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  1. This lad's a top fella he has my EX-ADMIN stamp of approval
  2. Ah, perfect! :'D
  3. @Sythan Thoughts?
  4. Harrison's chimping out
  5. "Surely you need people to have a people's revolt." Khaine quips hilariously.
  6. The sound of hundreds of existential crises blare out at the asking of this question.
  7. When nobody trusts the International Jew, he has no power.
  8. I'm genuinely pretty impressed at how this whole thing was handled. Well done.
  9. Too much whiteground at the top of the image..
  10. What is this bold new world where staff do things worthy of defending? :')
  11. What do we do with communists?
  12. Clarification on the inability to clarify is still good. :^)
  13. The fact that Kowaman has posted something about soulbinding (and has shut the server down) this morning probably means some sort of contact with Mojang has happened to prompt it. Give it a bit. Although some more clarification would be nice. Uncertainty kills business, my friends.
  14. Dangerous topic lmao
  15. I knew you were cheap.