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  1. ur a freaking troll dude

    1. Harrison


      ur cyber bully dnt talk to me

  2. Can we just surrender like in the middle of the week, rather than wait as late as possible for it, just to disappoint people?

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    2. Salvo
    3. Pond


      im surrendering orcs rn

    4. Hero_Prodigy


      stall to the very end my comrades! ave courland ave reivers! 

  3. ur just a bully u know ???

    1. grubgoth_wud


      incorrect! im reformed, i read the brick testament!!!




    2. Harrison


      no u need to stop ur just a bully like just shut up come on look what u guys started -_________________-

  4. Harrison

    Enough is Enough.

    I think that there's a time and a place for moderating Discord. When people are being genuinely harrassed and other similar things that push IRL boundaries and rules of their country. But this was most definitely not one of the times for it. A year because Matt was worked up / angry that the GM team allowed an illegal fort to be constructed down the road from his capital? I'm not surprised he acted the way he did, and I doubt you should either. And if that's all he said, he didn't even use any choice words that he usually would. Like come on.
  5. azdrazi me??

    1. h e x

      h e x

      please stop harassing my friend

    2. _Lackless_


      don't talk to me Hex. . . 

  6. hey good friend harrison you should play tap tap rythym osu game

  7. dewper said some mean stuff to me today, expect me to be at the courland rally

    1. EternalSaturn


      just don't dig any tunnels o3o

  8. Harrison

    Equal Numbers

    you are delusional
  9. Harrison

    Alt Deportation [GM/ADMIN]

    isnt that still people masquerading as other people which doesnt change the actual problem at all