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  1. can't believe you told heero about it too

  2. obligatory thoughts question on the individual leaving this specified comment after ive beaten the watcher dreamer, where am i meant to go? the crossroads are infected but i cant figure out what ive missed what kind of anime girl do you like
  3. What kind of human to play?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Manatee
    3. Grubgoth Wud

      Grubgoth Wud

      a one with green skin and tusks am i right ;^) 

    4. Gucko


      my ******* wife.

  4. Dab on them haters

    1. Harrison


      We are lit.

      We are strong.

      We are pro dabbers.

      We are swag.

      We are JakePaulers.

  5. You're still inferior to @zaezae

    1. Harrison


      consider yourself banned

    2. overlord2305


      Consider yourself un-kawaii

  6. lmfao you cant ban me over th@

  7. leak that stuff about me one more time and im banning you 

  8. Can you stop doxxing me please? I saw that status update.

    1. Hero_


      It's harder to take mitto srs more and more bc of that profile picture he has

  9. after reconsidering i would like to offer a singular plus one to dpmagician as ive seen him do some good combat roleplay before, especially in johannesburg about 6 months ago