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  1. iMattyz


    “Once this seventh empire falls, let its fields be salted and put to the flame, and let it never rise again to taint this world. Let the Age of Elves begin.”
  2. iMattyz


    “Let the children of Malin rise up against those valah who believe they can order us about. Let us destroy them.” an elf states to himself
  3. iMattyz

    The Ivae'fenn

    [Ooc] Username: iMattyz Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Depends what I can find to do Discord: Matt#2684 Timezone: GMT [RP] Name: Arkavir Gender: Guy Place of residence: Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Till death do us part..
  4. iMattyz

    Horns of Cernunnos

    “No King but Malin” It was our arrogant dismissal of these exalted words which led to the downfall of our once great nation. Our Dominion of Malin fell soon after we arrogantly considered ourselves worthy of kingship - the nation which, for once in the history of Malin’s Children, was able to protect its people. Now, where do the great ‘successor nations ‘Alderyn’ and ‘Aegrothond’ stand? Divided, terribly weak and rotten at the core, their once fiercely roaring fire having died out. It is our duty to rekindle that flame, to reunify our scattered peoples and to surge from the ashes like a noble phoenix, with all previous grudges forgotten and learned from. Until that high point is one again reached, we must also serve as a trusted bulwark for the Aspectist faith and for the Malinic people as a whole, both shielding and proliferating our patrons in their most fundamental way – the way of the Great Hunter. Aspectist Brothers of the Horns in full uniform, complete with hood and horned mask for the fully initiated It must be through unity among the great Seeds of the ‘ame that unification is eventually achieved once again, and it must be through them that strength is rebuilt. Be they the true ancient aspectist scions of Caerme’onn, the seaborne sons and daughters of Torena, the faithful children of Aureon or any of the others, it must be through family and clan that we are rebuilt. New seeds must also spring forth from the brush in order to rejuvenate a dying garden - in the same way that old weeds are rooted out so new flowers might be planted. Though following the Aspects is the way through which we shall prosper, their tenets must be supplemented by our own, and with this solid base we can push forward. Initiate the formation of a brotherhood of Aspectist adherents and Malin’s Children unburdened by the grievances and feuds of the past. Ceaselessly rain blows upon the eternal enemies of Malin’s Children through as just means as possible. The slaver, the bandit and any who would attack our people will not be tolerated to live without fear. Actively engage in diplomacy with other nations who share the aims of protecting their Mali population against those who would assault them, and assist them militarily wherever possible Vigorously promote the propagation of the various and unique rich cultures of all Malin’s people, be that the Aspectism of the ‘ame, the ancestral reverence of the ‘ker or the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya of the ‘Aheral. Make possible the conditions by which the ‘ame people, and the wider Mali people, might once again be united, as they were under the Great Dominion To ensure that never again shall any Elf declare themself ‘king’, or they shall be opposed with violence. I invite all those who know of me and my deeds, all those who seek to redeem our lost age of gold and all those who seek a revival of our strength to come and join me in this. Though today I have appealed to my fellow ‘ame and followers of the aspectist wild gods, all common minded of Malin’s children who enjoyed the bounties of the Old Dominion and its great, however imperfect state, are welcome also under the Hunter’s banner, be they ‘ame or otherwise. No King But Malin, mal’onnan and lari’onnan, let us ride once again.
  5. iMattyz

    Shedding Ones' Skin

    The biting winds of the great high northwest were almost too much, even for the grizzled, outwardly stoic Wood Elf who now trotted down that unnamed mountain pass on his blindingly coloured steed, bright white as it was. Though Khaine had found little to smile about through the previous months, this steed made him happy. Flake was her name, and she was the very first Arcasian horse he had discovered in the wild, as well as his swiftest. Nevertheless, he slowed the overly hasty horse to almost a crawl through this pass, gazing around in search of any nook or cranny in which he could keep her safe from the cold while his task was completed. Though the task was made almost impossible by the blustering head-on winds, one was spotted - a small, open topped but enclosed alcove accessible by a small, conveniently sized gap in the cliff’s edge which was shaped like an arch. Shielded from the hostile winds, it seemed to be an oasis of nature in an otherwise windblown desert of short grass and rock. In short, it was the perfect place for a solemn, devoted ritual to the aspects. After vaulting from the strangely well-behaved Flake, Khaine stroked his beloved steed’s head and pinned its lead under a heavy rock, rendering the horse relatively immobile, but with enough room to move so she could eat the present grass and walk around somewhat. With that done the armoured elf set to his task and, on the other side of the reasonably sized alcove, lit a fire which intensified and dulled in turn. “Witness this, gods of the wild, for I shan’t do it again.” the words from his own mouth struck the Elf as odd, they were the first he had spoken out loud in such a long time, even his horse had not suffered the monotony of it, he thought. Despite the jarring insight, it froze him only for a second before he once again began moving about. First he placed his helmet on the ground, then removed his chestplate followed by his boots, and then his jointed legplates. Laying the pieces of his panoply out in what seemed like a ceremonial manner before the flame, the tan-skinned, brown-haired Elf was left with but his undergarments and his Elven form, now stripped of the heavy armour that usually adorned it. No other descendant was present for leagues around him, and yet he felt watched by sapient figures unseen to him. Good, he thought, they were watching. Before the watching flame, the almost comically half-naked Khaine now went back to his horse, and withdrew a shovel from the liberally sized satchel he had brought with him, and began to dig. After what seemed like hours, but what was in fact probably only half of one, the hole was filled with Khaine’s iconic helmet, and chestplate and leg armour and sashes, all of which he had experienced his past with. “It shall be a new beginning.” were the only words the skin-bare, lonesome Elf spoke into the fire. “Trust that vow.” And with that, the garb of the past was left behind, and Khaine mounted his horse. Riding away, he grimaced somewhat. He had done what he wished, but it might have been a good idea to pack replacements. It was cold. No matter, he knew what he would don instead.
  6. Having obtained a copy of the text during his travels in lands of the valah, Khaine – a particularly warlike son of Malin, takes time to study its pages, advice and warnings. After reading it thoroughly and contemplating its messages, he bites his lip in deep thought. “A useful, but somewhat outdated and very primitive valah-like perspective of warfare. Perhaps I shall take up the Annilir‘s pen once more and update it. I would nevertheless have liked to meet the man responsible for this writing, we could have shared much enjoyable talk of strategy and tactics.” The Csarathaire then went to his desk and placed ‘Strategy’ beside an empty piece of parchment, and began writing his own.
  7. MC Name: iMattyz Head of household: Vulcan Family/individuals staying: 1 Number of Children: 0

    1. shoahinsnowyfields


      would be a good watch if i had the attention span of a gold fish

      cool character for having the concept of a pyrrhic victory named after him though 

      that’d be something to tell the grandkids 

  9. iMattyz

    Optiforge in 1.13.2

    This works, cheers
  10. iMattyz

    Optiforge in 1.13.2

    Can it be done and how? When I put the optifine .jar in the mods folder it just doesn’t work. Having to choose between optifine and my minimap is horrific