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  1. cruz didnt do anything lmao
  2. Let me make something very clear. The event line in the Westerlands was never preplanned. There was never a premade decision about whether the West would win or lose. You all had your chance to come help us, and refused. You were too busy fighting among yourselves to care about what could have been the most interesting and fun event on Axios. But, you didn't. Kincaid, myself, and the rest of Bastion's leadership were WELL AWARE of what was happening with the West, and what it would mean if it fell. Cruz didn't 'step in' to take back the West. No one did. The West fell apart on it's own and we WILLINGLY let the event take place that took Bastion. We knew what was happening and what the stakes were. Everyone I see here commenting about the West, save a couple people, are just rabid dogs fighting over a rotten corpse. It disgusts me that you act like you care. The people who actually ran the Westerlands were okay with the event playing out how it did in the end. End of story. I support the staff decision to turn the West into an event zone.
  3. The reason I won't include something like this is because the reason I wanted to rewrite a lot of the lore is due to it not blending well with current server lore. This particular suggestion makes little to no sense to me, but I am open to adding more redlines that make sense if the LT request it. The Replicant (the only one to have a soul/emotions) is, essentially, endgame. It's meant to be on the same level as Keepers, Archons, Daeva, etc. It is the ultimate form for homunculi, and it is meant to be very, very difficult to achieve. It is by no means the standard and for the most part, homunculus lore for the masses is the same, just clarified a bit more. I suspect there would only be a few Replicants throughout all of history to be honest.
  4. Katherine greets Lefkos in hell. "HAH! You fuckin' idiot!"
  5. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Land Charter Island: Asul Point A: Asul Docks Exact co-ordinates of Point A: 1568, 66, 1454 Point B: Convocation Guild Exact co-ordinates of Point B: 820, 193, 2495
  6. 2 thanhic ice boxes, tinkers post. 5 hour craft each. Put them on in the evening (CST time) and left them over night. The next morning, there was nothing on my tinkers post.
  7. [*]
  8. Three days isn't that long to wait on an eviction. Also, people get added to locks all the time. They can't make exceptions to the rules just because a city can't keep their housing cleaned up. Shrug.
  9. The reason they must adhere to this rule regardless of how long the lock owner has been gone for is because there may have been other people living in the house/where ever that need to remove their items. If you have someone who's been offline for over a month living in your city, you need better stewards.
  10. "******* AVE." says a woman with a name that is related in some way to House Wick and associated parties.
  11. This is really nice. +1
  12. please love me