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  1. Who's winning what

    1. Kim


      im winning everything

    2. iMattyz


      doesnt really answer my question keem.......... -.-

    3. cuckio


      I'm winning the banned game

  2. Political Compass thread

    Memri TV is the reddest pilled TV channel in history
  3. Political Compass thread

    I'd still be punched by Antifa for being a fascist
  4. I'm kinda okay cool so I guess AMA

    Even I was surprised at how fast it died
  5. Your View: 6.0 Creature Discussions

    I agree, I'll repeat what I always say: Abundance of high fantasy destroys curiosity and makes it normal, and therefore pointless. Make creatures and high fantasy rare again. People who play these characters, you need to put aside your own personal wants for this.
  6. How to increase player retention as a player

    It's appropriate you're on this thread, you were one of the reasons I stayed on lotc back in 2012. You rarely saw spoogy creatures back in Asulon (at least I didn't), and your lich gave off a real exciting vibe to see because I didn't know really what it was and I wanted to find out more. Destroy 99% of spooga booga creatures now, their abundance destroys curiosity.
  7. [Staff Report] Vaynth and Paleo

    I've never loved you less than I do now
  8. Two Jolly Sparks

    Do something and don't be useless and spineless.
  9. Freema, save us as admin

  10. in an effort to not **** up the thread, it's not evasive-- nothing i said was 'well, you shouldn't say these words because new players won't like it' or 'black people won't like it' or whatever. My reasons were that the server shouldn't stand for racism and that it's shown that it doesn't to some extent so why not fully act on the principles? Racism is bad stomp it out of the server. Homophobia is bad sotmp it out of the server. etc.

    1. iMattyz


      That was the evident implication of your obviously ideology tinged post. I actually agree that GMs should in general be harsher, but your way of putting it across will definitely not help.

    2. Space


      But that's literally how i put it in the post? What I said. I never mentioned specific in-groups or whatever ****.

  11. LotC has a hate problem

    Sounds evasive to me
  12. LotC has a hate problem

    Show me people who actually care about it except you. The issues, not the vulgarity. I'd rather not have that either.
  13. LotC has a hate problem

    If you weren't acting like such an insufferable morally elevated crusader you might get somewhere. But who am I kidding. It's you and you're incapable of this. Also no, it doesn't. The internet has an anonymity problem.
  14. [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    Fringe pvp, cast nexus to the winds.
  15. Only admins not to have a high turnover rate are devs, really makes you think.

    1. dsdevil


      dsdevil 2k17

    2. overlord2305


      They're also the ones that implemented what is essentialy a flashbang grenade as a racial buff for a non-race, so there's that