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  1. i dont even know if they can i think its purely an mc thing i remember hackehan having it happen once and it fucked a fight up and then i think flemish had hit happen like last map? it happens all the time and since its only clientside to certain people relogging normally fixes it but thats obviously not too helpful it just happens randomly (unless someone figured out how to do it) thanks to 400 people in laggy warclaim
  2. when staff tell you to redo it 😂😂
  3. dont even bother talking to these people of course they’re not going to listen rofl

  4. not a single fight on the server has been restarted or redone ever because of the invis bug lmfao

  5. hey harry im ur 100th follower what do i win

    1. Harrison


      whatever you want if you get zipzapman to read my ban appeal

  6. just want to come clean.. i’ve been alting on arteh and yopplwassuupx so just ban my accounts and get it over with 😕

    1. SubscriptShark2


      dude i thought we got over this,,,

  7. can u please remove sonic from ur signature for my shred of sanity

    1. xxx


      as you wish harrison

    2. Harrison


      thank u friend no hard feelings forum war is forum war 

  8. why are you deleting my status updates just stop lmao

  9. please unban me so i can just go to this event like disable pvp dude please just let me rp ))
  10. Since I didn’t get a chance to finish what I was saying:

    “I don’t even know what I’ve said that makes it seem like I’m joking... But alright.”


    Did you even read what I said in my status update? It’s evident you just saw me criticising you and brushed it off as another angry player, upset with your rulings and out to get you. This isn’t an attempt to garner reputation for EPIC ROASTING a staff member, this isn’t an attempt to flame you to make you feel bad for what you’ve done, this isn’t me trolling on the forums to upset people. Not once did I tell you that you’re going around, saying you’re joking about all of this. I very clearly indicated that status updates, like the one Punisher put up, and the hilarious in-jokes of your epic meme “””ironic””” usernames are what make it appear like you and the GM team don’t give a ****. Like seriously? You’re confirming what I’m complaining about. You saw that I was criticising you for being biased after you put it in your username and just brushed me off. Say something in reply as to why I’m wrong? Maybe acknowledge that presenting yourself as if you’re above criticism and don’t give a **** isn’t the best way to present yourself? Just say something that isn’t the robotic regurgitated garbage from your handbook or just the biggest cop-out reply ever: “i dont agree.. but alright”. Say something rather than just ‘i submitted the evidence to fireheard :DDD’

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    2. Harrison


      @xxx dont flame it’s not cool


      The way you present yourself and your decision and actions that you take in regards to the server make me think you write stuff off as a joke. The name is literally there so you can dodge criticism in your head. That is how the playerbase sees it. Because you are already seeing people calling you biased as a joke, and doing it with your GM manager group, the notion that it could actually be real and it’s not a joke anymore doesn’t even occur to you. That’s exactly what I see when you have a name like that and think it’s just a joke.

      That’s why I think the staff report is a joke. Because you or even Pun won’t ever think that perhaps, in some way, in some instance what you did was actually wrong. 

      And of all people, the GM manager shouldn’t be saying “i thought it was okay because everyone else was doing it too, so i joined in”. Pretty sure players have been banned for that exact reason, regarding joining fights late or whatever (not referencing my own ban).

      The reason it seems you don’t give a **** about a player on this server other than you or your friends is like what Charoodler said above: you joke about things and do whatever you want, and whenever there’s a little bit of heat you just say ‘i sent it to fireheart’. Really??? You sent it to him? Did you do it through email, since we can’t send anything to him? Or did you have to buy a real life messenger pigeon to get the message to him. We’re sick and ******* tired of this – you guys don’t do anything and don’t make it look like you do anything. You just take over, say some **** without talking to a single player and then tell them their criticism will go to Fireheart. Have an opinion for once in your life, stop reading from your ******* spreadsheet of responses.

    3. xxx


      you still actively suppressed any attempt to have an open dialog about this to spare the feelings of some absolute ******* ghoul banned players and to keep LoTC’s PR clean. you’re still speaking in weasel words; “the player in question,” “discussions were had.” the server has nazis zipzapman 



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    4. ferdaboys69
  11. i hate u i better not see u in london id punt u over a fence easy agreed lole
  12. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames transistor, bruhmoment72. endermanhunter99 Reason for punishment i joined combat after a countdown was called and hit or killed players unlawfully Players Involved Harrison By your own understanding, why did you receive a punishment? i joined combat late after a gm told me not to join combat late and the culmination of my previous punishments meant my ban was a non temporary 35 day ban you may not join combat after the roleplay for a fight has lead to a side calling pvp combat and those present players being locked into the pvp instance Why should you be pardoned? i am not a repeat offender of rule breaks and i have a very clean record as i do not have gms regularly message me and tell me that i break the rules and i normally never have run ins with staff members about breaking the rules or pushing boundaries i will not break the rules again as it means i lose the option to play on my favourite minecraft server lord of the craft with my friends What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? i will follow the rules and not join combat late again and i will especially listen to gms when they tell me to do something irrespective of my ego or what i believe to be the correct thing - if people can just ignore the gms then anarchy would ensue, for better or for worse i also will make sure not to log into the server when under the influence of mind altering substances so that i go against my better sober judgement Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. at the end of the day lotc is a game that people play on for their own enjoyment, whether that be to find an escape in a creative outlet or be part of the many communities and building them through their events, wars, festivals and day to day interactions the community guidelines are put in place to make sure people do not stray away from this mentality and treat other players on the server, even those they may not enjoy interacting with, with the necessary amount of respect i understand this appeal is a few days early but i would very much like to be able to play since it has been 30 days now and i have learnt from my mistake of joining combat as a 30 second interaction that wasnt even fun cost me to miss out on the server for much longer but if you cant deviate from your rulesheet at all then please just leave this up/open and handle it on the day of my appeal thank you :)
  13. Harrison


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