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  1. Viltaren

    Year 1

    Lily sat in the hall outside the newly constructed cell. Though her leader had yet to set eyes on the creation, she knew it was well done. The walls, the bars, the doors. Surely it would be better now. And even if he had been an ass and continued to misbehave, he was in a place where he could at the very least tend to himself. Live in comfort even. A soft sigh slips from her and she shakes her head, pulling a small water damaged book from her shirt and placing it in her lap. Records needed to be kept. Notes needed to be taken. Perhaps she should visit the tavern and get tea. Yes that sounds like a wonderful idea. The small elf stood up, walking away from the cell. Through doors and gates, each clinking and crashing down as she closed them behind her. Yes, tea. Miss Aila should have a good blend.
  2. Viltaren

    [Community Review] Raids

    It wasn't meant as an insult but a reference to the some players and groups that only "rp" on lotc for the sake of pvp. There are those factions and people. While that is a lot of rp fighting happening next to each other, currently we have guard default, pvp default, and rp default for a reason. Smaller raids dont have that many people. rp combat is fine. In addition to this, you will see earlier in my post that i referenced that i believe there should be a cap. I would never want 20 people on a raid. 10 is acceptable, but still a lot.
  3. Viltaren

    [ Rules Amendment ] PvP Traps

    Hey it ain't me. We had, in the span of an hour, four gms give different rulings on our gates and boiling oil trap. After getting very frustrated and angry, I was able to call all gms to bother to actually speak to each other and decide on what the ruling would be. Kairimir and several others were involved, but Kairimir was the person to give the final verdict.
  4. Viltaren

