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  1. Elegy for an Empire (1868) by Caspian of Rhen A herald came to town today, unlike the one who came before. She bore no banner, wore no clothes, and spoke nothing but two words: ‘Again, again!’ the magpie cried, its voice a laughing girl’s. ‘Again, again!’ the magpie mocked, and flew into the woods. Few heard the feathered herald’s cry, as few had heard the day before, when another messenger arrived, his voice thundr’ing: “No more!” “No more will you know hunger, no more will you struggle, and no more will soldiers come, to trample your green fields. No more will vultures plunge to gorge upon your wayward sons. For Hark! A prince is born to us, a final prince, a final war.” A hundred years, four score, and ten, that old familiar promise echoed. But ignorant of the tongue of men the magpie’s forecast never erred: ‘Again! Again!’
  2. Josephine Augusta curses the murderous Mary Casimira, who slew her beloved brother in his own home. "May she rot in the Void-- no prayers for her," she hisses.
  3. The Archchancellor remains confident that her brother Philip Aurelian takes after his son, and will soon return from the dead at the head of a mercenary army to save the country. He can't be dead. He just can't. Nevertheless, she can't stop crying.
  4. “Your people have proven themselves once again,” remarks the Archchancellor to her second-in-command @Minuvas
  5. The Archchancellor marvels at the speed of her imperial father's quill. "He can really move when he wants to, can't he, Anne?" @Fie
  6. The Archchancellor receives the ultimatum while taking her morning tea. She addresses her Vice-Chancellor, "Ulfric's beard will make fine material for my brother's coronation wig, don't you think?" @Minuvas
  7. Josephine Augusta leans back in her desk, her dutiful implementation of the DeNurem blueprints nearly complete. ((Hope you guys like it! Thanks to all our builders.))
  8. Josephine Augusta, aunt to Philip Amadeus, is utterly shocked. "Who could have predicted the Duke would fake his own death? Certainly not I," she remarks.
  9. The Archchancellor stamps the travel advisory as it passes across her desk, sighing. “So much to do during a war—so many policies to approve, so many opinions to have.”
  10. "His Holiness does not quail before the baseless accusations of heathens. I am glad to see he will stand up for Canondom," remarks the Archchancellor to her imperial brother, @ErikAzog
  11. The Archchancellor walks past the missive on the street, unable to notice it because it is posted 3 feet off the ground.
  12. Show me your Spotify Wrapped 🙂
  13. The Archchancellor and Duchess of Crestfall celebrates the culmination of a friendly relationship with the Jade State after years of diplomacy. She remarks to her Vice-Chancellor @Minuvas "Did you know? My first ever meeting as a diplomat was with Yong Ping. It is a beautiful land."
  14. Imperial Statement on the Ireheart Aggressions 6th of Sigismund's End, 1848 We have recently received reports that a certain dwarven family—one Clan Ireheart—has initiated several illegal raids into our sovereign lands, violating our pact of non-aggression and attempting to clip the ears of our loyal elven subjects. Before all else, we make it absolutely clear that these attacks, which constitute both an unjust invasion and an act of supreme bigotry, will always be met with the utmost force. Whosoever pledges his fealty to our country and submits himself to our law is our willing subject regardless of his race; having humbly asked for our fellowship and protection, he shall always receive them. Further, let it be known that these assaults upon elves constitute not only a crime against our law, but also a crime against GOD, who bestowed upon each of the descendant races their particular appearances and their places in the world. To clip the ears of an elf is to mutilate GOD’s creation. It is diabolical. And truly, this is a sin our empire knows all too well. It is the same barbarism which centuries ago brought the wrath of GOD upon our own prophet, Godfrey. But just as the chastened prophet forsook such mutilations, so too did we, and so too has the world. Now, like Saul the Necromancer, Clan Ireheart has resurrected something wicked and put it to new use. And much like Saul, they have committed themselves to the persecutions of the faithful; they have threatened our clergymen and our Church, all for the crime of defending the innocent. Finally, we assert that these bigoted abuses perfectly illustrate the hypocrisy of so many of our enemies, who declaim our country for evil with the same bloodied hands that they use to commit it. Of what bygone wickedness do they accuse us, that they do not work to this very day, not only against our own race, but against others? Indeed, Clan Ireheart perpetrates these crimes against even those of their own country: the first victim of their attempted mutilations was Aver'wyn of Clan R'ikarth and House Melphestaus, daughter-in-law to the Urguanian vassal Stygian Hollow. This missive is both a promise and an admonition. We will never tolerate the persecution of our subjects. Clan Ireheart must cease these attacks immediately. Signed, Her Imperial Excellency, The Duchess of Crestfall, Archchancellor
  15. "In these troubled times, I am lucky to have a Vice-Chancellor with such independent initiative," muses the Archchancellor to her Treasury Minister @CharmingCavalier. "I look forward to seeing you work closely with Mr. Melphestaus, Henry."
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