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  1. [✗] [Plugin Suggestion] Player Tangibility

    I think this would just be annoying when implemented.
  2. PSA Atlas Rules Update

    The oxymoron is real
  3. It seriously took a month to spew this paragraph of rules out? Anyone with half a brain on this server could've done better with an hour

  4. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    Gee imagine that GMs, sometimes the majority of players are right and sometimes they're wrong, what a surprise! But speed horses up please.
  5. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    You've clearly never been raided on this server.
  6. highwaymen disposal

    I didnt realise standing in the same place getting killed was a pvp tactic, apparently it is
  7. The Patriarchy

  8. Good video good channel




  9. [Rules] PK clauses for NL


    1. PoliceAli


      coronation of deez nutz more like


  11. like my post if you breathe air or any other material

    1. Hyena


      do we breathe air or does it breathe us 

    2. PoliceAli


      I breathe deez nutz

  12. [Plugin] Axes and War hammers

    Agreed, one of the few good things about nexus was the variety.
  13. A Written Apology

    ((Tfw forum formatting fucks you
  14. To the Servants of the ‘Prince of Wolves’, heed this warning, The Dominion of Malin, under the counsel of the Priesthood of el’Naelurir has long since taken a tolerant stance towards your kind in large part due to our shared connection to the blessed Springmother and Horned Lord. You profess to be creations of Morea, the great Mani Prince of Lupines and servant of the holy Mother and Father, created to ply his will, for better or worse. It is not our place to question the will of the spirits of the wild, if that is indeed what has caused this. It is, however, our prerogative to judge the actions of our peers. Like we have seen so many times with the often degenerate ilk of the so-called mother circle, being a self professed servant of the Aspects alone is not enough to warrant trust or respect. You may very well have been created to fulfill a divine will, or you may have a far more malevolent progenitor. However, the lack of mental fortitude in many of your kind coupled with the unpredictability of your affliction makes you violent and unpredictable. It is our decision that the ‘Feral’ affliction can not be trusted in the hands of the mortal individuals who currently wield it, and it has no place among our people. You walk on thin ice among elvenkind and the followers of the Aspectist rite. We are watching you, and wish to make the following terms of your tolerance very clear. Existing Cursed shall not enter a transformed state within Dominion lands or any other sovereign nation of the descendants. Your affliction shall spread no further, whether that be in the canyons of the north, or the frozen wastes of the south, the plains of the east or the forests of the west. If one more descendant succumbs, we will respond with the swiftness of lightning. If any of you are seen to be violating these terms, swift and harsh reprisal will follow. Signed, The Princely Council of the Dominion of Malin The Archdruid Triumvirate of the Naelurir Priesthood