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    1. Demotheus


      EEEesh….you just complimented him...because this song was about Eminem and then Eminem proceeded to absolutely destroy Mariah for it....And it’s basically illegal what you’ve done here. You can’t call Alpha Eminem! Flam will get jealous. 

    2. TheAlphaMoist


      Aren’t you the same person running around talking behind my back while at the same time vehemently avoiding my confrontations at all cost 

      Also i was the fourth one to comment but you only targeted me, wtf

    3. Goblinberg


      You're such a bad clown 

  1. (echoing in the back) no one caress... no one caress.... no one caress.....

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    2. TheAlphaMoist
    3. _Hexe_


      ok dude ok ! gunga ginga gunga ginga

    4. SoulReapingWolf


      Do you need a therapist?

  2. Life Tip: Block everyone who causes you unnecessary distress and weighs you down. You will with 100% confidence, feel better.

    1. Harold


      i do this, its great

  3. You’re really talented @DariusMorgrain 🙂
  4. So generally quite universally I see the term “liberal” used as a scorning word both OOCly and IRP on LOTC. Are there any communities OOCly or IRPly that do not use the term liberal in such a manner?

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    2. trillmatic


      liberal heehee

    3. zaezae


      Liberal would be a word of derision if it were used in a religious context. In a setting like this, liberal wouldn’t mean ‘the left’. It would be one who doesn’t believe in strict behavioral controls in a religious or cultural context. 



      obviously, liberals wouldn’t use it derisively oocly. IRPly, liberalism doesn’t really exist in the non-political sense on the wide-scale. The cultures are heavily nationalist and controlling

  5. Discrimination, hatred, attacks, and pedophilia must go. Regardless of how acceptable any of these are in your personal circles. If you discriminate, perpetuate sexual luring and predatory behavior or attack people to the point of threatened safety, so too you must go no matter the friend group or culture that validates your abuse.
  6. Break up with your girlfriend, cuz I’m bored.

    1. Apostate


      quoting ariana grande will not make you any less bored

    2. ZythusRequiem
  7. Certain people would scream at me if I added that to my Air Evocation rewrite. In fact I had something similar but then they’re like “nooo!!!! line of sight and focus!1!1!1!” but then again shortly after submitting a refined version I am still accused of “nerfing it to the ground” by the very same people. I feel this is a systematic problem.
  8. If you’re a fire evocation user please message me on discord to give feedback for a rewrite that I’ve almost completed. If you’re already working on a rewrite, lmk.


    1. ZythusRequiem


      I completed the draft for it so pm me if you want to see. 

    2. Dyl


      i kno fire evo let me see yo


    3. ZythusRequiem


      @Dyl message me on discord.

  9. Lydor Miravaris surprisingly perhaps laughs to himself and mutters, “bye,” thinking about all the foolish and uncivilized bandit blood that is to be spilled.
  10. If you are interested in contributing to a rewrite for Telekinesis and/or possibly Voidal Shifting or know anyone already working on anything similar please contact me. Will have a draft ready by the end of the night 🙂

    Discord: ZythusRequiem#8897

    1. Goblinberg


      Flambo is working on voidal shifting, you should just let him re write it. 

  11. Update on that Arcanism Group, in just five hours I’ve completed a comprehensive draft complete with Specializations and what not, you might wish to see said draft, so do please join here and check the pinned messages. https://discord.gg/88BTEX

  12. Please add me on Discord if you would like to discuss an Arcanism rewrite. My Discord is ZythusRequiem#8897. Alternatively you can instantly join the group with this invite link: https://discord.gg/88BTEX

    1. Tennallar


      Should get in touch with BNK if you haven’t already, I know he had a rewrite pretty much done. In fact, I believe he posted a draft somewhere.

      Edited by Tennallar
    2. ZythusRequiem


      Yeah I have invited him.

    3. ZythusRequiem


      Draft has been posted in the group.

  13. Lydor, while naturally on a side that would favour these killings, seems to grow concerned for the uprising violence and bloodlust of ‘Daniel.’
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