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  1. Harrison

    GM Veterans Club

    remove this, all of us should move on with our lives and never think back to this horrific place lmao
  2. ur suggestions are 'put other people on the staff that arent idiots' but then what happens when people they dont like need to talk to them and are in the same situation as you
  3. telanir... time... also the entirety of the servers problem are not primarily staff, its very close to a 50/50 between staff issues and player issues
  4. if i said anything i probably meant it

  5. is telanir even a real person

  6. Harrison

    [Denied][I] heathenshammer's Game Moderator Application

    false alarm, he isnt bagley, i love this young jewish man 🙂
  7. Harrison

    [Denied][I] heathenshammer's Game Moderator Application

    toxic 14 year old who aspires to be bagley and i HATE bagley also hacked against ponder??? hello??????
  8. what happened to post warclaim fight move on i miss those days

    1. tenredux


      playersa re gay i tihnk

  9. hello sir this is your uncle prince ogobawa i'm here to tell you that you are inherintg my riches please ssend me 5 euros in pennies and you can get your gold

    1. Harrison


      black people

    2. Karimir
    3. Harrison


      and reported lol nice gm racism

  10. im sorry thank you for the reminder i forgot

  11. hey, i had a question, i saw on my youtube recommended videos 'Why Aemich is the best Grandaxe', just wanted to know how accurate the video was? thanks

    1. Raomir


      Very accurate video, very accurate. I’ve seen it myself - cried at the end.

  12. Harrison

    EU Article 13

    brexit means brexit simple as
  13. hahaha he didnt ban him for donating you're just warping what he said to get some likes on a status hahaha

    1. H7R5


      go back to giving people efficiency 400 axes

    2. Harrison


      you got me deano

  14. Harrison

    [Community Review] Heists