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  1. The Royal Golden Band Seal of Clan Atraedes of Gladewynn The Royal Right Hand’s Phoenix Seal of Seed Csarathiare The Empyreal Priestess’ Missive [!] Letters are sent to those of myumierir’sul and the citizenry of Gladewynn [!] “Dearest devout, Throughout this year I will be hosting small rituals when I please, though nothing of too grand a scale. I must rest whilst expecting, and keep any external stressors to a minimum. I deeply encourage my Priests and Priestesses to host rituals and festivals for their own people this coming year, and will be paying visits and thanks to those who manage to do so. ahernan, ame nae evareh, Empyreal Priestess of Gladewynn and of the Stag, Chieftess Aelin Vel’seda of Caerme’onn.” The Seal of the Seed Caerme’onn
  2. In Caras Eldar, the Queen’s Right Hand looked curiously at the missive that had been sent to him. With a somewhat impressed expression on his face, he placed the parchment on his chest. “We’ll see if this one is all bark or not.”
  3. iMattyz

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: iMattyz Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/iOJzmrl How you got it: Given by Khaine’s ex wife so he can viciously bludgeon beasties to death in events and all that
  4. The Royal Golden Band Seal of Clan Atraedes of Gladewynn The Royal Right Hand’s Phoenix Seal of Seed Csarathiare Gladewynn’s Greater Seed Games [WEDNESDAY 13TH FEBRUARY - 5PM EST - The Caerme’onn Festival Grounds] Letters are sent out to the Chieftains of Ithelanen and Csarathaire, along with the Head of Atraedes, by jet-black carrier ravens, marked with a red ribbon around their right foot. “My fellow Chieftains, As the last feast turned out to be a success, I’d like to extend another invitation to you and your kin. This time, some friendly competition is in order. The games as a whole will begin the day before to give you time to send your greatest on a hunt and have them bring back the best they can possibly track down… these catches will be used during prayer and offering to our Wild Gods. Bring your best fighters, as hand to hand combat is on the schedule, along with archery and a few other small contests. Of course, our games will conclude with a feast. I hope to see you all there and in good health. ame nae evareh Empyreal Priestess of Gladewynn and of the Stag, Chieftess Aelin of Caerme’onn.” The Union of Wolf and Stag [SUNDAY 17TH FEBRUARY - 4:30PM EST - Upper District Throne Hall] Personal letters are sent out to those invited, delivered by the same jet-black carrier ravens, marked with a red ribbon around their right foot. You are formally invited to the wedding of Annilir of Gladewynn, Chieftain Rivaldir of Ithelanen, And Empyreal Priestess of Gladewynn and of the Stag, Chieftess Aelin of Caerme’onn ((Letters will be sent to those invited via Discord)) The Second Atraedean Tournament [SUNDAY 17TH FEBRUARY - 6:30PM EST - The Lyarian Colosseum] Two years since the first warrior games of Moccus and Morea concluded, a new champion will have an opportunity to reign victories in the eyes of the Great Mani. All Sons and Daughters of Malin from the world over, whether Mali’ame, ‘aheral or ker, are welcome to enjoy the protection of the Atraedean kingdom at this event. The previous victor of the tournament shall not be permitted to participate, and shall preside over his successor-champion’s ascension. Accordingly, the winner shall once again receive the ceremonial title Blade Blessed by the Wild Gods - a warrior which all others might look to and emulate, personifying the Mani and the Lord Cernunnos himself. The first round shall be fought with blunt sparring blades, while those who progress further shall fight in the primal manner - hand to hand. Queen Layla Atraedes Royal Right Hand, Archchancellor Khaine Csarathaire
  5. have you ever heard the tragedy of the fennic tavern basement

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      snow elves vs wood elves.... ice vs nature... September Prince vs Vaeyl? Up next on Slay’s Conspiracry theories.... Did they predict this? 

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      this is actual cringe stop it

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      fenn actually did something worth a cb?

  6. might I inform you of the good mali’fenn culture?

