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  1. “Karyssmov, somehow this has managed to make me dislike you less. Godspeed. Or Ibleese speed. Whichever is more fitting for you.” Says Vilta, just really confused as to how she got to wherever this conversation is occuring.
  2. Viltaren

    The Formidable Anti-Imperial Coalition

    Nah its finding a boyfriend. Rp makes you gay, can confirm.
  3. Viltaren

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    "It's like the world rewards us for not invading random lands. Odd situation though, for sure. Should we start building another boat?" Asks the small Minister, Lily Anarion.
  4. Viltaren

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    Lily Anarion, Minister of Law for Sutica, clears her throat. ”Its funny that you say where is the proof, as if this is not proof enough. However, Sutica was already well aware due to eye witnesses and relics found in the settlement while it was being used that it was a place of demons. Needless to say, We mourn for our disgraced, insane, pathetic former royal consort. Though the time of their leaving was not the most pleasant of circumstances, to see he would fall so low pains our hearts deeply.” She goes quiet a moment, hanging her head in a minute of silent mourning. "That all being said, Sutica of course officially supports the removal of demons from this realm. If any need healing or supplies in their investigations, we will happily support your business! Oh, and he was definitely an elf with cut ears.”
  5. Viltaren

    Mystery_Uialben, Known_Fenfir's Event Team Actor application

    I think mystery has personality, drive, and creativity in spades. He has exactly the kind of drive one needs to get others enthused about events, and to make them as fun as he can. Even his Rp is of a great quality, not struggling to ever be descriptive and well thought out.
  6. Viltaren

    Community Meeting

    I have two questions, and I have been sent here to ask those questions! Serious question, are we going to see more existing event sites or ruins locations on 7..0? This map felt like it had a lot less reason to explore, and a big part of this was a lack of ruins and other things, but its massive size also detracted from wanting to explore. 20 minutes of walking to see something small is kinda not fun, enticing or iinteresting. These sites could also be a boon to Event team members being able to host things in existing places Another question off of the nexus system. Is there a plan for crafting systems to be expanded/restricted so that there is some semblance of an economy? One of the biggest parts of nexus is necessitating frequent trade and Mina meant being able to get what you needed to play.
  7. Viltaren


    yes. That one.
  8. Viltaren


    How do you get your hair and face to do that thing?
  9. Viltaren

    A Message to Dunshire, circa 1685

    “I am sorry?” Lily asks, tilting her head to the side.”We dont have any record of any sutican citizen or government official even coming to this town before our visit now. What we do have records of, is the halflings requesting and utilizing land from Sutica in Axios, and then asking again to live in our city. you built and entire village for yourselves within our walls, we did not do that. Though I cannot blame you for wanting to leave thanks to those awful people once upon a time.”
  10. Viltaren

    [✓] [Paladin Rewrite] Champions of Xan

    Seems delmo already got to you!
  11. Viltaren

    With love, from Knox.

    Thank you Knox, you were loved. Even when we were yelling at you.
  12. Viltaren


    After he remarks to the air, a specter of Axios Viltaren runs up, yelling to him,"Spooks in the square, making a mess in the tavern. We need to purge!" And then she runs off, all starry eyed with her gigantic hammer in her hand.
  13. Viltaren


    Someone in the square asks Lily about Karrysmov, and after a moment of thought, she smiles gently as she always does and gives the standard response. "A madman with no rights or throne, hated by so many he was hunted down by the masses and torn from his tyranny, after which he abandoned his nation along with his failing wife. Not only does he not retain any level of respect he could have once had, but he is less than dirt in the eyes of many. Only just above being written out of the Sutican histories, so toxic and terrible his grabbed power was. Under his rule, all the people of our nation left. Our city was driven to emptiness and stagnated horrendously. It is only by constantly proving and showing how fair, balanced, and removed from that awful time that Sutica will once again thrive as it has continued to. And that's not to speak of his descent into demon summoning and the dark arts."
  14. Viltaren


    A letter is penned under the decree, one that every citizen of sutica received. "Some of you might have seen an entry for the opal crown of the Federation of Sutica in the auction house. This was once the crown of the nation but it is no longer imbued with any power of the state, not that it ever was. We sought to sell it to help enrich our nation, as it's only true symbolism is of a time when tyrants reigned. We are commissioning a new crown through our Minister of Magic, Crumena. this new crown unlike the old will serve actual defensive purpose for our princess. It will enable her to be safer in her leading of the city, and allow her to speak to parties she could not before. No longer will the symbol of our nation be a worthless clerical artifact. Lily Anarion, Minister of Law"
  15. Viltaren