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  1. "Teh runes glow wit' anticipation fer egg 'untin" *Grilthram says while painting runes on eggs*
  2. Grilthram Sits in his house drinking ale wondering why he didn't sign up.
  3. stellaris is pretty chill tho
  4. Ah man seems the server crashed and hasn't been up for sometime well at least i have my forum page to talk with others. There time enough at last. Wait a min. No nooo no please. *Seeing devices shader at sight of what the forums have become.* There is only time now.
  5. What if this was all a big April fools prank
  6. What do you think about the zootopian wars going on right now.
  7. I would like to be drawn as well Grilthram grandaxe the dwarf. Even if its a stick figure.
  8. *Would sign his name on the charter* "Well t'en lets get moving shall we never loiked deh desert anyway"
  9. *Would scratch the back of his head as he read the new posters* "Whoops"
  10. "Deh grandaxe clan will 'andle dis bounteh" *Would laugh heartily as he took the bounty off the board*
  11. "600 minas" *Says grilthram the dwarf*
  12. *Would be throwing his axe at the wall calling it back to his rune gauntlet* "Suh w'en are we going"
  13. Place an X beside the candidate you wish to vote for Name: Korhaz Grandaxe X Zharkaz Doomforged Dwalin Irongut Aldal Ireheart Frerir Irongrinder Grumbis Frostbeard
  14. Yeah this is a great idea I would love to see a chaos oriented evil side of the dwarves.
  15. Grilthram Grandaxe after conversing with Fimlin Grandaxe he would speak up, "Peace, And t'e reaffirmation of deh nonaggression pact wit' haense."