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  1. MC Name: iMattyz Current Tier: N/A Desired Tier: Washed up Reason to be Moved: Seen better days
  2. Coming to Avius Csarathaire in his restless sleep as it did, the tumultuous visions prompted the 'ame to toss and turn. Putting aside manifestations of the abandoned city, the bloody sacrifice therein and the fleeting fae all about, Brother Cinder wistfully muttered one thing under his slumbering breath, as though the great, departed dragon was somehow able to hear him. "Don't go yet. I had so much more to ask you." Avius' drowsy voice seemed to plead, as though all the unanswered questions of ancient things within his mind ached.
  3. Although he hadn't yet been privy to the private missives between his mother Quillian and Skana, whose maniist practices he abhorred, Avius had seen Aesilnoth's initial declaration of threat and challenge. He regarded it with a definite distaste. Utterly unlike himself, the phoenix picked up a writing implement and almost put pen to paper, but stopped at the last moment. Discarding the instrument, he instead rose from his seat, retrieved his trusty Dominion blade Eldarian and made for the exit.
  4. IGN: iMattyz Discord: ugot it Skin: Halcyon Bid: 400
  5. IGN: iMattyz Discord: ugot it Skin: Nova Bid: 280
  6. IGN: iMattyz Discord: ugot it Skin: Nova Bid: 220
  7. IGN: iMattyz Discord: ugot it Skin: Nova Bid: 200 Posting again so ppl see
  8. IGN: iMattyz Discord: ugot it Skin: Halcyon Bid: 350
  9. IGN: iMattyz Discord: ugot it Skin: Halcyon Bid: 250
  10. IGN: iMattyz Discord: ugot it Skin: Halcyon Bid: 150
  11. Off in the vast wooded hinterlands, alone and surrounded only by beams of moonlight and deep shadow, Avius felt the latest of many icy notes thrum within his soul. The aspects' song of which it formed the terrible crescendo could now never be ignored. The cinder druid had expected to hear new things, indeed he had been told such. Nevertheless, this veritable rolling chain of death, perceived raw and constantly in his bad luck, was hard to endure. Platitudes crossed Avius' lips of the aspects and stalwartness, but at length he slumped into his own crossed legs and he sobbed, unknown to all but
  12. Casting an icy gaze onto his comrade Eir'thall's denouncement, Avius let out a kind of tired sigh which had become typical of him. He briefly glanced aside to the populated hearth of Amaethea, but then deigned to continue reading, although reluctantly. Line through line, the firebird became ever more conflicted by what he saw. Vulen had deserved what he got, but Laetranis, however cordially Avius viewed the Tahorran, ought to have burned in the inferno he initiated, like a warrior. Figuratively, of course. Still, turning on a friend sat badly with him, a fact made all too clear by the sour loo
  13. Ambience if you want it idk Brother Cinder he was indeed. It was a fact which was, to Avius Csarathaire’s all-but unmoveable soul, unbelievable. A valah’s lifetime of waiting, postponing, procrastinating. The Elven warrior, and warrior he had always solely been and thought he would ever be, found himself contemplating the fraternal moniker keenly in his own mind. Uncannily, a false thought burst forth that he and this Brother Cinder were not one and the same. The amateur weaver of nature - the greenhorn Brother Cinder was an interloper, set solely on its nefarious task to dethrone
  14. The following piece was discovered, faded and worn, amid the personal effects and stores of Khaine Csarathiare after the latter’s death, and was then passed onto his son Avius. It details an origin tale for the Csarathaire seed and is one of only a few works to survive into the Second Age. If the events alluded to within actually occurred, the piece was almost certainly written in the later fifteenth or sixteenth centuries of the First Age, before Khaine came to Axios. Amid a river of blood, and an ocean of tears. Amid an empire’s folly, its cruelty and
  15. iMattyz

    The Duties Begun

    A newly attuned brother cinder stood alone atop Amaethea's high stone circle and peered at the fae-clouded sky above. With a clenched fist and a readied mind he prepared himself, whispering a prayer to the aspects.
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