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  1. “Odd that ‘wolves’ would scrape and kneel to the valah so easily, perhaps they’ve lost their touch.” Avius stated with a definite humour to his voice.
  2. iMattyz


    CLAN CSARATHAIRE Favoured Blade of the Phoenix “The Darkness is ever-encircling, only fire, blood and steel will keep it at bay.” SUMMARY The Children of Sarath - the Csarathaire, comprise a warrior clan which advocates a ideal of martial prowess, fiery passion and ferocious protectionism of the Elves. This belligerence leads the children of the phoenix to inhabit the extreme of aspectist doctrine, without being in any way opposed to the perceived ‘soft’ practices of many other adherents. To Csarathaires, the phoenix is a being which served as the savior of their ancestors and is now consequently revered. More practically, its members often value honour, straightforwardness in action and ferocious combat skill as the greatest virtue. Its infatuation with fire represents warmth, life and the purging of corruption from the world of the Aspects, and as a means by which to destroy their enemies. Through a covenant with their gods in the unknown frozen wastes, The Phoenix is bound to do battle with all enemies of greater life down to the last man. Avius Csarathaire, the Phoenix Ilmyumier on his chest and Ichorian markings on his face HISTORY AND LEGEND CROSS & FLAME Many clans and seeds of the ‘ame and Alder harken back to the most ancient times to seek their origins, but this is not the case for the few remaining scions of Csarathaire. Instead, its birth was sparked in the fires which it so reveres today. Many innocent Elves were burned alive, crucified and mercilessly slaughtered during this most inhumane of times. This was the Age of Persecution at the hands of certain belligerent factions within humanity's First Empire, which occurred during the middle 1400s. As valah of the Order of the White Rose and their crude allies began to slay our kin without pause, something great and terrible occurred in the consciousness of many of the survivors, and those who witnessed the atrocities. It was a revolution, one of harshly realising the descendant world’s true nature, unmasked in the most brutal fashion. Moreover, it forced them to understand the necessity of violence in order to survive. From an elfess who saw her beloved son disembowelled in front of her to a devoted husband forced to witness his wife burned alive, it became clear to this select group that their seeds were archaic and obsolete in this time, unable to protect their people. From Aureon, Terin, Camoryn and many of the other old clans, one man here and a woman there disappeared into the forests and hills. From there, guerilla attacks would be launched, Imperials would be murdered and Elven prisoners saved. This was not all, however, and the Elven guerillas even began to take ‘revenge’ on what they perceived as collaborators - those weak Elves who meekly subjugated themselves to what was being done to them. It was an orgy of bitterness and the darkest age of those descendants of Malin who experienced it. Despite meagre small scale successes, it was a fleeting and grinding effort which proved in vain. The brave and scarred resistance fighters - several hundred, had to flee Anthos together in humiliation and trauma, journeying far beyond its boundaries and eventually entering a boundless wasteland beyond, marching in a column two abreast. EXODUS Their flight was easy at first, all too easy as it turned out. Three days travel into a vast frozen tundra, the group in exodus was struck by a violent storm of snow and ice. Blinded by the horrific weather conditions and trapped in the wasteland with nowhere to go but onwards, they did so. Casualties began to mount, gradually at first, but with increasing regularity. From starvation, disease, exhaustion or simply freezing to death, the once proud Elves marched nonetheless, but looked to their side only to see an empty space where there had been a companion only minutes before. It did not matter, ones own survival was all that mattered in those shameful hours and days. Mortal assistance was far, far away from this doomed band of seemingly already-dead Elves, and it was clear that the tipping point would be reached soon. Cernunnos and Cerridwen had been named accursed during The Persecution, it was perceived that they merely looked apathetically upon the mortal suffering of their people. So, when the desperate survivors began to beseech whatever deity they could for its aid, it was not the Aspects to whom they first called. The once hated valah ‘creator-god’, whose followers had so callously attempted to exterminate the children was worshipped in hopes of redemption. After all, it was surely his power and blessing which had allowed the humans to gain supremacy in such a manner in the first place. Such prayers were met by stony silence. Old gods were hailed, along with mysterious entities with names long forgotten. It is said that even the Great Destroyer’s profane name touched the lips of some hopeless Mali before they met their end. What horrors met their souls upon death can only be imagined in the darkest moments. TWIN SUNS To whichever entity pleas were made, however blasphemous and however dark, unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately, the