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  1. it was april like 2 days ago. where has this year gone

  2. Honestly just stay off the forums to avoid the brunt of the drama. Only need to look at posts that are linked as flyers and stuff, or read up on lore once lore games is done. Humans are a good place to start but the community can suck you in the wrong direction if you’re not careful. I’d say wood elves are a good intermediate between low and high fantasy groups.
  3. send me pics of ur pets

  4. Varying sounds of shouting and crashing can be heard from the local Llyrian tailor shop. “We both saw it coming!” shouted an elfess, shoving a number of dresses into a suitcase. “Time to move, again.” she whined.
  5. right clickers rise up against your left clicker oppressors

    1. Trinn


      what do you do when u right click

    2. shoahinsnowyfields
    3. Kanadensare


      lol aka noobs amirite

  6. im on the “no money but your art is amazing” wagon. keep it up!!
  7. I read it front to back. I paused on parts and mused on it. My conclusion is that you have wonderful ideas but no real sense of execution. The idea of having a more objective rule set is great, but the execution of it.. well, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. LotC has been one big, 8 year long experiment in a self run community. One of the biggest points that I feel like people often tend to not outright address is the fact that all of our staff are also members of the community. They are not hired, not separate from the rest, and ultimately they are very often still children themselves, finding their own way through life. They are capable of making mistakes and misjudgments based on personal feelings. If we as a community can stop treating the staff as if they are infallible and morally balanced at all times, I think we can better recognize that interactions with players will never be perfect. My other issue with your statements is once again the morality. You speak a lot about morality. I fear the day you truly begin to rely on the players and members of this community to follow what you feel is a correct moral compass. The world we live in is vast and so full of different people, that no one person could ever possibly dictate what is a true and right morality. Without insinuating that there are players who are immoral in their beliefs, you need to understand that what YOU find morally reprehensible, may not be what another player finds morally wrong. Please do not base any belief that the community will maintain your ideological set of morals, because it’s just not feasible. My final issue is your brief commentary on shadow leaders. Quite frankly, what is the point you’re trying to make? Are you simply acknowledging it? Trying to stir the non hidden leaders to take control? Condemning shadow leading? If you have nothing productive to say on the matter, you might as well have left that section out. We’re all painfully aware of what’s going on behind the velvet curtain in some communities, but unless you plan on actually doing something about it, there’s no point in saying you’re aware. We’re all aware.
  8. What drives you to continue to participate in the LotC community?
  9. its ok they dont like you either
  10. If we still had bugatti horses we wouldn’t need railroads. Bring back Nexus

    1. Kaelan


      *slams fist on table*


      bring back nexus 

    2. Malgonious


      This is facts

    3. Destroyer_Bravo


      I thought of them more like segways with Ferrari engines myself tbh

  11. Mcname: DeusVidet Category: Skinning Attach Content: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/plain-jane-the-baker-s-daughter/
  12. Better shear durability Greenhouses to get 1-3 common nodes placedm, only common plants, not the rare ones, or ones that need very specific growing conditions. IE. You cant have a desert plant and a mountain plant in the same greenhouse. Instead, growing some basic medical herbs that grow in moderate climates, like tippens, serpents stalk, blissfoil. Add the rest of the herbs, including but not limited to Larihei’s fingers, Blood lotus, Goblin’s Ivy, Metzli’s Tangle, Clutcher’s Straw, Ant’s Blight, etc. I’d also like to see more nodes spattered across the map, here and there. There’s still a few regions that lack any nodes as well. Otherwise, great job so far! Really enjoying this plugin
  13. i identify as cake sword
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