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  1. The Knight's Quest

    The Knight’s Quest A questing knight is an aspiring, but not fully developed warrior or squire who has been selected by the Emperor or Grand Knight because of his skill and loyalty to his principles and lord. He is martially skilled and chivalrous enough to attempt to become an anointed knight of the Holy Orenian Empire, fit to lead his military peers in battle and fit to lead his fellow Imperial citizens in the moral realm as a paragon of virtue and honour. In order to become a fully anointed Knight who may use the title Ser, they must accomplish a task set for them by the emperor and grand knight. Until this task is complete, they will not be permitted to become a knight. The months and years ahead are filled with trials and tribulations as the aspiring knight seeks to prove and improve himself before GOD in the process of completing his trial. The knight may be asked to use his martial prowess in order to slay a group of Vodniks plaguing a town of the Empire, or may be sent into the frigid cold of the North to find an item resting in an ancient cave, it all depends. If the warrior returns successfully, he will be deemed successful and the progression to an anointed knight will occur and the man will be knighted. Ser Draken Lancefeld

    The Right wing death squad endorses the patriots of its Western brothers in the U S A.
  3. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    Haha yeah no mate, I'll talk about what I want to in Skype. Restricting people because "m-muh kids" does not fly with me. The type of people who want this are probably the same people who think hate speech laws are a good idea.
  4. I am leaving the server for good.

    Man these comedians are amazing these days woosh
  5. Any Commies want a helicopter ride?

  6. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    Might make lotc different, that doesn't mean it's better.
  7. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    Fringe style pvp like everyone keeps saying. If you need to give nexus a use, go for armour durability and **** like that. Remove diamond armour, remove all this special stuff.
  8. No, lotc needs no more of these parasitic beings for the staff to get attracted to
  9. The Order of the Blazing Sun

    Draken smiles as his fellow men of Black and White rise once again.
  10. Removal of the LT director

    I personally really enjoy it when a concern is raised, and then staff derail the topic by posting to eachother "heh u guys fighting over minecraft again xd", feigning irony but obviously seriously.
  11. Swell the ranks


  12. Act of Chivalric Punishment

    Edict of Chivalric Punishment In aid of enforcing the new knightly reform, a new law will be enforced in all lands of the Empire. Bearing the title of Ser within without its bestowal by the Grand Knight or His Imperial Majesty (or by their approval), is now a capital crime and will be punished by death to be carried out by the Grand knight after a single warning. All other citizens of the Empire are obliged to bring the offenders to the notice of his majesty’s government. Offenders are NOT to be punished via vigilante justice under any circumstances, except in the case the offender does harm towards others. Roster of Knights Ser Draken Lancefeld
  13. The Removal of the Antagonist

    This is my specialty
  14. The Removal of the Antagonist

    seriously ill do an antagonist for u if u want me to everyone will love it