outcome was the same - nothing but silence. One faithful Daughter had not lost faith in her gods of the forest however, a singular, light skinned Mali’ame woman known as Sarath. Driven by some mysterious intuition or by madness in what seemed like the final moments of her life and the life of those around her, Sarath withdrew a dagger from the scabbard at her waist and limply wrapped her free hand around the sharp blade, before ripping it free and slicing the palm of her hand, all the while begging the Aspects for their assistance. Perhaps she simply wished for the end to come more quickly, but whatever the truth, what followed was precisely the opposite. Sarath’s self-inflicted wound oozed its ichor onto the formerly unstained snow, shortly thereafter followed by the blood of first those close to her, and then those further away. The intention of this gesture is unknown, but its impact was that of an unintentional sacrifice. Slowly, the gale winds slowed and the cold subsided to reveal a landscape which, in clear sight, might be considered beautiful if it were not so lethal. Extending for many miles in front of the exhausted, dying column was an almost flat plain of frozen ground, dotted by the occasional boulder or dead tree and an iced lake over to the left. The most dominant feature, though, were two mountains far ahead, with a pass leading between them. Almost at one, warmth and light rose simultaneously from behind those twin peaks, the harsh glare and blistering heat of which seemed unpleasant to the survivors. As they adjusted, however, the heat became a soothing one - as though the biting cold had not already dug its claws into their very core. The light became that of pleasant ambience, majestic and yet not uncomfortable upon the eye. Incomprehensible twin suns, initially defying the mortal eye with their brilliance began their transformation into forms which were understandable to the laymen of the world. Two brilliant birds of orange-gold flame - phoenixes, glided forth from behind the mountains, similar, but not identical in aspect. The slightly larger creature - if that mere term can be used to describe it, seemed to possess a more severe gaze, one of judgement and near-menace, a hunter stalking its prey. The smaller lifegiving avian moved more elegantly in its skyborne state, dancing in flight in front and around its straight-moving companion in a beautiful manner. They only came to a halt upon approaching the Mali around the bloodied snow, remaining in flight without struggle. All was silent but for the light breeze that now swept over the waste, a pale shadow of the shearing winds that had done so in the days gone by. Nevertheless, it was clear events were taking place, primarily in the mind of the one who had remained faithful - Sarath. Her eyes glowed the same kind of gold which lit the flame of the great birds. Yet, in such short time that it could have been minutes or even seconds, the divine phoenixes disappeared in a flash of glorious light, followed by the light in Sarath’s eyes fading back to reality. When asked what had happened to her, Sarath said she had been spoken to, in her mind, by a voice combining the soft tones of a woman with the harsh cadence of a man. They demanded service in return to forgiveness, forgiveness for forsaking the names of Cernunnos and Cerridwen for foreign gods, for the crimes committed against their own people. Moreover, the debt was one of life and death, for surely they would have not survived had the twin phoenixes not intervened. What that service entailed is not entirely known, but it was at that moment when Clan Csarathaire was born, pledged to the service of the forest gods and the lady avatar they chose to communicate their message. Through the mountain pass in front of them, the band’s now-small remainder crossed to a new life. However, they did not remain unified and eventually diverged to live their own lives in the wild. While it is possible that lines of the original travellers still exist, it has not yet been proven either way. Sarath’s fate is unknown, but it is said that one of her distant progeny lived to find the lands of the descendants one again - Khaine. Khaine [F] and Quillian Csarathaire in ceremonial Csarathaire garb NOTABLE CUSTOMS, QUIRKS & PRACTICES SACRIFICE It was the life-given ichor spilled from the bodies of the faithful which summoned the great birds of flame that day many centuries ago, and it is through the sacrifice of blood that their gaze might look upon the faithful once more. Therefore, it is routine for Csarathaires to slice their palms open in a shallow manner in order to draw blood, and after that allowing the ichor to drip and flow into a fire. By this means, it is believed that the Aspects eyes are opened to you, with the sacrifice serving as a signal fire, of sorts. A more brutal practice of burning people alive has also rarely been seen, but its nature as a rather heinous act. ASPECTS, MANI & FAITH The Aspects, whose fiery avatars appeared to the progenitors of Clan Csarathaire so long ago, are held with the utmost respect and reverence, while the Mani are lesser figures. While clans such as Ithelanen and Arvellon have connected with the Wolfen and Feline Mani as their patrons, Csarathaire has no such direct relationship with what they