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  1. I hate elves and magic
  2. Here is the explanation as to why this can't be on more ranks for those who don't read the whole thread. In addition, why complain about something that has no effect on you or your experience? It's a waste of everyone's time to do so honestly. The higher ranks have been almost completely stripped of their rewards since the EULA fiasco, so props to the devs for putting out the effort for those folks. Anyone who cares enough about LotC and has the means to donate that much deserves these upgrades.
  3. "So, what exactly was the point of locking us out of our homes for several years? That is, other than stroking your own egos." Estrid asks aloud as she lugs a suitcase overstuffed with her belongings back into the upper district. Unfortunately, she'd return to a very dusty home and several dozen dead plants. She would go on to mourn her precious plant babies for several days.
  4. It's not a counter to magic. It's a completely separate technological ideal. Guns would be as much of a counter to magic as crossbows are, if not less so due to a presumed chance of misfiring or jamming of the weapon.
  5. As much as it would make gun lore much easier to write, I don't think in this particular case it's a feasibly usable catalyst for fantasy guns due to the shakey status of 'can non-mages even use the stuff'.. yaaaay convoluted, over complex lore! :/
  6. Right, I know that much, but in regards to lore that doesn't involve having some kind of accepted magic, mana as a powersource isn't usable, yeah? Again, correct me if I'm wrong there
  7. Thats the plan
  8. Not 100% on this, so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't using mana restricted to those characters who actively use a magic? Again, I may be entirely wrong here, but as far as I know, you have to have an accepted MA to connect to the void or draw on your own inherent mana. Yes, and I'm not innately against having cons on things, but forcing an excessive amount on cons/restrictions onto a lore just to have it considered by the LT is also kinda stupid
  9. Unfortunately you are correct. The issue with the way lore is approached and accepted on LotC is that there is a forced set of drawbacks imposed on most things. If you write lore without enough 'cons' you're literally forced to add in more. The reason I'd written out a list of requirements is literally because without it, the LT would not even be willing to consider it. If we want guns, it would simply have to be difficult to acquire and use them. Yes, it sucks, but.. it's a step forward, if it gets accepted in the long term.
  10. It absolutely is a HUGE part of the root problem, and not one that I am qualified to argue against or combat. That whole thing needs to be addressed, 100%. My argument is based on the fact that there are little to no limitations on what magical advances can be made, while non-magical advances are on a forced standstill. If things were more balanced in the way that you suggested, you're correcting in assuming that there would be much less need for advancement with non-magi tech.
  11. And magical AI computers do?
  12. Insinuating that there aren't plenty of other magi-tech things that can and will kill your character. I'm not that deep into magic, but I know full well that there are a good deal of magical advancements out there intented solely to create weapons and harm people. The tech-lock isn't just about guns, either. I personally don't have anything off the top of my head besides guns, as it is the major subject matter of this discussion, but there are other things that we could be allowed. Not computers, obviously, but the possibilities are endless.
  13. Yes, they should be able to, but they don't because as of now, they have no reason to. I'm not on the Lore Team, and I don't really know what their collective opinion is on these sorts of magi-tech advancements, but I should hope that they are at least somewhat wary of the things that are being created.
  14. I understand that my point may be coming across the wrong way. I don't really intend to add some shitty tech just because the mages also have shitty tech. That's damn near the last thing I want. What I do want is some kind of advancement for non-mage types. Swords and crossbows get old, just like a mages basic spells and abilities get old. We as humans crave advancement, and I just want the other half to be able to advance as well. I'm not advocating for point and shoot either. I want a roll system, minimum number of emotes, instability in the weapon, etc. All that good stuff that makes it dangerous to use. I don't want to see people walking around with six pre loaded pistols on their shirt. I hope that clarifies it a bit more.
  15. Point noted, but we all know retconning lore and removing lore doesn't go over well. In any case, it's not just about guns. A large point of my argument is about finding some balance between magi-tech and non-magi tech.