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  1. i am really sorry to ruin ur fun but 1.9 pvp takes 0 skill, is not fun and anyone can be good at it
  2. alt finally unbanned, can finally get back to it ⛷️

  3. just got banned on my alt WTFFFFF

    1. rukio



  4. wipe the staff tab at the top pls
  5. was recruited for an upcoming rebellion on a secret alt! don't meta please aha xo

    1. rukio


      U got it boss 

    2. ferdaboys69


      using mind reading magic mate already got u figured out rebel scum

    3. altiar1011


      You mean TheLegend27xxxxxxxx?

  6. got a few applications to join rebellions sent my way! can fill one out rlly well, i have lot of experience xo

  7. looking to join a rebellion! any recruiting? xo

    1. rukio


      oh my god

    2. Proddy


      go away hb

    3. Milenkhov
  8. would probably be the most interesting lotc video ever imo if it wasnt for 1.9 pvp
  9. Dear Kuila,


    Harrison's secretary here! Sorry for the delay, you weren't high on the priority list sadly.

    Harrison is doing fine today, thank you for asking! What about you?

    (Please allow 7-14 work days for your message to arrive, he is very busy.)

    1. Kuila


      I’ll see you in Limsa lominsa . :)

    2. Tiresiam



    3. Harrison


      Dear Tiresiam,


      This was a status update for Kuila, as they requested a response previously. Little randoms are not permitted to enter these kinds of conversations. 

  10. Hey Harrison just wondering when your secretary is going to get back to me. It's been 1-3 working days as you mentioned prior.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  11. My secretary will send you a status update reply in 1-3 working days. Thank you.

  12. hi harrison how are you doing today? :) 

  13. reported gizzygazzy and his friend for breaking lore as a duck skin
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