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  1. Great Job, man. I know how hard you’ve been working on this and seeing it come to fruition is magical. Huge +1
  2. Very nice piece. Arcanism has needed some toning down for a while now, and I’d love to have Celestialism back around on the server.
  3. **MC Names of all involved** 2Nomads **Description** I was standing at the closed Sutica gate when the server restarted. It came back online and I was in the middle of the gate, and then I could walk through to either side. **Date of occurance** 12:00 AM Central Standard Time 4/24/20 **In game specifications** I was on my persona Belisarius, visiting Sutica. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> Stand by a gate Wait for a server restart Get logged back in Walk through the gate **Expected Behavior** You shouldn’t be able to walk through the gate. **Actual Behavior** You can walk through the gate **Additional Information** I’m not sure if this is already a reported issue or not, but it seems pretty bad. I MSGed Muffins about it and they told me to put it right here straight away, so here it is.
  4. Sitting in an unimportant house on the outskirts of Sutica, an elf long rendered blind was left miserable. Upon hearing the news of Hiren’s passing, she wept. Eventually she left her home, a bundle of flowers in her hand. Her expression was solemn as she made her way to the spot of Hiren’s burial, or spot of death. Gently, she rested the flowers at the site. If she could cry, tears would certainly be streaming from her eyes. Attached to the bundle of flowers was a small note, left for Hiren, or those grieving along with her. “We miss you Hiren. I miss you Hiren. You are and forever will be loved.”
  5. Discord: Save#8155 Italian Blue: 1.4k
  6. I wanna be able to air scooter like aang but it’s against air evo redlines
  7. Black writing is incredibly hard to read. You should consider changing it.
  8. Come one come all to the third Sutican Fight Night! The Night has returned to being run by it’s original owner in it’s original location! The night will begin with a 1 on 1 bracket style tournament. Coming new is a wager system to place bets on your favorite fighters. The Event takes place under the Sutican Tavern. Drinks will be purchasable in the Tavern above, catered by our amazing Tavern staff! Please stop by for an evening of drinks, dueling, and downright good times! If you will be competing in the tournament please leave your name below. 16 slots are open, and priority is given to Sutican citizens. It’s Good To Be Back Sutica! - Theodora Asul’Ailer ((Come Saturday, October 12 at 7 PM EST)) ((Tournament is CRP)) ((Further Details about the Wagers and Odds for fighters will be released soon!))
  9. I like the formatting and I like the lore. Keep it up!
  10. Just a quick happy Rosh Hashanah from one jew to the rest of you guys. Have a great holiday and happy new year all my fellow LoTC jews! Here’s a google image:
  11. AgentMemory


    Your name is the same as the name of a character from a good show
  12. ((Typing off my phone, sorry)) Theodora remains awake in the dead of night, reading from one of the many books that kept her company. The citizen glances out the window, her home lit by the light of a warm fire. Upon the sight of the hooded figure she’d shut the drapes that hung from the windowsill. After all, what good could a stranger in the dark bring?
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