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      yikes should have left it at harold’s response at least it was creative 

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      What Can I say Harold is a creative guy

  7. The Atraedean Kingdom of Gladewynn, formally established on the 15th of the Sun’s Smile 1686, is the preeminent elven military power in the Realm of Atlas. Its capital at the old Dominion city of Caras Eldar is known as the largest elven commercial and political hub in the known world, though the centre of government truly resides in whichever location the Atraedean Monarch is at any given time. Consisting of loyal subjects from the former Dominion of Malin Haelun’or, and other assorted groups, the Atraedean Kingdom’s ultimate goal is to foster security, stability, wealth, union and wisdom for sons and daughters of Malin and their allies throughout the realm. The Atraedean Monarchy: The establishment of the Atraedean Throne breaks from the princely and even democratic traditions of the states from which it succeeds, in the name of stability and order. In an act of reconciliation, rejuvenation and a renewed desire to resolve all previous grievances, a new Royal Clan - Atraedes, was formed upon the moment of the ascension of King Cassius I Atraedes. Unbound by the fetters of past failures, the hereditary Atraedes Clan holds total and executive power with the consent of the people and the various seeds and clans that comprise the Atraedean Kingdom. In return for the granting of this authority, the Atraedean Kings and Queens are expected to listen to the advice of their subordinates - even if they do not implement that advice. They are also expected to represent the best interests of the people and act as an exemplar for all Children of Malin beneath the banner of Gladewynn. Royal Family: Royarch of the Elves The Prime scion of the Atraedes Clan who has inherited the Throne of Gladewynn. Though possessing absolute executive power in all manners of state, the monarch will routinely delegate power, authority and responsibilities to his Royal Hands, who are responsible for declaring war and managing internal affairs at his behest. The Royarch is also expected to serve as a model of what the ideal Alderfolk Child of Malin ought to be, a cultural icon as well as a vessel for the ultimate political power. Cassius I Atraedes Prince of Alders The heir to the Crown of the Kingdom of Gladewynn, the Prince of Alders is groomed to rule for life. Ultimately, they are not just the recognized Heir but the recognized authority on matters of state and foreign affairs as well, almost acting as a co-ruler to their. Their power is not solely derivative of their King, but vested in them by the Atraedean blood flowing through their veins. The recognized firstborn heir always inherits this title, and it is most easily comparable to the role of a High Prince, or Crown Prince in other cultures. Hands of the Royarch Archchancellor - The Royal Right Hand The right hand of the Monarchy and its constituent powers, the High Chancellor acts as the chief advisor to the Atraedean Royarch on internal matters of state and policy, and diplomatic affairs with foreign nations. While they are invested with some manner of military authority, in this manner he is always superseded by the Left Hand. Khaine Csarathaire Warden of the Avchirran - The Royal Left Hand Otherwise known as the left hand, or the ‘Fist of the Monarchy’. They are the de-facto supreme commander of the nation’s standing military, comparable to that of a High Marshal in other cultures. The Warden presides over military affairs, both foreign and domestic - including local guards, royal soldiers, allies and conscripted levies. Rivaldir Ithelanen The Atraedean High Council: First Scribe Responsible for tending to archives, records, and assisting in the written work produced by the Crown. These written works include alliances, treaties and assisting other government officials in the authorship of documents concerning law, celebrations, announcements and other matters of penmanship. Mithras Sylvaeri Exarch The Exarch tends to judicial matters and acts as an addition aide to the Archchancellor. They preside over matters of justice, interpretation of the law and written word of official documents concerning such matters. It is also their prime responsibility to carry out all sentences passed. Evar’tir Ithelanen High Priestess The High Priest or Priestess presides over the religion and ensures that its Emerald, Ichor and other legitimate interpretations are maintained in their respective communities. They are also responsible for events, celebrations and ceremonies involving The Wild Faith. Layla Ithelanen Head Steward The Head Steward manages the internal cogs of state. Housing, enterprise and other matters of infrastructure in the city not pertaining to the written word are overseen by this administrative figure. Lyaria Ithelanen Disclaimer on Meetings Chieftains of any Greater Clan, delegated Regional Lords and other government officials may sit upon the meetings of the Council, to relay advice and input on decisions made by the Royal Family, their Hands, and the primary council itself. Committees may be established to discuss matters of importance involving figures of state, official edicts, and all manners of decisions made by the institution in power. His Majesty, Mortal King Cassius I Atraedes
  8. iMattyz

