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  1. Josephine Augusta withdraws a sketch of a Kaedreni windmill from her memory box, weeping. Only a year earlier, she had lost her grandfather as well—she feels this is the beginning of the end. Little parts of her would keep dying year by year, decade by decade, until she herself passed on as well. Nevertheless, she would persist as long as she could, as her mother had.
  2. “When we have rights and liberties, they claim that this is an effete empire of bureaucrats... when we act swiftly, it is ‘barbarism’. Should my uncle sit idly by as these traitors escape by manipulating the court system? Does anyone actually doubt the guilt of the accused in this case? Sedan and their ilk had done worse, for less noble reasons.” Josephine Augusta continues bemoaning the troubles of the day to her secretary, who is used to this sort of thing by now.
  3. Josephine Augusta sees her friend Emerentia is running for deputy mayor. She muses to herself “Well, I don’t know Varon, but if Emmy supports him, he must have his head on straight.”
  4. [!] A response is issued via courier. "Mr. Melphestaus, I share your disappointment that the Imperial University was shuttered. As you have probably intuited by now, so many in this country prefer private education to a classroom setting. However, I am pleased to hear of your scholarly appetite, which I believe I may be able to sate. I am Josephine Augusta, Director of the Office of Civil Affairs for the Imperial Government, and co-author of the second volume of Epochs of the Empire, the most celebrated textbook of imperial history. I have some experience as
  5. Josephine Augusta mourns the loss of her grandfather. When she was young, he had been larger than life--almost a god, for his rank was so distant and untouchable. It did not help that Joseph II had many grandchildren, and when he even deigned to see them, he often struggled to remember their names. But as the princess grew older, the Emperor grew more human. He had. . . foibles. Josephine began to understand her grandfather did not forget her name because she was not important, but because he was simply forgetful. He was a man with flaws. How strange! The greatest displ
  6. Josephine Augusta looks on the news fondly. She knew little of her uncle, but she always suspected she had at least one trait in common with him. It was a shame that his marriage had not worked out as well as her own—but not all could be as loving and open-minded as the new Duke of Sunholdt.
  7. Honorable Representatives, My office appreciates your initiative in bringing this matter to our attention. As always, the Office of Civil Affairs is committed to the cause of democracy in this Empire. Accordingly, and in pursuit of that ideal, we believe it best that the proper forms are observed: we will proceed with the normal schedule of reapportionment. We are aware of the issues you have mentioned (i.e. the demographic changes across the Empire). However, you must also remember that the changes themselves are quite routine, if not their causes. Although Sedan's reb
  8. Josephine Augusta, the Director of Civil Affairs, looks forward to being able to park her carriage on the street without risk of it being bombed again. “They do good work at the MoJ,” she remarks.
  9. Josephine Augusta hears a triumphant song as she reads the news of the Sedanese rebels’ flight. “So, the traitors have retreated to a nation whose chief ally are barbarian apostates—all the while proclaiming their own piety and patriotism. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes,” she muses.
  10. Josephine Augusta passes by--accompanied by a flock of officious secretaries from the Office of Civil Affairs--and addresses the speaker. "Reverend Father, this equivocation is unbecoming. I am also learned in the Holy Scrolls, for my father is a devout man and a crusader. Do the Scrolls not teach that laws should be enforced? Do they not endorse just violence to enforce those laws? The Gospel says that Ex. Godfrey banished Reynard Lycian for his treason and that Ex. Owyn made his penance in striking down the unrepenant. At the end of days, will the Prophets come down from the Skies to treat p
  11. Josephine Augusta awaits her nuptials with tentative excitement. "Well," she says to her monastic confidante "He seems a good sort, for a man. Very sweet."
  12. Josephine Augusta receives the letter in the morning brief, one of the few addressed to her by name rather than to the office of Civil Affairs. She ashes her cigarette and drafts a response.
  13. I'm sorry the situation was difficult for you--I think it was difficult for everyone. It is also not the direction I had planned to take Josephine, but I think rolling with the punches is the best way to enjoy roleplay. I hope there are no hard feelings out of character. Sorry to hear about your mother as well. Hope the break serves you well.
  14. Josephine Augusta reads the press release over coffee. She pinches her brow, muttering "That should put it to rest." She hopes this is the last time the subject of her marriage is relevant before the ceremony.
  15. Josephine Augusta receives news that more of her private life has been made public business, this time in a national newspaper. She begins to develop an abiding hatred for gossips. She laments to her lady-in-waiting "How many times must I be shamed, to sate their appetites?"
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