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  1. personally i think nexus is a great addition which adds super fun and skill to the game
  2. Hey.. I miss you.. Just wanted to know how you are, is all. :/

  3. you spelt foreign hackers > tryhard assholes wrong
  4. Ask away, I'll even answer seriously if you have a serious question.
  5. Roland smiles, deciding to take a trip down memory lane. He also sends a message off to his acquaintance for him to do the same ( @ArcanicFable ).
  6. @dwarfs 5675bf8080b020265dee7e5968c2a566.gif

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. dsdevil


      congratulations of a 2v8.

    3. Harrison


      more proud of the combo than the victory

    4. Algoda
  7. tfw

    you know that feeling when you go out into your ford prius rover and go for a drive down the lane to visit your nan but you realise you actually went to the vets to pick up your dog after he just got his haircut and you go to give him a hug as he runs up to you but you just hear a crunch and realise you've actually just hugged a grilled cheese sandwich and you've got cheese all over your new rolf gucci trackie?
  8. What a weeb.

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    2. zaezae


      You're making me uncomfortable sempai.

    3. Harrison
    4. zaezae


      Okay I give up =c

  9. completely wrong learn about the situation first please, or it just causes problems this applies to all '*** staff' threads really, if you're going to complain about something at least know what you're complaining about
  10. Gender: Not telling   🤔🤔🤔

    1. mitto


      harrys gender is *****

    2. dsdevil


      He's an attack helicopter

    3. Harrison


      something wrong?

  11. Invade my signature and you make an enemy of me.

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    2. mitto


      what u gonna do link a nibba trap hentai smh weak ass

    3. Chaw


      dunamis > flays

    4. mitto


      massivecraft rp > dunamis (who didnt even rp)

  12. danny removes the signature of the fake, before filling it with his own
  13. Hey, @joey calabreeni, when linking your discord you gotta put the #(numbers) after it, or they can't find you. To find it, just click on your profile. Lots of love, -Harrison
  14. hello i have a question on clown lore

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    2. Harrison


      ok so if i were to emote *clowns around* what tier clownomancy would i need?

    3. clownmanron


      actually all u need is to have an event admin play as clownth mcclown or the rat king and pray really hard and clown stuff will happen

    4. Skylez1
  15. i love inside jokes put on the forums too