consider as lesser spirits. It is far from unusual to beseech Morea and Moccus for their assistance in warfare, for example, as those two Mani in particular are seen as superior to the others, based on sheer militancy. While the other Mani are viewed as divine - especially Amaethon, the rest are viewed essentially as useful tools moreso than divine figures in and of themselves. Moreover, while the emphasis on purifying flame might seem antithetical to the lush, verdance of nature as a whole, Csarathaires do not usually have any abject differences in faith to other less extreme seeds of ‘ame and Alder. It is very common for the belligerent scions of Csarathaire to have a smug sense of martial superiority to their kin, scorning pacifism as a useless relic and even clashing with other militant clans in doctrine. In short, they grind against many other seeds like sandpaper. MARTIAL STYLE When hunting, it is common for a Csarathaire to use ranged weaponry such as spears and bows by sheer necessity. However, in battle against weapon-using enemies it is a different story entirely. During their extensive combat training in youth, a Csarathaire is taught to get in close to their enemy with swords, axes, warhammers and other relatively short pieces of equipment. Unless the situation truly demands it, extended weapons such as long spears, halberds and other polearms are almost completely eschewed, though in ceremonial occasions this can be disregarded. Due to this, it is common to find a Csarathaire in the front lines of a vanguard or on the flanks of a military force, rather than in the line of battle. VIEW OF MALIN The Sarath perspective on the Father of Elves is a middle-ground between the traditionally ‘No King But Malin’ platitude often spoken by ‘ame people and the open disdain displayed by Lathladhen’s descendants. There is no hatred among those reverent of the phoenix for Malin, only a practicality developed over time and through experience. He is viewed as the ‘ame people’s great progenitor whose accomplishments were the foundation of a golden age. However, it is generally accepted that there is no need to wait for Malin’s return in order to crown a new king, if circumstances dictate that it is the best move. This has changed from time to time, but generally remains the case. TRIALS Rite of Flame To prove ones unending commitment to the Aspects and their glorious service, an aspiring Csarathaire must bring the corpse of a recently defeated enemy or of a recently hunted beast to be burned as a sacrifice to the flames. It is not adequate to bring a mere passive creature like a rabbit, for example. Instead, vicious monsters such as drakes, wyverns, large bears and giant serpents must be brought to the sacrificial pyre in the form of a scale torn from its corpse or its decapitated head. If one chooses to slay another sapient humanoid, it must be in the service of the Aspects. Dark mages, infested wretches and other representatives of evil are all ripe for the purging. Rite of Steel The aspirant must face the reigning chieftain of the clan in a duel with fully-sharpened edged weapons, or a candidate nominated by the chieftain. While victory brings prestige and draws the approval of the Great Hunter, passing this challenge only requires that an aspirant put their heart, soul and every piece of strength and stamina they have into the fight. If they make this admirably herculean effort and still fail to reign victorious, it is the decision of the chieftain whether or not the aspirant has passed the test. Rite Of Blood Before sealing their eternal connection with the Csarathaire clan in a blood pact with the chieftain, the aspirant must partake in a ritual to summon the Aspect’s revered gaze onto them. When complete, a pledge must be made to perform a great deed, or to attempt at performing such a deed to the greatest capability possible. Only by these means will the Aspects see the aspirant as worthy of bearing the Sarath’s Plate and the Phoenix Ilmyumier. OOC: It’s pronounced SARRA-THAIR, not KER-SARA-THAIR There’s also probably some spelling mistakes or grammar errors because its late
  3. « The Firebird’s Warrior Lodge » « Ignesaerir'leh Lin » « Established by Prince Avius Csarathaire of Irrinor - 6th of Malin’s Welcome 1728 » Throughout history, the Descendants of Malin have suffered persecution and subjugation at the hands of other races whose talents in the arts of war have been more expertly honed. Therefore, it is necessary that Mali the world over become at least partially competent in the use of weaponry. However, it is easy to see from the outside that war is not the main focus of our race, and it is therefore the responsibility of those few dedicated warrior-kind in ‘ame society to become an elite, able to protect the interests of the Mali’ame against any threat that might rise against it. It is also known that such warriors often feel alone in a society packed with those who despise violence, and therefore a gathering of such warriors is necessary. Kinship, training and ritual will bring a combatant’s skills up to the greatest possible extent and bring them into contact with Great Cernunnos and the martial Mani spirits. « The Circle of Warriors » The Lodge is no organised, hierarchical armed force of Irrinor in the same vein as the Forest Guard. Instead, it is