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  1. i want to downvote this
  2. "I am a simple peasant, I don't understand, please explain." Ellenore says, confused.
  3. who are your rep sluts, you instantly get a +1 by just quoting me and i aint got ****
  4. https://gyazo.com/d9bc0e78dbdacb238d2005f1aa3e47da Joel's new ride
  5. >on renatus side >renatus fort is ass >should have never been approved >bad GMs Anyways, I'll edit this response later and give a very detailed essay on LotC build standards regarding forts.
  6. "We have defeated them in equal and fair combat, but they still fall short of victory!" Ellenore proclaims.
  7. "Not if yeh lose every fuckin' battle." Ellenore comments on the Orenian's flawed thought.
  8. I have two characters. Elrith, a High Elf that is now an Animati. I don't play him often but he was my main for several years and has gone through too much to really say, but he does hate the Orenian Empire. Basically shelfed but I occasionally run around and do stuff. Ellenore is my current main, daughter of my previously mentioned character, Elrith. Is a High Elf and has a lot of the same pursuits as my old character but is a lot more extreme in those areas. Prideful, hard working, and loyal are good ways to describe her. Her ears are clipped so she looks like a Human to everyone who doesn't know her as an Elf. Extremely kosher, so kosher that she is celibate and has abstained from marriage. For character development, she's been through a lot and some of the details are best left to RP, but she is extremely biased against any Empire; Oren, Renatus, etc. After Nordengrad was sacked and taken over by traitors to the faith and city, she left and became a vagabond. She was homeless for a while and didn't like anyone, but eventually became part of the High Elves, she was only around 29 at this time and doesn't know she is an Elf. Eventually, she kinda realizes what she is because of how her appearance has changed even though she is around 40. She is going through a dilemma of where she hates both Elves and Humans, Elves had participated in the destruction of Nordengrad, namely Eli's character Karin and his nation Gladewynn and the Elves were just slothful and lethargic in her pov. Humans overall caused her a lot of misery in her life and she was distrustful of them, especially Imperials. Eventually she leaves Haelun'or because she had become a lot more of a pacifist, and she viewed the High Elf taunts and acts against the other Elves as aggresive. Now, she lives in Nordengrad2.0 with a bunch of retards, very epic.
  9. Ngl, very low iq comment. I blame staff a lot more than Oren, people can cheat, hack, *****, complain, but at the end of the day it truly matters how staff responds to such.
  10. Edited: Made this make sense. >Pingz banned multiple times for having to deal with irl and is accused of being a DPM alt. Banned the 1st time for leaving RP feed his child, which he sent a picture of into the Empire discord to confirm his story. DPM doesn't have a child, my good man Pingz is a hard working father, big difference. >Oren side has a large amount of hacking and cheating going on that was proven true by staff and those players were banned. >NordicGod was screenshared by staff to prove he wasn't hacking. Still accused of hacking! >Extremely solid evidence of what looks Malgonious account sharing with another player. >Warclaim is being redone even though the Empire Side had no hackers and the Oren side did. Oren people referring to Arberrang even though Heruperkrat nearly killed 30 people in 10 seconds and stalled for a good 30 before being banned. >People accuse drfate of being invis even though its literally a client side error, where many people can see drfate. People who aren't staff could also see him, Fireheart_ is literally just wrong. >drfate kills 2 people, Orenian hacker kills 7. >Tfw people accuse Teegah of being invis, which he was to the Orenians in a skirmish but not us and instantly assume he used /vanish. Teegah isn't staff. This quite literally proves that staff perms are not involved in the invisibility glitch. >Fort Loches looks like actual aids but the mod team told them to make changes which they accepted. Mod team demanding quality when that should in all honesty be the job of the Dev team. Fort Loches should have never been accepted imo as someone who builds almost daily. >Warpath is changed in the last 48 hours before the warclaim, Empire given very minimal time to prepare for it. A lot of their work either gets rolled back or edited to conform to the mods standards(which they have none imo). >Warrules being edited during a war. Doesn't seem so intelligent tbh, in the real world(USA at least) you cannot be charged for a crime that was committed before a law was made. Seems like that should be something on LotC ngl. >Both sides had alting players, so that's that. All of us know it. >Punishing players for staff incompetence all around the board. Edit: Side note, trying to be as unbiased as possible. I personally am not the most fond of Renatus, DPM, or the Flays. I fought against them before and they destroyed my nation on several occasions. Arberrang was an inside job.
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