    Demons of Lies and Frost

    The Royal Golden Band Seal of Clan Atraedes of Gladewynn The Phoenix Seal of Seed Csarathiare Demons of Lies & Frost Pamphlets, letters and posters begin to appear around the realm, bearing the seals of Gladewynn ‘Descendant Nations of Atlas, Since our very first steps on this Atlasian continent, a malignant force has conspired and schemed to bring us to extinction. For what exact reasons they do this, I do not know, but it is so nonetheless. These creatures, known as the Vaeyl, have puppeteered us from the very start, now standing on the precipice of fulfilling their exterminationist plot. From time immemorial, these Vaeyl fought a colossal conflict with the forces of the forest being known as the September Prince. Before our arrival in these lands, the forces of the September Prince and this being himself were suppressed and subdued, at great losses to the Vaeyl. This was the case until the meddling of foolish mortal hands woke the Prince from his slumber. Knowing that any direct attacks against the armies of September would cause them grievous losses, they chose to employ a proxy to destroy him - Us. They whispered deceptive words in the ears of our leaders, professing the dangers of that creature, and so our attention and our arms were diverted away from the threat that lay at our side. At the same time, they recognised the propensity for war and conflict among our nations, and decided to use that to their advantage. When attacked by a militaristic human kingdom, the full extent of their conspiracy blurred even further. Red and white, these are the terms used by many to describe the ‘different’ sects of Vaeyl. All along, this was a falsehood, a deception - intended to cloud our judgement and turn us against one another so that they may strike a divided continent when the time was right. The Reds were formed in an attempt to absorb the majority of our direct military strikes against their kind. Meanwhile, the so-called ‘Whites’ further spread false hope and deception, pretending to be our friends and allies. Now, the time appears to have come. The demons of the ice make their move with us blissfully unaware and with no enemy to stand in their way. A conspiracy among certain parties to keep this truth a secret has now failed, and it is time for the truth to be revealed to all. The demos in the south will attempt by any means necessary to discredit this truth. People, princes, kings and lords of Atlas, you must not believe them. We must temporarily step aside from our ancient grudges and save ourselves from extinction. The emissaries of Caras Eldar are open to all who wish to learn more of this vile plot.’ Khaine Csarathaire, Archchancellor of the Kingdom of Gladewynn
  9. Ah, I see the problem now
  10. Royal Golden Band Seal of Clan Atraedes of Gladewynn The Phoenix Seal of Seed Csarathiare A Feast for the Greater Seeds of Gladewynn [WEDNESDAY 6TH FEBRUARY - 5PM EST - The Caerme’onn Festival Grounds] Letters would reach the Chieftains of Ithelanen, Csarathaire, and the head of Atraedes, carried by jet-black ravens which were tagged with a signature red ribbon around their right foot. “To my fellow Chieftains, I would like to formally invite you, and all of your kin, to a feast held at my own festival grounds, where all of the Gladewynn delicacies will be served. Prayers will be said, and offerings given, to ensure the strength of our Seeds as we come together to celebrate.” Signed, High Priestess of the Stag, Chieftess Aelin of Caerme’onn The Atraeden Royal Wedding - Union of Wolf and Raven [FRIDAY 8TH FEBRUARY - 5PM EST - The Upper District] Elven messengers are sent out throughout the lands, hand delivering letters sealed with golden wax. You are cordially invited to attend the Royal Wedding of His Royal Highness Cassius Atraedes And High Priestess Layla Ithelanen Those receiving notices would be as followed. Residents of Caras Eldar Druids of the Mother Grove High Elves All Allies of Gladewynn Amaethon and the Silent Beast [SUNDAY 10TH FEBRUARY - 5PM EST - The Caerme’onn Festival Grounds] The same red-ribbon tagged ravens are once again sent out, delivering a notice to myumierir’sul priests who reside in Gladewyn, the Mother Grove, and the island of Aegrothond. “My dear followers of elnarnsae’ame, and Priests of myumierir’sul, I write excitedly to invite you to my fourth storytelling and ritual of Amaethon and the Silent Beast, held at my own festival grounds outside the walls of Caras Eldar. Your presence is appreciated, and following the ritual, a feast and games will be offered to those who wish to participate. For the ritual, I require two dancers. These parts may be taken by current myumierir’sul Priests, or Acolytes wishing to complete a task. If you are interested, please do return a letter to me as soon as possible with your name and current position within myumierir’sul.” Signed, High Priestess of the Stag, Chieftess Aelin of Caerme’onn OOC Note: You may send the letter of interest to me in-game (Caermeonn), or on discord (sophia#6666)
  11. The Royal Golden Band Seal of Clan Atraedes of Gladewynn The Phoenix Seal of Seed Csarathiare The Praefectural Assembly [SATURDAY 2ND FEBRUARY - 5PM EST - Upper District Throne Room] In order to introduce the new Praefecti of Atraedes - Khaine Csarathiare, to the people and to address any concerns or grievances of the people inhabiting Caras Eldar - an assembly of the citizens shall take place in two Elven days. In addition, the reasoning for the incidents involving publication of diplomatic correspondence between The Atraedean Kingdom of Gladewynn and Aegrothond shall be addressed. In addition to the presence of Gladewynn’s citizenry, the diplomatic representatives of all other nations are encouraged to attend. The Atraedean Games [SUNDAY 3RD FEBRUARY - 5PM EST – The Lyarian Colosseum] In the year 1701 with the recent emergence of clan Atraedes comes forth a tradition born from days of old. These ceremonial games of combat among elves are meant to test the strength and ferocity of the Malin's warriors that seek honor and glory in the light of their gods, Morea and Moccus. The Arcadian Throne invites all children of Malin to participate, regardless of past animosity, and all citizens of the realm of Atlas to observe. The Champion of the duelists is said to represent the might of both the Wolf and Boar, and will gain the title Warlord of Tusk and Fang upon their victory in battle. This champion is set forth to all defeated warriors and onlookers as an example of the values and personification of these Mani, and bears said title until the next set of games, when others have the chance to regain the illustrious martial title. Any child of Malin loyal to the Great Father to wish to fight will be permitted to participate in the combat upon the day of the spectacle.
  12. iMattyz

