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  1. What if we just allowed guns and cannons, and arcane guns and arcane cannons? : (

  2. "She's probably got a few diseases, I'd be careful." Ellenore comments.
  3. Make CT a small Village/Town on the coast where there are boats. People can either choose to RP their characters coming from the land we are in(Arcas) and make up a story of how they were raised, or they can say they arrived by boat to this foreign land. Instead of spawning in a place that is completely unfriendly towards RP. For the first choice of ‘make up a story of how they were raised’, promote community leaders such as Nation Leaders to write very detailed and organized descriptions of their RP community on the forums and wiki. For the second choice of ‘they can say they arrived by boat to this foreign land’, promote new players writing fleshed out backstories for their characters and using the available lore we have, such as Aeldin. Both of these choices will aid New Players in becoming part of our RP community and easily integrating them into the community. Many new players are commonly rejected from communities because they don’t fit the culture they attempt to join. Obviously, a magic-loving elf isn’t going to have a good time attempting to join a magic-hating culture such as Norland. It does not make sense to just let New Players attempt to join the community without guiding them through the many different Nations and Culture groups, explaining the do’s and don’ts of each group. There isn’t much need for RP in CT, just being a place to spawn, buy items, and be somewhat RP friendly.
  4. I don't know who you are, so I can't answer that.
  5. I have only ever actively played two characters consistently. A male and a female. I don't believe I have any other female characters, but a few random male chars. Never tried falafel. Been good. I don't know, I've been gone for 11 weeks, most Nations are probably low quality. I like the Lord of the Ring Trilogy. Kiss a camel. Yes. In time. No. Never.
  6. Mathew Malachi, my great, great, great grandfather. Why not? Yes. Tomorrow. 68A. Wanted to RP, so I joined LotC. The most fun I've had RPing, probs Arcas. Most fun I've had PvPing, Axios. Friends, downtime, busy schedule, ADD, and wanting a creativity outlet.
  7. Been here since late, late Athera, left during Vailor and came back in Axios. Haven't made an AMA before, I think. So, I'll answer the basic questions. Name's Gavin. I'm 18. My favorite colors are red, blue, green, and purple, grey is also nice. I have red hair. White as a piece of paper. Socially on the left, economically on the right. Don't like capitalists. Don't like socialists(commies). RP is okay I guess. I've been through Army Basic Training, not a Military nerd, yet.
  8. It’s been a while..

  9. Graduating basic combat training tomorrow. See y'all soon.

  10. I'll be arriving at Basic Training shortly. Peace.

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  11. “The fact that Mali’ame take the Sohaer seriously implies that they don't see the comical intentions behind his declarations. You might even call it cultural to make jabs and jests at other entities for their rather degenerate behavior, and find humor in their reactions. As, they are completely incapable of even understanding the thought process of their superiors, and thus, react in volatile and unproductive ways to compensate for their rather undeveloped intellect. I will give it to him, amusing.” Ellenore notes, sitting back in her rather lavish chair within the Western tower of Gehenna.
  12. let it happen, cant wait for the high elves to have two subraces
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