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  1. Graduating basic combat training tomorrow. See y'all soon.

    1. Stargush


      Im proud of u

    2. Telanir


      Welcome back friend 🙂

    3. rukio


      hello Elrith 

  2. I'll be arriving at Basic Training shortly. Peace.

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    2. rukio


      take care

    3. Kaelan


      cya you ginger nerd 

    4. Skylez1


      Look forward to calling you my brother in arms.
      Get it done o7

  3. “The fact that Mali’ame take the Sohaer seriously implies that they don't see the comical intentions behind his declarations. You might even call it cultural to make jabs and jests at other entities for their rather degenerate behavior, and find humor in their reactions. As, they are completely incapable of even understanding the thought process of their superiors, and thus, react in volatile and unproductive ways to compensate for their rather undeveloped intellect. I will give it to him, amusing.” Ellenore notes, sitting back in her rather lavish chair within the Western tower of Gehenna.
  4. let it happen, cant wait for the high elves to have two subraces
  5. https://gyazo.com/4a8a2ab28ec290c8adc9be8f3f100b37
  6. “What a turbo-virgin.” She comments.
  7. With forward note, I 100% agree with everything you have said in this post, with a few minor complaints. Yes, you make the observation that poor Villainy RP is not the only problem LotC experiences, but also poor Victim RP. This is true. However, I feel as if this post is targeted at events that may have happened recently if you catch my drift. I certainly don’t see you as a person to conduct any of this behavior, but perhaps you missed out on the part where a settlement was raided 4 times within 10 hours, by the same groups of players that orchestrated it behind the scenes? Perhaps, that may or may not have happened, but as a person who has done his fair share of rule loop-holing and OOC abuse of mechanics. Honestly, I cannot believe any of what happened last night to truly just be ‘RP focused’. Maybe I've grown soft? I’m not sure, my time as a Snorlander tells me that groups will intentionally or unintentionally **** with people beyond what is acceptable. We had very strict raid rules that I think most people thought were acceptable, 10 people maximum, 3 people minimum, 4 day cooldown, etc. Simple stuff really. Do you think raiding a settlement with 3 different parties, made of different people, from different factions, within the span of only 1 hour is an acceptable way to RP? Especially when no RP is done and the players are downed and popped? I like your post, but I feel as if there is something wrong here.
  8. You just posted cringe, you lose subscriber.
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