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  1. AgentMemory

    Clickbait, probably

    Favorite Overwatch League Team?
  2. AgentMemory

    [I]ZachsSlayer's Game Moderator Application

    is col dude plus won
  3. AgentMemory

    A Murder at Cloud Temple

    I get it Because a group of crows is called a murder It's a meeting of crows At the Cloud Temple A murder at the Cloud Temple
  4. AgentMemory

    [Bounty] [Unique] [Very Hard] Khurmt

    Zhao-Qiangdu looks down to the Idol which somehow ended up in his hand. He then raises his blade, ready for battle! (1)
  5. AgentMemory

    See ya later

    On Sunday I'll be leaving for the better part of two months. I might be on sparsely, but don't expect much activity from me. So there's that for all 3 people that care. See ya later!
  6. AgentMemory

    Kaz'Ulrah Chess Club

    Thoradrin Stormbreaker is undefeated, by the way.
  7. AgentMemory

    DNN #7

    Thoradrin notices himself in the paper. "Oi! T'at's meh!"
  8. AgentMemory

    In search of Hou-Zi

    uhm, we have the jade peaks?
  9. AgentMemory

    [OOC] : Shamanism Roleplay "Guide"

    Font is hard to read
  10. AgentMemory

    Unwillinglame's AMA

    Favorite Pokemon Fortnite or PubG Will you make an orc? which picture Why does it say you are stuck on axios on your profile I am currently not shipping you with Evan, should I be? Do you find it odd that some questions have question marks while others don't?
  11. AgentMemory

    Licorish is leaving

  12. AgentMemory


    Grimlak notes he repeated use of Olog Back Fungus and decides to try it in his own drinks.
  13. AgentMemory

    [Rewrite #3] Bryophites!

    Great art by @Sybbyl0127! All around looks good 😄
  14. AgentMemory

    Remove all magic

    Lol I watch Hello Future Me also.