce a seed that'll grow into one of those cervitaur producing trees. They were made by the Aspects. If anyone can grant them that, it'd be Cerridwen. That just leaves the ability to learn magic. Maybe you could chat with the LT and find a way to allow them a bit more access to learning druid magic since they are naturally attuned already, but as it stands, a full ground up rewrite just for magic is pretty blatantly not okay.
  11. I have played a cervitaur before, and have been considering writing a CA to bring Yera back since I returned to the server, so it does affect me and whether I write up the CA. Really? Because their origin as created by the Aspects has been communicated in RP, and introducing gender to a genderless character is a pretty significant change to someone's character in and of itself.
  12. You're also taking away their origin as created by the aspects and making them not fae just to replicate RP that can be gotten anywhere else. A ground-up rewrite of the cervitaur isn't what's needed for them. They don't need to fundamentally change to be more like everyone else. Homogenization isn't the answer.
  13. agender != asexual You're gutting them to make them able to reproduce through conventional means and learn magic. That's not a good reason for a full rewrite. There are a million and one other options if that is what you want.
  14. Parental RP specifically is already an option for all the races and a chunk of creatures. Why sacrifice what the cervitaur fundamentally are for what can be gotten basically anywhere else?
  15. That would take away from caring for younger cervitaurs more communally like was originally done. Seems more like trading one type of RP for another, rather than expanding RP, and it involves fundamentally changing what the cervitaur are to accomplish it.
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