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  1. "Verily, a time of festivity and celebration." The High Keeper prepared for the occasion.
  2. God has not forgiven the Novellens.

    1. SimplySeo


      Nor should he ever

    2. TeawithFrisket


      Novellens should just change their name, it’s so simple kek, there are more powerful names out there. Mb this is why the stassion hired the fairymen

  3. Haense W

    1. SimplySeo


      nobody tell him...

  4. "It is by the Will of the Father that I am to host the Gnomes of Oblazek." The High Keeper proclaimed, signing the document.
  5. "Excellent cartography skills." The High Keeper notes.
  6. "T'would appear that another tragedy has occurred in the Heartlands. Though that is no surprise; there's drama near every year!" The High Keeper reads over the missive, seemingly discontent with what was contained therein. "We'll be absent from this affair."
  7. This is such an old Orenian cope. It dealt psychic damage reading it.
  8. Norland mods! Holy shit! Please give me their discords so I can kiss their toes. I wasn't aware I had mods working for me. Mashallah, I'm so blessed.
  9. OUTMATCHED BY DUNGRIMM’S CHOSEN ONE. Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart’s prowess in combat, unmatched. Issued by High Keeper Ellenore, on the 12th of The First Seed, year 147 of The Second Age; within the SACRED halls of URGUAN’S THRONEROOM, before Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart. “I have to commend Grand Marshal Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart for his bravery and prowess in battle, where he truly showed incredible martial ability by beating our forces.” - High Keeper Ellenore By word of the High Keeper, envisioned and ordained by the righteous servant of the ALL-FATHER PREAMBLE In the year 147 of The Second Age, I, High Keeper Ellenore foolishly made the decision to aid The Vale against a combined Urguani-Haelun’orian force. On this day, I was met on the battlefield by the greatest military commander of recent times, Grand Marshal Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart. Under the command of Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart, the combined Norlandic-Vale forces were quickly decimated by the superior tactics employed by Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart. I, High Keeper Ellenore have never witnessed a more fearsome, honourable, badass, tactical, smart, strong-willed, courageous, fearless, unceasing, then Grand Marshal Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart. After we were defeated, we have come to the following agreement: CONTENTS I. High Keeper Ellenore fully admits defeat in face of Urguan, and the two nations shall now have peace with one another. II. High Keeper Ellenore fully admits that Grand Marshal Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart has outclassed Norland time and time again in martial capability. III. Grand Marshal Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart is always eligible to get a free drink at Norland’s tavern from this point onwards. Signed and Ordained by the will of the Father before His most Sacred Flame, Ellenore, High Keeper of the Sacred Flame, Master of the Order of the First Flame, Righteous Servant of the Red Lord, Loyal Adherent to the Ashen Way Signed, Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart Grand Marshal of Urguan, Grand Champion of Urguan, Dragonslayer, Priest of Dungrimm
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