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  2. (A dream of the Age of Darkness; The Gates of Ibliss’ domain.) 𖤓 Order; My Lord, My father 𖤓 When I was a youth I had trained in the yards of Sunbreak and toiled under the radiance of Order and His eminence. The tenets of the embered carried me through darkness and temptation, but I sit here now as I pen this letter in contemplation. There is no one among the divine who has chosen to stand against Azdromoth alike that of those who had descended down upon mortal-kind and waged war against the Inferi and its False Princes and Prophets. These acts of righteous authority seemingly have become inert and remain facets of a time bygone; Devoured by time instead of the Wyrm-Emperor. Heed this call and raise thy banner by sword. Look to the light of Order in the sky and remind it that We the descendents are the force that uphold the Heavens above. If we shall fall then so too will the light of the world come sundering under smog and fire. There will be none to weep for the fallen when darkness rises. Muster thy strength and cut down wyrm and undeath alike. For the two do not discern betixt one and other; Both stand against Order. Both shall fall. Both shall meet a fate worse than the death they so cowardly evade. But hear me cravens of darkness and fire; I come bearing a gift. The Gift of Your Destined Death. My name is Order; Mine blade will cleavest the darkest of lords. My name is Maximus; Mine light within will not wane in the face of wyrms. I am the son of Xan and I urge any and all to hear my call and join me in this war for mortal-kind; Before it is too late. The Sun Reigns; Darkness Fears 𖤓 Ad Victoriam! 𖤓
  3. -=o=-O-=X=-O-=-o -=o=-O-=X=-O-=-o I N C A R I O L stood upon the walls of Haelun' looking down upon the tide with relentless thoughts biting at every move he made. As the page arrived with a missive in his hand he seemingly shook himself from that solitary state of rumination. The startled lord accepted the document and opened it hastily; Two pale eyes glossed with pride. "We have much to accomplish my dear brother. . . We will return the great vitality of our home. . . To Silver Ascendancy." The Okarir'sil chanted amidst the halls. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  4. Sumbakar stood before an altar of flame and shadow; A claymore of monumental size leveled itself upon each splayed palm of his. Ash and cinders idly blew off of its surface as the voice of A Z D R O M O T H hissed and whispered within his mind. His Father’s unrivaled spirit had bestowed an incalculable amount of rage within his son. The pact was made. The fate of Order was sealed. “RUIN.”. The prolific nephilim chanted among an audience of none, only He and the extension of Him; Arthonath, The Conqueror’s Blade. The Sword, Sumbakar, reveled mightily. The Redmont shook in the wake of its roar. This was its Asioth. It had been born a vessel of war. An instrument of His Father, and a tool to bring oblivion upon the Heavens.
  5. The Sword observed Haelun’; The Silver Blood had runneth ill, rancid and putrid with the stench of greed and laze. . . The pupil of Kiljarys an Iarwain would remain a neutral force until the fates would have it be otherwise.
  6. A de Sola smiles the Sun’s smile as Empire and God have found its way back into the heart of Man.
  7. A drakaarling; One of The King of King’s chosen would be seen toiling in the ash, dawn till dawn, for the next thirteen days. Trees were seemingly imported on carts and planted within the day in company of flowers which would illuminate the darkness with their blazing petals. Audo’s Grotto was lain deep in the ash-fields and serves as an eternal and stark reminder of the Eternal War we wage and those who have fallen in its wake. The Age of Dragons is nigh and those fallen would not be forgotten. Eternal is the memory of Flame.
  8. “The Doomforged Clan formally endorses Sigrun.“ - A missive which bore the seal of the clan could be found pinned to various government officials’ offices.
  9. Azhorgrond wept for the fallen King.
  10. A dark hammer struck down upon The Doom Forge upon Dwelgin’s departure to the Halls of Dungrimm and it would be his ancestors, heroes and legends alike who would welcome their kin to the Eternal Feast. Dwelgin’s name soon appeared in every scroll and tome beholden to the Doomforged clan; For he would be remembered.
