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  1. [TA][Telekinesis] Liu Zao Hong

    Wait just a minute! Hou-zi have lesser souls. They can't do void magic!
  2. [Lore Submission] The All Father's Gift

    wow, this is gonna be quite the read. I'm gonna have to break this up
  3. Sug's 12 Days of Christmas [V.1]

    Can Metzlii be the daemon of anthropomorphic animals? I want grandaddy time
  4. Hraesvelgr's Eyrr

    ice is cool. Can I make lava warlocks?
  5. Mordskov; Conjunction of Worlds

    Gabriel is sad that he died twice. Damn...
  6. Cast Your Character

    Eddie Redmaine for Gabe I'd have to say. sent from my phone so this post is sloppy but meh
  7. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    New Zealand was reaping the spoils of a well managed and well funded Space program. Across the nation many families would experience a major growth in income as Workers received paychecks. New Zealand was in the middle of their own micro financial boom! Amongst the celebration and work of the country a meeting was held amongst business Tycoons as well as David Matteos. Many voices would speak out, explaining charts and graphs and showing how well the country was doing economically. David sits and watches, thinking to himself as the voices die down because of his silence. He glances up from his thought to meet the eyes of every single person in that room. "New Zealand must continue to keep this economic growth within our shores as well as expanding outwards." He pauses, waiting to see if a soul would speak. As none did he continues "With this I propose a trade agreement with our friends on other continents, specifically South Africa, Argentina, and Brazil. Though we will not forget matters back at home. We must continue the progress of the White Feather Project. We have also noticed the distinct separation between us here in the North, and our friends in the south. Because of this I believe in the creation of a bridge to connect the two lands!" He looks amongst the crowd of tycoons, though they don't seem to give much support. Many questions arise "How does this help us?" One asks "Why should we care?" Says another. David hushes the crowd with a tapping on his edge of the table "I ask of you, think of the most powerful nations among us. The United States, Britain, Canada, Russia, Our own ally China! What do they all have in common? A landmark to associate with themselves! We have nothing like this. This bridge will attract tourists and citizens alike to bask in it's glory!" With that the Tycoons begrudgingly agree, and David dismiss the group. At the launch cite in Cape Saunders things are going swimmingly. Many tests are being taken from minor probes that are launched into the air. Though it is not only the government who is making test launches. Many independent companies pay the launch cite to use their facility. 60% of these funds are used to increase pay of the workers, making them continue to work at the top of there game. The other 40% are diverted back into the facility. Hiring more researches and improving technology around the city. Construction of the bridge begins, the economic boom of the country stimulating the workers to collect their paycheck. At this time many broadcasts of the bridge's construction are sent to T.V. Systems across the country. Many families tune in and send small amounts of funds towards the bridge's creation. The well off folks of New Zealand wanting a building to claim as their own. The Militia Recruitment Program is wrapped up. The final total being recruited reached 45,000. These soldiers are able to fire a simple rifle and not much more. Though it is a huge step forward in self defense for New Zealand. OOC: GPA: 1.039 Trillion Dollars. Spent this turn: Growth: 20 Billion Dollars. Military: 15 Patrol Boats, 10 Submarines, 1 Destroyer. Militia of 45,000 AP spending: 2 Towards White Feather Project (Towards the improvement of the site and the expansion of the work force.) (Total: 14) 3 Towards the creation of a bridge connecting the Northern and Southern parts of New Zealand. (Total: 2) Trade Deals: China: Commercial Trade Propositions: South Africa Argentina Brazil
  8. A Cowboy Rides Away

    B-b-but, what about my Hou-zi? The magic can not and will not die! All everythings aside tho I will miss you sug
  9. Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    I mean, it doesn't have a lot to do with Shamanism, but I get the whole 'no disconnect' thing. I'm 50/50 on the topic, maybe shamanism can have a disconnect feature? Other than that it's some nice lore +1
  10. Jallentime's Magic Team App

