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  1. i dont consent to you voiding the treaty

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    2. Archbishop
    3. Harrison


      telanir cant do it i dont consent

    4. rotund_man


      what treaty what has this guy done now

  2. daniel votes for tyrone
  3. Harrison

    The Response

    just wanted to come back to laugh at the gm team again because this is laughable haha
  4. Harrison

    The Response

    who would have thought consent was given and they still dont want it to happen haha
  5. Harrison

    The Response

    dynamic roleplay focus staff team lmfao
  6. you’re using blacklists as a means to ban players you want banned from 90% of the server when you dont have grounds to ban them hahahaha

  7. how many gms quit haha

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    2. ConnorMagill


      @Deer__ Just quit the mod team and or LotC and suffering is done ez pz.

    3. Kaelan


      15 hours ago, Deer__ said:

      I no longer wish to be alive. End my suffering.


    4. Harrison


      yo dont comment on my statuses i blocked you but it doesnt work because youre a staff member

  8. Harrison

    Conflict & War FAQ

    ah glad telanir is telling me i dont roleplay wolfkite stop including me in ‘recruit harrison’ i dont want to write anything lmao
  9. Harrison

    Conflict & War FAQ

    hahahah wait you’re just making the gm team do less and less no fly no raid moderation (very important lmao) no ladders why are you consistently removing more and more responsibilities from the gm team soon they wont even have to log in it’s all well and good to make a system where the gms do nothing so we cant blame you for all the awful **** ups you create and ruin your day by flaming your decision on the forums, but nothing will ever be done if you leave it 100% to players the players on this server all hate one another and will never agree to work with another side, especially if they are starting a war with them. if we were in a utopia these could work but this is a toxic internet community where no one will work together and we’ll be stuck in an endless loop of ‘they dont consent to losing’
  10. Harrison

    Conflict & War FAQ

    please just go back to skirm --> siege forts in one direction until you reach the capital for the love of god we dont need these huge ******* pages
  11. daniel laughs so hard he has to bend over and breathe to stop himself from puking (is this public info? is this like a poster or a letter? is this being said by a person? can u explain lmao
  12. internet badmen strike again
  13. dewper and trende webcammed pass it on

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