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  1. can i join norland

    1. mitto
    2. Dewper


      didn’t realise u like losing harry?

    3. N0tt


      I'm bad at league


  2. still being toxic on the forums i see -_____-

  3. are you okay harrison? sometimes you worry me when you don't get home from curfew... you're a big boy and bought your big boy license but a parent can still worry...


    miss u...

  4. dude these statuses are like.. i dunno... u been posting lots of statuses lately. u ok?

  5. hey i think i going to report you, just as a head up! i've been noticing your toxic behaving on the forums and am are going to report you for it. sorry!

  6. hey stop trolling nathan

  7. nathan i think it's time for a break, you and adam should go out and get some icecream or something

    1. Dewper


      right Harrison. ur being right proper horrid now :/

    2. Harrison


      no im serious it's a nice day out and they've had a busy evening and night!

    3. Hero_Prodigy


      fkn hell harrison give the barnetts a break

  8. [Developers] NoCheat

    maybe u should just stop hacking and u wont get beaten by nocheat -___- bet ur one of those known ddosers too
  9. hey can you stop posting troll posts please : / it's not very nice

  10. proud of you knox xoxo

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Knox


      @Harrison pff no why would i want horns? :P

    3. Teegah


      can i have my azdrazi back its been like a  year since you took it away

    4. Harrison


      i didnt take it away teegah stop this charade

  11. Iron door roll [Raiding]

    it's always been 19+
  12. mfw now a nationally protected race

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NotEvilAtAll
    3. Zhulik


      dont talk to me until u have a rep ratio above 1... @NotEvilAtAll


    4. Harrison


      please elaborate

  13. [Telanir] Is my mic muted?

    what does that have to do with anything on this thread