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  1. Seriously. @Telanir can you think about demoting this guy? He’s active 90% of 1% of the time. He has no direction for the storyline, still won’t resolve his interminable “lore games,” and has generally made things much worse than the past lore team left it. There are plenty of competent, motivated folks on Story Team who could easily take his spot. Folks who could do his job with panache and enthusiasm and who could maintain a presence on the server. along with all this and with the mention of staff downsizing being changed, it’d be good to get more transparency and communication from the lore team. people want to hear what the reviewal processes entail along with why they’re taking so long, and lore writers want to see fixed dates that responses/verdicts on lore can be expected by. if that’s not currently feasible, then the team should look for people who can fill leadership roles and reduce the dependency on one person.
  2. RP Name: The Jester MC Username: Beordan Discord: Beordan#3739 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: None Why Do You Wish To Come?: To support the morale and chronicle events for future poems. What Skills Can You Bring?: Singing, juggling, dancing, and other amusing acts.
  3. MC Name: Beordan Category: Skinning Content:
  4. Good to see a change. I know there were at least a few loreholders who were so disappointed by the old ownership rule that they skedaddled from LotC.
  5. ^ A lot of this I appreciate how much shorter the run distances have tended to be on this map compared to Atlas, but the freebuild’s been a bit of a letdown. Being so removed from the rest of the world is painful for the Neanderthals that just want to have a cave in the middle of a forest, yaknow?
  6. Mcname: Beordan Category: Skinning Attach Content: Skin: Screenshots:
  7. Somewhere, someone ponders the news of an official plan of attack regarding Llyria. "No better time to start smuggling."
  8. Again I’ll bring up the point: Antagonists are meant to NOT always be the winners. People who play as bandits should pay attention to the role that such characters have in other games. There was the mention of the random bandit encounters in Skyrim. These things are infrequent and designed to pose no great threat to the character. There’s a scuffle, and the highwayman is often either killed or allowed to flee, only winning infrequently at best. In many of the comments defending bandit rp however, the bandit is consistently assumed to be the victor except in cases of pseudo-rulebreaking interventions. To their credit, the conflict rules had ought to have revisions made to give bandits more of a chance at providing good rp. Yet even then, that wouldn’t resolve the win-at-all-costs attitude that is held by many in the banditing community. There’s also the point repeatedly brought up that bandits have no reason to leave victims alive. If they were to, that would only make for trouble further down the line. Putting aside the assumption that the bandit could simply wear a mask and different clothes--Yes. Leaving victims alive could result in consequences for the bandit. It could very easily result in bandits being hunted. But that is what’s meant to happen to villains. They aren’t supposed to be pvp-hungry, nigh-unbeatable memory-erasing menaces, but tangible characters with strong, realistic flaws. I get the urge of people to not want their character to lose--as most everyone else does. But for the sake of longer, more enjoyable roleplay on both sides of the aisle, people need to be able to look at things from a viewpoint that doesn’t revolve around them.
  9. Gonna say outright that if you're playing a character with villainous tendencies like a bandit, you should be prepared to not win all of the time. The purpose of an antagonist like that is to create a struggle that someone else can strive to overcome. By overcoming conflict, characters can develop. When the antagonist in any sort of rp is rushing that conflict just so they can go from words-per-second to clicks-per-second, the others lose all of the value from it. Part of the issue involves the win-at-all-costs mentality that was brought up some time ago (thanks @Babehab) paired with the loot-based system. Bandit characters often seem cartoonishly one-sided because they aren't played as characters with personal goals, but as a tool to "win" with. They don't have personal codes or any morals which would prevent them from robbing, they're all strong, seasoned fighters, and they act recklessly because they realize that having buddies and being good at pvp means they can kill almost anyone on the roads, wipe their memory, and circumvent most of the rp consequences for it.
  10. format aside this lore took a real long time and turned out pretty well big thanks to all the people that helped along the way
  11. The Wild Man as he first appeared to the Descendants on Axios, during the early 1600s. The Wild Man let out a puff of the stale subterranean air. All to be felt by him were the little gusts from his breathing, and the thrum of his own heart. He rumbled and rose to pace the width of the cavern. Its space was painted, decorated even, but empty. Only himself and his child remained to make use of these rocky chambers. Thrum. There would be another hunt tonight. His burdens he left at the mouth of the cave: The skull of his daughter; The club carved with stories; The necklace to lost kin. Thrum. He would have no more need for these encumbering things. Into the jungles, the forests, the plains, and the deserts he would go. Surely he would find a creature capable of besting him. Surely he would be struck down. He would reunite with his lost people, and need no longer to paint the stories of his kinsmen dying, time and time again. Thrum. Before the Wild Man, the path laid open. He spilled the last volumes of Wildling history onto the bonfire’s fading flames, and trudged onwards. Thrum. When the sun climbed out from beneath the horizon, there was nothing more to be seen of the patriarch. Into the wilderness he’d gone once more, and there he’d meet his long-sought fate. Thrum.
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