    [Community Review] Raids

    I am the minister of law in Sutica, and I help our nation lead with a lot of diplomacy and responding to threats and issue that arise in the city. So what I say here I say as someone who heavily assists in the guiding of an established nation with not the most effective guardforce. @Narthok Section 1.0 Raid Procedure 1.1 To initiate a raid the leader of a raiding party must modreq one hour in advance of the raid The handling GM must then provide a warning regional broadcast to the target. The raid will arrive one hour from the broadcast not from the posting of the modreq. I really enjoy this modification to the rules. I believe, if we are allowed to rally people to defend the nation in an hour off of the broadcast, we can actually organize a defense. In addition, it would incentivise us to seek alliances with other nations. We aim for neutrality, but deals where we have paid other parties for defense have worked out well for us. This also creates rp for our nation and theirs. 1.4 Any individual that is downed during the duration of a raid (within the confines of the raided settlement and its immediacy) may be captured even if they are popped or D40. To do so make a modreq while providing a screencap of the individual being downed, ideally accompanied by a timestamp I do not enjoy this aspect nearly as much. This can cripple nations by having a leader forcibly taken. That may be the point, but politics are a dangerous and stressful balance already. I believe this may invite a situation where soft coups are enacted by dealing with foreign parties to raid and target a leader. In addition, it could lead to situations where raiding parties try and force PK on nation leads. It would also allow slaving parties to come on and ransack a cities rp simply due to an ooc grudge for much longer than the 2 hours you have stated. 1.5 Any individual that is downed during the duration of the raid (within the confines of the raided settlement and its immediacy) may have their head or body taken without consent. NPCS may be made of an individual to represent them having been executed. Or a head can be requested of a moderator without the need for player consent. What I want to know with this is how do we interact with our own bodies in rp? We are already told we are not allowed to recognise we died in rp, and it is a warnnable offense if a person recognises their own death. With this in mind, how are we to respond to reports of our own bodies or seeing our own bodies? 2.3 Battering Rams may be purchased at the Cloud Temple for (15000 minas for heavy or 7500 for light) or From a Moderator for (60 iron blocks or 30 iron blocks). The Battering Ram kit will resemble the tent kit. The Ram comes in the heavy (with arrow shield) or light (without shield) variants. I believe these are not expensive enough. Mina is too easy to earn. 15000 minas is common to have, and not a great loss if people grind out the hunting grounds. In addition to this, can the ram be moved? What if there are multiple gates in succession? What of properly rped and prepared boiling oil let out into a gateway? If its prepared, can it be used for defense? In addition to this, Once the raid has begun the supervising moderator will alert both sides that PvP is now ‘on’. PvP remains ‘on’ until the moderator specifically alerts the leadership of the offensive and defensive party. This removes the point of having any skilled rp warriors. It also enables PVP goons to pretend to rp for the sake of complying to rules while still only seeking to profit and cause grief. This also disables inbuilt defenses against raiders, in cases such as limited escapable lava traps meant to be used to deter raiders. 2.4 Any chest within the confines of the raided settlement may be broken open by the victorious offensive party provided the appropriate destructive emote is provided. Rolling is not required. This allows the mass theft and stealing of a nation. In a nation such as sutica, a successful raid would see us ransacked and in danger of losing all active players as they lose all possessions and belongings. And beyond players, there is the fact that if there is no limit, no emote, no roll needed to ransack, it is a simple matter to just break into a cities storage, destroy all chests, and let an entire nations building supplies and food despawn on the floor. There needs to be some sort of protective factor, or you enable rule protected griefing on a level that could destroy a nation in a single raid. 4.1 There is no limit on numbers for any offensive or defensive raid action. 4.2 If the aggressors are victorious the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Forty Eight Hours from the beginning of the raid I believe there should be somewhat of a limit in place. This invites warclaims without the paperwork. With no limit, it is entirely possible for a plan to be put in place where 20-30 plus players are gathered by a group of nations, then taken on a raid to a single nation they dont agree with, or want crippled or gone. Then, without the fairness and rules of the war claims, they can steamroll a nation and cause irreparable damage to a nation for the sake of an ooc grudge or simple removal of competition. It would be mostly impossible to gain a defending force strong enough to manage the attackers 20-30 strong raid group in the span of a single hour. With no limit, it is a warclaim, without having to claim. 4.3 If the defenders are victorious the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Fourteen Days from the day of the raid. 4.5 If the defenders are victorious in both repulsing the first raid and in the retaliatory raid then the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Twenty One Days. I do enjoy this, but in order to be an action taken, there needs to be a safety from CB. Bigger nations with stronger pvpers can win wars against weaker nations. But, if a weaker nation defends, and then retaliates, then the bigger nation has rights to CB. Then they can simply force war, and then destroy the weaker nation with no repercussions. THey could even intentionally lose to bait out a retaliation and a CB with it. 5.1 A raid is defined as a hostile action committed by an organized group, launched from a point of origin. To secure the benefits and such of a raid the above definition must be fulfilled and overseen by a Moderator. I would like to see this be a nation or specific group of origin. As in, not just a raid camp down the way, but something that invites politics and diplomacy. 5.3 A group of Villains operating within the walls or the immediate surroundings (50 blocks from the walls) will be considered an illegal raid if their numbers exceed three. All instigators of illegal raiding shall be Villainy Blacklisted. The leader / high ranking of the party shall receive a double sentence. 5.4 You may not instigate a raid if there are fewer than three people in the city at the time of the GM going to broadcast. To clarify when the GM accepts the modreq and goes to perform the warning broadcast if there are less than three people within the city then the raid may not be performed. I very much enjoy both of these protections. It is something that is very needed. Off hours are off hours. In sutica we have 15-20 people rping in the city with regularity, but when its off hours, not many are there. And that's fine for our activity, but it feels really scummy. That's all I have to comment on for now, but I very eagerly look to your response @Narthok
  5. Viltaren