  11. The Sage’s Six (The mouth of Azdromoth bestowing prophecy unto The Father’s Herald) Among those who wander wearily beneath the light of Ebrietes, there are those who would heed the tablets set into the grassy flesh of Eos and Aos. Her trees would offer shelter from the rain and wind while the eternal embers which cradled these shrines or tablets of stone would give warmth and protection from the cold. Prayer and ritual were made here to Her King, The Dragon-God; Two, but One. For, this god to which these sages paid great homage was forged from the mountainous ire of Her; The World. And so, these wandering sages bade the will of their Dragon-God and the earth to which he was bound to rule as He once had in an age not long ago from the immortal eyes of Dragonkin; Remembrance. Docar; or "Fire". The first tablet was carved and chiseled within the Ashlands of the West. Enwreathed in dragonsflame this shrine of stone lies within the crevices of a lone volcano which is said to be dormant, but lay waiting to spew its fire upon the land once again when its maker returns to reclaim His Kingdom. Fire is both creation and destruction; It casts both shadow and light. The sage teaches us not to discern, for the Sunlit Inquisition remains beneath our heel just as those wrought of Undeath. Valandar; or "Balance." This shrine represents much to many but the sage teaches that it is the equilibrium between the forces of light and dark that we, The Children of Azdromoth, stand between. This balance is but temporary and simply puts into perspective of the Eternal War which wages on between Aenguls and Daemons. With mortal kind at the whim of their power, it is the Dragonkin who repeatedly repel them from the realm to which their Father rules. Vosmirak; or "Eternal Flame." The sage tells within the draconic inscriptions which lay ablaze upon the tablet’s surface that it is the Eternal Flame within His Children which hold the knowledge of past, present, and future. The story of creation is within their inner flame and it is unto them to persist through time with this ancient lexicon. The Order of Nephilim has naught been only that of war but of scholars as well and that in itself is the true nature of the dragon. To hoard knowledge from all corners of Eos and Aos so that it may survive Ibliss’ oblivion. Thulmaraak; or "Transformation." The sage meant by this in that one must understand the processes of change one goes through within the Order of Nephilim. Many Dragonkin lose sight of their past selves or their former state of being and often embrace a ‘newfound Asioth’, though the sage urges us not to look beyond, to look within. It is there that lies the inner flame and the story of their ‘creation’. We are as evolving as the world and lands about us; We must not forget the story the sage tells within the tablet. Like a river shifting directions over time bygone so too does our direction but we must never be misled by the fallacies of Our Father’s corrupter. Drakendor; or "Unity." The sage has seen an age of civil war within the Order of Nephilim and never again should a time of blood ever return amongst The Father’s own children. We are His Chosen and the sage teaches that Dragon does not eat Dragon. If the Dragon devours itself - Oblivion will consume the world as we know it. The Dragon must not devour itself. The sage teaches this idea in the sense of urgency and simplicity so that all might understand it. Aklarnox; or "Enlightenment". The pursuit of enlightenment is oft the path that those who learn of Asioth set upon. And it is taught by the sage that this must be continued and passed on. Without Asioth there exists no path to enlightenment within The Order of Nephilim. The sage describes this within the burning sigils upon the stone tablet. Once again he does so in urgency and simplicity to that all might understand its teachings. Within the mountains and deep in the caves and upon Her rolling hills these tablets would be sat within. Tales are told of a wandering sage who teaches of a time coming just beyond the horizon. “Wings will shroud the sky and Aengudaemonica will sunder from the heavens.” Some tavern keeper might have repeated. If you read it with the music its more fun :)
  12. Azhorgrond turned to face a council of ancient Dwedkin, many with eyes alit with flame. The progeny of The Great Hero had been sequestered in shadow and unseen for long enough. A hammer struck. Sparks flew and the wind blew violently through a stygian hall with none, but the writhing flames from within the black forge. The Gears of War had begun to turn beneath the earth of Urguan. The Watchers have come.
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