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  1. I ran into this issue when I tried to be evil dark dwarves which is why I stopped playing them. People looked to us for a source of roleplay. Kinda like how early settlers in America would hunt large animals to the brink of extinction that's how I felt. Just a mechanism to further someone else's white knight sense of roleplay of stop the bad guy and crush them or don't touch me because my fragile perception of my character being a center piece in the story of the lotc world can't be broken by a simple bandit. In truth I was being a bad guy to help give people that villainy roleplay they wante
  2. [!] Grilthram Hammerforge appearing now after so long to read the tome of his brothers and sisters of the confederation. Standing in the room of the library a place he hadn’t visited in such a long time, with the travels of the world being seen across his face. He was old now streaks of white parted the red sea of his flowing beard and his face more wrinkled and furrowed then in his youth. He would smile as he unfurled the book opening up to read the history of the confederation of hammers. Greeted with the symbol of the confederation the symbol of the silvervein and hammerforge clan the gem a
  3. Hammerforge clearing the way of enemies during the battle at Aegrethond It was on the 13th of The Grand Harvest 1788 that Redwin hammerforge led his brothers and cousins Grimrodd, Grodd, Molack, Mrywynn, and Thavior into battle against the inferni. Tasked with protecting the medical bay that had gotten overrun he led his clan to jump down into the waters below and attack the enemy from behind. The enemy had breached the lower walls and we’re pouring into the medical bay killing all around them. Hammerforge might and resolve was thrust into the back of the enemy as the proud clan po
  4. CLAN HAMMERFORGE The Dwarven Naval Fleet arrives at the siege of Vitenna It was aboard one of the stoic dwarven cruisers that Redwin stood watching out into the water as the humans left to go fight in the city's invasion. Proud dwarven cannons roared from his own ship, and that of the royal dwarven navy pelting the great city with devastating shots. It was in watching the humans land fool heartily onto the shoreline of the demonic coast, that he could stand no longer to be left out of the gruesome fighting to be had within the city and called his clan forth to depart his ship a
  5. Sry accidental post idk how to delete this soI’m just erasing what was in it

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  6. [!] Through out the land the feeling of dread can be felt. Stories are surfacing of short shadows kidnapping people for evil deeds all around the land. Few survivors make their way out of the damp and blooded caverns we’re so many died before them. They would find themselves branded with the dark and evil rune of khorvad a message to the world that the shadows are no longer empty, and the darkness is free of strife.Within every city a rune would be carved in various locations around guard bells, family homes, and hidden passages. Only those familiar with the evil that is khorvad would
  7. I was trying to condense the magic as best I could as it was already getting rather large in writing and scope and the key take away section was more of a like refresher on everything just covered so the reader for sure understands before moving on. I made this to be able to be read by anyone with the least amount of vagueness possible hence why I added the drawings and charts. I am really trying to redo formatting right now. Also @Burnsy I went with the multiple step process to add more areas of role play as well as more vulnerabilities to it. Lose your ring or your hefthyn stone start on a q
  8. Sorry about the formatting that will be fixed it looked great in google docs and I just didn’t know how to transfer it here properly and did the best I could still working on making it easier to read I know its a bit hard on the eyes but bare with me. And I can’t recall the origin of these words tbh @z3m0s I just kinda mushed cool sounding things together that sounded like it would be good for the lore.
  9. That is a fair addition and I am pro anti circle jerking. I will make some changes based on your input as to be honest its true. please excuse my formatting right now as it will be changing as I figure out how to properly import the original design from google docs. Sorry for the redlines. If any one has any questions after reading the entire document please post below and I will answer/Direct you to the place in the lore that can answer it or consider making revisions thank you. Update: @Zacho please reference the red lined addendum located under “Stones of Hefthyn and
  10. All spells that would be of that size would be either for the admins to know of or something of like a siege nothing 100 blocks in scope would require a regular player to know the boundaries of and its not meant to as in it doesn't affect them( one addition to this would be the fogged lands spell but that will have a stone every 30 blocks with signs of notice.) I have no idea how to fix the red line spacing issue I am working on it now. only a few spells encompass that large of an area and those that are I have taken a great deal of time to flesh out and balance to the best of my ability.
  11. -An adventurer gazes upon the last of the remaining above ground Valdahaz stones. Credit to Jacob Rail The History of Kar’Torak The stones of Garumdir are a collection of archaic stones scattered across the landscape. Stories tell of their creation by the daemon Garumdir as a necessary protection against those who might harm his work. The creation of the first Garumdir stone, later named the Progenitor Stone, allowed Garumdir to protect the mountain ranges where his reevers worked. However, along with the rest of the world, time crumbled the mountain ranges Garumdir soug
  12. RP Name:: Grilthram Grandaxe MC Username: overlord8000 Discord: overlord#0292 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: To stand with my kin What Skills Can You Bring?: Rune smith, Monster fighting, Fire evo.
  13. Haha will have to do a rewrite to include that not just a reformatting so Ill need a bit more time to rearrange thing on my google doc if its not done in a week after this post I accept you guys closing this thread until I get the time to revisit the idea properly. But I am graduating this week so just need a bit more time on this project I literally just got free time this week and was planning on working on it so if the lts can work with me I can redeem this project.
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