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  1. https://gyazo.com/fafeb18081cc598ebd19d4c6db3f9499 ugly color pattern, probably the best thing this lore piece offers.
  2. hey we could make joel admin now haha xD

  3. Working on a Transfiguration rewrite... DM me for details or if you want to help.......

  4. Did you write lore for Jews Edit: ****, all it took was reading ‘Peoples of the Book’ to know that this was inspired by Abrahamic Religion https://gyazo.com/26618857103fbf35a0b088fe71616764
  5. when will u change ur terrible pfp, i see it on every magic forum post and it has begun to annoy me......
  6. Working on Void rewrite, mainly its creatures/inhabitants/etc. Throw me a DM if you are interested in participating in such. o7


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      Personally I would strongly suggest steering away from retroactive changes to the established canon, even for something that might not so directly impact the setting. The revisions make sense though.

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  8. The Blighted Steels: Ch 1 Azhl Steel - The Vilestone “A single nick and they bleed like the rapid waters of the river Velfree.” - A Red Priest It was said that they fell from the Heavens – great meteors burning vibrant colors across the starry sky, descending to the realm of Aos below. They teemed in the hundreds, all at once falling down from whatever high perch they previously held. The Azh Stones were the first to be taken note of, as they were plentiful and numbered in great proportions. Though none knew the cryptic origins of this ore, for the time they fell was long ago and during a time when the world was young and whole. Azhl Ore(Raw) Azh Stone. An ashy black rock that is only found near the surface within close proximity to sources of molten material. It is extremely hard and quite brittle in its unrefined state, making it particularly tricky to mine. It tends to crumble into a fine dust if struck with enough force - a pickeaxe could likely do this. The dust produced from mining the Azh Stone is a terrible skin irritant, causing rashes and sores to appear where if you come into contact with it. One should refrain from breathing in the rather toxic dust. Just as it is a skin irritant, it also affects the lungs in a negative way as well. For the most part, it is known to cause chronic caughing and respiratory conditions in whoever breathes it. However, in some cases it may cause Azhl Anemia, a terrible condition of the blood which adversely affects the body. Harvesting Method There is no specific way Azhl Ore must be harvested. However, there are some suggestions and notes one should take if they attempt to undergo this feat. Firstly, wear clothing to cover all portions of the body, the dust is a skin irritant. Secondly, cover the mouth and nose most importantly. Azhl dust is not small enough to go through most cloths, so the best way to gather such is to simply put a rag over your face. Azhl Steel(Refined) An ash black steel with ribbons of smoldering crimson running through it like vines up a tree. Its durability is comparable to gold and a weight like that of iron, making it a rather poor weapon of choice for most encounters. Though, it is only really prone to denting and bending, while still oddly maintaining a fine edge. However, this fine edge is the trademark of this vile steel. If one is even slightly nicked by this steel, enough to cause one to bleed, the individual would feel a sudden sharp stinging pain in the surrounding area of the wound. The veins of the afflicted area will slowly turn dark grey, as the vile steel takes its mark upon the victim - Azhl Anemia. Applications Its durability is comparable to gold but is strong enough to maintain a decent edge. Take this as you will and craft whatever your heart so desires. Refining Method To refine this material it is suggested that you gather all of the dust from mining the ore, and also turn the ore into dust itself as well. Take precautionary measures to avoid harming breathing in or contaminating the skin with the dust. All of the gathered dust of the Azh Stone should be put into a singular crucible with wood chips, preferably hardwoods(soft woods aren’t as effective). This crucible should then be heated to around 2,000*F(1099*C) where the stone will then melt. The molten material should be poured out immediately and any slag found at the top of the molten material quickly removed, as it only takes around 30 Seconds for the material to harden. Instead of its dark grey color as before, it will appear as a smoldering crimson while molten and when it solidifies. Once again, the ingot of Azhl Steel should be melted again until there is no slag left in the mixture. A heating will occur where hardwood chips are added and the molten metal is poured into a cast. From there, straight hardwood ash should be sprinkled onto the bar of metal as one works it with a hammer. This occurs while it is at forging temperature, which is a relatively low 615*F(323*C). A long and tedious process of hammering will ensue as the Smith works the bar of Azhl Steel into the desired shape. If one neglects to sprinkle hardwood ash onto the Steel, it will result in a soft and easily bent product. Extra - Azhl Anemia Azhl Anemia is a terrible, chronic, condition that spreads from exposure to the blood, either through the skin or the lungs. It will spread throughout the body, coating the veins it goes through with a sticky black substance, which notably causes a decrease in muscle strength and dexterity in the afflicted area in the first few hours. The area it will spread to in most cases is contained to about a limb or the size of one’s torso. After about a day of having Azhl Anemia, one is likely to notice the high fever and throbbing in their head. This is also accompanied by vertigo and rampant vomiting, with cold sweats and weariness following after. Though, this condition is easily