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  1. THE HONORABLE COMPANY OF SCRIVENERS OF THE CITY OF HELENA CORPORATION EST. 1625 IN ST. PONTIFF EVERARD IV WE PLACE OUR CARE A worshipful brotherhood of scribes, writers, lawyers, historians, postmen, and notaries public. FOUNDING: The Honorable Company of Scriveners was nominally formed in 1625. Its place among the other livery companies is unique, in that at its founding it was issued both an Imperial and Pontifical charter. St. Pontiff Everard IV, mindful of the Mardonese rot which had beset the cultural and legal functions of the Empire at the time, sought to conserve what he could against those dark forces. CONSTITUENT CORPORATIONS: The following corporations, associations, and fraternal societies are considered the constituent corporations of the Honorable Company of Scriveners, in order of precedence and rank: The Diocese of Helena The Imperial Association The Honorable Society of Callahan’s Inn The Society of Friends of the Imperial Library The Imperial Post Christiansen & Wick Attorneys at Law Christiansen Publishing The Scholar Bard Bookstore Napier & Napier Publishing Halcourt Publishing Company CHARTER OF DUTIES: In the Goods Edict of 1769, Secretary of State for the Interior J. Carrington promulgated an Imperial charter which stipulated both the rights and obligations of the Honorable Society of Scriveners: Practice safe law without manipulation of clients and following city law to ensure justice to those in need, under the advice of the Ministry of Justice. Provide accurate information to citizens through writing and calligraphy. Provide an education to those who want, make it affordable, and ensure citizens are getting the appropriate education they need, under the advice of the Imperial Office of Civil Affairs. Continuously produce mail and enforce the mail system in Helena so citizens are constantly updated. Print books and literature to contribute to Helena’s educational aspect. Develop and maintain a newspaper service for residents within Helena to inform its citizens. Manage the Imperial Library in a responsible manner, under the advice of the Head of the Imperial Library. The following items are those that the Honorable Company of Scriveners have exclusive control over: Writing materials including and not limited to: Books, paper, and writing utensils. Furniture including and not limited to: Bookshelves and lecterns. CONSTITUTION: The Honorable Company shall operate by the following constitution, approved College of Liverymen: SECTION I: ON THE BODIES The Honorable Company of Scriveners shall be governed by three bodies, in order of precedence and rank: The Master, who shall bear the quill in ceremony. The Circle of Friends, who shall bear the paper in ceremony. The College of Liverymen, who shall bear the ink in ceremony. SECTION II: ON THE MASTER The Master of the Honorable Company of Scriveners shall in perpetuity be an office held by the Diocesan Bishop of Helena, or coadjutor. The Master shall be presiding officer of both the Circle of Friends and the College of Liverymen. The Master has the right to Veto in all Company Affairs. The Master holds executive power over the direction and staffing of the company. SECTION III: ON THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS The Circle of Friends consists of three members of the Company, handpicked by the Master. The Circle of Friends serve as the closest advisers to the Master. The Circle of Friends, alongside the Master, are responsible for the publication of any documents relating to the Company. SECTION IV: ON THE COLLEGE OF LIVERYMEN The College of Liverymen consists of the Entirety of the Company. The College of Liverymen bears the right to propose and vote on Company Affairs. The College of Liverymen bears the right to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the Company. The College of Liverymen bears the right to sell and distribute goods dictated on the monopoly of the Company.
  2. The Conference of Helena, 1760 Dearly Beloved Times are difficult, and the relationship between the body, heart and soul of the Empire, strained. A body cannot function without these three components, working in Unison to sustain life. I propose action, I propose change. Under the directions of I, Arthur Cardinal Helena, the church had committed itself to an emergency conference, held within Varoche Hall in the next Saint’s Day. The purpose of which shall be to come to an arrangement regarding the Church of the Canon’s position within Imperial Society and its relations with the ISA within the capital. It is in our hopes that such an arrangement will harmonise the relationship between our great empire and the Canonist Church, bringing into greater accord our administrations for the sake of the nation’s soul. Furthermore, we are to announce the creations of a holy ‘society’ composed of the Clergy and the most devout members of our nation, in order to foster a greater understanding between the ‘soul’ and the ‘body’. . The Clergy and ISA shall hold a dialogue within the chamber, including speeches from various speakers from both sides. It is our mutual hope that the spiritual rift will be healed by this conference, and repair our strained relationships. We are sure that the outcome will be one of happiness and cooperation, leading us all into a new age of greater collaboration. Sincerely, His Eminence, Arthur Cardinal Helena ((March 18th, 3PM EST))
  3. Arthur casts his vote
  4. Cardinal Arthur would nod with approval as he reads over the thesis once more. “I Ordain you, Priest”
  5. The Cardinal rests in his apartment within the Basilica, having being rescued by a mysterious benefactor. “One would think that the Church was a friend to the people, not the enemy which my captors professed it to be. I shall be sure to write an account of this day, and inform the others of the ordeal!”
  6. Well, what’s your name? Arthur Hulme Aye. And from whence do you hail? Helena, HOE Alright, alright, that’s a fine place this time of season. How many years have you lived? Twenty-Seven Got it. Your ethnicity, good man? I can’t make it out. Farfolk Mmm. I never would have expected it. Are you literate? Indeed, I have written for the newspaper. Good, that won’t hurt you. Do you have a wife at home, or children? No, I have no family. T hey call Sixtus the Third ‘the Lewd’ for having two bastards. Don’t be like him. Have you got anything against taking oaths? Providing they are given in the light of the Lord, no. You’re all set. I’ll have this filed away to the Prelate at once. He’s a sleepy cardinal, about to hit his centennial. Give him a few days. *Arthur nods, before rising from his chair and making way to his warm lodgings and crisp ale.*
  7. Dear Builders of Axios, I am in need of builders who are able to fit the interior of a building, alongside a possible extension. It is imperative that the builders supply their own materials for the construction. It should not take too long and the sum of payment will be decided upon prior to the construction, then finally, payed after the work is completed. The purpose of this building will be revealed to the builder(s) before the construction. If you are interested then please, fill this form below: Name: Race: ((Skype Name:)) Any Previous Works?:
  8. Hey, I have tried to join the server numerous times tonight all saying disconnected. However, after like trying 5 times it said you are not whitelisted on this server, when I evidently am. This has been happening over the last few days! Please Help Thanks
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