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  1. What does this 'your view' hope to address? Because it doesn't actually seem to be able to change anything? This is just a discussion about how plate armor is good, and bows are generally useless within 16 blocks of an opponent.
  2. Second coming of Ragnarok
  3. Ellenore av Eiriksdóttir reviews documents relevant to the subject matter.
  4. "Snow Elves..." Ellenore av Eiriksdóttir frowns.
  5. You would be better at pvp if you had the bare minimum situational awareness to not bulldoze into a berry bush
  6. "Huh." Ellenore av Eiriksdóttir was quite surprised!
  7. "Disconnect Xan!" The High Keeper commanded.
  8. "Paladins deserve worse," Ellenore av Eiriksdóttir spoke.
  9. Within the confines of the Hearth Temple and tucked away into the common quarters, the High Keeper intently reviewed the invitation delivered by Balianite couriers. There, she partook of meat and wine, sipping on the after-mentioned Camian Elderberry quite eagerly. After a confusing display of emotions, she offered the invitation to her scribe, Chief Farian Gylldene. "Royal?" She neglected to address the misgendering of her person. "Brother-Farian, I think I need to get out more. I can't have these Southlanders calling me royalty!" She hastily stood, grabbing the sheathed longsword that was lying against the bench aside from her. "Find the Lady Sera; we must make way toward those dreaded tropics at once!" "However, I do appreciate their scribes getting my name right." @PestyWarlock@ShinyB
  10. "150 mina to whoever kills this guy." Elrith offered.
  11. "They're right, Norland is a danger to the wee folk." The High Keeper ponders her orb, musing over how flammable wee-men are.
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