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  1. think its an awful change and will only be used in selective circumstances when it benefits the moderation team but spamming ‘free hong kong’ and drawing a parallel between china and lotc anywhere past a fleeting joke is ludicrous
  2. gonna just keep talking about what i want in a respectable manner 🙂 

  3. Daniel practices his kicking technique, trying to remember back to what Risky Ralph had taught him. “HIYAA!” he repeats as his mentor had cried, as he shadow-kicks at the wall.
  4. Daniel smiles as he sees Titus smile, also laughing aloud into the sky!
  5. can narthok just go to the siege on saturday please bro he really just wants to see it happen please hes crying please

    1. Mumkey


      how about no you ******* toxic player? 

    2. Mj.


      @Harrison heard you have a thing for you sister is that true???

  6. know who im targetting with 4 arrows this saturday

  7. will have to whip out the gas grenades and the mollies for these lot -_-
  8. just realised your pfp is a dog

    1. YPJgamer1999


      wh-what did you think it was

    2. Harrison
  9. daniel is really flustered by this and asks ben “please move”
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