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  1. yo i’d like to join oren

    1. lev


      the parameters are in the name; Only Real Ethiopians Now.  so sorry no can do

      Edited by lev
    2. Harrison


      im ethiopian 

    3. Man of Respect
  2. yo dont talk to me pls and delete me off steam whilst ur at it
  3. at this point i just dont trust a thing you guys can say its all well and good to say ‘oh we’re admitting this was a mistake’ but when everything you ever do just seems to be a mistake or a miscommunication it leaves a very lasting impression lmao telanir i seriously think the best thing for the server and its development is for you to resign as an active part in its design and management, and are there as tythus 2 to simply run it and be around to help with legal matters that the ‘chairman’ would do
  4. So do you want to tell the truth about this little ‘miscommunication’ with High School RP, or is this just a cover up after I recognise you guys don’t give a **** about your community’s opinion? LMAO


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    2. Unwillingly


      I get that LOTC admins have done some shady stuff in the past but I don't think its that deep this time tbh

    3. Harrison


      literally talking to the school rp owner about it and they have been talking for a good amount apparently LMAOOO

    4. bivomes



  5. community gonna despise you for not mentioning or pollin whether to move to roleplay-hub hahaha

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      what did he mean by this???

  6. *daniel smiles in a snide ooc fashion as haense continue to flame the font and colour people speak in “that’ll get them for talking in the wrong format”
  7. its a nice idea but completely pointless until the server actually wokrs also leather armour + iron swords is a really bad system that wont be fun for many people it’ll just be really infuriating jump crit ganking to 2-3 hit people – plus bows do quite a bit of dmg on lotc (4 shots in iron gear) so including bows with leather gear is... interesting i’d consider actually asking people what sort of kit they want to have fun with
  8. haha players finally lost their mind and are doing server roelplay on thej forums 

    1. frill


      [walks into the tavern and sits 2 seats down from harrison character daniel] pass the whiskey

    2. Harrison


      **daniel is smile (but under mask please dont metagame) as he reads another doctor note and makes :* face

    3. frill


      are you laughing at me

  9. Just want to say, I think we all greatly appreciate the work you are putting in and the amount of effort that you are expending to make this server better – despite how wasted it may see with your superiors not even having the decency to be here. I think Telanir and Kowaman basically vanishing after another grandiose speech about the future of LoTC and giving us radio silence after 1.14 killed any semblance of performance the server had, and its just shameful and disgusting that you don’t have anywhere near the amount of access you need to actually make a difference. The server being down for 24 hours is testament to that. Just because you aren’t appreciated by the people telling you what to do, doesn’t mean you aren’t appreciated by us.
  10. bet ur all cheering in ur discords for ur achievemtn XD

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    2. rukio


      haha! We’re winning the war! :nerd: 

    3. lev


      I am cheering on city tomorrow at 4:30

    4. InfamousGerman


      oh boy what happened now

  11. MC Username: harreson Character name: Favnir Discord name: Harrison#6969 ----------- Mina or USD: usd Accessories: (Extra accessories will cost an extra 1-5 USD depending on complexity, or 500-1000 mina) (Price will be paid before file is given) I don’t think so. ---------- Skin – Frontal view and side views (DO NOT send the skin file) References of hair – Any preferred pose – (Please remember this is a chibi, short arms, and will not show anything above the chest.) Do whatever you think would suit him best 🙂 Any Details I need to know? – Nothing specficially. You can always ask anything further. Expression – (Please note I do not draw eyes, they are cute little beans or other styles, this is mainly for the mouth) Bored/Grumpy looking Cup Type: British tea cup Liquid: Yes/No Do you want anything on the mug: Maybe just make it seem slightly old/cracked in places. Otherwise, no. ------- Do you understand that I do this as a hobby and will do yours in order, by saying yes you agree to not rush me. When I get to it, I get to it, okay? : no ofc not you must finish this immeditaely or else i will freak out
  12. this one always makes me laugh haha
  13. What an awful precedent to set. Why would a Veteran ever recruit/interact with a new player on fear of a ban now, lmao? I know I won’t be helping people anymore.

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    2. Demotheus


      Yeah what’s this about?

    3. Wrynn


      ye what’s this about?

    4. Demotheus


      Y', wa's Di's 'bou'? 

  14. how can you claim that everyone’s rp is troll rp just because it doesn’t line up with what you think it should go like, its actually one of the most toxic attitutdes to have on this server

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    2. yopplwasupxxx


      dab rp lol? when i have ever dabbed?? and wow, because i call him out for literally calling entire communities trash and for his own shitposting (like calling minorities slurs) im the bad guy?


      get out of here hypocrite

    3. Harrison


      ??? where am i justifying that ? im talking about you and your playerbase’s elitist awful attitude about how rp should work on this server and how you disregard anyone who doesnt perfectly coincide with you

    4. yopplwasupxxx


      my response on that thread was to him, n i dont see you @‘ing his status about it. and i dont disregard people’s rp at all (again go get me an example of where i have, hell even went with all the crappy nefarious rp at the end of my reign but u dont see me saying its wrong or ignoring it like the falstaff cuckold bs)

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