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  1. With forward note, I 100% agree with everything you have said in this post, with a few minor complaints. Yes, you make the observation that poor Villainy RP is not the only problem LotC experiences, but also poor Victim RP. This is true. However, I feel as if this post is targeted at events that may have happened recently if you catch my drift. I certainly don’t see you as a person to conduct any of this behavior, but perhaps you missed out on the part where a settlement was raided 4 times within 10 hours, by the same groups of players that orchestrated it behind the scenes? Perhaps, that may or may not have happened, but as a person who has done his fair share of rule loop-holing and OOC abuse of mechanics. Honestly, I cannot believe any of what happened last night to truly just be ‘RP focused’. Maybe I've grown soft? I’m not sure, my time as a Snorlander tells me that groups will intentionally or unintentionally **** with people beyond what is acceptable. We had very strict raid rules that I think most people thought were acceptable, 10 people maximum, 3 people minimum, 4 day cooldown, etc. Simple stuff really. Do you think raiding a settlement with 3 different parties, made of different people, from different factions, within the span of only 1 hour is an acceptable way to RP? Especially when no RP is done and the players are downed and popped? I like your post, but I feel as if there is something wrong here.
  2. You just posted cringe, you lose subscriber.
  3. Elennanore

    The Response

    Really cool, I love staff
  4. Still haven't fixed the faulty Mod AI 😞
  5. “Do people just pick the Phoenix because its cool? I hope all of you know that just because you die and come back does not mean your cool, just means you ******* die all the time.” Elrith says, laughing as these low energy mages and ape-like wood elves.
  6. That’s a spicy paragraph, buddy. Particularly, the high elves aren’t “pacifists” what the hell are you talking about? And why do you think, if you want a pure race and you want to discourage interbreeding, what do you do when someone decides to interbreed? Oh, you use violence to break them up or kill them. Racism also isn’t “hatred of other races.” Racism is prejudice or discrimination on the basis of race. You can look this up and get the dictionary definition. I don’t know how to break this to you gamer, but not wanting your race to breed with others is still racism. Alright gamer since it seems you're going to call me out on semantics alone, lets get down to it. One, in the context of LotC roleplay it is extremely useful to divide the racism definition into two because of how High Elven RP is. Two, if you have ever been around the High Elven community, you would know there are a great deal of fanatics who endorse both side of the spectrum. Many believe any form of violence to be impure, thus, not in the will of Larihei, many others also believe that the 'purifying'(aka, violence) against the impure is still fine, as it is 'necessary violence'. So yes, there are plenty of pacifist High Elves, myself being one of those pacifists. So, yes, gamer, maybe my idea of racism doesn't completely align with the norm, but every point I said is still logically correct given I included meaning and definition behind everything I said. Also, if someone does interbreed, you can banish them from the city. If they resist, grab them and carry them out, and lock them outside the gate, I guess you could still call that violence but that is nowhere near melting people in acid, gamer. P.s. this is just my reference point as well, this comes from the literal high elven guide.
  7. Alright, since all of you seem very under educated in general world history, the Nazis are definently not the only group to have exercised racial or ethnic purity. The concept has been around for millennias. You should also seperate racism and racial purity if you want to actually I understand High Elven RP. Racism is the hatred of other races, racial purity is the belief in having a pure race, you can have one, the other, or both. You can easily exercise the thought of racial purity without having hatred towards others, a common belief in many High Elves as many High Elves are also pacifists. The Nazis were not pacifists in any form, they were extremely xenophobic and a militaristic group that desired the eradication of lesser humans. Clearly, there is a difference and racial eradication has been practiced on LotC many times before, not exclusively by High Elves.
  8. You should make a comparison of art you've made over the years, you've seemed to have improved quite a bit.
  9. Alright gamer, it seems like you're extremely high level(maybe around 40 or 50). However, nowhere in the dark elven lore(on the wiki at least) does it say anything regarding this. I understand that you may be upset and your tinfoil hat is likely in hand somewhere, but I, as a higher level gamer, ensure you that the LT is not purposely punishing the dark elves. Might I also point out that we are roleplaying on a fantasy server where we have a subrace that is quite literally grey to black, and not anything similar to what may be referred to as 'black' irl. Please gamer, I am going to assume that having literal near black skin color might mean that they have an 'opaque pigment' in their skin. I'm not a biologist, so don't take my word as fact, but I don't believe any of the LT enforce very extreme biological or scientific theory on LotC. :^(
  10. I’ve sent out friend requests and PMs to people about their Development applications. Please look at Discord!

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