remedied by Alabastar’s Leaf and day’s worth of rest. If untreated, this condition can grow to become chronic and potentially permanent. A dreadful chronic illness. This is when the Anemia finally seeps into the bones of the victim, resulting in dark grey veins sprouting throughout the majority of the body, where these veins develop cause the skin to blacken and become thick. The detriments of this illness are chronic fatigue, brittle bones, and stiffened skin in the afflicted area. Muscles seem to repair almost entirely but not to the extent they were previously. The only positive effect is that the skin is like animal hide, quite thick, but it tends to have cracks that expose soft flesh and results in painful sores. Piercing and slashing seem to have a reduced effect against this hide, but the force of the blow still exists. Creatures affected by this chronic disease have a mild odor which smells slightly sulfuric. A particularly useful note is that salt baths tend to lessen the pain these individuals suffer from by a large margin, but does to reverse the effects of the Anemia. It is also said that bloodletting and peeling of the hide may be able to cure the condition, but it is risky. Redlines - It takes 7 OOC days for Azhl Anemia to become chronic, and even then it is up to the player if they wish to develop the condition chronically.
  9. The Adfectio Stones “What beauties lie below.” An unknown explorer. There are untold gems that lie below, beyond the value of lustrous metals and gleaming stones. Within their natural homes, they are dim and show no brilliance. Yet when held, they are said to emit the emotions of one’s own soul. Adfection Stones(Raw), Refining, & Harvesting Raw Adfectio Stones start off as dim grey deposits found in clusters within most types of rocks. They are fairly brittle and dull to begin with, having few particularly noteworthy uses. They are able to be extracted with most other methods of mining, and can be polished as easily as any other stone. They appear to attempt to emit varying colors when held, but there is a lack of vibrance and shine when they do. If the Adfectio Stone is polished, one would find very different results. Adfectio Stones(Refined) The Adfectio Stone has a peculiar property of changing colors when either held by someone or held against someone - even when they are an inch away from the stone. Though, it should be noted that any farther than an inch and the stone will not reflect any color, it would also be very dim. The colors that do appear on the stone appear in a splashing manner, like droplets of rain falling into still water. One can deduce with some thought, that these stones conduct emotional energy found in the body, and reflect it back in varying different colors. These same energies can either be used in tandem or entirely replace redstone all together in order to form circuitry. On a final note, Adfectio Stones also reflect different alchemical properties depending on their color, but the base representation would be Conductivity, while the rare Aether is its Symbol. If one were to cut open an Adfectio Stone, they would find many pockets of globules which appear to be the cause of this conduction. Stones with more globules, or holding a stone in an area that has more globules will result in a brighter more conductive response. The brightness of a color is entirely dependant on how strongly that emotion is being felt, and if several emotions are occurring at once, the stone will be washed over in a rainbow of colors that are jagged and appear almost like static. If held for long enough in this state, the Adfectio Stone will begin to crack and eventually break after a few seconds. Red: Rage, Excitement - this color is commonly associated with explosive, spontaneous emotions, with pale Reds leaning more towards Love. Blue: Tranquility, Sadness, Loss - this color is commonly associated with calmer emotions, with paler Blues being more linked towards loss. Yellow: Content, Happiness - this color is commonly associated with relaxed emotions, with pale Yellows leaning more towards apathy. Orange: Passion, Enthusiasm - this color is a mix between the colors Red and Yellow. Green: Envy, Jealousy, Longingness - this color is a mix between the colors Yellow and Blue. Purple: Confusion, Curiosity, Wonder - this color is a mix between the colors Red and Blue. White: Innocence, Balance, Purity - this color does not brighten or darken. Black: Menacing, Malevolence, Fear - this color does not brighten or darken. Redlines - Adfectio Stones cannot be used to tell if someone is telling the truth or are innocent of a crime, look to Adfectio Stones with a white color, or lack thereof. Credits: Phil - a good lad, basically wrote all the original stuff, I just transcribed it into new format.
  10. The lore itself reinforces the RP of those who are capable of using this, whilst also delegitimizing the RP of those who don't. That is simply a fact of the matter with no arguement around it. Simply, if an individual chooses not to opt into using this, then they start off at a disadvantage compared to groups who do decide to use this mechanism. The products of IC beliefs are impacted by this lore, as anyone capable of actually seeing prophecies has a mechanical benefit that translates into RP. Sure, it doesn't prevent people from being fortune tellers, but it does put them at a mechanical disadvantage than they otherwise would be.
  11. I feel like this piece of lore is more likely to invalidate RPers who would rather not have to rely on magic and lore in order to RP. Seems to be a redundant piece that does to add anything to the table except reinforcing someone's own RP through lore. Just as the Ascended attempted to do when they tried to write reincarnation lore.
  12. Wait, why do you need lore to think you’re a fortune teller?
  13. “It is inevitable.” A cruel whisper echoed from the animati.
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