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  1. im still a little unclear but here: could you make sure it’s held in tournament draft mode? this ensures everyone has access to all the champions to promote a more competetive environment, as well as following the LCS style pick ban order, which staggers the bans so they become a bit more meaningful
  2. POGCHAMP how right is this guyu HARDSTUCK LOOOOOOOOOL and this guy uis an bvronze udyr suypp one tirck HGIOW Are yiouy getting flamed bya this LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  3. HAHA but these coalminebrs wont win HAHAHAHAHHA okay serious commen t tiome @moosehunter123 what regionm is this one, what draft mode is this (normal draft, tournament draft etc) what map is this onm and what format doesd it follow, you give no info other than time
  4. i just want u all to know thats its alrewady lost settle for ur rp item its so doomed for u all LOL
  5. even tho ur a coal miner cancerfkid on bard u will probably stil lwipe all the people we play vs
  6. @Kuila @Jaelon @JupiterRome @PoptartKitten pl;ease assenbke the squad
  7. watch ur back kid...

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      what the ****

      youre back?

  8. Hate to be the cynical *******, as I support creating a community that actually co-operates, but this server is much too far gone for anything to happen. Even the most optimistic and kindest players have given up on caring for the betterment of this place or expect any positive improvements. No one cares, and nothing important will actually change: this is pretty much the motto of LoTC. Whether it’s by players, staff, newbies, admins, or anyone, nothing gets done and not a single person gives a ****. Not targetting anyone, but none of us contribute or help to improve this server. All we do is wait for someone else not to and publicly shame them about it, calling for great public reform and taking moral highground. No one actually cares about it, as a large part of LoTC for many players is literally shitting on and beating other people – that’s their fun. This isn’t a community and it will never be one. Give up on this fantasy, and play the server with friends – an ACTUAL community. Interact with people outside of your friend group as little as possible. There is no point playing on this server for anything more than that. Trust me.
  9. daniel wonders if he too was invited, since he actually fought in the battle, as opposed to these... people
  10. even this is too complicated and long to read most important thing: this is game u play for fun – if u arent having fun, dont play doesnt matter what nation relation u are, staff position or whatever other political dogshit youre trying to handle, just get off the server if it isnt fun at any point
  11. +1 very cool and well written additions that really tie into culture and deeper rp than just haha me make fire ug 😄 also stop crying about losing the magic ffs its so boring at this point this argument was had already
  12. crazy to think that the reivers took over norland and this happened

    1. Lionbileti


      I don’t think doctor Daniel can curse this!

  13. doctor daniel hears words of these events and dwells on a singular thought...
  14. yeah as ive said above multiple times i agree that its fine to add them the only downside is that EVERYONE will want to use them because ‘’’’’OMG GUNS’’’’’’ and do gang gang drive by roleplay gonna be really epic
  15. really poor argument, as the people who dont want them can choose not to use them, but cant choose to not interact with the ones pointed at them
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