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  1. Server is back up lads.

    1. Tigergiri


      Mina or die 

  2. Hey guys, at risk of being redundant third update on this topic and it’s still not solved. For both you guys and us, it is becoming tiresome. Luckily for everyone, our resident genius Korvic has managed to finish all of the plugin updates to 1.15 and is ready to test them out for implementation. Unluckily for everyone, a problem arises with backend access. Specifically, it arises because Korvic does not have full access to the Linux box which would allow him to look at issues with the server, restart the gateway when necessary and, most importantly for the long term, start testing his plugins. We’ve been at a bottleneck on this for about two weeks or so, mainly because Tythus and Telanir have not been around to give him what he needs, and Kowaman doesn’t seem to be able to do it. This delay isn’t the fault of the wider admin team as a whole who have no way to access and grant such permissions, nor the GM team by extension. Here at least, the buck seems to be stopping at one or two people who have the unique ability to grant these permissions but have not done so for around a month despite his asking, according to Korvic himself. Might have something to do with the whole Christmas season, but if it’s this difficult to get people what they need there is a problem. This is a mixture of formal status update for you guys (who haven’t already seen it on the other topic) and a hopeful push to action for those who need to take it. Progress is out of Korvic’s hands until he gets that access, however high security it might be. (that’s also why the server’s still down btw)
  3. Avius readies his newly forged blade and packs his supplies, going heading off for the Silver State. “It’d be a pleasure to cleanse that hive of degenerates, even if it is with the ‘’thill.”
  4. RP Name: Avius MC Username: iMattyz Discord: Matthias3960 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: Invited What Skills Can You Bring?: Expert warrior, thrilling conversation.
  5. Hello again guys, I span a pm to Korvic this morning asking on the status of our 1.15 salvation and I’ve got some tentative news in addition to a conservative (or so I have been told) deadline, but don’t take that as any sort of rule, but instead a guideline. Most of the big plugins are now on 1.15, and all that needs doing is fully testing each plugin to ensure they will work as we need them to. The process of doing this should be shorter than the previous period unless major issues come up. IF that happens, fixing the issues will obviously require more time. Korvic has given me an incredibly tentative and rough estimate of a month or so until it is in full working order, which could either go up or (hopefully) down based upon a whole bunch of coding stuff which I know nothing about. In the meantime, the devs will be shifting some stuff around to separate servers in order to ease the pressure which ought to reduce overall lag. That is all. PS: we also have another dev back from hiatus so that’s good right?
  6. Zero input from the moderation team as well, nor any other staff team to my knowledge.
  7. I have absolutely no idea what this is
  8. You def got PTSD with the mention of bans because of private discords ?

  9. Sup guys, long needed rule update here which has finally been made possible because of the post earlier, or at least part of it. Finally, from this point forward: [Evidence gained from a private discord cannot be used as justification for a ban except in special circumstances. Such circumstances include:] Harassment [Persistent, unwanted AND targeted hostile interactions] and doxxing [publishing private and/or identifying information about a particular individual with malicious intent]. Persistent - Engaging with the same person on multiple instances in a hostile manner. Unwanted - The ‘recipient’ specifically informs you to leave them alone or clearly does not want you to be contacting them. Targeted - Specifically targeting one individual or group in an undeniable manner. Predatory activity towards minors, such as grooming and other sexual conduct. Blatant metagaming, including metarallying. Such a nitpicking definition might seem like overkill, but we’ve seen in the past how ‘harassment’ can be interpreted by staff if it is not strictly defined. To further clarify, here are a few pretty simple examples of what is or is not considered doxxing or harassment. Doxxing Example 1 - Doxxing - Person A manages to find the private Facebook account of another user and reposts an image from that Facebook account. Example 2 - Not Doxxing - Person A takes a picture that was publically shared in a discord chat and reposts it. This is not doxxing as it is not sharing any type of personal or identifying information. This could however be considered harassment IF it fulfils that criteria, but is not doxxing. Harassment Example 1 - Harassment - During a conflict on Lord of the Craft, player A from one side of the conflict consistently messages one of their opponents unprovoked with abusive language and threats. Example 2 - Not Harassment - Player A becomes vexed at something in a private discord chat and calls someone else in the channel an abusive or racist word once. Unpleasant sure, but not harrassment and not our business. We’re not professional lawyers or legislators so it’s possible something has been missed or mistaken. We’re more than open to fixing and amending this if it is not entirely adequate yet. Pc
  10. Hey guys, now that I have some vague info on what the plan for solving this current technical crap is I thought I’d share it with you all even though it’s not much. As most of you probably know, 1.15 was released a few days ago. @Korvic is now currently in the process of sorting out the necessary server plugins so we can update. From what I can make out, the progress is going reasonably swiftly, but I can’t give you any ETA because of all the coding unpredictables and the fact that we only have one dev working on it at the moment, however good he is. When I have another update I’ll let you guys know. Until then, if you’re stuck or can’t get somewhere because of the chunk lag just make a modreq and we’ll get to it ASAP. Don’t abuse it at all times of the day though pls, just when you literally cant get anywhere in a reasonable timeframe.
  11. Another thing subject to the personal whims of admins and moderators which will inevitably be used as a tool to ban players with little proper reason. The admins must stop stretching their ever-expanding tentacles out to where they don’t belong, and leave the players alone. First its the ever liquid phrase ‘harrassment’ and now it’s the ever liquid phrase ‘political’. What’s next? Are we ever going to get a solid definition of what these words actually mean in relation to the bans, or are we just gonna leave it in the hands of individual staff members? Everyone knows how that turns out.
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