    Probably doesn't know me. Though what he's written looks good.......... A very skeptical +1
  11. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    David Matteos sits in his private quarters, enjoying the high life of a Trade Federation. He turns on the T.V. to notice that Canada has started their own Space Program. He calls for his assistant. "Leon! Get in here!" Leon comes bustling into the room, he pushes his glasses up on his nose "Y-yessir?" The nervous and small man asks. "Is the White Feather Project ready?" He asks in anger, banging his fist against his desk. "It-it should be ready to a-an-nounce to public." He nods, turning to leave the room "Good, good." David smiles as he turns back to watch his country. David straightens his tie and dusts off his jacket as he enters the government broadcasting room. The broadcasting crew gives Leon a thumbs up and Leon passes it to David. "New Zealand. As many of you have heard Canada has announced the creation of their own Space program, and so are we. Many job opportunities have now been opened as of today, and our hope is that with our funding in the schools those positions will be filled with Thoughtful and Educated individuals." Across the country families cheer and root at the T.V. They are excited for their children. "We have already allocated lots of resources towards the funding of a new launch facility located at Cape Saunders outside of Dunedin. We hope to launch our first government rocket in the next couple of months, with the goal of reaching orbit!" With that the broadcast ends, and families across the country erupt in cheer and claps. OOC: GPA: 1.026 Trillion Dollars. Spent this turn: 7 billion dollars (5 Creation of Facility) (2 Sent to China) Growth: 20 Billion Dollars. Military: 15 Patrol Boats, 10 Submarines, 1 Destroyer. Militia of 30,000 and growing. AP spending: 5 Towards White Feather Project (Towards the hiring of men and the research on the rocket) (Total: 11) 0 Towards the continued send of funds towards China. Trade Deals: China: Commercial Trade Propositions: Chille Russia Japan
  12. [mart] Deck Of Many Things

    I might be missing something, but does this just show up to events at random? I feel like it would be somewhat out of place on certain events then.
  13. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    As New Zealand was enjoying there prosperous bounties of the increase of educational funding with increased test scores and overall higher knowledge throughout the country, a board meeting would be held between David Matteos and the business tycoon council. "My friends! We are gathered here today because of the Indonesian attacks against islands near our waters! China has been so kind as to start the removal of Indonesian agression from these island states. I propose the sending of funds towards China and the creation of water military vehicles." David pauses, looking around the room "For as long as New Zealand has existed, we have stayed out of world affairs, letting others choose for us. Well that time is gone! Now we will help and spread our vision for what is right to the rest of the world!" An eruption of clapping and cheering would come from the Tycoons, David would wait for the crowd to die down. "I propose the sending of 5 billion dollars in aid towards China and the creation of a new Zealandic Navy." He states to the crowd, the tycoons having their secretaries jot this all down. David would look towards his speech paper, finding the next topic. "As our next order of business I believe we should expand our trade deals not only to Australia, but we shall include China and Canada aswell. This new deal alliance shall be called Z.A.C.C. and we will focus on the expansion of science and trade across the pacific waters!" With that David would end the board meeting, heading to his private quarters to think. David now calls in his trusted advisor, Leon, to enter his room. "Hello Leon," He says with a smile "How is the White Feather Project coming along?" Leon scrambles for his papers, looking at the research data "I-it's going swimmingly. If we keep this pace it w-will be done in no time" He says, looking up at David. "Good, good." David says, sitting in his chair "Dismissed." And with that his advisor would leave the room, letting David and his thoughts be alone once more. Finally David would head out to the millions of people awaiting his take away on the presentation. David would hold a hand out to stop any questions. "I will say this, and you will listen." He looks down amongst the crowd, authority booming from his voice. "We have decided to send 5 billion dollars in aid towards China, and will be creating a new Zealandic Navy. This is a new age for New Zealand! We will no longer let others make decisions for us! We will rise up and spread our beliefs across the Pacific Ocean, with our new trade deal: Z.A.C.C." He looks amongst the crowd, they wait for him to finish his speech before cheering. "And we will continue to invest funds into our schools! Long Live New Zealand!" With that he leaves the crowd as they erupt in cheering and clapping. OOC: GPA: 1.019 Trillion Dollars. Spent this turn: 13 Billion Dollars (5 as aid to China, 5 to the creation of a Zealandic Navy, 3 to the continued investment in the school system.) Growth: 20 Billion Dollars. Military: 15 Patrol Boats, 10 Submarines, 1 Destroyer. Militia of 10,000 and growing. AP spending: 3 Towards White Feather Project (The collection of Materials and the research behind it's creation) (Total: 6) 1 Towards the continued support of the Militia 1 Towards the continued investment in schooling. Trade Deals: Z.A.C.C: Exchange of resources across the Pacific Ocean. (Will all be messaged privately) (Need MOD to act as china)
  14. [✗] [Voidal] Conflux: The Mastery of Conjuration

    Yo, whats the verdict here? Is it approved or not? MT get on this
  15. i quit