    [ Rules Amendment ] PvP Traps

    I believe this change isn't needed. The current rules accomplish everything they need to. Sutica massively shifted the operation of our defenses to be in line with current ruling. It is escapable, and offers an offensive response for a city with the money to construct such defenses irp, but not the people to maintain a guardforce strong enough to repel those who wish to raid us. It's also very important to note that the lava does not cover the entire entrance, and there are large sections of space available to get to, to not be burned. Lava is slow, if you can't manage to move five blocks, then its the same as letting yourself be hit with arrows. I want to also point out how impossible it is to make a trap that does a limited amount of damage, especially when potions are not in the game. Fall traps are not allowed, and with them ruled out, the only option would be a line of dispensers shooting a specific amount of arrows. Perhaps a plugin could be made that allows the creation of damage areas? Something to simulate boiling oil but would only do specific damage in an area? Or if its simpler, have a hookah esque special dispenser that deploys a specific instant damage potion, with a cooldown baked in that limits use to once in a perceivable encounter. I will concede that trapping people between two gates and pulling a lava trap that covers everywhere isn't fair to, nor a healthy response in terms of community relations with, raiders. ALso that is already not allowed according to multiple gms. Any thing that traps people in pvp isn't allowed. You can only do it in RP.
  6. Viltaren

    You Were Lied To

    The Gecko Druid comes to a stop before the few words assumedly left on the banner. After reading them, he sighs, the years weighing down on his shoulders very suddenly."Just anotha false lead. Ain' gonna take me home." As he shakes his head, he pulls out a notepad. Some sketching later and its stowed, the ancient elf walking off into the forests.
  7. Viltaren

    Mystery Uialben harms no More

    ((This section is partially OOC. @ryno2 Can you please PM me on the forums with your discord information? I am the Minister of Law in Sutica and thus I will be the ooc contact in ensuring we have your questions answered.)) [!] A letter would be penned to the The High King Regent Of Kaz'ulrah. "This open letter is sent to The High King of Kaz'ulrah. My name is Lily Anarion and I am The Minister Of Law and Chief Justice. We were expecting you to seek to contact us, and as such we have answers prepared for you. You are of course invited to Sutica to speak personally with me and The Trade Princess. This trial was held with Mystery Uialben's consent, and the punishment will seek his consent as well. His punishment has yet to be carried out, so no honor has been harmed. Thank you so very much for your time, Lily Anarion."
  8. Viltaren

    [ Staff ] Position Limitations

    To reiterate on something touched on a few times here, this post feels bad spirited when there are three people on the entire server of a few hundred active players at a time who this rule change would affect. While I am for the limitation as a broad note, it comes across poorly when suggested by someone who has a personal history against one of the three people this change effects. If it were more common, there would be a question to ask about how effectively one can do their given duties when they have so many of them. Perhaps, as an overall note there does need to be better ways to see if a staff member is properly meeting expectations. That being said, that would be if it were more common. But its not. Its three people on the server, one of which is a world dev as well, and that team, as started by fireheart, asks its people to find other work to do in downtime. As critical as i have been of @Keefy in the past, he has very much proved me wrong as of late. It's also worth noting I was only that critical because I personally know him well, and it was always with the point that I am open to being proven wrong. With all of that in mind, I am left with a single question:
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  11. Viltaren

    [Accepted] A_Keefys Forum Moderator Application

    Keef is the example of a good FM. In the many months I have known him, he has never not been on the forums at the same time as whatever else he was doing at the time. This is to the point that if he is home, it's safe to say he's taking care of the forums.
  12. Viltaren

    [Communion and Control Druidic Magic][MA]Ethetani

    I was half awake!
  13. MC Name: Ethetani Character's Name: Midnus Anarion Character's Age: 1060 Character's Race: High Elven What magic(s) will you be learning? Communion and Control Druidic Magic Teacher's MC Name: Delmodan Teacher's RP Name: Owl Druid Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
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  15. Honestly, Not only does Fury know an obnoxious amount about lore and how to lead exciting interesting story lines, but he's one of the better role players I have ever had the pleasure to Rp with. I dont know if these comments matter at all, but I think he'd be a wonderful addition to the event team.