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  1. Avius sighed. It was all so tiresome, after all.
  2. ⏐REASONS TO HATE⏐ Avius Csarathaire, although his name was really Adessius unbeknownst to the vast majority of his comrades and companions, strode up the path from Amaethea’s great Orocarnë gate with more than a few beads of sweat making their leisurely way down his forehead. The warrior, thoroughly decked out with a recently-sheathed sword known reverently as ‘Eldarian’ sat still at his waist, expelled the moisture from his form with a brief, backhand stroke. To deal with the source of the distasteful bodily fluid before coming into contact with any others, he threaded a firm handful of
  3. ⏐ARLETH OF ILLAWYN⏐ “I really don’t want to fight. Thinking about it frightens me. But I love our beautiful towers, how the falling sun backlights them in the evening. I love ambling through a glade and looking aside to see some squirrel climbing spirally up a tree in pursuit of its mate. I love the feeling of my eyes drifting open in the morning after a wandering dream, and slowly realising that I still live, that I still live here, with my loving father, you, and my companions… I think of losing these things, shed a tear and realise that I must fight, or the murderous darkness wi
  4. I hope you'll remember the Setherien days fondly, sir, however vague those memories become
  5. remove economy team and vortex, and ill donate 500 quid

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    2. Gilded


      When a plugin forces the average player to apply economic theory to roleplay, then it is practically a screwup. LotC shouldn’t be an environment in which you need to mechanically grind in order to facilitate roleplay. Imo, they either need to make the grind virtually non existent or just go back to Vanilla, so that it no longer limits a player’s experience.

    3. Hiebe


      Ill match your donation

    4. enormeous


      The economy team is a necessary and good idea, but it just isn't being properly applied. 

  6. Elvenesse has no snow, but all the leaves are white, causing the entire thing to look out of place and bad. Fix pls
  7. Avius, during one of his thoroughly infrequent visits to the library at Elvenesse, flicked with disdainful eyes through the extent of the thin tome. He had come upon it by chance in his none-too-thorough search for a theoretical concerning advanced, ancient sword techniques, and by the short huff he exuded upon concluding, did not seem impressed. "Meaningless. Useless. Nonsense." Avius remarked with dismissive ignorance to the many silent book-stacks, placing the tome back with a clack against the back wall of its shelf. "Typical Talus." he spat along with a superiority-confirming
  8. The 'skill' aspect can also be the respective skill of the characters in question, rather than just how good you are at typing and making fancy words. How old/experienced are the characters compared with one another? How focused on fighting compared to other activities? How do they do when fighting against an opponent with different types of weaponry? Etc. Neither are more important than the other, but I view the OOC and RP skill aspects of RP combat as a foundation, and determine my givetake considerations based on that. If you're a centuries' old, battle-hardened, weapon expert o
  9. Instead of convoluting shitty unwanted plugins, ruining pvp and implementing unnecessary mUh eCoNoMy systems, perhaps just take measures to improve rp?

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