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  1. Resignation of Elvenesse

    "Good, the global assembly is a joke by overblown bureaucrats who believe some world utopia is possible." Khaine states, nationalistically.
  2. iMattyz

  3. Feedback: Ioannis & DDOSing

    Just to bring up a maybe relevant point. This is purely from memory and might be wrong, but back in the 4.0 dunamis days I remember a kerfuffle about Ioannis ddosing people back then as well. But like I said that might be wrong and welcome him to tell me I'm wrong there. Easily confused with a lot of the other weed hashtag 420 roleplayers after all.
  4. Is there a forum shitstorm i can get involved in

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    2. Flamelynx


      funny, I don't remember you either, want to log on so I can see your skin and IGN? Oh wait...

    3. Dreek
    4. GlobalAssembly
  5. Our District Now

    Khaine narrows his eyes with some suspicion. "I admire their rejuvenation, but they are becoming too uppity for their own good. They will bow to central authority or things will not go well for them."
  6. Show your pets ~

    Before: After:
  7. The Banner of Isilioleth

    Khaine descended into the Dark Elven district, watching the rejuvenated Mali'ker speak with a curious gaze and a glad smile. He speaks to himself for some reason. "I would go into battle alongside this lot."
  8. Promotions

    why was my post removed I literally just expressed surprise at the choice, pull that finger off the trigger

    I don't mind cannons but I don't want muskets and other handheld **** like that. Keep it to siege weaponry.
  10. Lord of the Meme, VOL. 1

    Im about to shoot myself
  11. The Fourth Convention [REPORT]

    Khaine arms for an anti-globalist purge
  12. Your MCName: iMattyz Is this Legend a Player Character? (y/n) If so, list their MCName: N/A Legend Name: Immortal Triad of the Elvenking Legend Details (2 questions in 1): Immortal Triad of the Elvenking All of Malin’s children require the guidance of the great ones who came before them, guardians of the Mali people’s sovereignty more than any other. They are the eager preservers of life and the reluctant bringers of death, and so their mortal depredations must be tempered in the forge of the ancestor’s virtues. Three predecessors in particular embody the character and person of the ideal Mali warrior - the three 'Immortals', or royal guards of the Elven Brother Malin. Details of these legendary figures were supposedly found during the exploration of the decaying library in Malin’s city - and are being recorded as idols which current children of Malin might emulate. Though it is debatable whether these figures existed in reality, or were later mythical inventions. Arcatius Tharsion - Duty, Cunning, Loyalty “Repent for your schemes, our Lord will embrace you ever more for your fine choice.” Lord Arcatius, speaking to a traitor Only a few records of this historical figure survive from the time of his life. Nevertheless, those few sources reveal a formidable character who was both fiercely loyal towards the ones he served and fiercely hostile towards those who might have disturbed the stability of the world in which he lived. This immortal appeared to be the most politically savvy of the three, thriving on intrigue and plots, as well as the thwarting of such things. A relatively quiet figure, these plots were not of a malicious making, but in service of his Great Father, who he served perhaps more faithfully than either of his companions - given the opportunities and temptations he in particular was given for betrayal. The seeds of conspiracy to undermine and possibly unseat the first Elven Father were always present, as such things always are, waiting to bloom at any malignant nurturing by resentment and animosity. It takes an unassuming and quiet animal to slash such shrubbery before it matures. Eventually, these seeds sprouted into a coup attempt after some loss of prestige in a botched battle. The emotion and resentment is hard to put into words, but it is definite that this rebellious attempt was fueled in part by both. However when the moment of betrayal came, each conspirator was frozen in place, apparently by some unseen force. In reality, Arcatius had neutralised almost all of them through means of gold or guile, driving a wedge between them so that they might be confronted at a less precarious time. The Father left his Immortal to handle the fallout of this inauspicious series of events, and so successful was he that nothing was heard of it again. Vayan Arth’alemoth - Leadership, Aspiration, Intellect “Withdraw? No. We shall cross that river victorious, or not at all.” Lord Vayan at the Tree-wreathed river Even through he is notable in other recovered Malinic documents as the Elven commander at the Tree-wreathed River and subsequent discovery of a ruined city, no more of this Immortal is known than either of the other two. His deeds serve as an example to those Virarim who, while perhaps not the apex martial combatant, pursue victory as well with their mind and authoritative aura. Through this, they might rise through the ranks and command. This immortal, known simply as ‘the commander’ on many occasions, was the representative of the Malinic Court at the helm of regular armies on the field of battle. He would serve just below the appointed general, ready to take over at any point if needed, and ready to advise if required. As a proven commander he was assertive and loud compared to his brethren, and he seemed to be their spokesman when such was necessary. His command style also seemed to others reckless and brash at times, but was effective nonetheless. Vayan was attached to the army of between 30,000 and 100,000 Elves which was defeated handily by the heavy cavalry hammerhead of an undead army. Its infantry was decimated and its commander was also killed. As was protocol, Vayan took up the sceptre of leadership and led the scattered force, laden with refugees fleeing the devastation. This care for the refugees of all descendant races seemed quite suicidal for his martial power, as he positioned the refugees at the front of his column and therefore was hindered by their slow speed, being exposed to the enemy at the rear. In order to avoid harassment by the undead cataphracts, Vayan sent mounted feints of light scouts and cavalry of his own to the flanks of the enemy in order to misdirect their charges and slow them in turn. These faster units then retreated invisibly back to the column after causing casualties of their own. At times, the refugees and soldiers may have lost heart due to their losses, both during the retreat and the upcoming battle itself. Despite this possibility, it never happened, The Commander’s charisma and rousing words prevented this. Marethun Valke’dyte- Strength, Stalwartness, Valor “Father, I shall vanquish this foe for you.” Lord Marethun during his final challenge Seemingly unquestionably the greatest martial combatant in the Triad of Malin’s immortals - which seems to say a lot about just how competent he was. Marethun’s personality appeared the most simple of the three and gives the image of an immovable rock in the path of any attacker, unable and absolutely unwilling to be moved. His appearance as a ‘simple’ creature through, does not mean he was stupid. Merely that his enjoyment of life came from facing an opponent in politics and arms face to face rather than through subversive means. Marethun’s notable deeds were many, but one of his greatest was his victory in a large inter-kingdom tournament which saw combatants from all realms competing. It progressed as all normal tournaments do, with cheers and jeers from each side. An extraordinary moment came when a personal insult against his King was heard by Marethun in favour of the combatant’s own ruler. He was now unwilling to simply reign victorious and insisted that the man choose two of his most able comrades to fight with him - as if to make it a fair fight. They did, and the duel began. Specific details of the fight are unclear, but chronicles depict his use of the three close combat weapons most common in the Kingdom’s martial forces; the spear, the sword and the body. First, Marethun disabled one opponent through his physical bodily strength. Then, wielded his spear and remained at a safe distance while incapacitating the second opponent. Finally, he unsheathed his blade and matched his original opponent in single combat, achieving victory after a short time. After this battle, he went on to win the tournament. ((Flamelynx is credited for the concept xoxox brother)) How the Legend would be proliferated in RP: Oral tradition and writing if people choose to do so. What events would you like to occur around this legend? Echo of the past events would probably be the only ones I'd envision, if any at all. Relics: N/A
  13. Why is having too many creatures a bad thing?