an open institution which any budding warrior is warmly embraced in if they wish to improve their fighting skills, however poor they are at the present time. Should they have the soul of Cernunnos and the drive to improve in combat, all are welcome to join, learn and fight. Even individuals who are not worshippers of the aspects may associate with the Lodge, but must undertake all of their duels within the lands of Irrinor, so that the authenticity of the combat may be witnessed. The Circle itself has its home in Irrinor, and it is here that members gather in order to conduct rituals and learn the martial arts. It is usual for student and teacher to bond and for the student to only have one mentor, however that is not any kind of fixed rule, and an aspiring warrior can approach any tutor for training in the weapons they are adept in. The current swordsmasters of the Lodge – those who organise the institution, are Avius Csarathaire and Therren Caerme’onn. Contact them to be inducted. « The Eternal Trial » Competition in the depths of true combat with sword, spear or axe is the healthiest means by which a warrior might improve their skills. To that end, The Lodge’s ranking system lists all members of the Lodge from most martially adept to least. By challenging comrades of the lodge to single combat and reigning victorious in that duel, one can advance up the ranks and be recognised as a greater combatant in the ranks of the Lodge. The greatest three warriors in The Lodge, for example, are given the designations brothers I, II and III respectively, descending through the numbers until the final comrade of the order. Any brother of the Lodge may challenge any other brother to assume their rank, however there is an exception in that any brother who is more than two ranks in difference than the challenger can decline a challenge, any brother who is less than two ranks cannot decline a challenge without losing their rank. So, rank 1 can decline a challenge from rank 4 without losing their position, whereas he must accept a duel if challenged by rank 3. If challenged and within two ranks you must set a time for a duel within 3 elven days or accept the duel immediately. Such battles must take place in the lands of Irrinor -usually its arena. OOC: If agreement can’t be reached on the mode of combat to be fought, the person being challenged chooses. E.g. A PvPer challenges an RPer, so the RPer can force RP combat. « Rituals of the Warrior » Much like any other worshipper of Cernunnos and Cerridwen in this world, but moreso, warriors must have a strong connection to their gods in order to tolerate the often unpleasant emotions and states of mind that combat can engender. The ways in which this can be done are limitless, but a group of Lodge Brothers might go out into the wilds for a hunt, in order to emulate the deeds of the Great Hunter. Two comrades with an unresolved grievance might call upon the Mani to watch over a sacred bout in order to resolve the issue in glorious combat or, in a contrasting manner, a single brother may meditate in order to gain a clear mind and a more unrestricted connection with the gods. Experts in combat and novices alike are encouraged to come, learn and worship the gods through martial prowess. Any who express interest my do so by contacting the Prince or coming to Irrinor.
  4. Whoever plays Jayce Lancefeld, add Matt#2864 on discord, I have something for you

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  5. Drake Lancefeld smirks from the heavens far above, for his descendants were still roaming the world..
  6. Slightly to the south, Prince Avius narrows his eyes upon looking at the declaration. Though, it seems that his antipathy was not due to any sense of passivity, instead he spoke to himself. “How I yearn for battle.”
  7. Group Name: Irrinor Link to Charter Application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184041-irrinor-upgrade-charter-application/
  8. The next Assembly of Irrinor shall be held in TWO days at the Crowned Tree’s summit [FRIDAY 9TH AUGUST - 6PM EST] Since the foundation of Irrinor’s New City, it has enjoyed an small era of unity and vibrancy not seen since the days of Old Dominion, however we must not become complacent and lazy, presuming that this will always be the case. This gathering of Irrinor’s citizens and friends will have many topics of discussion, all of which those gathered will be permitted to speak on. The agenda is described below: I: Our recent diplomatic endeavors regarding unification against the void with the Druii of Talus, and our friendship with the people of Hael’unor II: Organising the Princes’ Council and appointing its members so that the government of Irrinor will remain as vibrant as possible. Specifically, a new lead clinician, head steward, lead diplomat and marshal are all necessary. III: Given the current situation, the governance of Irrinor shall be debatated and changes made if necessary. IV: The assembled peoples will be permitted to bring up any issues of note which they think are relevant to the discussion. It will then be the job of Irrinor’s enthroned prince or princes to judge whether or not said issues are worth discussing in the assembly. This may be amended with further points, depending on events. Aspects grant you swiftness and safety on your journey.
