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  1. From beyond the Great Veil of Hiatus, Aislin stirs, raising a finger skyward and speaking to no one and to everyone. "I, Aislin Maar Horen of House Horen, who am by birth a legitimate Horen because I said so, do declare myself the one true Righteous Holy Empress of Oren! Now bow down, you peasants."
  2. You did good work.
  3. ((OOC)) MCName: SugarBlind ((RP)) Name: Estrid Mildrathil Reason to Join: I like having friends! Please list your Magi Standard (Journeyman, Evoker, Etc): Apprentice Have you read and understood the Codex: Yes!
  4. Contact SugarBlind or kincaid_ in game. Yarrgg
  5. Estrid Mildrathil signs.
  6. @KorusPrime Ah, I was going off of what the wiki says as well as what I was taught by Kowaman. Gotta love that pure and totally never contradicting lotc lore
  7. Actually, one side is called Aos (Aegis, Thales, Athera, Vailor, Axios) and the other side is called Eos (Asulon, Elysium, Kalos, Anthos, the Fringe). Edit: Also the moon is the soulstream :^)
  8. A professional and able applicant. +1
  9. This has been addressed by the staff and changes will be implemented regarding the rules on eviction SoonTM.
  10. Race: Human and High Elf Body Type: Arik is lean/muscular and Estrid is slender noodle armed mage type Extras (Earings, items , Pose): Holding hands/Being cuddly, Estrid with a staff in her free hand Skin Picture (I don't want to save your skin): Your compliment! ( Include @ So they know you talkin' crap) : Two for couple art yes? :D @Thomas has done amazing work for this server. He is highly under appreciated and I once shared similar views to many others of the server largely due to ignorance. He works hard every day to do things for lotc that no one else can do. He hasn't had a day off from this hell hole the entire time he's been an admin and deserves so much more respect from the playerbase than he gets. @UnBaed is the best friend I've had in many, many years. She has a brilliant mind full of talent that never goes to waste. Whether it's through her roleplay, her poetry and writing, or her art, she never ceases to amaze me. She's incredibly funny and kind hearted and I can't imagine life without her anymore.
  11. "Holy ****" says Aislin, wringing her hands
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      Schematica is broke as **** my keep has a network of holes on the interior 

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      @Silverstatik schematica salted my crops and eloped with my wife

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      @SugarBlind wife question mark?

  12. Aislin stood on the balcony, leaning against the railings. The cold mountain air whipped at her face, flurries catching in her black hair, speckling it with white. From behind, arms wrapped around her, a warmth immediately reaching her as the man embraced her lovingly. He had been just a boy when they first met. Trotting around the streets of Johannesburg in a uniform that was a bit too big, then around the keep in Turov with the other soldiers. It must have seemed like a game to him, back then. It could have been, too, had wars never come. They always do, though, and Aislin knew it would change the boy as it changed so many like him. Hardened to the blood and the death all around them, he would grow into a fighter, a warrior who would not be swayed so easily with the promises she gave him now. Aislin had used him in those early years, mostly for information, then for some semblance of companionship. She had realized even the illusion of having friends made things easier for her, and he was so damned social all the time that her connections grew nearly endless. They continued to grow closer, years passing by like weeks for the woman, though the boy grew into a man more every day. Soon he was much taller than her, and strong as well. A powerful ally to have, suddenly with a title and all it’s benefits. Aislin had made a good choice, it seemed. Now, though, things were different. Neither of them were playing their little chess games anymore. They had both won, in their own ways. They both had what they wanted, and won double with their love for each other. It had been tested, and proven strong and true. Aislin loved nothing more than that man, and she would do anything to protect him. She would stand tall before the Emperor himself for Karyssmov, if the emperor were still alive. Everyone else was mince to her. Irrelevant, weak, unworthy of her care. So few mattered when they had each other. It was together they left, Aislin finding herself unable to stop the laugh from escaping at the foolish words of those in the room. As if a parent bestowing punishment onto a naughty child, they had stripped him unceremoniously of his title. Was it supposed to make him stop and rethink his choice? Perhaps they had thought it would, but the choice had been made long ago, the consequences thought out and discussed. Aislin was tired of hiding behind masks of mortality. She was tired of hiding her love for the man. She would embrace who she was, and she would do it standing tall beside the man she loved, whether they liked it or not.
  13. :^)
  14. What is the name of your guild, village, organization, etc.: Shannons_Secret_Land What is the purpose of your guild/village/organization (if sensitive, this can be withheld and then privately shared with whomever is handling the charter): It's a secret. What plot size are you interested in: 70 x 70 What tile are you interested in: It's a secret. If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: Not Owned. Signatures (players should sign their persona/character name and their MC name): It's a secret. PM me for details!!