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  1. I wanna be able to air scooter like aang but it’s against air evo redlines
  2. Come one come all to the third Sutican Fight Night! The Night has returned to being run by it’s original owner in it’s original location! The night will begin with a 1 on 1 bracket style tournament. Coming new is a wager system to place bets on your favorite fighters. The Event takes place under the Sutican Tavern. Drinks will be purchasable in the Tavern above, catered by our amazing Tavern staff! Please stop by for an evening of drinks, dueling, and downright good times! If you will be competing in the tournament please leave your name below. 16 slots are open, and priority is given to Sutican citizens. It’s Good To Be Back Sutica! - Theodora Asul’Ailer ((Come Saturday, October 12 at 7 PM EST)) ((Tournament is CRP)) ((Further Details about the Wagers and Odds for fighters will be released soon!))
  3. Just a quick happy Rosh Hashanah from one jew to the rest of you guys. Have a great holiday and happy new year all my fellow LoTC jews! Here’s a google image:
  4. Your name is the same as the name of a character from a good show
  5. ((Typing off my phone, sorry)) Theodora remains awake in the dead of night, reading from one of the many books that kept her company. The citizen glances out the window, her home lit by the light of a warm fire. Upon the sight of the hooded figure she’d shut the drapes that hung from the windowsill. After all, what good could a stranger in the dark bring?
  6. Form to mail to Nunya’s Business Stall – Name ((and Username)): Theodora / Khonsyu Giveaway Item #1: Wispal Companion Giveaway Item #2: The Vodnik Glaive Giveaway Item #3: Trulliv Oz Belka
  7. Hallo GM, can I please have The Amethyst Crown Shard. Sorry if I didn’t link that correctly, it’s my first time. Username is Khonsyu Thank you!
  8. That’s 100% allowed, have fun with it!
  9. So I've been to a bunch of major cities around Atlas and found nobody. Sutica has nobody, Caras Eldar has nobody, Holm has nobody, Norland has nobody, Cyrilsburg has nobody Belvitz has 7-10 people in it. The only city with activity is Carloustadt, with 40+ people in it when I checked. There are 170 people currently online, so unless 100 of them are bots, where is everybody?


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    2. Ankan


      High Elves got some good activity too.

    3. AgentMemory


      Thank you guys, I was running out of people to RP with.

    4. Unwillingly


      everywheere is ******* dead

  10. Name: Luther Race: Human Age: 20’s Discord#: Save#8155
  11. ~Application~ OOC Username: Khonsyu Discord: Save#8155 RP Name: Theodora Age: Late 20s Race: Adunian Place of Residence: Sutica Department: Professors of Academia: Student The Researchers of Incognita: Discipuli Other Guilds: Nope
  12. I’m having some trouble logging in to LoTC. I connect to the server and after it is loading the terrain for a while before disconnecting me. I’m using the IP mc.lotc.co and I’m on a mac. Can anybody help? Edit: Figured it out
  13. Zhao-Qiangdu looks down to the Idol which somehow ended up in his hand. He then raises his blade, ready for battle! (1)
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