  9. THE IRRINITE–HAELUN’ORIAN PACT OF FRIENDSHIP 9th of Deep Cold, 1727. The Mali’ame of Irrinor and Mali’aheral of the Silver State of Haelun’or a have had a complex and often turbulent relationship throughout their shared history. Era after era of hostility has gone by in which our two kindred peoples have been at one another’s throats. This state of affairs will end now, on the basis of mutual cultural respect and vigorous defence against the many darknesses which blight our world. The Terms, agreed upon by the twin sovereigns of both states are as follows: [ I ]: Both nations commit to adhering to a strict mutual non-aggression pact, refusing any and all calls to war against one another. Moreover, if they are in a position to do so, each party will come to the aid of the other in case of attack by brigands, common malcontents or dark sorcerers. [ II ]: Both nations recognise the Realm of Irrinor and their leadership as the one and only true representative of the Wood Elven people, and the Silver State of Haelun’or with her Maheral as the one and only true representative of the High Elven people. [ III ]: The signatories agree to coalign and send armed forces in order to combat the malignant voidal incursions into Arcas. Forces will be levied for battles and discussed by the relevant persons, and Irrinor and Haelun’or will be completely unified militarily in their effort to expunge the Voidal taint.
  10. The Irrinic Assemblies SUMMARY Irrinic Assemblies are occasions at which one or both of the city’s princes take their seats in the Twin Thrones and receive an audience of petitioners and observers, consisting of both citizens and friendly foreigners. Topics of discussion are primarily state affairs, such as possible diplomatic relations, changes in government and matters of faith, on which all citizens are permitted a platform to voice concerns or recommendations. THE SUMMONS The occasions on which Assemblies are called are varied, and changing depending on the state’s situation. Initially, an annual Assembly was planned, but things have changed to meet needs. From this point - Malin’s Welcome of 1726, one shall be convened per month as a matter of course unless urgent matters must be discussed, in which case both princes must consent to sending out the summons. Said summons take multiple forms: from fliers in the town square of Irrinor itself, to envoys travelling about the nations of the world, announcing an upcoming Assembly to allied peoples and their leadership. THE ASSEMBLY Before the Assembly begins, individuals are expected to gather in the throne room, either standing on the approach to the thrones or sitting on one of the many seats elevated on the flanks. Once the Seeds and Seedless Citizens of Irrinor have been gathered to the Throne room the Prince that takes precedence during the Assembly will open the proceedings by listing the topics at discussion chosen with advice from the Council of Irrinor. Once this is done the Prince will open the first topic for discussion and then allow his colleague to speak on it before opening the discussion to the rest of the Assembly. Citizens joining the Assembly be them of a Great Seed or Seedless cannot speak until a Prince has given permission to do so, this is to maintain order while allowing the citizenry to add to the conversation and a Prince cannot typically deny the permission to speak unless the popular consensus in the Assembly is the Topic at hand has concluded. The Prince not leading also must adhere to this rule and not speak unless the leading Prince of the Assembly has given permission to do so, at the next assembly the other Prince shall lead and the rules will be applied to the Prince who lead the discussion in the previous Assembly.
  11. « The Voidal Annihilation Pact » « Irrinor | The Druidic Order » Having fought and bled at one another’s side in multiple engagements in recent years, it is the Irrinic diarchy’s view that a formal declaration be made between it and the Druidic Order, proclaiming a unified intent and dedication to the destruction of voidal incursions into our world at any cost. » The leadership, warriors and population of Irrinor and the Druidic Order shall on all occasions come to the defence of the other in the highest capacity, should either suffer an assault from the vile voidal threat » Both nations will continuously send scouting contingents to monitor known areas of voidal corruption, in order to check for any increase or change in activity exhibited by the otherworldly invader. » When an opportunity is found to launch an assault which has the possibility of reducing and destroying corrosive voidal influence on Arcas, the unified warriors of Cernunnos shall embark on a great hunt to expunge that influence. » Upon embarking on unified expeditions, command of the unified force shall be decided on the day if necessary. If not, the leadership of Irrinor and Talus shall command their own contingents in cooperation with one another. » Regardless of any regular relations, the Pact to Repel the Void shall accept into its fold any nation of the world which wishes to commit to its terms and, in this matter, cooperate. They may do so by contacting either of the signatory nations. » The leadership of all participants acknowledge that this alliance exists purely to expel the invasive voidal threat to Arcas and does not extend to any conflict involving the descendant races. Below the terms, names are signed in different calligraphy Prince Avius Csarathaire of Irrinor Prince Artanis Caerme’onn of Irrinor Archdruid Nivndil Asimulum’ker Archdruid Harold Withfoot Archdruid Elenora Zytiaear
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