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  1. Annabelle d’Amaury watches from the Seven Skies and wishes dead things would stay dead so her house could finally rest with the rest of Ashford-Savoy.
  2. Sasha said “Damn, for caring about nature so much, they’re really out here killing endangered species.”
  3. Sasha de Vitus shook her head, reclining in her seat. “Irrinor made a horrible mistake this day. Let the following be a reminder to all other nations, that no human of the empire’s blood shall be spilled without recompense.”
  4. A female figure clasps a hand over her mouth, trying desperately to hold in laughter. Before long, though, she burst out into hysterics, clutching her stomach. “They’re mad! About a library! One that’s protected by Skygods!” she howled out, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes. “Well good ******* luck to them!”
  5. ♡ DeusVidet’s Dress Auction ♡ Hi friends! I’ve got just a few dresses to auction off today. The auction rules are that you need to specify which skin you’re bidding on, and tag the previous bidder if there is one. The auctions will end 24 hours after the final bid has been posted, or if someone buys the skin with cash. Cash buyouts MUST be paid through PayPal, and prices are in USD. Don’t forget I also take custom commissions! I am willing to make minor edits or add your head to the skin if you purchase it. All bids start at 700 mina and should increase by a minimum of 25 mina per bid. All skins can be bought outright at $10 a piece. Bidding Format: Skin #: Bid Amount: Previous Bidder: Skin #1: Green Skin #2: Pink Skin #3: Purple Thank you and good luck! ♡
  6. Annabelle Lorin read over the missive, giving a firm nod in approval. She spoke to a nearby lady-in-waiting, saying “I knew that woman was trouble from the moment she first opened her mouth to me. A vile witch, and a heretic. Verily, they should burn her at the stake for all to see. I pray to our Lord GOD that she, and her male companion, are quickly brought to justice.”
  7. Imagine fighting for years, even decades in some cases, for vassal rights, only to choose not to exercise those rights when it matters most. Remember to vote, everyone, lest your forefathers efforts be in vain.

  8. A random woman says “Babies don’t come from the chest ya dumb sheit”
  9. it was april like 2 days ago. where has this year gone

  10. Honestly just stay off the forums to avoid the brunt of the drama. Only need to look at posts that are linked as flyers and stuff, or read up on lore once lore games is done. Humans are a good place to start but the community can suck you in the wrong direction if you’re not careful. I’d say wood elves are a good intermediate between low and high fantasy groups.
  11. send me pics of ur pets

  12. Varying sounds of shouting and crashing can be heard from the local Llyrian tailor shop. “We both saw it coming!” shouted an elfess, shoving a number of dresses into a suitcase. “Time to move, again.” she whined.
  13. right clickers rise up against your left clicker oppressors

    1. Trinn


      what do you do when u right click

    2. shoahinsnowyfields
    3. Kanadensare


      lol aka noobs amirite

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