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  1. AgentMemory


    Your name is the same as the name of a character from a good show
  2. AgentMemory

    To Recognise Those Who Go Above And Beyond

    theo frowns
  3. AgentMemory

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Theodora posts some final changes to the bracket “Apologies All! Some people can’t make it so a few changes are being made!” https://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=NnJQqfmYGr
  4. AgentMemory

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Theodora announces from the Sutican square, “Tournament is full! No more applicants!” She would then post the bracket for all participants and spectators to view. https://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=C2sRGS8lXr
  5. The First Sutican Fight Night! Come one come all to the first ever Sutican Fight Night! The night will begin with a tournament of fighters. After the event comes an open pit, do whatever you’d like! The Event takes place under the Sutican Tavern Drinks will be purchasable in the Tavern above. Come tomorrow night for an evening of fun! If you will be competing in the tournament tomorrow please leave your name below 16 slots are open, and priority is given to Sutican citizens. ((Come Tuesday, March 19 at 7 PM EST)) ((Tournament is CRP))
  6. AgentMemory


    ((Typing off my phone, sorry)) Theodora remains awake in the dead of night, reading from one of the many books that kept her company. The citizen glances out the window, her home lit by the light of a warm fire. Upon the sight of the hooded figure she’d shut the drapes that hung from the windowsill. After all, what good could a stranger in the dark bring?
  7. AgentMemory


    ((wow, great read from both of you guys. Keep it up.))
  8. AgentMemory

    RP and Map Size

    RP is way to spread out and scarce, I want to say that it’s because people are sitting in their freebuilds alone but I don’t actually know for sure. Carolustadt is always active and Sutica has a few people on at most hours of the day, I don’t go much else so I would know. What’s everybody else’s RP hub like?
  9. AgentMemory

    Druidic Moot Guidelines

  10. AgentMemory

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Form to mail to Nunya’s Business Stall – Name ((and Username)): Theodora / Khonsyu Giveaway Item #1: Wispal Companion Giveaway Item #2: The Vodnik Glaive Giveaway Item #3: Trulliv Oz Belka
  11. AgentMemory

    What Pokemon would your character have?

    https://goo.gl/images/VUQLsh theo’s partner mon
  12. AgentMemory

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Hallo GM, can I please have The Amethyst Crown Shard. Sorry if I didn’t link that correctly, it’s my first time. Username is Khonsyu Thank you!
  13. AgentMemory

    Question about guilds

    That’s 100% allowed, have fun with it!
  14. AgentMemory

    Pun of the Week

    I have come to appreciate the weekly puns. Please continue