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  1. I ******* loved this guy
  2. We said no more ******* combat buffs.

    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. Freischarler


      Any sort of pvp buff is pretty bad, should just be removed all together to make for a fairer playing field for all players :>

    3. Aeldrin


      @A Moongazer I literally said if not snow, then pebbles or sand. Did you even read my response?

    4. mitto


      We're not staying on this topic as a status, it's clear both parties for and against have a lot to say on the topic. What I not suggest is to continue to fight eachother on status'. Nothing at all will be achieved this way and it's come to the point of pettiness. What I do suggest and recommend is a constructive and sensible feedback thread to be made on the matter where people can kindly talk about the topic at hand. The discussion on this status will stay up as a lot of good points were made but a continuation of status' will be removed.

  3. - After 7 tries with vastly superior gear*
  4. Preserve and improve the world for your grandson as your grandfather preserved and improved it for you. You don't have to make the world better to make things better overall, just don't make it worse. Clean your room.
  5. "One who speaks of cuckolds and weaklings ironically hides behind the safety of a pen. Perhaps this one might put action to serve as a buffer to his insults." Khaine laughs heartily, speaking as he reads the note with a few of his Elven companions as he travels the empire. "His words are worth nothing if he does nothing to attempt change in action."
  6. He.

    Zoey is a beautiful lady do not insult my Empress..
  7. Johannesburg being jihaded was a big loss in terms of Axios activity, and has widely been replaced by sub-par settlements compared to it. One big nice looking boulevard with a square, the church and shops at the end of it and the palace at the other end. Great design. Hardly a revelation really but it's a fact.
  8. I rest my case.
  9. @[email protected] Sage Delaselva > Talking about the 'light vs dark' war as if it is any good at all. The entire thing has been terrible for years and the simple fact that the ascended still exist after being removed and removed time and time again just shows how unduly attached people get to their overpowered lightgod characters. This no doubt applies to villain groups as well but the Ascended are the prime example. Also Delaselva, holding up the fact that you played that weird orb thing doesn't give you any more authority in the discussion. There seems to be a certain sect of players who simply cannot stand to play creatures that aren't in some way magically powerful, supernatural things. I suggest some actual normal roleplay from time to time.