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  1. AgentMemory

    The Academic Union

    ~Application~ OOC Username: Khonsyu Discord: Save#8155 RP Name: Theodora Age: Late 20s Race: Adunian Place of Residence: Sutica Department: Professors of Academia: Student The Researchers of Incognita: Discipuli Other Guilds: Nope
  2. AgentMemory

    Unable to login

    I’m having some trouble logging in to LoTC. I connect to the server and after it is loading the terrain for a while before disconnecting me. I’m using the IP mc.lotc.co and I’m on a mac. Can anybody help? Edit: Figured it out
  3. AgentMemory

    A Farewell From Zach

    Happy 16th birthday
  4. AgentMemory

    The Academy of Holm [Second Semester] [Applications Open]

    -Application- ((OOC)) Username: Khonsyu Discord: Save#8155 RP Full Name: Theodora Age: 20something Race: Adunian Major subject: Magic Theory Additional classes this semester (Write N/A if none): Defense Against Dark Forces
  5. AgentMemory

    Sprites and Sprouts

    I want to play a sprout, please accept this.
  6. AgentMemory

    [Denied][I]ZachsSlayer's Game Moderator Application

    is col dude plus won
  7. AgentMemory

    [Bounty] [Unique] [Very Hard] Khurmt

    Zhao-Qiangdu looks down to the Idol which somehow ended up in his hand. He then raises his blade, ready for battle! (1)
  8. AgentMemory

    [OOC] : Shamanism Roleplay "Guide"

    Font is hard to read
  9. AgentMemory

    [✗] [Rewrite #3] Bryophites!

    Great art by @Sybbyl0127! All around looks good ?
  10. AgentMemory

    The Wilven Order

    "I'm Sorry, forgot to put that down! I'd like to join The Moon Sect. - Thomas." -another response is pinned on top of it.
  11. AgentMemory

    The Wilven Order

    MC Name: Saveforthememory Character Name: Thomas Figface / Halfling Age: 35 Why are you pursuing the route of Monkhood?: Ever since I was a wee lil' one I loved to help and assist. Over the years I've learned to become proficient in my medical abilities. Travelers always come across Dunshire as they leave the cloud temple, and I sure do love to guide them in the direction they need to go. I'd love to put my skill and love towards the Wilven Monks, and hope you'll accept me. Do you agree to abide by the three laws of the Triumvirate?: Of course (Do not Fight, Guide the Lost, and Teach the Confused.)
  12. AgentMemory

    [Bounty] Half-orc whitewash

    Grimlak'Yar notes the bounty on his way back to the goi. He smiles, ready to go out for another hunt.