    The Atraedean Response

    The Official Golden-Band Symbol of the Atraedes Royal Clan is present on the communicae The following missive, publicised among the nations, is accompanied by a small addendum prior to the actual text. “In light of perceived bad-faith falsehoods being peddled by the Aegrothondite Seastone Court in negotiation, the Atraedean Throne has decided to publicise its response to the general populations, so that no secret agreements or diplomatic engagement are unnecessarily kept from the people, and in order for the other side of the story to be given. Attached also are the missives preceding the current response.” To the Prince of Aegrothond, my brother-founder Belestram Sylvaeri and the Seastone Court, The response to our magnanimous and condition-free offer to warm relations has not gone down well with me, nor with the people of Gladewynn I represent and serve. Instead of welcoming peaceful relations, you have demanded and essentially commanded for the concession of various things, many of which are simply false and meant to be rejected. This missive shall attempt to both respond, and to correct the narrative which you seem to be negotiating by. The accusations levelled on you, Belestram, as attested to by multiple witnesses are not untrue in the slightest. The Dwarven kingslayers looked to you, their ally, for confirmation before they slaughtered our king and my friend Abelas. You did nothing when you easily could have prevented it, wily semantics and sly words will not erase this. The punishment meted out on you after a trial by combat by King Cassius Atraedes was just, and their grievous nature exaggerated for political gain by your Aegrothondite Court. In fact, King Cassius even saved your life and was treated to hospitality by Illynora - your wife, for this deed. In regard to the second point, the Atraedean Throne requires clarification on what it is actually being accused of. Should an apology be appropriate for the supposed offence of which we are currently unaware, then it will be given. Otherwise, it will not be. Moreover, we do not accept the latter clause that those who ‘resisted the rise of Gladewynn are the ‘true loyalists’, we acknowledge that choices to reject or accept its rise were made by many, and those choices have resulted in this current predicament. It is these choices which we wish to contend with now, under the guidance of my new administration. As for your third demand, Atraedes are the kings of Caras Eldar and Gladewynn and the Elves that live within. Moveover, attempting to smear the formation of Atraedes as an illusory and deceptive ‘rebranding of the same thing’ is a falsehood which contributes utterly nothing to the proceedings. Ithelanen was not without fault in the demise of our former nation, among many other factors, and the ascension of Atraedes is an attempt to right the wrongs of the past. King Cassius also recognises the imperfection of his father as King, and does not claim to entirely wish to emulate him, instead wishing to learn from his mistakes to form a better state for all. Your fourth demand regarding the Mali’Aheral also requires clarification. The rest of the administration and I are not aware and have not been aware of the details regarding any assault upon a citizen of Aegrothond by one of our vassals citizens. Should this have occurred for any illegitimate reason, and it proof is provided, then an apology shall indeed be issued and recompense given to the aggregate party. The Mali'Aheral have given their side of the story, and we should like to hear that of the victim, in order that justice might be done. Overall, this saddening attempt at parrying a genuine attempt at diplomacy is not only wrong, it is belligerent and has angered me. All ‘olive branches’ extended by this ‘Seastone Court’ are of little utility for any but themselves, and reaching an agreeable conclusion on mutual terms is impossible under said conditions. This is self-evident in the missive received by me - the Archchancellor Khaine Csarathaire. You ask us to change and negotiate, but only on your false terms. The moment we attempt change in order to right past wrongs, you use this against us in a false manner. It is starkly clear that my attempts to thaw the relations between us will not progress unless your leadership changes its attitude. Should you wish to do this, and negotiate on equal and mutually beneficial terms, our gates shall always be open to your diplomats, despite the many wrongs also done upon us by you, for the sake of our common ancestry as Malin’s children. As a token of generosity, your people shall formally be allowed to travel into our lands without fear of apprehension, arrest or persecution. Should this promise of safety be violated in any way, the perpetrator will be punished accordingly. Archchancellor Khaine Csarathaire Csarathaire’s Phoenix Seal is located on the bottom of the missive, signifying its authorship