    Picture the beginning of a classic great adventure story. Much of the scenery is drab and dingy and dark. Many of those in character have no hope of ever rising above the status of a peasant. Even the aristocrats of the world lead a rather regular life when one of the most exciting things they can do is win a battle. Enticing rumours and myths circulate among the suspicious peasantry, but the nobility pay them no heed. Life goes on, people die, people farm, people interact with one another. Then whats this, rumours from the north. A dragon was spotted flying over the wall? So you take an impulsive trip as best as you can further north, in hopes of 'special powers to lift him out of his dull life into a special one'. After days of traveling, you hear a faint cry on the wind but dismiss it as nothing. Then a few days later you enter a forest and suddenly the call of nature strikes you, so you split from your group and wander off into the dense woods. You answer the call, and pass the short amount of time nosying around the forest in which you stand. Right then, a tree about two hundred metres from you cracks and falls to the ground. Curiously, you investigate, and in a hidden clearing to all but yourself sits an unprecedented draconic creature. It notices you. "Finally." a literal voice in your head states. - This in comparison to a world where there's dragon men around every corner, frost witches disguised in every city, voidal horrors running around on every rooftop. You dilute the playerbase by a small amount every time a creature is added, and this meme about "Oh it doesn't affect you so why does it matter!" is a lie. It does affect everyone on the server when massive amounts of redundant creatures are added purely for the self gratification of the creator. Play a normal character and stop engaging in this high fantasy arms race. In addition, it makes a proper antagonist literally impossible to creature because of the sheer amount of ooga booga **** that's around. High fantasy should be the small cherry on top of the low fantasy cake, to give it some occasional spice, and just because you think your lore is somehow special that doesn't change anything.
  14. Like Pigs to a Slaughter

    "So you're telling me that the High elves DIDN'T charge gloriously to the fight in aid of their allies and turn the tide of battle? I am surprised." Khaine remarks quite sarcastically from his self-imposed meditative state, definitely not in jail or anything. "I pity the human nations who chose such craven to fight at their side."